The God Eaters

The God Eaters Imprisoned for inflammatory writings by the totalitarian Theocracy shy intellectual Ashleigh Trine figures his story s over But when he meets Kieran Trevarde a hard hearted gunslinger with a dark ma

  • Title: The God Eaters
  • Author: Jesse Hajicek
  • ISBN: 9781847288653
  • Page: 384
  • Format: Paperback
  • Imprisoned for inflammatory writings by the totalitarian Theocracy, shy intellectual Ashleigh Trine figures his story s over But when he meets Kieran Trevarde, a hard hearted gunslinger with a dark magic lurking in his blood, Ash finds that necessity makes strange heroes and love can change the world.

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    1. The God Eaters is a fantasy, an adventure and a romance that takes place in a totalitarian world that resembles the Old American West.Kieran Trevarde is imprisoned in Churchrock for murder and Ashleigh Trine for rebellious activities against the government. Churchrock is a high security prison and laboratory for experimentation on those who have Talents. Kieran is a Ghoul Witch, with the ability to bring death upon others at will, and a stormcaller. Ashleigh is an empath. In this harsh and unfor [...]

    2. imperfect—but enthralling, so gorgeous.if you've ever wondered what it would be like to read about two men falling in love in a prison set in a world where magic exists alongside wild-west culture, this is your book.highly recommended.

    3. Right now I feel exactly the way I felt after finishing HP. You know, that "what will I do with my life now that this is over" kind of feeling ("It's called a book hangover, Nina!") that makes you want to curl up and cry, then die. That's why I'm writing this at half past midnight; I'll get it over with and try (and fail) to move on.I'm also starting to get the feeling that words fail me and will keep failing me no matter how long I wait, so once more I will do what I did while reviewing HP and [...]

    4. If I were a storyteller of old, I would gather my listeners close as we sat around the dancing flames of a campfire. Listen, I’d say. Let me tell you a story about two brave young men. Two young heroes willing to face the wrath of the Gods in order to change the course of history. The God Eaters is a sweeping tale of epic proportions. Reading it, I imagined a bard was telling me the folklore of ancient tribes, clans, and early peoples. While the story is set in a mythical and magical Western b [...]

    5. This book was lovely. And lovey. As in, like, lovey-dovey. Normally, that's kind of a turn-off for me, but it pretty much worked for this book. Because, in spite of all the many other theme and plot points and what have you, this story is about love.A good GR friend of mine described it best, and I shall crappily paraphrase: if you want to read a book about two men falling in love in a prison set in a magical Wild West analog, then this is the book for you.

    6. 4.5 starsSeamless weaving of plot, characters, place, magic, pacing etc .a great read.The hints given by Hajicek are enough for me to imagine this Wild West world with it's magic and symbols etc. No need for excessive world building, which there isn't. I've seen enough Westerns to be able to imagine the desert, the people, the floods, the mountains.Like in the old westerns the heros have to go on a heroic journey to test their mettle, their love and save the 'world' and I did so enjoy this journ [...]

    7. 4.5 StarsOh wow.Just wow!I loved this book! I LOVED the magic and vivid alternative world building and the assassin and his tormented soul and the adventure and the friends-to-lovers thing plus the great writing and the romance and the fierce villains and the torture and then the great escapes and *breathe* heartache and the ruthless cunning and the action and fantastic dialog and the chemistry and passion and the trains and the dessert and cacti and the heat and the clever magic with mathematic [...]

    8. Rich, multi-layered and epic in scale. All my favorite things: societal boundaries, beliefs, emotional depth and engaging characterizations. The worldbuiling is extraordinary as are the range of people inhabiting it. Both Kieran and Ash undertake journeys and their character arcs are detailed and wide. An unlikely love affair that is tested and the barriers dissolved.Favorite quote:""He's -- he's pure, not in the sense of innocent, but in the sense of -- distilled, wholly himself. Pure iron, pur [...]

    9. Wow. I wasn't sure what to really expect with this one, but was intrigued enough by the reviews and especially by the excerpt I read. I'm glad I went for it.The God Eaters is an adventure story with a strong "love never gives up." What I really enjoyed in this story was how centered and grounded I was through the whole thing. Hajicek knew his world and never fumbled with the details. An example I can share is Ashleigh's glasses. When he had them, he had them and occasionally they would get dirty [...]

    10. I almost gave this book 1 star, but the last hundred pages picked up enough that I decided to bump up the score a little. Honestly, I'm kind of shocked that this book has such a high rating considering how poorly it's written, how little world building was involved, and how bland and uninspired the plot is. To give a quick summary: Nineteen-year-old native Kieren Trevarde acts like he's a lot older than his years. His parents died when he was young, he grew up on the streets, battled addictions, [...]

    11. Adored Kieran and Ash and their love story.The battles they fought – not just the physical ones but the emotional – made their bond really special. When they met, Kieran (age 19) had already gone through a life time of hardship; he had steeled his heart against affection and love and had been surviving on pure stubbornness. Ash (age 18) was his complete opposite – frightened and vulnerable and kind and full of naïve hope. It was amazing how much they both grew, how strong their love made [...]

    12. Wow!! Unbelievably wonderful. This is another of those stories that you can’t wait to pick up again after you’ve put it down. 5 stars from me for the scrumptious, almost edible writing, stunning ‘visuals’ and terrific world-building. Many thanks Shelley for the rec. It tells the tale of Kieran Trevarde and Ashleigh Trine, or as they become better known to you and I, Kai and Ashes. Kai we meet when he’s a small boy and kills another youngster for bullying him – a tad over the top you [...]

