All the Weyrs of Pern

All the Weyrs of Pern For generations the dragonriders had dedicated their lives to fighting Thread the dreaded spores that periodically rained from the sky to ravage the land On the backs of their magnificent telepathic

  • Title: All the Weyrs of Pern
  • Author: Anne McCaffrey
  • ISBN: 9780345419354
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Paperback
  • For generations, the dragonriders had dedicated their lives to fighting Thread, the dreaded spores that periodically rained from the sky to ravage the land On the backs of their magnificent telepathic dragons they flew to flame the deadly stuff out of the air before it could reach the planet s surface But the greatest dream of the dragon riders was to find a way to eradiFor generations, the dragonriders had dedicated their lives to fighting Thread, the dreaded spores that periodically rained from the sky to ravage the land On the backs of their magnificent telepathic dragons they flew to flame the deadly stuff out of the air before it could reach the planet s surface But the greatest dream of the dragon riders was to find a way to eradicate Thread completely, so that never again would their beloved Pern be threatened with destruction.Now, for the first time, it looked as if that dream could come true For when the people of Pern, led by Masterharper Robinton and F Lar and Lessa, Weyrleader and Weyrwoman of Benden Weyr, excavated the ancient remains of the planet s original settlement, they uncovered the colonist s voice activated artificial intelligence system which still functioned And the computer had incredible news for them There was a chance a good chance that they could, at long last, annihilate Thread once and for all

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      310 Anne McCaffrey
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    1 thought on “All the Weyrs of Pern”

    1. During the reading of this book, I couldn't put it down. At the end, I basically wanted to throw it across the room, cry out my hate of it and pretend I'd never read it. That being said, it wasn't because I hated the book itself. I hated the irrevocably sad ending that nearly left me in tears. I don't normally get that way with most books, but I had become attached to Robinton. They have done what they set out to do in the beginning of the series- destroy the threat of "Thread". However, this ha [...]

    2. I was excited for this book because I thought it was going to uncover all the secrets of the Red Star and Thread. Unfortunately not everything is actually understood. (view spoiler)[I had thought maybe Thread was some sort of offensive weapon by another alien race, but I guess that is way too cool for this series. All they do is push the Red Planet out of orbit and wonder how Thread came to be. I felt super unsatisfied. (hide spoiler)]In All the Weyrs of Pern, the characters uncover Aivas, an an [...]

    3. That book was pretty awful, but I felt I had to get through it to finish the main "thread" of the story. McCaffrey has no sense of climax, conflict, or tension. The main conflict of the story was predistened to be succesful, and what should have been a thrilling climax turned out to be a little more than an errand, followed by a little waiting to see what would happen. McCaffrey frequently has this problem; any real conflict is either resolved to quickly, or is hardly a conflict at all. Characte [...]

    4. This is by far my favorite Pern book, and probably the last truly good one she wrote before they really started going downhill. I love fantasy and I love sci-fi, so you give me a story about traveling in space on a dragon and I am in heaven. So many interesting ideas and concepts, about space travel, time travel, dragons, and all of my favorite Pernese characters, even Sorka and Sean. Wonderful, wonderful book.

    5. This was a really good story, the first time I read it I found the direction the author had taken her world in surprising. Pern was settled by colonists from Earth and the technology lost into the pre-industrial, agrarian society that the reader knew so well from Dragonflight and the other Dragon books. In All The Weyrs, the original landing site of the colonists is uncovered and it holds amazing things. The settlers were forced to flee the Southern continent and the landing site due to volcanic [...]

    6. I really enjoyed this bookis is Book #11 in the Pern Series. I do have Book #1 to read which is called Dragonflight. Book #11 is the only one that I have read so far in this series. Eventually I will read all of the Books in this series and since i have read Book #11 I don't need to re-read that one again. I give this book 5/5 Stars here on . Anne McCaffrey is one of my all time favorite top Authors. I love her books.

    7. delivreenlivres/20 Et voila on arrive enfin au tome tant attendu, celui qui conclu le cycle principale de cette merveille Ballade sur Pern.Dans mon souvenir celui ci était mon préféré de tous, et il n'a pas faillit je dois dire.Au final ceux qui attendent un livre palpitant plein d'action ou un livre de type thriller seront vraiment déçu de cette série. Je trouve que son titre résumé vraiment très bien le type de récit qu'il nous sert : c'est vraiment une Ballade. En fait on est le t [...]

    8. All the Weyrs of Pern (1991) by Anne McCaffrey strives hard to recreate the golden age of Pern, seeking that alchemy that made The White Dragon. The results contained all the same ingredients, but the culinary results weren't quite as appetizing, striving to meet the expectations of a shrinking fanbase and a changing SF market.Continuing from where The Renegages of Pern ended, the AI called Aivas leads humans in the final eradication of thread. Meanwhile, a small group of objectors to this new t [...]

    9. I was gratified to finally read in 2007 how my old friends F'lar and Lessa managed to eliminate the threadfall forever in this installment of the Dragonriders of Pern books, which I began reading back in 1967 when "Dragonflight" was first published in Analog Science Fiction/Science Fact magazine in three successive issues. "Hooray" for F'lar!- for finally destroying his nemesis, with the help of the recently discovered AIVAS, forgotten in the buried ruins of the colonist's landing site for over [...]

