No Law in the Land

No Law in the Land When King Edward II is told that his wife has defied him remained in France with their son the king flies into a rage It is Sir Baldwin de Furnshill his friend Simon Puttock who have broken the news

  • Title: No Law in the Land
  • Author: Michael Jecks
  • ISBN: 9780755344185
  • Page: 117
  • Format: Hardcover
  • When King Edward II is told that his wife has defied him remained in France with their son, the king flies into a rage It is Sir Baldwin de Furnshill his friend Simon Puttock, who have broken the news to him are no longer in the king s favour They return to their homes in Devon, but find that outlaws hold sway in the land.

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      117 Michael Jecks
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    1. The title is a direct quote from a 1325 journal which mentions the crimes, terrorism and atrocities described in this novel - and this series. Here Sir Baldwin de Furnshill and Bailiff Simon Puttock return from Paris with the news that King Edward II's wife and son, whom they were meant to fetch home, are voluntarily staying in France, and possibly plotting an invasion. Dismissed without reward or thanks :) they return home to Devon where all is not well. Shortly before their arrival a fairly la [...]

    2. Usually I'm a big fan of M.J.'s books, but this one, I found a bit difficult to stay focused. He keeps jumping back and forth from character/place to another character/place throughout the book. Wasn't till the last 130 pages that I found myself gripped by the characters and their predicaments.

    3. This is Michael Jecks’s newest novel in his Knight Templars series, involving Baldwin de Furnshill, knight and gentleman, and his friend, commoner, Simon Puttock. The series of murder mysteries has been very popular and the novels are a good solid read, full of action, adventure and a taste of another era. ‘No Law in the Land’ is a more violent story than the previous novels, very much a ‘history as dirt, filth and man’s inhumanity to man’ novel. The title of the novel is a direct qu [...]

    4. This is the second book by Michael Jecks that I have read. While I wasn't as enthralled as I was when I read the first, I did like many things about this book. It is a mystery, but 99% of the whodunit aspect is already known by the reader. There are one or two little surprises, but for the most part, the mystery is not the driving force of this book. How could it be when the reader knows who committed the crime and generally why? What is highly enjoyable about this book is how skillfully Jecks i [...]

    5. This was not an easy read. It was not a book I read straight through, from start to finish, without interruptions from other books. One of the problems of reading one book in the middle of a series is that you get enough of the backstory to make sense of some of the characters' actions, but not all. Of course, it wouldn't be practical to rehash all 26 previous books, just be aware that characters will refer to events in prior books, and you may be left hanging a little. Because I didn't know how [...]

    6. In this book Baldwin and Simon return to Devon, but on informing the King that they not only could not escort his wife back to England, but had to leave his son, the Prince of Wales, under her care in Paris, the King flies into a rage. At home again, they discover that outlaws now hold sway over much of the county. Sir Richard, who was a knight from the King's own household, has turned to outlawry, and when a pair of clerics are found brutally murdered, Baldwin and Simon must investigate, no mat [...]

    7. This is a serial book of the Knight Templar by Michael Jecks a very accomplished writer. I really enjoyed how he set the detective police well, knight procedure novel in the fifthteen century. The details are very accurate and the characters are compelling. I would like to see more of the nasty truth and feel that the author pulls his punches when writing about the dark age. After all, the title itself did say No Law in Land, and he did admit to saying some of the things are so nasty and terribl [...]

    8. I enjoy the Templar books quite a bit, and although I'm reading them a bit out of order from the library as they become available, they are an interesting read each time. The slowly developing story of the misery and horror of King Edward II's reign is difficult to witness at times, particularly the evil of the Despenser family and the corruption across the land.This isn't the strongest book in the series, and it spends so much time focusing on other characters and events that at times its diffi [...]

    9. I sort of bought this book on a whim, something I do very rarely. However, I was pleased to find it was a rather good read, wand the author is obviously knowledgable in the subject. The book is far in a series, a fact I didn't know until halfway through the book, and perhaps I would have had more of a connection with the characters had I read the previous books.I plan on picking up the rest of the series, :)

    10. Another series of books that I enjoy. These are set in 14th Century Europe, mostly in England. Murder, political intrigue, history on every page, of course I enjoy them. This is just one in the whole series.

    11. No Law in the Land was, as usual for Jecks, a wonderfully written book that keeps you wanting to keep reading. There was a lot of action and I can see a relationship to our own country in modern times. Jecks is maybe one of the best if not the best writers of medieval mysteries the is.

    12. Very good lots of mediaeval atmosphere without being at all twee. I enjoyed this even more than the rest in the series.

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