Tierra de vampiros

Tierra de vampiros Una reportera de televisi n desaparece en Ruman a en circunstancias confusas La pica de Dr cula adaptada al siglo XXI Evangeline Harper productora de uno de los programas m s vistos de la televisi n

  • Title: Tierra de vampiros
  • Author: John Marks Carol Isern
  • ISBN: 9788496791220
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Una reportera de televisi n desaparece en Ruman a en circunstancias confusas La pica de Dr cula adaptada al siglo XXI Evangeline Harper, productora de uno de los programas m s vistos de la televisi n norteamericana, es enviada a Ruman a para investigar la figura del legendario criminal Ion Torgu Una vez all , Evangeline acepta la invitaci n de Torgu para pasar unos d aUna reportera de televisi n desaparece en Ruman a en circunstancias confusas La pica de Dr cula adaptada al siglo XXI Evangeline Harper, productora de uno de los programas m s vistos de la televisi n norteamericana, es enviada a Ruman a para investigar la figura del legendario criminal Ion Torgu Una vez all , Evangeline acepta la invitaci n de Torgu para pasar unos d as, juntos, en un lugar secreto a cambio de la exclusiva period stica de la entrevista Pero eso es lo ltimo que se sabe de su paradero solo llegan correos electr nicos en los que Evangeline narra su historia En las oficinas de Nueva York, la noticia de su desaparici n no deja a nadie indiferente, sobre todo porque viene acompa ada por sucesos extra os un compa ero muere s bitamente, otros dos se suicidan y en las salas de v deo ocurren fen menos inexplicable que paralizan la producci n

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      209 John Marks Carol Isern
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    1. See the shelves I placed this book on class? That's right I placed the book on the "read" shelf. It was on my currently reading shelf So what does that mean?This means that I'm finished with the book (believe me I'm REALLY finished with this book).I've also placed the book on my horror shelf boys and girls. So that means that the book is a horror story.In this case it also means that the book is a "horror" in other wayske plot, characterization, pacing.Do you understand those words children? It' [...]

    2. While some of it was fun . e Don Hewitt character yelling "the Network" at the time when consummate evil was overtaking the pseudo-60 Minutes television show. . it was a bit of a misfire. I didn't even really understand what Torgu was doing? was he the physical embodiment of eviL? And really the lead character doing a striptease is what undid him? I mean on one hand that is terribly funny as men do stare dumbly at naked girls but really, that's all she had to do? And what happened to her afterwa [...]

    3. What a strange, ambitious, and frustrating book. Fangland is a retelling of Dracula in the present, with the twist of adding a tv news show as the novel's focal point.The Dracula version is interesting for readers of Stoker's novel. The similarities are numerous. Fangland begins with a character named Harker who travels to Transylvania to connect with a mysterious, powerful man about a business deal, then things go awry. The villain travels to a powerful imperial city - here, New York - and begi [...]

    4. I cannot honestly say that Fangland is the worst novel ever written, but I grant Marks the benefit of this doubt solely because I have not read every novel ever written. (In private, however, I maintain my suspicions.) The characters are foolish, inarticulate, pompous, and criminally overwritten (this is the only real horror the book contains), and the plot is so unnecessarily convoluted and fragmented that a reader can be forgiven for harboring the paranoid conviction that Marks is trying to dr [...]

    5. What a disappointment! The pacing left a lot to be desired, for all the suspense that Marks was trying to create, I left feeling like not much really happened. I get what he was trying to do with the different points of view and journal/email/first person formats, but there wasn't enough grounding in each point of view character to make me care about what they had to say. Also, some wildly inefficient use of language- I don't need two long sentences about a pashmina scarf to get that a character [...]

    6. As a huge fan of the Stoker original, the premise of the novel intrigued me -- an updated "Dracula" story? Excellent! Gender-flipping the Harker character into a female lead? Great! Lots of high reviews on and other places? Clearly this must be the Holy Grail of vampire novels! Sadly, not so. The first half of the novel starts out well enough-- where Marks stays true to the Stoker original without being a complete carbon-copy. The modern adaptation concept worked really, really well. Marks upda [...]

