The Tale of Applebeck Orchard

The Tale of Applebeck Orchard The latest delightful tale in Albert s Beatrix Potter series Out of spite for having his haystacks burnt Mr Harmsworth barricades a common path through his orchard and Tabitha Twitchet and her Cat Co

  • Title: The Tale of Applebeck Orchard
  • Author: Susan Wittig Albert
  • ISBN: 9780425229774
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The latest delightful tale in Albert s Beatrix Potter series Out of spite for having his haystacks burnt, Mr Harmsworth barricades a common path through his orchard and Tabitha Twitchet and her Cat Council want answers Reliable witnesses, including some Big Folk, say the arson was the handiwork of a lantern wielding specter The mournful ghost has a message and Miss Po The latest delightful tale in Albert s Beatrix Potter series Out of spite for having his haystacks burnt, Mr Harmsworth barricades a common path through his orchard and Tabitha Twitchet and her Cat Council want answers Reliable witnesses, including some Big Folk, say the arson was the handiwork of a lantern wielding specter The mournful ghost has a message and Miss Potter, for one, hopes to figure it out Meanwhile in Sawrey, romance buds between the schoolmarm and a confirmed bachelor Hyacinth Badger hopes to be the first female to earn the Badger Badge of Honor and a rumor has Beatrix and the solicitor practically betrothed But the matter of the barricade involves everyone and Miss Potter and her friends might have to take matters into their own hands and paws.

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    1. This series is one of several that is starting to get on my nerves because of a literary device gone wrong. Eavesdropping on the lives of people and animals around Beatrix Potter is a cute device for a while. I enjoyed the genteel, unobtrusive narrator/eavesdropper of the first few books. This book in particular has an annoying, self-referential, and interfering narrator who thinks way too highly of inserting their opinions. I didn't enjoy the twee commentary and self-satisfied tone that the na [...]

    2. The tiny community of Land between the Lakes is not an ordinary community. This municipality is not only the home of the ordinary shops, houses, and all of the regular buildings that make up a community. It’s also the home of a very active and smart animal population. These animals are not your ordinary animals too. They have professions, friendships, and lives like humans do. If may come as no surprise that this particular village is the home of Beatrice Potter. If you’re thinking that Beat [...]

    3. I really loved the Cottage Tales when I first began reading them. This book and the one before features a narrator that is much more vocal and "present" than in the previous novels, and I don't care for that that much. There are phrases like, "Let's follow them, shall we? We do want to hear what they say" . Bottom line - The story line was pretty good, but the imposing narrator was a turn off. There is one more book out in the series. I will read it to stay current on the series, but I am not as [...]

    4. 3.5 stars, because this one does better than a few of them in this series in terms of tone. The mystery aspect isn't too dark and menacing, when contrasted with the rest of the tone. Also, the stuff with the animals doesn't go too far, as it felt like it did in the previous one (I get that it's the conceit of the series, but I think the last one crossed the line). This one is mostly charming, if at times it felt a bit too neat, or convenient, and the narrative style is sometimes intrusive. But i [...]

    5. When Miss Potter arrives in Sawrey in the late summer of 1910 she is surprised to hear the village has been shocked with the news that Mr. Harmsworth, a local farmer, has blocked the footpath that runs through his property. He claims it is in retaliation for someone burning his haystack. He's convinced it was The Ramblers and determined to punish them by blocking access to the path. The villagers, human and animal alike are stunned and determined that the path shall reopen. Captain Woodcock and [...]

    6. The annoying, self-satisfied and interfering narrator has gradually made this series absolutely ridiculous! I wish she would just get on with the story!! Here are two examples of a nightmarish narrator:Chapter 13: An Unlucky ChapterI sometimes think the thirteenth chapter ought to be left out of books, just as the thirteenth floor is sometimes left out of hotels, and the thirteenth row is occasionally omitted from theaters, and some hostesses invite twelve or fourteen guests to their dinner part [...]

