House of Day, House of Night

House of Day House of Night The English translation of the prize winning international bestseller Winner of the Gunter Grass PrizeNowa Ruda is a small town in Silesia an area that has been a part of Poland Germany and the for

  • Title: House of Day, House of Night
  • Author: Olga Tokarczuk Antonia Lloyd-Jones
  • ISBN: 9780810118928
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
  • The English translation of the prize winning international bestseller Winner of the Gunter Grass PrizeNowa Ruda is a small town in Silesia, an area that has been a part of Poland, Germany, and the former Czechoslovakia in the past When the narrator moves into the area, she discovers everyone and everything has a story With the help of Marta, her enigmatic neighbor, theThe English translation of the prize winning international bestseller Winner of the Gunter Grass PrizeNowa Ruda is a small town in Silesia, an area that has been a part of Poland, Germany, and the former Czechoslovakia in the past When the narrator moves into the area, she discovers everyone and everything has a story With the help of Marta, her enigmatic neighbor, the narrator accumulates these stories, tracing the history of Nowa Ruda from the its founding to the lives of its saints, from the caller who wins the radio quiz every day to the man who causes international tension when he dies straddling the border between Poland and Czechoslovakia.Each of the stories represents a brick and they interlock to reveal the immense monument that is the town What emerges is the message that the history of any place no matter how humble is limitless, that by describing or digging at the roots of a life, a house, or a neighborhood, one can see all the connections, not only with one s self and one s dreams but also with all of the universe.Richly imagined, weaving anecdote with recipes and gossip, Tokarczuk s novel is an epic of a small place Since its publication in 1998 it has remained a bestseller in Poland House of Day, House of Night is the English language debut of one of Europe s best young writers.

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      451 Olga Tokarczuk Antonia Lloyd-Jones
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    1 thought on “House of Day, House of Night”

    1. One of the best works of fiction I’ve ever read. This is one of those undefinable, indescribable wonders that make most fiction look so ordinary. Most of all it a novel of place, but not in the usual sense. It’s a novel of exile, but the reasons for its characters’ exile are myriad (and the narrator’s unknown). It’s a novel consisting of stories, but in no way a story collection. It’s a novel of story-telling, but not of storytelling voices, or of stories on a theme. It’s a novel f [...]

    2. Oh boy--you know how you dig into a book, not knowing what to expect, and you come across big, glorious ideas about the world, just scattered in among the holey underwear and the bus ride to work? This 1988 Polish novel is one of those books. I love a book that cannot be summarized at all--there's no "elevator pitch". And why should there be? The language is simple, the actions are simple, but the story, the conglomeration of effects, is anything but. It's almost like a short story collection, m [...]

    3. R. will set up a camera on the east-facing terraceEach day he will take one photograph [of the sky, where he saw answers to arithmetic and other puzzles as a child], even when the sky is uniformly grey. R is certain that in autumn we’ll have a set of stills showing a rational sequence of skies, which is sure to mean something. It’ll be possible to put all the pictures together like a jigsaw puzzle, or to load them one on top of another in the computer, or to make one single sky out of them w [...]

    4. Finally I found a book set in Poland by a Polish author that isn’t 500+ pages long. This is apparently an award-winner, but to me it often seemed bizarre; perhaps something is lost in translation. The book is divided into many short segments, moving between a nameless narrator and embedded short stories, a few of which the book revisits in multiple sections. The thread binding it all together is the setting of Nowa Ruda, a town on the Czech border that was transferred from Germany to Poland af [...]

    5. Simply put, this is a portrait of a part of Poland that was under German control at one time. The narrator (or is it?) hovers over the area like a gentle fog, curling around corners, into attics and basements and minds and hearts, during the present and the past. Themes that recur: mushrooms; dreams; hair (wigs, wolves); changing faces; death vs. eternity/permanence; looking down from above (mountains, roofs, heavens); creation/chaos/time. I don't know what it all means but it makes me think and [...]

    6. I have noticed, over the years, that many Post-War Polish writers tend to write in short chapters, even short stories, that appear (often) unrelated yet acquire a relationship as the book progresses because of the interrelationships and accidental coincidences that occur. This appears to be largely true with “House of Day, House of Night”. It becomes quite obvious, very quickly, that the book consists of a series of short stories (sometimes VERY short) that remind one of random(ish) notes on [...]

