Gathering the Sun: An Alphabet In Spanish And English

Gathering the Sun An Alphabet In Spanish And English In simple words and sun drenched paintings Alma Flor Ada and Sim n Silva take us into the fields and orchards and into the lives of the people who work them Simple poems in Spanish and English one

  • Title: Gathering the Sun: An Alphabet In Spanish And English
  • Author: Alma Flor Ada Simón Silva Rosa Zubizarreta
  • ISBN: 9780688170677
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Paperback
  • In simple words and sun drenched paintings, Alma Flor Ada and Sim n Silva take us into the fields and orchards, and into the lives of the people who work them Simple poems in Spanish and English, one for each letter of the Spanish alphabet, describe the wonder of the vegetable and fruit farms Together, the poems and the rich illustrations celebrate the glory of nature anIn simple words and sun drenched paintings, Alma Flor Ada and Sim n Silva take us into the fields and orchards, and into the lives of the people who work them Simple poems in Spanish and English, one for each letter of the Spanish alphabet, describe the wonder of the vegetable and fruit farms Together, the poems and the rich illustrations celebrate the glory of nature and the hearts of all who dedicate their lives to working the land.

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      158 Alma Flor Ada Simón Silva Rosa Zubizarreta
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    1. A wonderful collection of simple, yet always tenderly evocative poems, one for every letter of the Spanish alphabet, Alma Flor Ada's amazing dual-language, lushly and brilliantly illustrated alphabet book not only captures the sun, the meadows, the fields of Mexico and the Southern United States, it is also an important and heartfelt homage to migrant farm workers, to people like César Chavez (to whom Gathering the Sun is dedicated), to those individuals who work hard (who must work hard) in th [...]

    2. This book is absolutely stunning!As soon as I read the description I thought of César Chávez and lo and behold, he’s C, and also the book is (fittingly) dedicated to him. As it’s about the contributions of farm workers, this felt perfect to me. Also wonderful is that the illustrator grew up in a family who were migrant farm workers and he worked the fields as a young child. How special that he could turn such hardship into such vibrant and beautiful paintings. They’re really amazing. The [...]

    3. Beautiful illustrations. An alphabet book like I have never seen before.GraciasThanksWind and sky, rain and sun,cloud and shade, field and flower.Thank you, Earth,for all of your delicious fruits.Lovely poems for every letter of the alphabet and illustrated in vibrant colors that are as colorful as Mexico itself.

    4. An alphabet book with poems in Spanish and English, Gathering the Sun, by Alma Flor Ada, focuses on the lives of migrant workers and offers short but meaningful and inspiring poems for every letter of the alphabet. The word for the letter O is Oregullo, Pride. The poem that follows describes how every child in our schools should feel, regardless of their heritage:PrideProud of my familyProud of my languageProud of my cultureProud of my peopleProud of being who I am.Simón Silva’s illustrations [...]

    5. "Gathering the Sun: An Alphabet in Spanish and English" by Alma Flor Ada is a poetry picture book that celebrates the work and lives of Hispanic migrant farmworkers. On each page is a short poem, in both Spanish and English, that illustrates the farm fields and the daily lives of the laborers. This is a great book for all elementary aged students. It can be used as a read aloud in K-2, and used more for independent activities in the upper grades. For the younger grades, I could use this book to [...]

    6. Gathering the Sun is an amazing, multicultural poetry book that uses the Spanish Alphabet and poems in English and Spanish to display culture. Throughout this book, the poems take the reader through fields and celebrations to display the Hispanic culture through short poetic lines. This book exposes students to many forms of poetry and brings diverse culture into the classroom. All students can connect to at least one of the poems in the book regardless of their culture and realize how similar, [...]

    7. WOW! Gathering the Sun was such a fun and entertaining book to read. The authors took the reader into fields, orchards and through the lives of people who work in these settings. There is a poem for each letter of the alphabet. But the twist is the poems are written in both English and Spanish. The poems describe many different things, like the fruits and vegetables found in the farms. The poems and illustrations allow the reader to take a journey through these farms and the people who work in t [...]

