In the Forest

In the Forest The animals join a young boy as he walks through the forest blowing his new horn

  • Title: In the Forest
  • Author: Marie Hall Ets
  • ISBN: 9780140501803
  • Page: 104
  • Format: Paperback
  • The animals join a young boy as he walks through the forest blowing his new horn.

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      104 Marie Hall Ets
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    1 thought on “In the Forest”

    1. At first I didn't like this much at all. Why does the lion have a comb? Why do the elephant babies put on a sweater and some shoes? Why do the kangaroos have drums? Why do the monkeys have suits hanging on a hanger in the trees? Why doesn't the rabbit get to have any clothes or a musical instrument? And why do ice cream and cake just appear when they are all ready for a picnic? It was just too strange! But once I got to the end, I decided that all of the animals (except maybe the rabbit), the fo [...]

    2. Another old picture book that "gets" children. And children so much appreciate it. Ets's quiet illustrations tell an imaginative story and her simple text is the perfect accompaniment.

    3. • 1945 Caldecott Honor Book •This little black-and-white book is really cute! A little boy is walking in the forest and when animals see him, they join in and create a parade. Just a really simple, sweet story! I love the ending. Materials used: unlistedTypeface used: Foundry Garamond

    4. I quite enjoyed this and it's the first of the older Caldecott winners that I would probably share in storytime - if the illustrations weren't so small. Cute and quirky - a boy goes for a walk in the forest with a new horn and paper hat, and along the way meets various animals who decide to join him. The lion combs his hair and comes along, the bears bring their peanuts and jam, and ultimately they end up parading to a picnic area where they eat (a cake has mysteriously appeared) and play games. [...]

    5. Mundane walk through the forest with fanciful animals.It's kind of boring. It's kind of a dated style of book.A little boy is going for a walk in the forest, which it says repeatedly, and meets various animals who all join him on his walk. He kind of has a parade and they play games. They play hide and seek, and as all the animals are hiding, his dad appears and then he has to go.There's no real message. It doesn't really go anywhere. The animals don't really do anything. There aren't any charac [...]

    6. What a wild imagination the boy in this story has! First off, how brave is he to play alone in the forest! Kind of creepy right? The illustrations in this book were kind of creepy as well, they were very dark, but that was probably just the style when this book was made. All creepiness aside, this book really triggers the imagination. I think it is great for young kids, I wonder what it will make them think about. Will it make them want to dream about walking with animal friends in the woods? Or [...]

    7. This tromp through the woods with an ever-lengthening crew of animals is a fanciful but very imaginative story. Using a certain amount of repetition, I think it would be very enjoyable for young children who aren't habituated to video games and TV cartoons. I'm not sure what technique Ets used to create the illustrations, but they are captivating. Without diminishing the imagination at all, the ending is so grounded in reality and love, making this a great choice for children to read with parent [...]

    8. This book won a 1945 Caldecott Honor. I thought it was a cute imaginative story about a little boy who goes into the forest and starts marching through with a hat and a horn. Before long, a parade of animals are following him, only for us to discover that it was all make-believe. The illustrations were very basic and had no color, which was my only gripe. As another reviewer has pointed out (mrssanduskyreads/), the story does kind of remind the reader of Maurice Sendak’s "Where the Wild Things [...]

    9. I think this book has a great first line - “I had a new horn and a paper hat” - which works well to introduce the fanciful parade through the forest that follows. I love the images of an elephant putting on his shoes and the kangaroos teaching their baby to hop. In the Forest evokes some of the same emotions as Sendak’s picture books, though it precedes Where the Wild Things Are by almost 20 years.

    10. 1945 Caldecott HonorFavorite illustration: The parade with all the animals.Favorite line: 'Then I was It for Hide-and-Seek, and everyone hid - except the rabbit. He just stood still.'Kid-appeal: I think kids will like this one with it's building effect of meeting more and more animals in the boys imaginary play. I suspect the humanistic elements of animals with combs and sweaters will also produce a giggle or two.

    11. A child lets his imagination loose in the forest and has an amazing day with a whole lot of friends. I liked the creativity, but couldn't shake the sense of loneliness that pervaded the story. That's most likely my own perception, having grown up playing by myself a lot. I do like how the story ends though, with the perfectly timed arrival of his father.

    12. Favorite Illustration: at the end when the dad comes and talks to the little boy and you can see all the animals hiding.A little boy goes on a walk in the forest, where he meets lots of different animals and they all have a parade.This was a sweet, simple story and the illustrations were adorable!

    13. Favorite illustration: p. 3 when the boy plays his trumpet at the sleeping lion.Animals form a parade in this story as the boy walks through the forest. It reminded me of a parade scene in an old Winnie-the-Pooh book I have.

    14. A young boy goes for a walk in the forest. Many animals join him on his walk and together they play games until the boy's father comes looking for him. Illustrations are black and white sketches. The story has a refrain though the it doesn't have a natural cadence that makes for a good read aloud.

    15. this book was good for the most part. it showed a young child bringing all different kinds of animals together. the animals ended up forming a parade. I recommend the book for young children because embraces friendship and shows you can be friends with anyone, no matter how different you are!

    16. I saw this at my children's school today, and I immediately recognized it from my childhood I am going to attempt to order it asap.

    17. 1945 Caldecott HonorThis would be perfect for preschool yoga story time! <3*paired with ice cream cone craft (because they eat ice cream on the picnic)

    18. This is about a boy who imagines he is having a parade with various animals on the forest. I thought it was fun and I think kids would get a kick out of it.

    19. This book is about a boy who plays with forest creatures. When his father appears at the end, they disappear.

    20. Fun parade with a variety of animals in the forest - oh what things are possible 'in the forest.'Caldecott honor.

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