% All five issues of the groundbreaking sci fi miniseries from writer artist Paul Pope are collected is here one stunning package This graphic movie tells three separate but interconnected stories in Po

  • Title: 100%
  • Author: Paul Pope
  • ISBN: 9781401203498
  • Page: 295
  • Format: Paperback
  • All five issues of the groundbreaking sci fi miniseries from writer artist Paul Pope are collected is here one stunning package This graphic movie tells three separate but interconnected stories in Pope s trademark dynamic style, shifting viewpoints and characters across the urban maze of 2038 Manhattan Filled with wit, charm, sex and menace, 100% brings a surprisinglyAll five issues of the groundbreaking sci fi miniseries from writer artist Paul Pope are collected is here one stunning package This graphic movie tells three separate but interconnected stories in Pope s trademark dynamic style, shifting viewpoints and characters across the urban maze of 2038 Manhattan Filled with wit, charm, sex and menace, 100% brings a surprisingly true feeling future to gritty life Suggested for Mature Readers.

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      295 Paul Pope
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    1. 100% swerves between the experimental and the artist (still) trying to find his style. With obvious resemblances to Heavy Liquid, from the predecessor we can see significant improvements that are continually built upon in the successor. This story is far more coherent and there is much (more) ado about the characters.Harsh peltings of pencil-work fiercely paint a story that is engaging as it is dazzling. Harsh depictions of an equally uncaring city revel in a density that is as turgid as it is u [...]

    2. Paul Pope’s 100% is made up of three love stories, interweaving with one another, against an ominous backdrop of a futuristic New York. Daisy/Dollar Bill is a gastro dancer where she dances in clubs that project her insides as giant 3D holograms for punters to get off on with busboy John as her star-crossed lover. Strel and her estranged gastro-boxing husband Haitous slowly rekindle their relationship while Strel’s friend Kim falls for Eloy, a performance artist, whose work consists of colle [...]

    3. To refer to Paul Pope as the rockstar of comic book artists is something of an understatement since he actually is a DJ and multimedia artist on the side, lives in NY, collaborates with fashion houses, and dates burlesque dancers. I’m not ashamed, even at my age, to admit I wish I was Paul Pope. His style is a wonderful combination of European and Japanese influences—equal parts manga, Moebius and punk brush splatter. Pope has managed to create a unique marriage of ligne claire refinement an [...]

    4. This review was originally published on IdentityTheory.Com on July 1st, 2009100% is a love story, after a fashion. Or, more accurately, three loosely connected love stories, all told without so much as a drop of sentimental syrup. Make no mistake, it’s still science fiction, but it’s a very near future–2038–in a still-very-recognizable New York City. The indie sensibility is more immediate than any far-fetched futurology, and while the setting is very present in the story, it never quite [...]

    5. Incluso en un futuro cercano donde el caos y la suciedad reinan el amor encuentra como abrirse paso. HIstorias que se conectan, desde el artista con sus teteras hasta el boxeador en decadencia, de la bailarina de Gastro a quien sueña con abrir una empresa de café tostado.

    6. Had to get this through ILL, glad I didn't just buy it. Paul Pope did a very good Batman elseworlds story called Batman Year 100 so I figured I'd see what else he'd done.This story, set in the future for no discernible reason, features a cast of characters who aren't happy with their lives. One is an academic turned drifter, one fears for her safety in a world without guns, another runs a strip club but dreams of pouring her life savings into a coffee shop. They're joined by a cutting edge artis [...]

    7. Okay, so after this (and his cool-as-heeeell Adam Strange story in Wednesday Comics), I think I finally get Paul Pope. What's more, I want to make work like Paul Pope (me and everyone else ever.) Not that I want to make his books, or clones of his books (although I couldn't say I'd mind if that came out of my pen one day) -- simply that there's an energy, a fluidity to his work that's rare in comics. I feel like he drew this book faster than it took me to read it. It feels like it justhappened, [...]

    8. Действие комикса происходит в Нью-Йорке будущего, однако, в данном случае это абсолютно не важно, ведь это история о людях, а не о будущем. Тут упор именно на на людей, а не на фантастические приспособления удивительного мира будущего. Вы даже не заметите что действие происх [...]

    9. I know a lot of people were disappointed by the story in 100%, but I think that is because there was no grandeur, no meta-narrative, no world claiming story that affected things on a large scale and had some larger meaning. Paul pope instead chooses to narrate the things that generally tend to complicate our lives, the smaller things that occur in our more intimate relationships with other people and work places etc. and don't concern the rest of the global population. In this, I feel he was ext [...]

    10. Paul Popeere really isn't that much to be said about this guy. He got nominated for Eisner, worked for big guys like DC and indies like Dark Horse, grew up in America, his landscapes are typically American and his characters reek of Tarantino. Pope's drawings, on the other hand, is unconventional for mainstream comics. There's a heavy, beastly quality to the inkling and the lines are so messy it's similar to lino prints. Most of the time it feels like I'm reading individual art panels rather tha [...]

    11. Perhaps not as solid (or heavy) as Heavy Liquid, but in some ways it is more ambitious. It interweaves various stories together in a thematic way. This is made all the more impressive by the fact that, according to Pope, this book's genesis was primarily a series of shorter pieces that he had planned on publishing separately, but then DC asked him to string them together into a larger narrative. The theme of going for life or your ideas, 100%, runs throughout.

    12. Impressively different from Paul Pope's other works. The artwork is dangerously similar--however, in my opinion, this is the opposite of a complaint. Very intriguing storylines about humans, philosophy and psychology. I greatly enjoyed this book, although I couldn't be trusted to give Paul Pope anything less than 5 stars.My only complaint is that it isn't in color, because Pope uses color like no one else But I suppose it works for this book!

