Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen

Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen Hans Christian Andersen s Fairy Tales are like exquisite jewels drawing from us gasps of recognition and delight Andersen created intriguing and unique characters a tin soldier with only one leg but

  • Title: Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Andersen
  • Author: Hans Christian Andersen Isabelle Brent Neil Philip
  • ISBN: 9780316913225
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Hans Christian Andersen s Fairy Tales are like exquisite jewels, drawing from us gasps of recognition and delight Andersen created intriguing and unique characters a tin soldier with only one leg but a big heart, a beetle nestled deep in a horse s mane but harboring high aspirations Each one of us at some time, has been touched by one of Andersen s Fairy Tales Here yHans Christian Andersen s Fairy Tales are like exquisite jewels, drawing from us gasps of recognition and delight Andersen created intriguing and unique characters a tin soldier with only one leg but a big heart, a beetle nestled deep in a horse s mane but harboring high aspirations Each one of us at some time, has been touched by one of Andersen s Fairy Tales Here you ll find his classic tales such as The Mermaid, Thumbelina, The Steadfast Tin Soldier, and The Ugly Duckling, 38 of your favorite tales in all This deluxe Children s Classic edition is produced with high quality, leatherlike binding with gold stamping, full color covers, colored endpapers with a book nameplate Some of the other titles in this series include Anne of Green Gables, Black Beauty, Heidi, King Arthur and His Knights and The Secret Garden.

    Online List of Fairy Tales for Kids at World of Tales The first to do research on fairy tales was the indologist Theodor Benfey during the th century In the Finnish researcher Antti Aarne categorized fairy tales by their narrative content. Fairy Tales for Kids princess fairy tales list Fairy tales stories Welcome to the world of fairy tales Here you will find the best selection of fairy tales list, that will enchant the young minds with positivity of the most popular fairy tales. Hans Christian Andersen Fairy Tales and Stories Introduction Below is the complete list of Andersen s tales, in the chronological order of their original publication Title variations and Danish equivalents may be found in the cross reference. Andersen s tale Danish Popular Legends was first published in The Riverside Magazine for Young People, Vol IV, pp , New York, October . Fairy Tales Told for Children First Collection Fairy Tales Told for Children First Collection Danish Eventyr, fortalte for Brn.Frste Samling is a collection of nine fairy tales by Hans Christian Andersen.The tales were published in a series of three installments by C A Reitzel in Copenhagen, Denmark between May and April , and represent Andersen s first venture into the fairy tale genre. Legends Fairy Tales Tales of Wonder Folk and Fairy Tales from Around the World Digging Deeper Cinderella.The Cinderella Project at the University of Southern Mississippi, edited by Michael N Salda, is an archive of texts and images containing a dozen English versions of Cinderella, representing some of the common varieties of the tale from the English speaking world in the eighteenth, nineteenth, and Fairy Tales Lessons Ideas Pintables and More For Teachers FAIRY TALES to the tune of Jingle Bells Once upon a time, In a land far away, A girl kissed a frog That just made his day Category Fairy tales Pages in category Fairy tales The following pages are in this category, out of total This list may not reflect recent changes. Short Stories Classic Fairy Tales East of the Web Princes, princesses, witches and mermaids not to mention a fashion obsessed emperor and a house made entirely of gingerbread just a few of the ingredients in this essential collection of fairy tales from Hans Christian Andersen and the brothers Grimm. Fairy Tales Inc The shoppe of wonder and delight Join Fairy Tales mailing list receive news special offers Sign Up Learning About the Genre of Fairy Tales Ms Jacoby What Makes a Fairy Tale a Fairy Tale Learning About the Genre of Fairy Tales The Elements of a Fairy Tale What is it that makes a story a fairy tale

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    1. My copy of this book was handed down to me by my Father. It is an ancient book with brown pages and a missing dust jacket. It looks like it was printed in the 40’s but I can’t be sure because the book does not contain a verso.The first tale is that of the stork and in keeping with the theme of the book is undeniably sweet, but also twisted. There are definitely morals behind each and every tale, but not all the morals are ones I necessarily share. Possibly because of their heavily Christian [...]

    2. Collections like these are wonderful.Whether you want to read through the full collection or you’re simply looking for a single fairy tale, it is up to you. It’s so good for picking and choosing the fairy tales as you see fit. In all honesty, though, I would recommend giving all the fairy tales a read as it is great to be able to sit and read them all in their glory.

    3. Some of them sad, some eye-opening, few not-so-bad, couple kinky, several hilarious, one or two just admirable. You've got to now at least a dozen.

    4. Anderson, H.C. (1995). Fairy tales of Hans Christian Anderson. New York: Viking.Summary:A compilation of Hans Christian Anderson fairy tales, including: The Princess and the Pea, Thumbelina, The Wild Swans, The Nightingale, The Ugly Duckling, The Snow Queen, The Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep, The Shadow, It’s Perfectly True!, Grief, Father’s Always Right, and The Snowman. There is an Introduction by Neil Philip, who details some of Hans Christian Anderson’s life and comments son a few [...]

    5. Hans Christian Anderson's magic in his fairy tales sparkles down through the generations and many more generations to continueThe stories are vivid and rich with strutting emperors, shimmering mermaids and tiny people no bigger than your thumb. Hans imagination was so inspired, it could even give a voice to a lonely fir tree or a little tin soldier with one leg, though most of the stories didn't have a happy ending he sticks to the moral of the story which gives perfect justifications though few [...]

