Ugly Fish

Ugly Fish Ugly Fish is ugly and big and mean and he won t share his driftwood tunnel or his special briny flakes with anyone And that means the wimpy little fish who keep showing up in his tank have got to go

  • Title: Ugly Fish
  • Author: Kara LaReau Scott Magoon
  • ISBN: 9780152050825
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Ugly Fish is ugly and big and mean, and he won t share his driftwood tunnel or his special briny flakes with anyone And that means the wimpy little fish who keep showing up in his tank have got to go But then one day someone bigger and uglier and maybe even meaner arrives and suddenly Ugly Fish isn t feeling quite so confident any From Kara LaReau, author of tUgly Fish is ugly and big and mean, and he won t share his driftwood tunnel or his special briny flakes with anyone And that means the wimpy little fish who keep showing up in his tank have got to go But then one day someone bigger and uglier and maybe even meaner arrives and suddenly Ugly Fish isn t feeling quite so confident any From Kara LaReau, author of the Rocko and Spanky series, here is an irreverent and terrifically funny book about a bully who at last gets his comeuppance.

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    1 thought on “Ugly Fish”

    1. About ten years ago, I happened on a complete aquarium kit at a yard sale for only eight bucks. What a deal, right? Of course it meant a trip to the pet store where the kids and I blew fifty dollars on fish and fish-related accessories. The store clerk was quite helpful as she advised my boys on how to carefully choose their new pets."Remember," she cautioned, "if one fish can fit inside another's mouth . . . IT WILL!"Ugly Fish knows that lesson well. He is big fish (and only fish) in his tank, [...]

    2. I liked this story but, oddly, I never caught on that it was a story about bullying until I read the author information on the back flap of the dust jacket. I just thought it was a story about how the tables can be turned on mean and self-centered people, and how those who are mean to others can be the victims of meanness in turn. I think what disconnected the bullying idea from the story for me was the fact that Ugly Fish ate his tank-mates. A bully doesn't generally destroy others; he wants th [...]

    3. Six and four year old love this one. though to be honest I think the fact that they own a fish tank made them the think the moral of the story was, "Of COURSE you don't put fish with big mouths into the same tank as littler fish!!" rather than an anti-bullying/you get what's coming to you message that was obviously intended. ;) great illustrations and a fun read aloud to make different voices for each fish.

    4. Ugly Fish is the RULER of his tank and he likes having things his own way. He likes having his flakes each day, and he likes swimming around, but what he doesn't like is sharing any of those things with other fish.When they enter the tank, with their friendly smiles and happy attitudes he has a very special way of dealing with them.He EATS THEM!Ugly Fish is content to live his solitary life until one day, he has a change of heart, and wouldn't you know it, in comes Smiley Fisha much larger and l [...]

    5. Great illustrations, and a cautionary tale everyone sometimes needs to be reminded of, regardless of their age: If you act like a jerk, someone is going to settle your hash sooner or later. Now rest assured, Ms Lareau does not use language like 'jerk' anywhere in this book. Instead it is about a pretty but greedy fish who did not want to share his home, despite repeated attempts to provide him with friends. When he finally comes around to the idea that it might be nice to have some company, his [...]

    6. Ugly Fish is an onlyfish until one day a new fish appears in his tank. He chases it around and then eats it. Ditto the next roommate and the next, and the next. When he's finally alone (the way he likes it), he realizes that he enjoyed having someone around to chase - maybe he shouldn't have eaten all of his new friends? The next fish that gets introduced to the tank is a big fish, a BIGGER fish, and Ugly Fish goes out of his way to make the new fish feel welcome (he's going to do things right t [...]

    7. Loved the pictures, good moral, entertaining story. The kids laughed a few times, and enjoyed the anticipation of discovering what lesson Ugly Fish was going to learn. I enjoyed that this was a book aimed at bullies instead of a book aimed at those who are bullied. Bullying requires a victim and an aggressor, and it's a problem that needs to be addressed from both angles. This book takes a look at the aggressive side of the equation in a way that is engaging, probably subtle for many kids, and i [...]

    8. I love this book. I have read it to children, adults, and college students, varying the message to fit the discussion. For children, there are powerful messages about bullying. For adults, there are messages about workplace politics, and how one should conduct themselves. For college students, I used this book when I taught creative writing and also when I taught a Psychology class. My own children love this book, and can relate on a simple humorous note. It is one to own, not borrow.

    9. Dr. McCracken's read aloud performance of this book made me love this book instantly. It is an entertaining story that will leave kids laughing and anticipating what comes next. The moral of the story is something that should be discussed after reading because students will have a varied natural response. The illustrations were great and engaging.

    10. Epic. Definitely caught my listener's attention.Always a pleasure - this time, my listener acted it out :-)

    11. LaReau, K. (2006). Ugly fish. Ill. S. Magoon. Orlando, FL: HMH Books for Young Readers.This book is about a fish who is ugly and mean and scary. He keeps eating his friend, until he complains about not having any friends. But then he gets eaten by his new friend.The media used in this book by the illustrator was pen and ink.This book is comical, but some children may find it to be sad. I think it would be good from this book to go over what types of fish can live in a tank together and what type [...]

    12. This book is not what I expected. It kind of turned out to be a violent book for small children. I would, however, use it in a first or second grade classroom to teach a lesson on being nice to others even if they are not like you or you are having a bad day. It could also teach something about what goes around comes around.

    13. Ugly Fish kind of caught me by surprise actually. The story is a little much for really little children although they might think of it as humorous. I didn't like it, the part that kids would remember would be when each of the fish was eaten. I don't like the "lesson" taught in this one and would not choose to read it to my students or my own children.

    14. I fail to see any positives in the message of this book. A bully fish chases any new fish in the tank and then eats them. Later, he suffers the same fate and a bigger bully fish takes over the tank. Not sure how to spin that with young readers.

    15. So Cute! Ugly Fish wants the tank all to himself and so he is not very friendly to the other fish in the tank. When he finally gets his wish, he realizes that maybe a friend would be nice. When another fish is put into the tank, will Ugly Fish change his ways? Perfect for teaching prediction

    16. This book is only really suitable for a crowd you know well and know is not overly sensitive. The fish all eat each other. But it's funny!

    17. This is one of those children's books that I'm torn on. I liked the illustrations, and the story was kind of cute. But it's a little macabre for little ones.

    18. This book is mean, cruel and utterly without redemptive qualities. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

    19. A fish doesn't want to share his tank so he eats all the new inhabitants but does he really like being alone. A little scary so preschool and up but simple words and pictures.

    20. This is a funny book with a plot twist at the end! This would be very entertaining for younger kids.Lexile Measures: 500LDRA Levels: 24Six Traits: Ideas, Voice, Sentence Fluency

    21. I read this to some school-aged kids. They liked it. It's fun to do different voices for all the different fish.

    22. I gave this book 4 stars because it is funny and fun and teaches a good lesson about the need to be nice to people. It has fun illustrations.Lexile: 430LGrade Equivalent: 26 Traits:Illustrations

    23. Ugly Fish likes having his tank to himself. He doesn't want to share his driftwood cave or his special briny flakes. When new fish are introduced into his tank he quickly chases them and gobbles them up. Finally he begins to get lonely but by that time it's too late because the next new fish isn't as friendly as the rest. Ugly Fish is a funny grumpus who will really entertain kids with his curmudgeonly ways. The illustrations are simple yet fun and whimsical.

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