Chasing Smoke

Chasing Smoke Portland homicide detective Skin Kadash just wants to survive cancer treatment so he can get back to work But when his partner tries to drag him into an unofficial investigation of a series of deaths

  • Title: Chasing Smoke
  • Author: Bill Cameron
  • ISBN: 9781606480182
  • Page: 115
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Portland homicide detective Skin Kadash just wants to survive cancer treatment so he can get back to work But when his partner tries to drag him into an unofficial investigation of a series of deaths, he s not interested he s dead dog sick and doesn t need the grief until she tells him the victims all suffered from cancer themselves, and all shared one grim thing in commoPortland homicide detective Skin Kadash just wants to survive cancer treatment so he can get back to work But when his partner tries to drag him into an unofficial investigation of a series of deaths, he s not interested he s dead dog sick and doesn t need the grief until she tells him the victims all suffered from cancer themselves, and all shared one grim thing in common with Skin His doctor.The police have closed the books on the deaths, all apparent suicides, yet a mysterious young woman, daughter of the first victim, surfaces and insists that the dead men were all murdered Before her story can be probed deeply, she disappears, leaving Kadash with no support from the cops and little to go on except a nagging belief the missing woman knew than she revealed.Kadash is left to chase elusive leads among the bitter and broken widows of the dead men Struggling with his own illness and with a growing rift between himself and his partner, Kadash finds himself entangled in a web of resentment, jealousy, and deceit Ultimately, he finds that not is he only seeking a missing woman and the truth about the dead men, but also the meaning of his own life in the face of his impending mortality.

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    1 thought on “Chasing Smoke”

    1. I picked up Chasing Smoke and couldn’t put it down until the book was finished. Needless to say I didn’t get much done but I had the pleasure of reading a really good book.Skin Kadash is a Portland homicide detective on sick leave. Skin is fighting cancer and the fight takes all of his strength. When his former partner summons him to the scene of a suicide he is more irritated than anything else. The man in the jeep, Raymond Orwoll, has been shot and it appears the wound is self-inflicted. P [...]

    2. Chasing Smoke was not a disappointment, both in terms of the writing style I was hoping for and a good, hard-boiled mystery. The story was told in the first person of Det. Kadash, who is near the end of his career. He is also not working as a result of a temporary disability; bladder cancer. While convalescing, his partner asks him to help take a look at a death she is investigating, the latest in a series of deaths of cancer patients all seen by the same doctor as Det. Kadash. The deaths all ap [...]

    3. I was moved to pick this book up when I found myself intrigued by its description. Basically, a homicide detective, Skin Kadash, who's fighting cancer sets out to uncover the truth about a series of deaths - all of whom are linked to his own doctor. I do believe this is the first novel I've read where the protagonist is fighting a serious illness all the way through. It adds an interesting angle. Many of your typical tough-guy mysteries involve the detective running about chasing baddies and get [...]

    4. Bill Cameron's Chasing Smoke plays out in present day Portland, Oregon--a city that Cameron claims for inclusion with other cities classically known for noir, for hard boiled crime fiction. Cameron has a sense of humor that's black as cancer, a disease around which he's built a nice, complicated case for his detective, the disaffected Skin Kadash, to solve. Kadash is "police," he's not a PI, but he's on leave and dealing with bladder cancer--very possibly acquired from the heavy metals he's take [...]

    5. Oregon based mystery by Portland author. So far so good but guy is a little too hard-assed sometimes.Update: "Skin" Kadash is a homicide detective on leave to fight bladder cancer. I still think the guy was a HA and loose cannon in his investigative work especially since he was not supposed to be investigating suicides that were considered closed cases. BUT I guess there wouldn't be much of a story if he was milque-toasty and accepted all of the warnings to stop he was given by his superiors. I [...]