    13. Yet another free online fiction story that has blown me away. In this novel, the two main characters meet each other on the penal train transporting them to their prison. Kieren is a dark brutal man, who, after surviving an agonizing childhood, has become a paid assassin, and is now paying for those crimes. Ash's crimes on the other hand, were those of intelligence, with his sharp, analytical mind aiding the underground rebellion and inciting treason. These two men, very different from each othe [...]

    14. Excellent m/m fantasy romance novel that has the extra awesome bonus for being available free to read online.At over 177k words, The God Eaters tells an amazing and enthralling story set in an alternative world where magic abilities exist, and a totalitarian government has tight control over who is allowed to have these abilities. Kieran and Ash are two young men who meet while they are being sent to prison for their crimes--robbery and murder for Kieran, and distributing rebellious propaganda f [...]

    15. One of the first m/m books I read, and I found it extraordinary. The fantasy aspect behind it is well done, and the romance is darkly believable. The ending was a bit neat for the story that came before it, and all but begs for a sequel, which, to date, hasn't happened yet. I have the paperback of this. Well worth the purchase.

    16. It’s like reading Stephen King, if Stephen King wrote m/m fantasy-romance-action/adventure. The God Eaters is vivid and loaded with terrific imagery. The author has a real talent for setting scenes, making the reader see the surroundings, hear the little critters in the scrub. The world is introduced organically, through the eyes of the characters, it's not force-fed to the reader, and you never once feel like you're a very unfortunate, very bored fly on the wall at the Council of Elrond. Thou [...]

    17. I don't feel up to a long review after reading this straight through in less than 24 hours. It's an amazing trip in every sense. I think Ash might be one of my favorite characters in fiction--except of course for Kieran. It's hard to believe that just last night they were both in prison--so much happens in the book, and in a crazily small amount of time, and yet the story, the style, is so compelling, you feel you've traveled every step with them--endured the horrible prison eggs, walked miles i [...]

    18. He was pillowed on Ash's lap. Above him, Ash's face was pale as dust, eyes black-circled as if he'd been punched twice. Dirty-haired, sunburned, tear-tracked, hollow-cheeked; beautiful, precious.I should have read this a long time ago, it's just the kind of book I love, epic fantasy with a really slow build romance and a fair bit of angst. It reminded me a lot of Carole Cummings books. Loved it and want more!

    19. Best accidental buy ever? Maybe. This book is right up there with some of the better small press/independent/self-published books I’ve read, and that’s saying something because I rarely try books in this category, and it’s even rarer for me to like a book in this category. Plus, I don’t usually try books by authors I’d never heard of before. So this book had a lot of things going against it from the moment I started reading, but despite (or in spite of) these roadblocks, it impressed m [...]

    20. I didn't expect much from this novel, but read it since Nancy gave it high marks. This's an example of my cynicism against self-published books. But, this novel turned out to be a maturely crafted work of fiction. It felt like I was reading a mainstream epic fantasy, the main difference being that it was not made into a trilogy by corporate dollar-mongers. The main problem with the novel is being left with lots of loose ends, there not being a sequel that I can find. I want to travel this world [...]

    21. I was tempted to edit the book as I was reading it. The world building, the characters, the pacing, even the level of sappiness—everything needs work. There's a story here, I guess. You just have to edit your way to it. Anyway, I think the word of the day is dissaponted.

    22. I did not expect to like this book. But I'd read some of Jesse Hajicek's other work--under Jumping Jack Flash--on FictionPress and was persuaded. He often qualifies his m/m stories as slash, although on his site, he gives a "now-traditional yaoi warning" for this novel. This is hardly yaoi; it's far more sophisticated.God Eaters is a hefty epic into which you can sink your teeth. It's AU, although that world echoes the basic structure of a developed, urban East and a wild, wooly West of the US f [...]

    23. I like to sell others on this book by describing it as the only romance I've ever liked. Then I casually slip in the additional facts that it's a fantasy/western, violent, bloody, and sometimes disturbing. The only things that keep this from being a five-star review are the author's first novel syndrome that occasionally rears its head in regards to pacing, and the need for an editor to tighten up some occasionally sloppy prose. Overall, though, it's an inventive world with a gritty feel, popula [...]

    24. This book was really great. I would have given it 5 stars, but it kind of dragged a little in the middle, so 4 stars it is.Ash and Kieran were very lovable and I loved the character growth in the story. Ash went from this shy scared-of-anything kid to a self-confident and, let’s not forget, powerful young man! And Kieran was so cynical in the beginning of the story and he was so sweet at the end. Ash and Kieran found out they were so much better when together.I loved the first part when they a [...]

    25. 2.5 starsFunny, how the reviews so far can't agree on much about this free adventure story. Some applaud the excellent world-building, others find it severely lacking. Some like that it is angst-free and without fluff, others call it sappy. I ended up not hating it, but also not really loving it.The book opens with a dire description of an abused boy's childhood that quickly drew me in. I liked the idea of the world, its history and magic system. The two or three love scenes were sweet. However, [...]

    26. Epic, breathtaking, emotional roller coaster of a story! Kieran is the template of the alpha male, Ash is the pale, skinny nerd, glasses and all, yet their behavior hardly stays in the stereotype for any length of time. Excellent job of character and plot development with barely any sex scenes. Made them that much more special when they did happen. Wonderfully detailed alternate universe with many parallels to the old West. The genre is a mix of m/m romance, paranormal, even a bit of steam-punk. [...]

    27. 4.5 Stars - Rating down only because it almost lost me a couple of times with the pacing and I wandered. A fascinating story overall with fantastic characters.

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