    8. This book is a wonderful collection of poems that correlates with the alphabet and is written in both Spanish and English. The illustrations in this book are captivating and tell the story of the poems almost as well as the words. I believe that this book is suitable for a read-aloud at 2nd grade and up. I would love to read this book with my 4th grade students during our poetry unit. This is a great resource for culturally relevant teaching as it allows for many conversations about the Spanish [...]

    9. Author, Alma Flor Ada created a dynamic Spanish alphabet book that traces the lives of migrant farm workers. Each page features a letter and a descriptive poem alongside an English translation by Rosa Zubizarreta. Included are the Spanish letters Ch and Ll which the author notes that while these two letters are no longer separate letters in the Spanish alphabet, they are preserved in this text in respect for tradition and the love of the language. Illustrator, Simon Silva, draws upon his own rec [...]

    10. This translated alphabet book of poetry presents an authentic picture of hard working, loving families. Two themes appear throughout and are enforced by the illustrations; field workers and family. These are supplimented with both historical and geographical information for a child to experience. The illustrations for Gathering the Sun almost exude the heat that might be experienced from the sun on a hot summer day. The poetry and illustrations bring to mind another book, Esperanza Rising, a sto [...]

    11. Never before have I wanted so desperately to be able to read Spanish as when I read this book. Beautiful.A wondering, though. Nearly all the Latino/Latina children's books I've encountered follow migrant families. None of the Mexican families in my school are migrant workers, although I'd be willing to assume some of their family/friends are. I'm just concerned that we're just creating a new stereotype to replace any old stereotypes? Or does the value of having more Mexican representation in lit [...]

    12. The first thing that hits you is the orange of Simon Silva's sun-drenched illustrations in this lovely Spanish/English ABC picture book built around the theme of Hispanic Farm workers. A poem about a particular crop follows each letter of the Spanish language alphabet and is then translated into English. Very nice and includes some challenging Spanish for young native speakers reading the book.

    13. I have been thinking lately that we do not honor the people who work hard doing manual labor. Things like repainting our house, replacing the roof (damaged by hail), landscaping and green area maintenance, even child care. In fact, it seems that we reserve our honor more for people who make a lot of money, rather than people who do good, honest work, day in and day out, not just manual labor, but work that simply isn't paid well. This book may not remedy that, but it does honor, and beautifully, [...]

    14. Things I really liked about this book:-the illustrations are amazing! I love the beautiful golden cast from the setting sun that pulls all the pictures together.-the way the alphabet is presented. All of the words for each letter are the Spanish words, with English translations (as opposed to the other way around). For example: D is for duranznos, rather than P is for peaches.Things I didn't like:-I don't like it when bilingual books are just side by side comparisons of the language. I'd much ra [...]

    15. Lovely poems for each letter of the Spanish alphabetanslated, side by side from Spanish to English. Gorgeous illustrations really add to the beauty and depth of this book. Favorite poems:Cesar ChavezYour steps no longer cross the dusty fieldswhere your strong voice once shoneyet your example and your wordssprout anew in the field rowsas seedlings of quiet hope.HonorHonor is the work we do in the fields.Honor is a familywho loves and cares for one another.Honor is being true to myselfas I wake up [...]

    16. Every teacher should have an alphabet bookshelf! In this alphabet book, each letter is matched with a Spanish word (for example, "Arboles" for "A") and accompanied by a poem in both Spanish and English that describes how the plant, fruit, vegetable, person, or feeling had a place on the farm. This book represents the Spanish culture and i also love the poetry.

    17. This book was featured as one of the selections for the May 2015 Farmers and Farming-themed reads for the Picture-Book Club in the Children's Books Group here at .

    18. This book is very colorful and interesting! The book contains words and short explanations about working in the fields. It is fun and engaging to read to students because they learn the alphabet.

