Girls of Riyadh

Girls of Riyadh A bold new voice from Saudi Arabia spins a fascinating tale of four young women attempting to navigate the narrow straits between love desire fulfillment and Islamic tradition In her debut novel Ra

  • Title: Girls of Riyadh
  • Author: Rajaa Alsanea Marilyn Booth
  • ISBN: 9781594201219
  • Page: 441
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A bold new voice from Saudi Arabia spins a fascinating tale of four young women attempting to navigate the narrow straits between love, desire, fulfillment, and Islamic tradition In her debut novel Rajaa Alsanea reveals the social, romantic, and sexual tribulations of four young women from the elite classes of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Originally released in Arabic in 2005, iA bold new voice from Saudi Arabia spins a fascinating tale of four young women attempting to navigate the narrow straits between love, desire, fulfillment, and Islamic tradition In her debut novel Rajaa Alsanea reveals the social, romantic, and sexual tribulations of four young women from the elite classes of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Originally released in Arabic in 2005, it was immediately banned in Saudi Arabia because of the controversial and inflammatory content, while black market copies of the novel were widely circulated The daring originality of Girls of Riyadh continues to create a firestorm all over the Arab world, and the excitement has spread far beyond the Middle East to date, rights to this novel have already been sold in eleven countries The novel unfolds as every week after Friday prayers, the anonymous narrator sends an e mail to the female subscribers of her online chat group In fifty such e mails over the course of a year, we witness the tragicomic reality of four university students Qamra, Michelle, Sadim, and Lamis negotiating their love lives, their professional success, and their rebellions, large and small, against their cultural traditions The world these women inhabit is a modern one that contains Sex and the City, dating, and sneaking out of their parents houses, and this affluent, contemporary existence causes the girls to collide endlessly with the ancient customs of their society The never ending cultural conflicts underscore the tumult of being an educated modern woman growing up in the twenty first century amid a culture firmly rooted in an ancient way of life While this novel offers a distinctly Arab voice, it also represents the mongrel culture and language of a globalized world, reflecting the way in which the Arab world is being changed by new economic and political realities Riyadh is the larger setting of the novel, but the characters travel all over the world shedding traditional garb as they literally and figuratively cross over into Western society These women understand the Western worldview and experiment with reconciling pieces of it with their own But this groundbreaking novel might be the very first that opens up their world to us their culture, their struggles, their frustrations, their hopes, and their beliefs With Girls of Riyadh, Rajaa Alsanea gives us a rare and unforgettable insight into the complicated lives of these young Saudi women whose amazing stories are unfolding in a culture so very different from our own.

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      441 Rajaa Alsanea Marilyn Booth
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    1 thought on “Girls of Riyadh”

    1. I think the author wrote a true account of life in Saudi Arabia. I am married to a Saudi, and I didn't find anything she wrote about to be in conflict with what I know from my 29 years of marriage, experience in SA, and extended family. Most importantly,her story rings true based on what my children (who are now the same age as the author) have told me about the private world of young people. It's an exciting peek into the inner world of young Saudi women, and that is enough to make it worth the [...]

    2. Save for the last 3 chapters, Girls of Riyadh by Raja Alsanea was a huge let down. Sensationalized and immature, the author is clearly looking to cash in on the western stereotypes of the east. The 4 female protagonists act in the most predictable, girly-movie way.The story did nothing for me, didn't enlighten me to the supposedly hidden side of the Arab way of life and society, as the author promised in many interviews. The author assumes this self-important, holier-than-thou tone that got so a [...]

    3. لا جديد، قصص مكرورة ربما تشدّ من لم يقرأ أشباهاً لها. وأسلوب متوسط الجودة. اشتهرت لأسباب كثيرة ليس من بينها محتواها، ولعلي قرأت في مجالها ما هو أفضل منها.أعجب أن تُرجمت إلى الإنجليزية في فترة وجيزة. هل عدمنا فناً وأدباً يصل إلى العالم خيراً من هذا؟ـ

    4. When this book first came out, I was living in Saudi Arabia and it caused quite a stir - so much so that it was banned in Kingdom. I was teaching ESL at the time, and the women in my classes were frantic to get their hands on a copy of it. Turns out the enthusiasm they felt was short lived - as in as soon as they started reading it. The book is written as a series of emails between a group of young Saudi women, and to folks who, like my students, had little experience reading fiction, it seemed [...]