    10. Okay . . . I'm done with Pern for now. Why read it . . . at my age!?Well, being sci-fi and fantasy geek all one's young life can wear off after an adult lifetime of earning a living and raising a family (or starting a new one as in my case). Now middle aged, I remember the series and also recall I never read it although my adolecent friends in the highschool sci-fi club were all enthused about it. The decades passed and I found (and still find) that I'm in need of something to which I can listen [...]

    11. This picks up a few years after the end of The White Dragon. (the books' internal dates would probably indicate what the gap separating the two is, and I'm sure fans have it calculated to the day, but I can't be bothered) The advanced computer AIVAS has guided the inhabitants of Pern in recovering the technology available to their predecessors who landed on the planet over 2500 years previously; this suits most Pernese quite well, but a few resent the machine which they call "Abomination". Despi [...]

    12. Anne yes, Tod no!I read most of Anne's books when they were first printed, and read most in a single sitting.I recently read several of her son's books and wondered how I could have enjoyed the original books so very much, so I re-read several (in fact the first seven Perm stories she wrote) of the originals and discovered the problem. Anne was a magnificent writer her son is no writer at all. The one problem with the Perm tales is the mistake Anne made in not finding at least a good writer for [...]

    13. A re-read -- not quite as magical as when I read it in high school, but I am still a sucker for a) fantasy, b) sci-fi, c) origin stories and d) fictional worlds discovering their own origin stories (particularly that last one). Also a treat just having recently read Dragonsdawn, since it echoes so nicely.

    14. Epic and ambitious, as I remembered it, but also flawed in more ways than one. The sexism that so annoyed me in the previous books was even more present here, and there were some clumsy inconsistencies in plot and naming that were distracting. Nonetheless, hail Pern and its dragons - a wonderful world.

    15. In which the people of Pern find evidence of their ancestors that settled the planet, and find a way to eliminate thread.

    16. Unlike many other creators of alternate worlds, Anne McCaffery continues to mine fresh ore from the soil of her imagined reality. Her storytelling is good, too.

    17. Aaah this book This book is good because its flows, stuff is happening and building up to the final goal. So much happens and the final battle is waged!In this book you really get a feeling for time passing, characters growing and Pern opening into a new age with refound knowledge and technology. You get a good sense of both sides of events, those who embrace the new and want to learn how to defeat their ancient enemy and those who fear the change and wish to preserve the world they know. It's i [...]

    18. There was just too much technical jargon in this book. I like these stories because of the characters and the dragons; I don't care to read scientific details. A general overview would have been enough in my opinion. The copy of this book that I read didn't have the list of characters at the end like the other books I read in this series and I feel like it was even more needed in this book where there were so many secondary characters. It was hard to keep track of who was who especially when so [...]

    19. Can All the Weyrs of Pern accomplishe the destruction of theardWith this the finale of the Dragon riders of Pern. Lessa and F'lar as Weyr leaders of Benden along with Jaxom, rider of Ruth the highly unique white dragon the end to Thread is with in grasp with the help of AVAIS a computer left by the settlers of Pern and only recently discovered after 2500 turns. It will take Crafts and Holds all working together as well as all the dragons of Pern to destroy the destructive Thread,. Meanwhile ther [...]

    20. I enjoyed this book a lot, it was a good companion to Dragonsdawn and brought together the people of the present time with the knowledge of their ancestors the settlers. It was great reading about the old favorite characters and hearing some conclusions to their stories. The plot was well done and moved along quickly, and the new characters meshed well with the old. This felt like a good place to end the series but I know there are many more books, so I’ll have to decide if it’s worth it to [...]

    21. With the discovery of Aivas, the dragonriders finally have the the chance to eradicate Thread forever! But first those who will take part in the endeavor must learn many new techniques, and rediscover technology lost over time.However there is a small group of dissidents who call Aivas "the Abomination" and wish to keep everything just the way it has been for centuries, despite the problems caused by Thread incursions, as well as problems between Hold, Hall, and Weyr.

    22. I quite enjoyed this book. Once I figured out what I thoughts the climax was going to be, I was then surprised the climax was more of a political one than a physical one. I always enjoy that about these books, they make me think. I was very sad at the end, but the way the characters coped was enlightening and satisfying. I think MasterHarper Robinton could teach the world a few things about forgiveness.

    23. Never has a book made me as emotional as this one. At the beginning and throughout I knew what was happening. I knew what all the hints and clues about Masterharper Robinton and precious little Zair were leading to, I dearly hoped that I was wrong, and at the end, I cried. I thoroughly enjoy the Pern series, this book was no exception.

    24. I’ve always enjoyed visiting Pern and this was no exception. McCaffrey’s characters wonderfully developed, the storyline is engaging, and - dragons! I have read many Pern books, but I’ve yet to read them all.

    25. This book is one of the few books that will make me cry multiple times throughout the book. I had a real trouble finishing the last chapter because of tears. I feel that that makes it an excellent book. That i can still get that sort of emotion on the third reading.

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