The Shepherd's Granddaughter

The Shepherd s Granddaughter Amani longs to be a shepherd like her beloved grandfather Sido who has tended his flock for generations grazing sheep on their family s homestead near Hebron Amani loves Sido s many stories especia

  • Title: The Shepherd's Granddaughter
  • Author: Anne Laurel Carter
  • ISBN: 9780888999023
  • Page: 250
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Amani longs to be a shepherd like her beloved grandfather Sido, who has tended his flock for generations, grazing sheep on their family s homestead near Hebron Amani loves Sido s many stories, especially one about a secret meadow called the Firdoos But as outside forces begin to encroach upon this hotly contested land, Amani struggles to find suitable grazing for her famAmani longs to be a shepherd like her beloved grandfather Sido, who has tended his flock for generations, grazing sheep on their family s homestead near Hebron Amani loves Sido s many stories, especially one about a secret meadow called the Firdoos But as outside forces begin to encroach upon this hotly contested land, Amani struggles to find suitable grazing for her family s now starving herd While her father and brother take a militant stance against the intruding forces, Amani and her new American friend Jonathan accidentally stumble upon the Firdoos and begin to realize there is to life than fighting over these disputed regions Amani learns a difficult lesson about just what it will take to live in harmony with those who threaten her family s way of life.

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      250 Anne Laurel Carter
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    1 thought on “The Shepherd's Granddaughter”

    1. I consider myself a politically moderate person. I do not consider myself an intolerant anti-Semitic bigot. I definitely do not believe in excessive violence as a problem-solving tool. I've attended three bat mitzvahs in my life. I like Jews. I'm saying all of this so that you can fully understand the implications of the statement I'm about to make:Reading this book made me want to go to Palestine and kill Israelis. For those fine patriots reading this review and getting ready to break down my d [...]

    2. If you needed any more proof that banning - or trying to ban - a book will cause more people to read it than before, I am it. I first heard of this book just a few weeks ago, when it became a suddenly controversial issue in the Toronto District School Board (TDSB) and in the news. It is a book promoted by the Canadian Library Association and in grade 7 & 8 curriculum, but came under fire for being biased against Jews. Thankfully, it wasn't banned in the TDSB (or anywhere). But the furore cer [...]

    3. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict isn't as simple as made out in this one-sided story. The author has taken every bad thing ever done by any settler, made up a few more, and inflicted them all on the hapless heroine and her family. In real life, the Israelis haven't built a new settlement in ten years. The govt in the area where this family lives (near hebron) is the Palestinian Authority. If settlers were encroaching on their lands, the Palestinians would have appealed to the Israeli courts (whi [...]

    4. This is an important book that should be read by everyone because it brings Palestine to life through Amani's world. It is good book on its own, but I read "The Boy who Dared" at the same time and the experience made it even more powerful.Helmuth spoke out against what a majority of people now believe was an evil regime, Hitler and the Nazis. This makes him a freedom fighter, a hero. As I read of Amani's life, I began to question my own government's support of Israel, a country that exists large [...]

    5. This author expertly crafts a story that juxtapositions the ancient with the modern, the shepherd and the cell phone. Amani, known as “sheep girl” to some, is a young girl who desires to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps as a shepherd. This is more difficult that she imagined because Israelis occupy the land and are turning it into settlements. Living in a world of her ancestors’, Amani practices the traditional, Muslim law. The muezzin alerts the prayer times and her family responds [...]

    6. Nonsense. Pure nonsense. If I could give this book not a single star, believe me, I would. If an author is going to select to write about such a complex, intricate topic, she should be sure that she actually puts in some research and doesn't fill the story with imagined nonsense just to provoke some emotion from the reader. Stories this biased and untrue should not even be permitted to possess a space on a library shelf as they have the ability to give readers completely false ideas and instigat [...]

    7. Palestinian life under Israeli occupation. Seedo the grandfaather in a Palestinian extended family thaat has has had afamily shepherd for thoousands of years passes on thee responsibility to his granddaughter even over the objections of the rest of thee faamily member. Amani is the young girl who chooses shepherding over school. She enjoyes sheperding until something traumatic happens Israeli settler from AMerica take part of her land for settlement building. It becomes unsafe for her to take th [...]

    8. Considering the topic is one of the most hot button political issues in North America, I'm not at all surprised that people have tried to ban this book from school libraries. But as with many book challenges, it sounds like many of the challengers haven't actually read it. If they had (with an open mind), they would see that it's a balanced exploration of the Palestinian side, and that the story calls for nonviolent responses to the complicated conflict. This interview gives a little more inform [...]