    6. I connected more with this book than with Lost Dog because this protagonist, Detective Skin Kadash, is a guy I can go the distance with. He's complex, complicated, and conflicted. He's fighting cancer, trying to stay off cigarettes, and working unofficially to solve a string of murders dismissed as suicides. The descriptions of Portland were terrific, although at times I found myself hopping over some of them - probably because it's all familiar to me and I didn't feel the need to be grounded in [...]

    7. This is basically a police procedural but I enjoyed it more for the character dynamics than the "whodunit". Chasing Smoke follows Lost Dog in a "series" based in Portland,OR. Primary characters in Lost Dog play secondary role in this one while a police detective featured in previous book "stars" in Chasing Smoke. (I'm seeing more of these "inter-related" books lately and I like the concept.)Detective "Skin" Kadash is on medical leave (undergoing treatment for Bladder Cancer) and is asked by his [...]

    8. I thoroughly enjoyed Cameron's first novel, Lost Dog, and looked forward to his second book, Chasing Smoke. I was not disappointed. For me the heart and soul of this book was not the murder plot, but the character of Skin Kadash, the detective being eaten away by cancer. In Chasing Smoke (a wonderful and appropriate title, by the way), we not only get to follow Skin's thought process as he untangles the deaths of a group of cancer patients, but his struggle, both emotional and physical, with his [...]

    9. This is a really good detective novel, which not only got me hooked but also had me completely bamboozled as to who 'done it' and why.It was also from a slightly different point of view than most detective stories. The main character is a detective (of course) who's on leave while he's being treated for bladder cancer. His ex-partner asks him to look over her notes concerning a series of suicides, and he begins investigating on his own.Recommended - as long as you don't mind a bit of rough langu [...]

    10. My book discussion group has as its next read Lost Dog by Portland author Bill Cameron. I finished Lost Dog, very much enjoyed it, and was pleased to know that our librarian liked it as well, so much so that she picked up a couple of Cameron's other books.In Lost Dog, the homicide detective Skin Kadash plays a secondary role; this time he's the featured player. Cameron's books, once you pick them up, are pretty difficult to put down. Good reading.

    11. Skin Kadish is a detective on leave from the Portland police force while he fights cancer. The character development was fantastic - Skin doesn't play the political game at work but leaves you genuinely wishing he would get out of his own way sometimes.The book left me wanting to know what happens next between the ambitious partner who had approached him for help (because Skin plays outside the rules) who Skin subsequently went totally out of bounds on.

    12. Detective “Skin” Kadash is one of the best characters I have met in a long time and he appears in one of the best mysteries that I have read in a while. Extra bonus - Portland locale. See Sarah's excellent review:Awkward Librarian Review

    13. This was about a guy on medical leave from his job as a detective due to cancer. His old partner asks him to follow up with a case that looks suspicious and it drags on, and on, and on. It finally wraps up in the last 30 pages or so and even though it give all the answers you are looking for, it fell very flat to me. I am just glad it is over.

    14. On leave while battling cancer detective Skin Kadash gets involved in a series of men murdered that were made to look like suicides. The connection? They all go to his cancer doctor, too.Third in the series--liking them very much.

    15. Chasing Smoke was an awesome story, I loved the fact that it took place in Portland, being from Oregon I was able to recognize a few of the streets and sections of the city. All in all the story had a nice flow to it.

    16. Really good book. Wish I had his Lost Dog book. I'll have to look for it at Powell's in Portland next time I'm there.

    17. I really enjoyed this book. Besides glimpsing places in Portland that the author displayed so well, the twists and turns kept me guessing until nearly the end.

    18. A loner detective on leave because he has cancer is sucked into an investigation into the supposed suicides of four men who were patients of the detective's doctor.

    19. This is a good police procedural with great character development, at least for the main character.

    20. I really like the main character "Skin", a barely still on the force cop suffering from bladder cancer. Really picks up speed after the halfway point.

    21. This is the first book I've enjoyed written in fppt. Evidently when I read Bill Cammeron, Humphrey Bogart is the narrator. It's his voice!

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