    7. This book is written by a highly acclaimed and successful Polish writer, Olga Tokarczuk. She is definietely a talented author. She has a wonderful way with words. The writing clearly has a philosophical undertone. But I cannot give it more than three stars. Despite the author wonderful ability, I find the tone so sad. Yes, there is humor, but it is humor directed at you and me, at all human beings as a species. We are a pitiful group. I don't disagree, but where does this hopelessness and despon [...]

    8. Olga Tokarczuk has captured a moment in time in Nowa Ruda and allowed us to share it.This was an unexpected and beautiful novel, I found by way of wandering the web, after I decided to read Polish writers. I'm not sure why I identified with it so much, but her observations, stories and dreams, as well as delicious mushroom recipes all formed a simply and solid narrative. If the novel were a season, it would be spring, the first crocus on the back hillside, with patches of snow still around.On th [...]

    9. „Şi doar cuvintele şi lucrurile creează un spaţiu simbiotic, la fel ca bureţii şi mestecenii. Cuvintele cresc pe lucruri, în peisaj, şi abia pe urmă sensul lor dă în pârg, gata să fie rostite cu voce tare. Şi atunci ne putem juca cu ele precum ne-am juca cu un fruct copt, pe care îl putem adulmeca şi din care putem muşca, lingându-i coaja sau rupându-l în jumătate cu trosnet pentru a-i cerceta interiorul sfios şi suculent. Asemenea cuvinte sunt nemuritoare, deoarece ştiu [...]

    10. Nienawidzę jej całą swoją osobą. Ale skoro mam być obiektywna w swojej ocenie, muszę powiedzieć, że jest to książka poruszająca trudne tematy i zaskakująca budową narracji. Ale jej nienawidzę. Tak tylko przypominam.

    11. The Tiny Book Club, one of my reading groups, chose this. We are three women of a certain age. Two were raised Jewish, one of whom is a descendant of Polish Holocaust survivors, gay, well-read, and spends every summer returning to Poland to further the reconciliation of Jewish and non-Jewish Poles. The other is also well-read and has a deep understanding of literature. She is an intellectual. The third was raised Christian in America, the daughter of third generation German Lutheran immigrants. [...]

    12. This the first book by Olga Tokarczuk I read and I must say I am entirely enchanted. Her writing style in 'House of day, House of night' has something that blends picturesque and poetic that resembles magic of Bruno Shulz with nostalgia and past running in circles and stillness of time as in 'On the road to Babadag' by Stasiuk. Picking this book from a shelf at my parents' house I had never expected to discover such a fine piece of magical realism especially that I always imagined her as a more [...]

    13. Další těžko uchopitelné dílo Olgy Tokarczuk. Chvílemi připomíná klasickou disidentskou literaturu, chvílemi deník intelektuálky, chvílemi deník obyčejné vesnické ženy a do toho všeho je přimícháno spousta dalších krátkých příběhů a to vše se občas střetně podobně jako v Atlasu mraků nebo Hybatelích (které vnímám jako takový prequel Atlasu).A o čem že to je? No vlastně o ničem a nebo o všem.

    14. This was probably the most beautiful book I read this year; Tokarczuk's prose reads like poetry. It was one of those strangely surreal, dreamlike works in which I didn't fully understand the author's idiom until I reached the end, and then it just made me want to go back to the beginning and read the whole thing again.I also appreciated the way the author wrote about the experience of going online as being an exploratory place full of strange ideas and mysterious worlds. It was refreshing in con [...]

    15. Best collection of mushroom trips, monastic eroticism, psychology of old people, tales of drunks, post-war disenfranchised, mushroom recipes and surreal dreams from the internet you'll probably ever find.

    16. A double review: 'House of Day, House of Night' and 'Flights.' I finally got around to reading 'House of Day, House of Night' on a friend's recommendation, after reading Tokarczuk 'Flights,' which is somehow even better. I'm baffled as to why this kind of form hasn't made its way into English-language writing, except in the most self-important and portentous way: a compendium of memoir (whether actual or purely formal), short stories, essays, research, tall tales, local history and so on, all of [...]

    17. This is the lone english translation of Tokarczuk that I'm aware of--and a very lovely one at that. A multitude of transparent and cozy stories, touched with the quality of memoir, bound by a significant sense of place. The idea of crossing thresholds--between day and night, life and death, undergrowth and roots, bind the stories in suprising ways, including mouthwatering recipes for poisonous mushrooms. I recommend this novel to all my dearest friends, as well as strangers.