    6. „M-ai răsplătit destul, zise privighetoarea. Am smuls lacrimi ochilor tăi, când ți-am cântat întâia oară. Și niciodată n-am să le mai uit; astea-s diamantele care ating sufletul unui cântăreț. Dar acum dormi, ai nevoie de odihnă ca să te întremezi, dormi, eu voi cânta înainte.”Poveștile lui Andersen sunt cu adevărat frumoase, exceptând faptul că în unele dintre ele apare moartea sub diferite forme, lucru pe care îl găsesc nepotrivit, fie ea și înfățișată drep [...]

    7. 3.5I listened to the audio book and I don't know what version I was listening to, but it didn't include some classics I really want to read such as The Little Mermaid and Thumbelina. However, there were some of what I thought were really beautiful stories in my version which I also felt had a spark of originality lacking in a huge number of classic fairy tales. On the other hand, some of the moral undertones of the stories were so outdated that it was difficult to enjoy these.

    8. I read this book to test its suitability as a book of bedtime stories for the kids. I was familiar with some of the tales, but it might be evidence of more poor intellect that I found the stories hard to comprehend. The less well known stuff was hard to follow (The Shoes of Fortune took up a quarter of the book, and was really hard). Generally – I would recommend watching the cartoons rather than reading the original prose (unless you are much smarter than I).

    9. I hate to say it, but this was honestly pretty boring. I didn't end up reading all of the fairy tales, as some of them just seemed sort of pointless.

    10. HRV: Obavezno čitanje koje preporučam svoj djeci, jer su ove priče sa mnom ostale zauvijek.ENG: Absolute necessary reading for all children, as these stories stayed with me forever.

    11. There are a LOT of versions of Andersen's collected fairy tales - I had no idea when I first started on this. Kindle has it here. Or try the same version here on Gutenberg. I may have miscounted but I think there are about 127 stories in this collection.This should be interesting in that I've only read the very popular Andersen fairy tales, and not anything more. So most of these stories will be completely new to me. I'm also ready to pick this up and set it aside at times, because from what I r [...]

    12. overduidelijk een heel oud boek (1884) maar zo heerlijk om te lezen alle 141 blz. vele korte sprookjes op de originele manier verteld.

    13. Fascinating to see the original telling of the fairy tales and how they differed from the common interpretations today.

    14. The collection of 129 Fairy Tales of Hans Christian Anderson are sad yet charming tales woven with woe and joy, lessons for readers to learn about what one must learn as a child to mature into an adult. In one well-known tale of the “Little Mermaid,” the protagonist makes a pact with a sea witch. She must make a prince become as enamored with her as she is with him, but in order to be able to live on land with two legs, she must kill the prince’s betrothed. She finds that she cannot sacrif [...]

    15. I have always been a fan of the original versions of fairy tales, so I picked this book up a few years ago, just to read for myself. A few weeks ago my six year old found it hidden among my millions of other books, and asked me to read it to her. While easy to read silently, it is a bit hard to get into the rythm of the wording at first, but after stumbling through a few paragraphs, it becomes much easier to handle.Unlike The Brothers Grimm's Fairy Tales, Hans Christian Andersen wrote all his ow [...]

    16. This collection contains forty of Hans Christian Anderson’s fairy tales. It begins with “The Princess and the Pea” and “Thumbelina” and concludes with “The Book of Fairy Tales.” Well-known favorites such as “The Snow Queen,” “The Wild Swans,” “The Steadfast Tin Soldier,” “The Emperor’s New Clothes,” and “The Little Mermaid” are intermingled with less well-known stories such as “The Shadow” and “The Fir-Tree.” Neil Philip’s introduction gives the read [...]

    17. This is where so many stories began. The ugly duckling, the princess and the pea, the emperor's new clothes Stories that I grew up with. They are simple and yet they carry morals and meanings. Some that I agree with and some that I don't. But I find it amazing that such a short story can carry so much meaning. I would love to master such in my own writing!.I've known for a long time that these stories were originally written by Hans Christian Andersen but this is the first time I have gone and r [...]

    18. Hans Christian Anderson may have been the best story teller who has ever lived. It's so easy for me to imagine being his child or grandchild, looking forward to bedtime just so he would make up a bedtime story for me. Reading this large volume of his stories made me think that he must have written down every story that ever popped into his head. I've always wanted to be a writer. I wonder now how many ideas that have popped into my head that I thought were silly or strange and just brushed aside [...]

    19. I have always wanted to read the original fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen, and I am so glad I did. Beautifully written, and each teaching a moral truth, they were truly magical. Some were funny, like The Emperor's New Clothes, and some were tragic, like The Little Match Girl, but I enjoyed them all. I was also a little surprised at how many of them I didn't realize were actually his work. Such a wonderful read, for adults, as well as children. (Although, there are a couple you may not wan [...]

    20. I loved to watch the movie "Hans Christian Anderson" with the actor Danny Kaye when I was a kid. I came across it again on hulu the other day and realized I have never actually read his fairy tales. I have heard the ugly duckling many times, but did not realize how many other famous stories were actually his. The Snow Queen was my favorite and one I had never heard of before. It was fun to discover my childhood again :-)

    21. A collection of fairy tales from Northern Europe, this volume of stories contains priceless stories that inspired many Disney movies, operas, ballets, and more. Because the stories are specific to a certain region and period in time, they could be used to teach about cultures, as well as the genre of fairy tales themselves. The tales often have a moral as well, and could spark discussion on ethics and morality.

    22. My mother used to read Hans Christian Anderson to me when I was little, and I remember thinking that a lot of the stories had really depressing endings, but I loved them nonetheless. Anderson, like some truly great writers, spans different cultures and generations. I still have my first edition of his tales, translated into Polish, as well as an English edition. As an adult, I really love that not all of the stories have happy endings, because life rarely does.

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