Fantasy Fix

Fantasy Fix THIS HAS BEEN EXPANDED AND RETITLED One Bite With A StrangerFriends fix you up with blind dates Real friends fix you up with your fantasies Regina just ended an awful relationship The last thing she n

  • Title: Fantasy Fix
  • Author: Christine Warren
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 153
  • Format: ebook
  • THIS HAS BEEN EXPANDED AND RETITLED One Bite With A StrangerFriends fix you up with blind dates Real friends fix you up with your fantasies Regina just ended an awful relationship The last thing she needs is her friends help in finding a new one When they pressure her into sharing her fantasies, she makes up one she thinks could never come true After all, vampiresTHIS HAS BEEN EXPANDED AND RETITLED One Bite With A StrangerFriends fix you up with blind dates Real friends fix you up with your fantasies Regina just ended an awful relationship The last thing she needs is her friends help in finding a new one When they pressure her into sharing her fantasies, she makes up one she thinks could never come true After all, vampires don t even exist Right Wrong And Dmitri Vidame is the proof He sees Regina s thoughts and knows her darkest fantasies What Regina needs is someone who bring handcuffs as well as roses and who sees the possibilities offered by her sensual and giving nature With all the electricity sparking between them, and some sneaky mental eavesdropping, Dmitri knows she wants him, too He just doesn t know if she ll feel the same once she finds out about his nocturnal habits and his liquid dietNote This story has been expanded into the novel One Bite With A Stranger.

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      153 Christine Warren
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    1 thought on “Fantasy Fix”

    1. This book was pathetic – at best.With so many reasons why it was an epic fail… I shall refrain from listing it all, in case I once again end up in a bitching tirade, wondering “who publishes such crap?!” The story starts with Regina and her friends from the Upper East Side Manhattan (very reminiscent of Sex in the City) playing a party game called “fantasy fix”. Normally, I would have considered the name of the game as a warning enough… as a big red sign flashing “Caution do not [...]

    2. This was one sizzling hot read! Regina and Dimitri are my favourite book couple ever! I love the shite outta them and that will never change!

    3. Well let me all tell you I got a huge SURPRISE while reading this book. I started it thinking it would be just another light paranormal read and from one minute to the other I was thinking WTF? I think it's important to know for all the ones who are about to start this book that this is not paranormal romance, it's actually erotica. It has paranormal in it, but not much.Still it was a fast entertaining read and I enjoyed it. Nothing very memorable but not bad. What I liked the most about it was [...]

    4. 2.5 stars. Better than book #2, but still not a home run. There's very little plot besides the sex and the vastly annoying friends of Regina's. I would murder almost all of them. Just an FYI, the sex is sub/dom, with some bdsm. Again, not my thing.

    5. Yep. "One Bite With a Stranger" is the retitled version of "Fantasy Fix", an early title by Christine Warren (Ellora's Cave, 2003). For those of you who weren't willing to pay the $40 most sharks were charging for the few copies available, now you can just pick up this book and you'll have the same story.Regina and her buds were drunk when they came up with 'Fantasy Fix'--where each of them puts their heads and acquaintances together in an effort to fulfill the fantasies of one of their number. [...]

    6. This story was okay bordering on bleh. Like many of it's genre, it dives into maddening passion and calls it 'eternal love'; though anyone with any sense who's been in a real relationship knows better. Survive the first 10 months, then the first 10 years before you start calling it 'eternal'. At any rate the female lead is typically 'strong' for this type of story; meaning that she's got a good head on her shoulders and is firmly established in her own right until the first hint of the male lead [...]

    7. Holy crap, this really was a horrible book. I mean , i wish i could enlist one good thing about it. But, nope, no luck there.even the supposedly "witty" quips were not really funny and seemed too thought out for spontaneous situations.You CANNOT just force humour everywhere, there is this thing called 'timing',jeez.Its starts off with Regina's friends telling her she should participate in the "fantasy fix" which basically means she has to pawn herself off to some random dude and have kinky sex w [...]