    13. A comic you can make into a movie. It's really not that hard to see what comics are movie material and what ones should be left alone. One of my favorites. Although I kinda jock Pope soll me bias?

    14. Touching story of searching for personal connections in a world where objectification has reached a whole new level. Paul Pope is one of my top 5 favorite artists so the story could have sucked and I'd be fine with it! But it didn't so this is a great book!

    15. Synthesizing romance comics with the sexy global dystopias popular since the early 1980s, this 2005 graphic novel was aptly described by one reviewer as "a cyberpunk Love, Actually." 100% charts three love stories through a future New York City. The action centers on a strip club where the women dance "gastro"—that is, they not only take off their clothes, but display to the throng a digital projection of their throbbing innards as well. A nomadic sex worker named Daisy gets a job there and e [...]

    16. Though set in ~2038, the sci-fi elements are virtually non-existent. Nevertheless, interesting relationship drama and effective onomatopoeia for conveying situation and atmosphere.

    17. I don't feel science fiction is really a genre unto it's own. I think it is a milieu for other genre to mess around in. Case in point is 100% by Paul Pope where he pulls us into the romances of 3 couples in future New York City. The environment is gritty, post-apocolyptic and risque but the romantic struggles are as real as they get. Reading Pope's book brought back the pain of youth and finding love. A story of boy-meets-girlboy-loses-girl is repeated her in a pretty familiar refrain in my yout [...]

    18. In a weird sort of way this feels like a cyberpunk Love, Actually; yes, it may be set in 2002's idea of a dystopian future, albeit one where New York has smoking in bars and gun control, among other features looking better than 2016's present. Yes, it has the innovatively vile idea of strip clubs where the patrons gawp at the dancers' innards, which given the gynaecological camera angles some porn favours, feels all too plausible. But at heart it's about a gaggle of oddballs trying to find love [...]

    19. Subtly deep, intertwining stories in an intriguing sci-fi setting that feels like an understated Transmetropolitan or Futurama-esque world. I enjoyed the focus on the characters and the narrative very much - this can often have more impact than big action set pieces, and it is very well done here.

    20. Algumas histórias cruzadas de nova-iorquinos sem direção, que encontram no amor um sentido para as ralações da vida. A trama é ambientada num futuro "gástrico" sci-fi, mas por puro efeito em algumas passagens (como uma imersão em um ambiente de realidade virtual, secretárias robôs etc), pois no geral tudo é bem contemporâneo, o que faz com que o contexto fique de pano de fundo.A arte é bem estilizada e interessante, mas em termos de linguagem, não há nada de muito criativo (fora u [...]

    21. I was intrigued that Pope rendered this one in gray and white. Surely the man who'd proved so adept at color was short-changing himself? I was wrong. Like the benefits of black and white for many actors past, Pope's approach here brings the drama to the fore. An ensemble cast of misfits and hard luckers in NY, each is an important piece of Pope's mosaic. The story is much better than Heavy Liquid, but the artwork conveys more than the dialogue. Pope challenged himself here to convey more through [...]

    22. Junot Diaz was talking about how telenovelas inspired his genre work, saying "In a telenovela,the chasing of a girl or a boy will allow people to put up with anything—genocide, slavery. So you can talk about an alien invasion or genocide as long as you have some girl-chasing." Paul Pope has done an amazing reboot of the romance comic by putting the whole thing in a near-future and brilliantly intercutting between the intertwined storylines of half a dozen characters. But leaving aside the fram [...]

    23. "100%" does a really wonderful job of tracing the development of the relationships of a few confused 20-somethings. The semi-sci-fi setting is almost an irrelevant backdrop - the point being, I think, that there's a universailty to the struggles of this period in life (balancing career and artistic aspriations, navigating romance, etc), no matter what the time period. That the characters sometimes read as slightly one-dimensional is more the limitations of the medium - there's only so much nuanc [...]

    24. Three and a half stars. While I personally don't care for Pope's drawing style, his talent is undeniable. I was engaged with most of his characters, and I really liked how he set them in a futuristic, sci-fi world, and yet focused on their personal, mundane, everyday issues (love, money, work, etc). Though familiar and unexpected everyday details, from red wine at dinner to technology that lets the audience of a boxing match see a fighter's insides as they get smashed, he built a world that seem [...]

    25. Simplistic stories that make the personal universal. I was just reading a english literary text that explains that this was what a movement of poets were trying to accomplish during the romantic period. Bronte and the like. Relatable, entertaining and weirdly erotic at times. An interesting vision of the not to distant future;"years ago it was disgraceful for women to show their knees and we all laugh at that today. And I think that some day nudity will stop being interestingd when that happens [...]

    26. Um jovem universitário em crise criativa vive de limpar mesas num bar e apaixona-se por uma elusiva dançarina. Um boxeur procura redimir-se de abandonar a mulher que ama para enriquecer com a carreira, dando-lhe o dinheiro para criar o negócio com que ela sonha. Um artista iconoclasta debate-se com a necessidade de reconhecimento académico e o impulso de criar arte independente. Estas três narrativas cruzam-se em 100%, ode futurista de Paul Pope passada num futuro próximo distópico onde a [...]

    27. Enjoyable, simple story. There is not much going on here, just three love stories with varying degrees of success. The art can be some what confusing, especially at the beginning of the work, but still is that signature Paul Pope-style. Pope does a wonderful job at including a diverse cast and portraying their personalities in the short collection he has made here. Pope has done better work, but this is still a quick, easy read. I suggest it for people who are already a fan of his, this is not t [...]

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