    7. Despite stylistic indulgences in large, hindering portions; I've reached novel six because I love this series. I'm invested in its atmosphere, the society of animals, and fusion of real events with mysteries. I love many key players and root for the romance history claims Beatrix and Will shared. After much hinting and messing around by Susan Wittig Albert, it gets going. If only the next-to-nothing increments had been spontaneous and direct, like the igniting of another relationship herein. Due [...]

    8. Some really nice characters flanked by some rather mediocre storytelling the moments with Beatrix and her thoughts are lovely, but the narrator is constantly stepping out of the story to say things like, "I know we view things differently in the 21st century but this is how the Victorians felt." She even throws in words like "Freudian," and then explains how she personally would behave in a similar situation. It's very jarring and, to my mind, messes with the very nature of fiction. And sometime [...]

    9. This one has many more author to reader interjections than in previous novels. Since I have been listening to these, they seem quaint and folksy, but if you're reading the novels it may just be highly annoying. This novel has the historical accuracy I like about Albert's novels, but it's hard to say that in conjunction with books that include magic and talking animals. Maybe the contradictions are appealing. Beatrix and Will make strides in their relationship, Capt. Woodcock makes a sudden reali [...]

    10. I'm a fan of this series and will continue to read them. However, this one was very slow starting and there was more author intrusion than was needed. There was too much extraneous plot and not as much mystery as in previous books in the series. Still worth reading, especially for fans of the series, because it's pleasant to visit with Ms. Potter and the other characters of the books.

    11. Reading this series is very like sitting down with a bag of Reese's miniatures. One knows they are far too sweet and shouldn't all be eaten at once, and yet, I simply can't help myself. Annoying narrator and anthropomorphized animals notwithstanding, the stories and animals and scenery and human characters are just so charming (well, most of the human characters are charming). In this one, a local farmer closes a footpath that has been used for centuries, causing a hullabaloo in the village. He [...]

    12. The sixth in a series starring real life author and artist Beatrix Potter. And always, it is my preference to read sequentially and keep all the characters in order. Beatrix's story follows her autobiographical history but is told from the storytellers point of view who hears the animals speak and reveals details that wouldn't be observed from a Big Folk POV. Can a ghost burn a hay stack? Some say it was so. Ornery Mr. Harmsworth barricades the footpath that passes through his orchard-- at a tim [...]

    13. Cute story featuring Miss Beatrix Potter as a well-liked spinster and owner of local property. She gets involved in a few local situations and puts in her thoughtful persuasive advice. I liked how she actually promotes the fate of Carolyn Longford, obtaining the support of the grandmother for the young lady to further her studies in London; and also taking an interest in young orphan Gilly and finding her a decent job as a dairy maid.I have noticed the author's interest in describing women being [...]

    14. This was a very odd book. Perhaps it was written in the style of the old Beatrix Potter books (I am not sure I ever read them, although it seems i must have), that is the only reason i can think of for such a strange writing style. The story is told from two different perspectives, alternating between the perspective of the humans of the village, and the animals (cats, ferrets, badgers, dogs, horses, etc.). One chapter is by the humans, the next by the animals, and thus the story is told. And Be [...]

    15. Sixth in the series of the Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter, this book begins with the alarm of the villagers of Far and near Sawry caused by the closing of the footpath in Applebeck Orchard. While the human inhabitants are trying to rectify this problem, the animal inhabitants have their own concerns. Bosworth Badger is making a decision as to pass on the responsibility of the management of the Badger sett and keeper of the badger genealogy and history. Back among the human inhabitants, love see [...]

    16. Sixth book in the Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter series. After a haystack is burned - arson suspected - mean-tempered Mr Harmsworth blocks the public footpath that goes through his property to the inconvenience of everyone going between Near and Far Sawrey. As usual, the animals know what really happened before the humans do.Albert has changed her writing style since the first few books in the series. She still does wonderfully detailed descriptions of the characters and places, bringing each o [...]