    9. اسم الكتاب: حفيدة الراعياسم الكاتب: آن لوريل كارترعدد الصفحات: 219دار النشر: كلماتالتقييم: 4/5تدور أحداث هذه الرواية في فلسطين المحتلة، وتتناول قضية تأثير الإحتلال على الفلسطينين "أماني" حفيدة الراعي كانت تتمنى أن تكون راعية مثل جدها، وبالفعل تمكنت من تخطي عقبات رغبة أهلها بال [...]

    10. When I finished this book I couldn't for the life of me understand why anyone would want to remove it from libraries. This book does not make Israeli's out to be evil people, but it does bring to light some of the issues that Palestinian's live with on a daily basis. I feel that this book is important because it gives notice to both sides of the story and portrays each side in favorable and unfavorable lights. Yes, Israeli's are portrayed, at times, as tyrants pushing their way into the lands oc [...]

    11. The Shepherd's Granddaughter is a story I can connect with at the spiritual level. Amani's experiences of having her father and uncle arrested by Israeli soldiers, of having her grandfather's land stolen from her and her family, and of having her home demolished in front of her own eyes, are not merely just her experiences, but the experiences of hundreds and thousands of Palestinians like herself. Palestinians have been suffering for over 50 years under Israel's military occupation while the re [...]

    12. This book is intense. Follows the point of view of a young Arab girl in the occupied West Bank as she grows up tending to her family's sheep and deals with various changes and loss. The depiction of the Palestinian experience is very vivid and mirrors a documentary in its detail. She becomes more perceptive of the world around as she grows, becoming acutely aware that her family's physical space is shrinking due to illegal settlements. The author conveys Amani's confusion and pain and anger conv [...]

    13. This book tells the story of a Palestine girl, Amani, who lives with her family. Amani's family has a vineyard, olive grove, and a herd of sheep. The shepheards grandfather, Seedo, teaches Amani while she is being homeschooled. However, trouble breaks lose when Seedo dies and terrible things start happening to the farm, where Amani and her family are living. I thought this book started off slow, but then once I got into it I couldn't put it down. It had a lot of information about the Palestine a [...]

    14. أماني تلك الفتاة التي كان اقصى احلامها انت تكون راعية مثل جدهايتحقق حلمها لكن يد الاحتلال الاسرائيلي في فلسطين لا يتركها بحالهاتأتي الجرافات لبناء مستوطنه على أرضهم التي ورثوها من اجدادهاوهنا يبدأ الظلم الذي يمارس على كل الفلسطنيين في بلدها فيبدؤون اليهود بمحاولة طردهم من [...]

    15. Kudos to Anne Carter for taking on a challenging topic -- perhaps THE most challenging topic in today's political climate. She gives voice to a population never heard from in American literature, let alone children's lit. She may be criticized for the perspective she takes in "Granddaughter," but the call to ban this book is ridiculous. It is a great launching point for discussion and nothing to be shied away from.

    16. قصة أماني الطفلة التي أصبحت راعية للأغنام خلفًا لجدها الراعي، في أحد وديان فلسطين المحتلة. العديد من المغامرات والعلاقات الفريدة تعيشها أماني البنت مع الأغنام، وعائلتها والمدرسة والمستوطنون. تتعرف أماني على شاب من المستوطنين في مثل عمرها، يرفض ما يفعله أهله، لكنه لا يستطي [...]

    17. This was an interesting book to get the Palestinian point of view. It was slow paced - I think to reflect the kind of life these people led. Israelis are definitely the bad guys in the book. The ending leaves you hanging and was disappointing.

    18. رواية جميلة جداً، تتحدث عن معاناة الفلسطنين بطرقة قصة قناة تدعى "أماني" التي تحلم ان تكون راعية مثل جدها.المعومات في الكتاب صيغت بطريقة متسلسة و واضحةو مبسطة، و من الجميل في النص إضفاء كلمات عبرية، استشعرت معاناة الفلسطنين فعلاً بعد قراءة الرواية.

    19. A love seeing the Israeli Palestinian conflict from another point of view. The Palestinians have lived on their lands for hundreds of years, but then the Israelis want the land that they say God gave them. Tough situation. My frustration deals with how difficult it seems to be for two groups of people to live in the same country.The book. Oh, the book. I want all of my students to read it. I want to pass it out like candy to keep me (and a lot of Americans) from being so hard-line pro-Israeli an [...]