    8. There are few books that I've bought and read and then promptly wanted to return it so I didn't waste my money. I really wanted to like this book. I really did. I tried to like this book. But in the end, I screamed in frustration a lot and tried hard not to throw this book at the wall.Let's start with Reggie, the supposed heroine. She's supposedly this independent "modern feminist" but it turns out she likes a bit of the kink. This, in itself, isn't exactly bad. What is bad is how contradictory [...]

    9. I'd sooner read an irritating book than a boring one. At least I get to rage at the former, while I'm getting sleepy with the latter. "One Bite With A Stranger" managed to be both.To be perfectly honest, I skipped most of Regina/Dmitri first encounter (which took about 1/3 of the book!!!) because of the boring factor. I almost fell asleep, so it was either that or not finish this story at all, which I hate doing. I'm also kind of interested in a few others books in the series, so I decided to gi [...]

    10. Meet Dmitri Vidme, head of the Council of the Others. A very old vampire and extremely bored.He can touch minds, read thoughts, make people obey his orders. He also makes sure that the Others (vampires, werewolves and supernatural beings in general) are behaving themselves towards humans, i.e. not kill humans, not feed by unwilling humans, not makes themselves known to humans.Meet Reggie. Reggie is trying to get over Greg and she does not treat sex lightly. One night Reggie and her four best gir [...]

    11. this book was incredibly stupid i realized once i got to page 300 that about 280 of them were just countless over-detailed long as hell sex scenes. the boldness of their characters clashed together and i didn't feel any passion between them at all as a couple. those nicknames that they kept calling each other were so annoying simply for the fact that they were said after every sentence. whenever regina got angry (particularly the end of the book where her friends came into dmitri's bedroom) she [...]

    12. Fun and steamy read! On the the next in the series. I love it when new autors have a compleated epic series, before I've heard of them, so it's easy to bindge it in one winter week.

    13. This feels like what it is, a rewrite of an erotic novella. I have a copy of Fantasy Fix from several years ago that I never read, probably still do. This feels like an erotic novel with the story and the getting together and hot sex but this version adds to it and I don't think the storyline ends up smooth. The difference is 100 pages which I would have to believe is the background plot, seeing as much of it feels put in later. I'm tempted in searching for the original and reading it. So the pl [...]

    14. I first read this one years ago, probably around the time it first came out in 2003, and it's always been one of my favorites. And this review relates to that original version, which I still have in PDF form. The author creates a wonderful intensity of attraction and emotion between Regina and Dimitri that sizzles off the screen. The pacing of the story is good, with things between them progressing slowly but steadily, until (view spoiler)[suddenly on their third "date" he tells her what he is, [...]

    15. Okay, so this was a short story by Christine Warren for Elora's Cave, an erotica publisher, and she expanded it to bring it out of retirement, as she will with several other of her ebook short stories. I could not put it down, but conversely I don't think that it was all that incredible a read. Her other "Others" stories are better by far. Next up is You're So Vein, and I hope it does a better job showcasing the NY Others after the unveiling, than this one did as the 6th book, written as Book 1. [...]

    16. I read this years ago and remember not liking it that much, but thinking it was alright. Regardless my faith in this author was renewed with Big Bad Wolf( The Others #2 ).

    17. This book opens with our main character, Regina McNeill, drunk as a skunk with a bunch of girlfriends at her apartment. But Reg sobers up pretty quickly when they bring up the "Fantasy Fix" that they all agreed to. The Fantasy Fix is where the ladies in this group (5 total I believe) all write down some of their fantasies - and then the group picks one of their fantasies and they help her find a man to make it come true. Sadly Reg was engaged when they came up with the idea so she had no problem [...]

    18. Regina is still getting over her breakup with cheating Greg when her four friends, Ava, Corrine, Missy and Danice, decide it's her turn to be "fixed" - the Fantasy Fix, where they make a fantasy come true for one of them. It's Reggie's turn and they won't hear no, so she writes down some nonsense fantasies like being abducted by aliens and being seduced by a vampire, but then runs out of ideas and puts down a real fantasy: being spanked, bound and dominated.Her friends take her to the Vampire Ba [...]