    5. ترجمت لأكثر من لغةوالسبب واضح أنها تفضح بعض طبقات المجتمع السعوديلكن المشكلة أنها ستنقل للغرب صورة مزيفة عن المجتمع فماورد فيما يسمى رواية لا يمثل سوى شريحة محددة وليس غالب المجتمعتألمت وأنا أقرأ آراء القراء الأجانب بها

    6. إذا لم تخني الذاكرة، مُنعت هذه الرواية في بداية إصدارها.أذكر أن صديقتي كانت متحمسة جدا عندما أحضرتها من دبي، كما لو أنها وجدت كنزاقرأتها وصدقاً لا أجدها تستحق أي ضجة أو بلبةعادية، بكل المقاييس

    7. تعتمد على الفضيحة كـ أساس للشهرة عاديه جداً هشة جداً رواية للمرهقين لا أتحامل على الكاتبه ولا أحمل لها أي ضغينة لكن أرى أنها لو هذبتها قليلاً ولم تستعجل النشر ربما كانت بطريقة أدبيه أفضل من كلام المنتديات ربما مايحسب لها فقط هو أنها تجرأت بطرح الواقع المرير الذي نعشية والإنح [...]

    8. لا أدري هل كنت في المتوسط أو الثانوي حينما تسللت لمكتبة والدي ليلاً لأقرأها. شدني حماس الآخرين لها ولأني سمعت أن والدي أحضرها معه من السفر لأنها لم تكن موجودة في المملكة. كنت كالآخرين وهي صفة لازمة للبشر "نحب أن نعرف سبب شهرة الشيء أو رفضه" أخذتها لغرفتي وأعدتها بعد أن انتهيت [...]

    9. Girls Of Riyadh Where could i possibly begin?I will begin with the first time I saw it on the "Best Sellers" shelf in one of our local bookshops in Kuwait. The cover attracted me so I grabbed it and read few lines of random pages of the book and ended up liking it but i did not buy it at the time and bought "Shadow Kiss, Vampire Academy" Instead. Each time I paid a visit to the same bookshop I saw it there, laying then grabbed it and hesitated to buy it. Again. Until One time I visited Jareer's [...]

    10. I really enjoyed this book on several levels. I'll try to clearly explain why:1. I like books set in India and the Middle East. This book is set in Saudi Arabia. Most of what I know about Saudi Arabia comes from what I hear on the nightly news, so it's interesting to read a book written by a Saudi woman. It's a completely different culture, but this book is about far more than just war and inequality, it's also about culture and mores.2.It's pretty much chick lit set in the Middle East, which I [...]

    11. لم تحظ رواية في تاريخ السعودية وما جاورها من جارتها الدول من صيت كما حظت به هذه الرواية حسب شهادة قسم المبيعات العربية في مكتبة جريرعندما سألته أجاب المسؤولون في كل الفروع أن مبيعاتها هي الأفضل وكانت بأرقام خيالية إمتدت هذه الشهرة لدرجة أوسع في دول العالم العربيوالسؤال هنا [...]

    12. This was an interesting peep into upper class Saudi culture. Many of the love stories mirrored those of my friends around 10 years ago. Of course, most are now settled into semi-forced marriages. Of course, there are major differences because the law protects Indian women and there is a lot more freedom that belongs to us by birth, unlike in Saudi. But as far as love and marriage are concerned, I could see a lot of similarities, especially in the way men reacted when the family pressure started. [...]

    13. ليس هناك قيمة أدبية تذكر على الرغم من الهزة التي احدثتها في المجتمع الذي يهزه اي شئ طالما عناصر "الهز" متوفرة من عنوان ملفت وكاتبة وتقديم شخص بمستوى الدكتور الأديب غازي القصيبي. أخذت منها الرواية 6 سنوات لكتابتها. لو أنها أمضت هذا الوقت للقراءة المكثفة لساعدتها على كتابة رواي [...]