    7. While moments in this book shine with artful displays of metaphor, adjectives and melodramatic scenes that just cry out for cinematic translation, somehow it fails to add up to a coherent or even enjoyable storyline. The book is a swamp of deceit, misdirection and obfuscation. It’s even unclear just what kind of novel it is. Is it a horror novel about vampires? A ghost tale? A satire about the stress and backbiting in the broadcast industry? A cautionary tale about computer viruses that can at [...]

    8. 1.5/5Evangeline Harker, producer for a popular news show, The Hour, is sent to Transylvania to investigate a renowned crime boss, Torgu. She discovers that Torgu is not who… or what… he seems, and she is in grave danger. Back home in New York, months have gone by with no word from Evangeline who has mysteriously disappeared. Then she shows up, wandering in Transylvania with total memory loss. Once she returns, very strange things start happening at the office of The Hour, including strange s [...]

    9. What a strange little book Fangland is. I was initially intrigued because Audrey Niffenegger had a blurb on the back, but quickly got caught up in the actual story once I started reading it.Don't get me wrong, it does get off to a slow start, and is confusing at points in the beginning. As the story winds on, though, it's easy enough to figure out that you're supposed to be a bit confused, as it adds to the atmosphere.The first half of Fangland reminds me of Dracula, as far as suspense goes. I w [...]

    10. This novel started out with so much promise. I really liked the fact that Marks was telling the story with emails, journals, newspaper clippings, etc. in the style of Bram Stoker. Unfortunately, it was soon apparent that EVERY character spoke in the EXACT same voice. Even worse, emails were so lengthy and written in such elegant prose that it was just unbelievable. And a personal journal that one of the characters was being FORCED to keep as a therapy tool by his psychiatrist, (again, written in [...]

    11. Fangland was a very slow read. Usually when a book includes emails, journal entries, and other forms of communications, it helps to move the story along. While these inclusions brought other viewpoints into the story, they didn't do anything to actually liven up the story.The main character, Evangeline, was all over the place. She was unreliable and unsympathetic. She wasn't the only one. None of the characters gave much of a reason for the reader to care about them at all.Fangland's version of [...]

    12. Evangeline Harker travels to Romania to vet a reputed crime boss for an interview for the show The Hour (ha, ha, I get it, you're so clever, Mr. Author Who Used to Work for 60 Minutes) and instead winds up potential prey to a vampire.I DNF'd at the end of the first section, page 104, and there are two major reasons why.First, it's wordy. Ridiculously so. I didn't mind so much in the early chapters when that wordiness was devoted to describing the bleak landscape and Evangeline's reactions to it- [...]

    13. "Treblinka, Nanking, Somme, Masada, Gomorrah, Hiroshima, Chickamauga, Lubyanka, Dien Bien Phu, New York City"A creative and ultimately heartbreaking take on the classic vampire tale. Many of the Dracula elements are there: an employee of an important first-world firm invited to Romania/Transylvania (a Harker, no less!), a chance meeting with a stranger who gives them a cross, a decrepit castle with absent servants, mysterious crates of suspect contents and unknown origin that arrive from oversea [...]

    14. This book is Dracula updated. Set in the present day, using current technology, it shows that your not safe from ancient evil even in the modern age. In the book, Evangeline Harker is a producer for the long running, New York-based, television show The Hour. She isn't happy that her current assignment is to go to Romania, and do background on a well known, but little seen, criminal, Ion Torgu. Part of the unhappiness is that she just got engaged. The other part is that she is an associate produc [...]

    15. I did not really care much for Fangland: A Novel by John Marks. I listened to the audio version performed by the author John Marks, Ellen Archer, and Simon Vance. The audio book is performed as best as can be with such weak tea.This is supposed to be a “reimagining” of the classic Dracula story. I don’t mind over much an author updating a novel if it brings something new, but this novel was just boring. The characters were so random and inconsistent it was absolutely impossible for me to c [...]

    16. I hated this book. I understand that the author was trying to give a new perspective on vampires, but honestly? A vampire that has been around for centuries and seen all different kinds of massacre and death, has to use a bucket for blood drinking? You would think he would've figured out something a bit more sophisticated than that. There are characters that are brought into the story that are never explained or expanded upon. Can someone please tell what was with the Greek brothers that Torgu h [...]