    19. I really tried. One Bite of a Stranger is actually a rework of Warren's Fixed series starter Fantasy Fix which I did read, but didn't love. And I purchased One Bite fully intending to see how Warren spiffed up the book and brought it from novella to novel, but I just couldn't get past the beginning of the book. I found Reggie's first interlude with Dmitri to be so potential-serial-killer-creepy that I couldn't go on. I am not a big fan of the dom/sub thing anyway and where I could see these kind [...]

    20. 3.5 starsFunny and entertaining story about a human girl and a Russian vampire. It's also the first book in a series, so I'll check out the next one.

    21. For months now, Regina's friends have been indulging in a sexual fantasy game they have dubbed "Fantasy Fix". They all have to put their most secret sexual fantasies in a hat and after a fantasy is picked, the friends must do their best to find a guy who can fulfill it for them. After evading her turn for as long as possible, her friends cheerfully coerce her to join their game. Thinking to make her fantasies as difficult as possible to fulfill, she smugly lists her 5 choices. A date with an ali [...]

    22. This is ‘kind’ of my second read One Bite With a Stranger. I read the original book when it was part of her Ellora's Cave Fixed series.I was actually looking to do a reread when I found out the Fixed series was being rewritten and added to The Others series. I was surprised but I bought book one again and started to read.At first it was pretty much exactly like the original book but then things started to change and honestly? There is one part of the book where I know something else happened [...]

    23. One Bite With A Stranger2 StarsRegina is definitely NOT my kind of heroine - she is a closet submissive who, despite her claims of independence, allows her friends to bully her and her lover to manipulate and control her. Dmitri is your typical alpha male with no real characterization. The world building is virtually non-existent with some hints about a council of some kind and cooperation between vampires and shapeshifters. The suspense plot is underdeveloped and when the resolution comes aroun [...]

    24. Regina and her friends has started "fixing" each others erotic wants, their amorous desires =) by writing down their fantasy and someone of their friends sets them up. Now that Regina has dumped her cheating ass of a man, they want to give her something extra, but Reggie doesn´t want to play, so she asks for vampires and submission, believing that they´ll never pull this off.Arriving at the goth bar, she catches the eye of Dimitri, who turns out to be just that - a Vampire Getting all her desi [...]

    25. Why is this book listed as romance? I felt angry reading it, like I just wanted to reach out and throttle the woman. The "fantasy" played out more like rape than anything, and the love scenes that we've come to expect in PR was stretched out FAR too long. Even calling this erotica would be a stretch, IMO.In a change of pace from her other books (which I flip through poorly written backstory until I find dialouge or smut), I actually found myself skipping past the sex in hopes that I'd find some [...]

    26. It’s ok, but very superficial and shallow. Everything happens too fast. There is no emotional development so the actions and dialogues of the characters are not believable. The characters are poorly created. Their personalities are not well defined, they are all over the place and Dimitri’s completely changes at the end. It doesn´t help either that I didn’t like Regina and Dimitri.Towards the end there is a scene in which Regina is with all her friends, well that was just not believable a [...]

    27. 3 ½ stars - Vampire RomanceAn overall okay vampire romance, although it lacks in actual romantic development. The relationship between Regina and Dmitri wasn't believable for me. There are quite a few steamy scenes, but I just didn't care much for any of the characters. It did however pique my curiosity enough to consider reading more books in Warren's Others series.

    28. I think I'm not as into Alpha males as other readers are, which probably impaired my enjoyment of the relationship a bit. But I'm definitely going to check out this author's other books, because the world was really cool, and the author's writing style is very readable.

    29. Don't get me wrong there were a few chapters that well, let's no get into that let's just say it was hot.But the secondary characters and the ending ruined the otherwise 3 star book for me. I'm giving it a two because the ahem previous mentioned chapters.

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