Nerilka's Story

Nerilka s Story Everyone holder and dragonrider alike pitched in to help except Nerilka s father who refused to share Fort Hold s bounty with the other holds So ashamed of her family and determined to do her part

  • Title: Nerilka's Story
  • Author: Anne McCaffrey
  • ISBN: 9780345419583
  • Page: 392
  • Format: Paperback
  • Everyone, holder and dragonrider alike, pitched in to help except Nerilka s father, who refused to share Fort Hold s bounty with the other holds So, ashamed of her family and determined to do her part, Nerilka packed up medicines and supplies and sneaked off to aid her people.Her quest to help wherever she was most needed led her finally to Ruatha Hold, where Lord AlessaEveryone, holder and dragonrider alike, pitched in to help except Nerilka s father, who refused to share Fort Hold s bounty with the other holds So, ashamed of her family and determined to do her part, Nerilka packed up medicines and supplies and sneaked off to aid her people.Her quest to help wherever she was most needed led her finally to Ruatha Hold, where Lord Alessan was frantically inoculations against the dread plague.Nerilika had long ago abandoned the hope of mariage and a home of her own Now she found happiness in being useful and appreciated first the Healers and then Alessan made very clear that they were grateful for her help.She had no idea that her new path would change the course of her life forever.

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    1 thought on “Nerilka's Story”

    1. I can see why this was where I quit on the series on my first attempt many years ago. This isn't a terrible story, but it doesn't do anything to move the overall plot of the series forward and does very little to build important characters or to enrich the reader's understanding of Pern. It feels extra.

    2. This novella, set in McCaffrey’s epic world of Pern, is stylistically more like a Regency romance than a science-fiction short story. McCaffrey provides an prologue which explains the setting and historical background of the story, but it is more confusing than explanatory, and readers would do well to skip to the story itself.Nerilka is one of the many daughters of the Lord of Fort Hold, and as a plain, hard-working girl, harbors no romantic thoughts of a lavish marriage and escape from Fort [...]

    3. Started this last night after finishing "Paris Review #183." Rescued from somewhere - maybe the town transfer station book shelves. Safe to say that Anne M.'s work never appeared in THAT periodical! This is my third Pern read. So far I've enjoyed the late Ms. McCaffrey's prose - easy to read and enjoyable. I like that she leans heavily on female protagonists too. "Dragondrums" featured a Ray Liotta look-alike in the cover art and this one features a Nerilka who looks like Sandra Bernhard with a [...]

    4. Lord Alessan is in need of help to fight the plague. With the Dragonriders loosing respect, the holders aren't doing their part. Then again, some of these dragonriders have been abusing their privileges. Nerilka is the one who saves the day. I liked her, especially as she is the overlooked one. I was mixed about this story as Alessan loved Moreta and lost her. Somehow, Nerilka felt like a second place replacement. It was kind of discomforting to me. She's always "second" place.

    5. I feel like this is a can't miss companion to Moreta's story. If you like Moreta, you need Nerilka's Story in your library too! A definite departure though, written in first person from the perspective of an older Nerilka looking back.

    6. Allez, je vais être dure avec ce tome de La Ballade de Pern, mais c'est pour la bonne cause dirons-nous. Je trouve dommage de tomber sur un tel tome dans une saga que j'adore !Ce tome est la suite directe de La Dame aux dragons, du cycle interne de L'Épidémie (qui ne compte d'ailleurs que ces deux tomes). Pour faire court, dans La Dame aux dragons on apprend qu'une épidémie fait rage et on va suivre (à la troisième personne) ce que va faire Moreta pour en venir à bout. Finalement, une ce [...]

    7. I love the Pern series of books. This particular tale in the series is very enjoyable, and a quick read. The reason I enjoy this book so much is due to it's intertwined connection the Moreta story. In the first two trilogies of this series the Legend of Moreta's ride is often mentioned. Then, Anne McCaffrey actually writes the story behind that legend. Now, the brief novella of Nerilka takes and almost non-existent character from the Moreta story and retells the tale from her point of view. Betw [...]

    8. I liked this book, it was a quick read and kind of cool to see from Nerilka's point of view as she was just a minor character in the previous book. However, it was not terribly exciting and about 80% of the book was exactly the same events as the previous one, just from a different point of view. I did appreciate the last 20% where you get to see a few characters you care about end up in different places. Overall, I was not hugely impressed but I did like it well enough. I look forward to readin [...]

    9. Love this series of books. It's one of my all time favourites. I decided to re-read the entire Dragonriders of Pern series and over the past couple of months, I have been working my way through them all. Anne McCaffrey has such a wonderful, boundless imagination and such a vivid and descriptive style, her stories transport the reader into the fantastic world that she created and sweeps you up on the breathtaking adventures. Spellbinding!

    10. If McCaffrey and taken Moreta and Nerilka and somehow made them into one book with alternating perspectives, I think it would have made a much more engaging story. It gets a little tedious reading the same dialogue in this book that was in Moreta. And again, the ending of this book is spoiled in the previous one, so there are no surprises. It's a nice enough story, but not one of the best in the Pern series.