    20. The Shepherd’s Granddaughter covers the early years of a young Palestinian girl called Amani. Since the age of six, Amani has known that academic life is not for her, and that she wants to be a shepherd like her grandfather Seedo, who in turn takes her in as his apprentice. From here on, we follow Amani’s life as ‘the youngest shepherd in Palestine’ as she deals with the escalating Israel-Palestine conflict and the incoming settlement on her beloved ‘Seedo’s Peak’.I have to admit t [...]

    21. The Shepherd’s GranddaughterBy: Anne Laurel CarterClick here to visit our site for book recommendations, recipes, fun how to's and much more!___________________________________Since the time Amani was six years old, she wanted to be a shepherd just like her grandfather. Her family disagreed saying she was a girl and much too young. Her cousins and brother would tease, but Amani’s dream still came true. All Amani wanted to do was to travel up her grandfather’s hill letting the sheep graze a [...]

    22. This is the story of Amani and her family who for generations have lived near Hebron keeping sheep. Armani wants to follow in her grandfather's footsteps and become a shepherd. Naturally every culture has it's ideas of the proper way to raise a girl and her parent's try to resist. The grandfather seems to endorse Amani becoming his apprentice so she quits school and spends her days with her grandfather learning how to care and raise the sheep. But this story is more than about Amani becoming a s [...]

    23. I struggled to get into this book, the third person narration made me feel detached from the story. That being said, once I struggled through the first quarter of the book the story and struggles of Amani's family captured my attention and I continued to read straight through to the end.I did enjoy the amount of modernization that was worked into the family's rural life: her father's cell phone, the internet cafe, and the recognition of 'changing times'. Not only does Amani's grandfather rule th [...]

    24. Amani comes from a long line of shepherds and has always dreamt of becoming a shepherd like her grandfather. For generations, the family has grazed sheep above the olive groves of their homestead near Hebron, but now the land is being threatened by Jewish settlements and the construction of a new highway. Then Amani meets Jonathan, an American boy visiting his father who is one of the settlers, and away from the biases and pressures of their families, they discover that despite their differences [...]

    25. Reading the Shepherd's Granddaughter was an eye opening experience. Often times on the news we will hear about Palestinian conflict. Never have I ever attempted to place myself in their shoes. This well written book provides the perfect opportunity for one to practice the art of empathy. A family, namely a girl name Amani, allow us to sit awhile and experience the trials that come as they transition from multigenerational sheep herders and farmers to refugees. Amani (The Shepherd's Granddaughter [...]

    26. This was a difficult book on a difficult subject--the land conflict between Israelis and Palestinians. I had not had much exposure to the Palestinian point of view, which is present in the book through the main character, a young sheep herding girl, and her family. The Israeli side is also presented somewhat indirectly through a boy the main character befriends, but he seems to reject many sides of his people's argument. The book does a wonderful job depicting the conflict as one that is not bla [...]

    27. Winner of the Canadian Library Association's Children's Book of the Year, 2009.Amani Raheem is a Palestinian who loves sheep. She started accompanying her grandfather and the flocks into the mountain fields when she was six years old. She chooses to be home-schooled so that she can continue to learn her vocation as a shepherd, and, less than a decade later, she takes over the herd when her grandfather dies.The Raheem family farm lies in the West Bank some distance from Al Khalil (better known as [...]

    28. Telling the story of the conflicting sides between Palestinian and Israeli people, this book gives readers a chance to live in the shoes of a Palestinian girl who has gone against the norm and become a shepherd like her grandfather. Many changes happen around her family's land as she grows into the role she has chosen for herself and these things directly affect her livelihood, not to mention the fate of her family.I was easily caught up in this story and felt I had lived through parts of it mys [...]

    29. My biggest problem with this book is really my own fault.I don't know anything about the situation with Israel and Palestine, other than the fact that there is a conflict. But when I read this book, I could really tell I was basically being preached to and that this author had an agenda. The book tells the Palestinian side of the story, which from what I understand would be the side most Americans would never hear. That makes this book important. But I didn't like this being my first introductio [...]

    30. Amani, a young palestinian girl, had longed to be a shepherd just like her grandfather ever since she could remember. The power and safekeeping was something she had been born with, a kind heart and powerful soul was one that had to be a shepherd. After giving public school up at a young age, she knew that her grandfather was going to leave the sheep to her to care for.After finding her Black sheep in a cliff giving birth to a newborn sheep, Amani finally knew she could handle anything that woul [...]

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