    17. I was expecting a far more light-hearted story here. The title, cover image, and plot line which sounded like a modernization of Dracula reset in a NYC production studio (heroine even surnamed Harker!) led me to expect a cute and perhaps somewhat humorous, fairly traditional vampire story. This is not that. If you want that, don't read this because this is a morbid, dark, rather gruesome exploration of the human potential for violence and destruction and the relationship of life and death. Which [...]

    18. I've been wondering why this book is getting a movie.It was sent to me by someone telling me it was really good, and I had to read it. So I struggled through the lame story, and the lack of explanations about what was really happening, to a very disappointing end.And then she told me she didn't like it either, and was hoping maybe I'd "get it", and could help her understand.Instead, this was an unrewarding book, with a stupid take on a classic book. No horror, no reasons for the activities or ch [...]

    19. Really stupid book. The first section of the book, Evangeline's description of her trip to Romania and the creepy hotel where Torgu takes her, is really good. It was totally scary. The whole build up with the Greek brothers and that crazy elevator-contraption was incredible. But then the book just tanks. I actually didn't mind so much the behind-the-scenes descriptions of the news show; it was the characters that killed this book. With the exceptions of Austen Trotta and Julia Barnes, the charac [...]

    20. awesome book, i loved the story in europe but,when it moved to america it really became boring and tedious.

    21. En Nueva York pasan cosas terroríficas, como el 11 S, como para asustarse de un moderno Drácula al que se le derrota con un baile.

    22. Sufrí la segunda mitad, lo terminé sólo para no dejarlo a medias. Se supone que es una adaptación moderna de Drácula, pero se me hizo malísimo e inecesariamente largo.

    23. This book was very painful to read. I stuck with it because it had its hopeful moments but over all I was terribly disappointed and was never so happy to have a book end in my entire life.

    24. I really wanted to like this. And I ended up really, really loathing it.Fangland starts off as a promising modern adaptation of Bram Stoker'sDraculawith a female lead. Protagonist sent on business trip to a dark corner of the world?Check Inexplicable spookiness which makes them think they're being unreasonably paranoid on said trip?Check Discovery that something hiding in that dark corner of the world is a lot darker and more horrifying than they thought? I guess, but it promptly went down hill [...]

    25. I thought the first half of this book, the part in Romania, was amazing. I was eagerly recommending the book to people and devouring it. Once the action moved back to the US, I thought the book dragged and was bogged down in trying to cover all the different characters. Interesting story method with the use of emails, a diary and first person accounts. Disappointed in the finish, but loved the beginning.

    26. A interesting take on the classic vampire story. Enjoyable, although I felt it dragged a bit in the middle, mired down with too much fluff. If you grew up watching shows like 60 Minutes this is a fun look into the hour news programs.

    27. Review copy from Lit AgencyAnother sleeper. Slow to get going, content to tread water for as long as humanly possibly, almost to the point of exhausting the reader and terminates in a less than satisfactory finale.That sounds kind of harsh, doesn't it? I apologize. I do. But I want to be honest and up front with you, fellow book lovers. I don't want you to go into this with the wrong set of expectations. You will thank me for it. I promise.Strangely enough, this is the second book I have read in [...]

    28. I picked up Fangland because the notion of a vampire running a TV news program from the inside, from the back description, intrigued me. Instead, I got a faithful adaptation of Dracula, brought to a post-9/11 New York City. I'm not unhappy with the story I did get, but it didn't match my expectations.If you've read the original Dracula and liked it, you are highly likely to enjoy Fangland. On the other hand, if all you know of the vampire legend is from movies, you're likely to be profoundly dis [...]

    29. It’s been a long time since I read any horror, because, you know, me and horror don’t get along so well, so I’m not sure if I’m correct here, but I think this book might, well, be sneaking over into the horror genre. There are no ice picks involved, or chainsaws or people being skinned or anything (not directly, anyway) and the book cover doesn’t make use of dripping blood; the horror it contains is more of an intellectual quality - the horror that has been inflicted on real persons th [...]

    30. An interesting work. An epistolary novel in the style of Dracula, the bulk of the prose work was done by Evangeline Harker's memoir. This was done in the high style of 19th century melodrama (similar in tone to Dracula and Phantom of the Opera) - a loving homage. However, this did make a sometimes jarring contrast between her account and the emails and therapy journals contributed by the other characters, all of which had a more modern tone. The author is very sucessful at communicating a modern [...]

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