    17. "After his haystack was torched, Mr. Harmsworth barricaded a common path through his Applebeck Orchard. But reliable witnesses, including Professor Owl, Fritz, and some of the Big Folk, say this was the handiwork of neither man nor beast, but of a lantern-wielding specter. The mournful ghost has a message -- and Miss Potter, for one, hopes to figure it out "Meanwhile in Sawrey, romance buds between the schoolmarm and a confirmed bachelor; Hyacinth Badger hopes to be the first female to earn the [...]

    18. This is the 6th book in the Beatrix Potter Cottage Tales series. There is a mystery on who burnt down Mr. Harmsworth's haystack, which caused him to close the public path through his fields. This leads to a major uproar in the Sawreys, causing the locals much inconvenience. While the mystery is present, this book focuses more on several developing relationships, including the slowly unfolding romance between Beatrix and William Heelis. We also see some controversy in the animal world with Badger [...]

    19. I think I have a bit of Cottage Tales indigestion. Note to friends--these are charming tales, however, they are best consumed with some distance between them. I overindulged and read all six in the course of a few weeks, and though it was fun to travel to the Lake District with Miss Potter and her creatures, it was a bit too much whimsy all at once. Plus, it felt like the author was inserting the narrator's voice with more forcefulness in the later books. Still, the characters are dear, the myst [...]

    20. MS Albert's voice appears more and more frequently as the series goes on and at times is really quite arch. The lives of the people progress so we will eventually see Beatrix married. We've been given a hint that the hydroplane factory will appear in vol. 7 and there are now a few more people, like Gilly, to follow and a new badger, an albino named Buttermilk, as well. The mystery is only the question of who set the fires and why did Mr. Harmsworth block off the path. The whole matter of public [...]

    21. This is another hit. The path that the townspeople use as a shortcut through Applebeck Orchard has been cut off by Mr. Harmsworth, the owner. He claims that hikers burned his haystack and he wants to keep them from ruining his orchard. Beatrix finds out that he has had an offer to sell the orchard with the stipulation that the walkway be sealed. The animals are also looking for answers and Mr. Badger is looking for a badger who will take over the history when he retires. Beatrix and Mr. Heelis h [...]

    22. I broke my series rule and read this one out of order, but with no serious consequences. However, I was suprised by the author's change of voice from the first four books. At least in this one, the author is almost the narrator, speaking to the reader with asides and remarks about the characters and the story. I found it personable and not irritating, and sometimes very humorous.This is a charming series and completely harmless, despite theanthropomorphism running rampant among the pages like bu [...]

    23. I saw this book on the new releases shelf at the library and thought I'd give it a try. This a fictional story based on fact and plotted in rural England where Beatrix Potter (one of the characters) lived after her fiance passed. The story alternates between the human world and the animal world, so don't be shocked when the Manx tells you of his problems.I love the plot and characters. The only hesitation I have with reading the other books in her series (as I found out after I started reading, [...]

    24. Such a nicely mellow cozy series. Mystery is in the background, it's more a study of how people lived. Suspend belief a bit and enjoy the story when told by the animals. Applebeck Orchard is at the center of this story. Not very nice people own it, other people want it, fires are set (which is the mystery part of the story) and Beatrix Potter sets out to find out whodunnit, as well as setting lives to rights in her gentle manner. This is the perfect story to listen to during the holiday months w [...]

    25. The footpath through Applebeck Orchard has been open for centuries. It’s been a boon to the villagers of Near and Far Sawrey as it cuts off a considerable distance between the two locations. When Mr. Harmsworth’s barn is burned down, he closes the footpath and barricades both ends. As fury rises in the village, it’s up to Miss Potter and a variety of local creatures to try to defuse the situation and get the footpath opened before violence flares. Meanwhile, Bosworth Badger has troubles of [...]

    26. #6 in The Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter series set in the English Lake District. As with others in this enjoyable series, there is a mystery to be resolved while much of the story focuses on the lives and interactions of the people and animals of the setting. It is an enjoyable combination of story lines. This mystery involves the burnings of farm property and the closing of public foot paths. Beatrix finds herself in the middle of everything; a force in the resolution of the several plot line [...]

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