    14. بنات الرياض أخيرا ً قرأت هذه الرواية، كنت عاهدت نفسي أن لا أشتريها، وأن أحصل عليها من أحد ممن اشتروها وهم كثر، ورغم أن هذه القراءة تأخرت إلا أنها لا تأتي كنوع من البحث عن القيمة في هذه الرواية، وإنما في الرغبة في الإطلاع على هذا النص الذي قطف شهرة قد نختلف حولها ولكن لا ننكرها. [...]

    15. أولا: معظم ما قيل لي عن هذه الرواية كان مجرد أوهام غير منطقية واتهامات غير حقيقية فما أوردته رجاء الصانع جزء من حقيقة أي شعب وإن كان وضع المجتمع السعودي مختلفا نوعا ما, خاصة أنه يظهر بصفته مجتمعا محافظا.من كثرة ما وصلتني (من فتيات من الرياض) تحذيرات وتوصيات بأن لا أقرأ هذه الرو [...]

    16. لم اعتبر قرائتها مضيعه للوقت ولكني تعلمت منها ان هناك من يريد الصعود على اكتاف المراه. روايه عقيمه سيئه الهدف واللغه. (خالف تعرف) و (الممنوع مرغوب) هو الطريق الذي سلك من نظري للوصول بسرعه الى اسم كاتب مشهور

    17. I had a hard time reading this book for several reasons. First, it was never intended to be translated into English and by doing so I'm sure the author had to provide tons of extra passages of explanation about Arabic culture to the english speaking readers. Second, I'll openly admit that it is not a well written book (in English)-- it reads like a middle school essay on 'how I spent my summer'. But that aside, this was an interesting exploration into a culture that I know very little about, eve [...]

    18. صدق القائل عندما قال : إن المجتمع السعودي مثل البركة الراكدة , أي حجر صغير ممكن يثير البلبة فيه!الرواية لا أرى إنها تتعدى مستوى روايات المنتديات - مع خالص إحترامي لرجاء الصانع -و المكتبات ممتلئة بمثل هذا النوع , لكن ما سبب الرفض الكبير الذي نالته الرواية هل هو تسويق خفي ؟ صدفة ؟ [...]

    19. I don't know how I should rate this book. Does a disappointing end weight more or less than an enjoyable book till this end? It was a quick read and interesting. what was interesting was not that I learned a lot about saudi society because I knew nothing about it and not that I realized how saudi society resembles every other society that is not religious but the interesting part was that Rajaa Alsanea the saudi writer of this book is pretty sure that saudi society is different and specialy extr [...]

    20. رواية مجدها الاعلام بطريقة مثيرة الفضول ولا أظن ان جهابذة الأدباء العرب من أمثال نجيب محفوظ وصنع الله إبراهيم وعبدالرحمن منيف وجبرا إبراهيم جبرا وغيرهم لا أظن أن أي من أدباء العرب على مر العصور قد حظي بهذا الكم من الدعاية الإعلامية والاهتمام !!!!اثارت الضجة الإعلامية والاراء [...]

    21. على رغم من ركاكة اللغة لديها إلا أنهاانتقدت بوضوح وجرأة، القيم الاجتماعية والدينية والأهم من ذلك حديثها عن الصراع الطائفي المسكوت عنه في مجتمعها ونظرة رجل الشرقي وخصوصا السعودي للمرأة

    22. I like this book as it gives a portratit of "some" of the Saudi girls' lives and views. We are used to non-Saudis writing about Saudis and imposing thier own points of view. Assanea is a Saudi writing about a generation she knows very well, for a change!

    23. This author has watched and adored Sex and the City so much that she decided to write her own book about it, with the backdrop of Riyadh instead of Manhattan. No, it doesn't say that anywhere in the book, but it's obvious enough from reading it.So, four superficial girls with too much money, who can't appreciate the lives and opportunities they have (I boldly assume it's better to be filthy rich in Saudi Arabia, as the characters are, than poor), whine about equally superficial stories, includin [...]

    24. I saw this book in the bookstore's brochure, and heck I didn't even bother to know what it talks about [title issues:]. But a friend of mine bought it and brought it to school so I actually started reading the first few pages, only out of curiosity.The story and the plot are okay, but not for the kind of purpose and the kind of place the book is meant for. The author wants to reveal to those in the West how the girls of Saudi Arabia go beyond the limits of their religion and rules and perform ac [...]

    25. عندما يكون المجتمع سيئا ويخلو من الجمال، مملة وغير منطقية!

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