Becoming Human

Becoming Human Set against a background of interplanetary war at the far reaches of the universe here is a sweeping tale exploring what it means to be human Can the clone of a traitor overcome his legacy or will h

  • Title: Becoming Human
  • Author: Valerie J. Freireich
  • ISBN: 9780451453969
  • Page: 259
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Set against a background of interplanetary war at the far reaches of the universe, here is a sweeping tale exploring what it means to be human Can the clone of a traitor overcome his legacy, or will he be doomed to repeat it Freireich creates a compellingly original situation and finds just the right character to react against it Locus.

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    1. Had to order this in paperback as I couldn't find an ebook on or anywhere else. I enjoyed reading this a lot. Wouldn't really call this the 2nd book of a series since it worked perfectly as a stand-alone.It's a future where clones are being made for specific purposes - 'toolmen'. They're pretty much slaves to uncloned human beings, have to obey whoever they're assigned to, and they have built in biological clocks that kill them off around 40 or so. Alex is a toolman, made to be sort of a diplom [...]

    2. Freireich's "Convert", which I first read in the early '90's in Aldris Budrys' brilliant peridical "Tomorrow Speculative Fiction", is my all-time favorite short story. And this novel is just as good. She has a style that is not ostentatious, nor calls attention to itself, but rather is rich in depth and details that are not always visible - like an iceberg, you only see a portion of something much greater, yet you know it's there. She creates a rich, complex world, but explains nothing; rather, [...]

    3. I enjoyed it. It's a book of interstellar politics on a grand scale, with complex and different characters with a strong plot. Recommended.

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