    18. Много красива, съкровена проза, която изглежда сътворена без всякакво усилие- естествена като дишането, като ежедневните неща- съдовете за готвене, картофите,гъбите в гората, светлината на зазоряване и по здрач.Още една прекрасна книга от моята любима вече авторка. Наслади [...]

    19. My favourite Olga Tokarczuk book. I love the echoes of the Regained Territories, the result of the shifted borders of the Stalinist post war order. I love the whimsical characters, the languid poetic prose.This is the novel I return to when i want to remember where I come from

    20. Tokarczuk ma bardzo specyficzny styl i takie też są jej opowieści. Póki co, nie jestem pewna, czy ta specyfika mi odpowiada. Zobaczymy przy następnej książce.

    21. a quite poetic book which offers a plethora of unique insights about the world. it makes you question reality and realize that we operate so systematically, we don’t question what we believe. i really liked the reflections on life, dreams, old people, and travelling. Not sure if I get the point of the book or the plot, but I think it was a good read. Slow at times/ I didn’t always understand the purpose behind some of the entries.

    22. I really enjoyed this book. Although I skipped the saint parts, I often paused to jot down sentences. And I love books like that. Also I just overall enjoyed the way this book made me feel. Interesting read.

    23. Тази книга я причислявам към странните, модерни книги. От тези, в които усещаш големия потенциал, дарбата, майсторството на автора, но усещаш в същото време, че желанието му да бъде по-модерен и интересен му е попречило да разгърне напълно този потенциал. Друга такава е напри [...]

    24. Another certain-to-be favorite book of the year.One of the most original books as well. The story is loosely based around a rural site in southern Poland and focused upon a pair of small scale farmers. There are diversions into historical events, other villagers and the lives of saints. The stories are deep in metaphor, in "magical realism" and in Milosz-esque ruminations about the spiritual relationships between humans, the environment and God. The scope of the book was pretty tremendous but I' [...]

    25. This fragmentary narrative of collected anecdotes, histories and reveries, is a marvel of contemporary literature that pays homage to the modernist oeuvre. Beautifully written, this collage-like novel meanders through grand and meta narratives with a lyrical ease. Punctuated by recipes for cooking wild mushrooms (beware These are never quite as straightforward or as delicious as one might hope) this novel captivates all of the senses and offers the reader a feast of aromatic themes to savour. N [...]

    26. Poněkud surrealistická a jungiánská knížka o polských Sudetách. Volně tu plynou a prolínají se příběhy autorky, transsexuálního mnicha mapujícího život svaté Starosty, paní Marty, která spí zimním spánkem, vlkodlaka, jenž byl ředitelem gymnázia, muže, který nosil dřevěný klobouk, aby se vyhnul vlivu nově objevené planety měnící svět k horšímu, pohraničníků, obludy z rybníka, Agni, Němců, Poláků a mnohem nejasnějších existencí, které něco cht [...]

    27. Silva rerum neboli les různých věcí. Rozostřená hranice grafitové stopy, prach zahušťující všudypřítomnou vlhkost. Zdánlivě nesouvislá vyprávění, ve kterých ztrácíte pojem o čase, dobách, aby všechno na konci měkce vyústilo Monstra, záludné recepty, zatmění slunce, voda protékající sklepy, záznamy snů, mnich, tma prorůstající těla, chlad proudící z lesů. Tohle vypisování se mi zdá zcela bezesmyslné a nicneříkající, i ten nejmohutnější strom [...]

    28. Мислих доста преди да дам три звездички. Може би, защото преди него Дом, прочетох две доста по-силни книги, които оставят отпечатък върху сърцето и душата. Домът е по-скоро магически реализъм, на места даже сюрреализъм. На почитателите на Маркес ще им хареса много. Аз не можах [...]

    29. House of Day, House of Night is a collection of vignettes, a collage of people. It’s about a small town, Nowa Ruda, and the colorful people that inhabit it. We learn about their history, their past, their present, and their dreams. It reminds us that everyone we know and everyone we see have complex and interesting lives and that there is beauty and pain in everyone. Beautiful, moving, nostalgia-inducing.

    30. Tokarczuk ma zawsze coś do powiedzenia, każdy raz mnie wciąga w swoich prowincjalnych światach, nasyconych realnością obejmującą nie tylko życie na codzień.Z innej strony, lecz, ta książka mnie zmięczyła.Chyba już po połowie miałem dość z wszystkiego i tylko czekałem, aby się w końcu skończyła byle jak. Nie wiedziałem czy dać 3 czy 4 gwiazdy, potem postanowiłem, że to nie ma aż takiego znaczenia.

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