    19. Deeply grounded in the cultural products, practices, and perspectives of Mexico. Beautiful illustrations, short poems on each page make it an excellent option for reviewing vocabulary.

    20. Gathering the Sun is a great book to have because it is an alphabet book in spanish and english. It is great for ELL's.

    21. With brilliant illustrations and fantastically phrased descriptions of the elements typically of southern Californian culture, this alphabet book is not only enjoyable for the eyes and entertaining to read, it also contains lots of possibly new information about large farms, the life of migrant farm workers, and many things having to do with Latino-American culture and language. Not to mention, the illustrations are breathtaking and contain brilliant colors and details which reflect the story on [...]

    22. This book is a bilingual book, following the Spanish alphabet. Each page begins a new letter of the Spanish alphabet, all with something having to do with things in nature. The book has both English and Spanish poems, side by side. The illustrations are beautiful and give context clues to what is being described, either for emerging readers or for those working on learning either English or Spanish.

    23. Braille Institute continues to add to its growing number of bilingual (Spanish-English) Braille books for children as it included this poetry collection in its Spring/Summer 2017 Special Collection catalogue of books available free of charge to blind children throughout the United States.The book's translator, Rosa Zubizarreta, notes: "I feel very fortunate for in speaking another language we are able to understand a different way of looking at the world."The Braille edition rings with the trut [...]

    24. Alma Flor Ada presents 26 poems focused on the culture of Mexican American farmworkers in the multi-award winning Gathering the Sun: An Alphabet in Spanish and English. The poetry covers everything from Love and Pride, to Prickly Pear and Peaches, while presenting glimpses into this community.This book is lovely, while delivering on the promise of using the alphabet. This is a family oriented approach to a topic that is politicized in some titles, which fills an unmet need in the topic.Simon Sil [...]

    25. 1. This book is an alphabet book. 2. This book is about the Spanish and English alphabet and it has poems for each of the different letters and relates it to nature and different fruits and vegetables. 3. (a) I think this is a very accurate alphabet book. It helps the reader connect the different letters of the alphabet with different objects. (b) I think this is a very appropriate alphabet book. It has beautiful illustrations that help connect the reader with the alphabet. I also think it is ve [...]

    26. SUMMARYHere is a collection of poems—one for every letter of the Spanish alphabet—that represent the heart and soul of the sun-drenched central Mexican countryside. We explore, both through poems represented in Spanish and English, and in the illustrations in the style of Diego Rivera, the orchards, fields, meadows, homes, and families of the farm workers, as well as César Chávez. The poetry is clean and colorful, the paintings are warm and full of wonder, from A “(Árboles) Z (Zanahoria [...]

    27. Citation: Gathering the sun: An Alphabet in Spanish and English, by Alma Flor Ada. (Harper Collins, 1997). 38 p. Alphabet.Genre: Picture Book - AlphabetSummary: A wonderful alphabet book that uses Spanish definitions with English translations. It also familiarizes students with what it is like to grow up on a farm. It is a great book for Spanish speaking students as well as English speaking students.A. There were two outstanding aspects of this book. First the Spanish and English translations fo [...]

    28. Gathering the Sun successfully describes the lives of field workers with English and Spanish versions of poems. The content is mature for my preschoolers, but the languages side by side are quite effective for introducing the concept of how we are all the same and how we can respect the differences. Many alphabet books are available for early learners. This one presents painting and poem art work that provides a contrasting family view. Rather than focus on the plight of the families, I would us [...]

    29. “Gathering the Sun-An Alphabet in Spanish and English” by Alma Flor Ada. Published by Lothrop, Lee & Shepard Books; New York; Copyright 19971. Awards this book has received: none2. Appropriate grade levels: This book is appropriate for first grade and up3. Summary: This book gives one page to each letter of the alphabet. Each letter is represented by something found in farming and is followed by a little poem describing and explaining what the word is. The word and poem is written in Spa [...]

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