    11. As with all her books and especially this series. Just brilliant. Her books make you want to just lay in the hammock (I spend a lot of time in the hammock reading books) for hours at a time and wish you actually lived in this fantasy world and felt like you could start talking to these characters without even blinking an eye.

    12. I have always liked this bookI have always liked this book it gives you a real sense of how much info can be left out of some stories and what can be done to add another person's life thoughts to it all

    13. This was a short one. It was OK, but I was hoping there would be more detail about the major events, like what happened after Moreta’s accident, but before the hatching. Four example, how were the selfish Lord holder and the defected weyer leader punished?

    14. Šis jau vairāk atgādināja Džeinu Eiru, nevis fantāzijas grāmatu, bet tieši tas man arī sērijā visvairāk patīk - daudzveidība gan varoņos, gan stāstos un tas, cik lielā mērā tiek parādīta pasaules ikdiena.

    15. I didn't enjoy this book as much as the other. It didn't feel like a Pern book. The timeline felt off. Everything seemed to happen in two or three days, while Moretta's story made it feel longer. I also hated how McCaffrey put Rill and Alessan in a relationship. That's a -100 on the romance meter.

    16. One of the daughters of Fort (the Fort Horde) escapes during the plague and finds her way to happiness in Ruatha, where she can help and heal.

    17. This book had a lot of loss in it, told from a different point of view and I think it touched on loss in an accessible way. Start with this quote (fifth line in the book): “Not even the most abject self-recriminations will breathe life back into the dead long enough to give absolution to the living.”Nerlika touches on this idea several times over the book, reminiscing about what she could have done differently, and part of that might be survivors guilt, which I imagine a giant portion of Per [...]

    18. delivreenlivres/20Une novella très forte émotionnellement, j'en ai pleuré, j'ai adoré.Elle ne peux pas se lire sans le tome précédent dont elle n'est que le complément, le même passage de l'histoire vue par une autre personne.C'est vraiment un texte court, on voit ce qu'il se passe au Fort de Fort pendant que Moreta entreprend de sauver le monde de son coté.Nerilka a honte de la réaction de son père pendant l'épidémie, il néglige ces devoirs et parait extrêmement égoïste, en ne [...]

    19. Nerilka's Story takes place concurrently with Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern. Nerilka is plain, unloved, and has low self-esteem, yet she works hard at what she loves. There is scarce action, and few dragons. I think it complements Moreta very well, and you might as well read them both together. The plague is overtaking Pern and thousands are dying. Nerilka is faced with the loss of family members, as well as the ever present memory of her best friend's death. She is dealing with lots of guilt and s [...]

    20. This is something of an ancillary story to “Moreta: Dragonlady of Pern.” It tells the same story, but through the point of view of one of minor characters of that novel. Nelrilka is the fifth daughter of Lord Tolocamp, Lord Holder of Fort Hold. When the plague that devastates Pern breaks out, Nerilka is at home, heartbroken that she did not get to go to the Gather at Ruatha Hold with her parents and four older sisters. As the disaster deepens, she witnesses her father’s return, in direct c [...]

    21. I loved this book, same time as Moreta but from a different point of viewAlessan was so torn when Moreta died, but of all the thing that I thought that would happen I didnt expect the bargain that unconsciously Nerilka made with Alessan. I imagine how hard it most be to be married for the wrong reasons this is the exact dialogue (i like to copy the books dialogue for some strange reason) that is in the book: "As your holders, Lord Alessan, I require that you have an heir of your Blood to leave b [...]

    22. I remember really enjoying Moreta: Dragon lady of Pern and getting confused with the sudden appearance of a minor character named Rilka and that Nerilka was suddenly the lady of Ruatha Hold. But now having read Nerilka's story I feel that all the blank spots in Moreta's tale has been filled in. I really loved this re-telling from the perspective of a minor character.Anne McCaffery always managed to write about strong women that are realistic at the same time (a.k.a they have flaws too). But I mu [...]

    23. This is one of my favorite Pern books. That fact is interesting since it's shorter than any of the others in the "main" series and done in first person, but that may be one of the reasons it worked for me.First off, Nerilka is one of the most capable women, and is my favorite character in Pern. She's good at what she does, but she's a part of the "Fort Hold Horde" so she's used to being overlooked. What drew me to her is her competence, compassion and determination - when she gets backed into a [...]

    24. Lady Nerilka is unappreciated and unknown in Fort Hold by her father, Lord Tolocamp and others. When plague strikes Pern, Lady Nerilka does all she can for hold and hall at Fort. She is in charge of Fort Hold's medicinal stores and wants to help any way she can not that her Lord father would notice anyway. Lady Nerilka often called Rill by her brothers and sisters is becoming disgusted by her father's attitude and dealings of thosearound him. When news of his wife and younger daughters death rea [...]

    25. El llibre de Moreta em va agradar molt. Només que, a poques pàgines del final, va deixar anar la bomba, i encara recordo com em va impactar el final de Moreta. El fet que, mig any després, encara em recordi de com em va impactar, suposo que és bastant significatiu. La història era com totes les altres de Pern fins que arribava el final. Després, sense saber com, apareixia una noia, la Nerilka, que no sabies ni d'on havia sortit i que es casava amb l'Alessan. Com podia ser que l'Alessan s'h [...]

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