Doghouse Roses: Stories

Doghouse Roses Stories Steve Earle does everything he does with intelligence creativity passion and integrity In music these strengths have earned him comparisons to Bruce Springsteen the ardent devotion of his fans a

  • Title: Doghouse Roses: Stories
  • Author: Steve Earle
  • ISBN: 9780618219247
  • Page: 350
  • Format: Paperback
  • Steve Earle does everything he does with intelligence, creativity, passion, and integrity In music, these strengths have earned him comparisons to Bruce Springsteen, the ardent devotion of his fans, and the admiration of the media And Earle does a lot he is singer, songwriter, producer, social activist, teacher He s not only someone who makes great music he s soSteve Earle does everything he does with intelligence, creativity, passion, and integrity In music, these strengths have earned him comparisons to Bruce Springsteen, the ardent devotion of his fans, and the admiration of the media And Earle does a lot he is singer, songwriter, producer, social activist, teacher He s not only someone who makes great music he s someone to believe in With the publication of his first collection of short stories, Doghouse Roses, he gives us yet another reason to believe Earle s stories reflect the many facets of the man and the hard fought struggles, the defeats, and the eventual triumphs he has experienced during a career spanning three decades In the title story he offers us a gut wrenchingly honest portrait of a nearly famous singer whose life and soul have been all but devoured by drugs Billy the Kid is a fable about everything that will never happen in Nashville, and Wheeler County tells a romantic, sweet tempered tale about a hitchhiker stranded for years in a small Texas town A story about the husband of a murder victim witnessing an execution addresses a subject Earle has passionately taken on as a social activist, and a cycle of stories features the American, a shady international wanderer, Vietnam vet, and sometime drug smuggler a character who can be seen as Earle s alter ego, the person he might have become if he had been drafted Earle is a songwriter s songwriter, and here he takes his writing gift into another medium, along with all the grace, poetry, and deep feeling that has made his music honored around the world.

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    1. My friend J.D. hates Steve Earle. I mean, he writes entire sections of comic books he sells at his band’s shows devoted to hating on Earle – the leftist, terrorist-loving, drug-addled, out-of-it Steve Earle that exists in J.D.’s own quite-strange mind. It could be professional jealousy, as J.D. fronts a Nashville rockabilly band that (to my knowledge) has never been invited to open for Earle, or it could just be that J.D.’s a bit of a backwoods arch-conservative and it’s purely ideolog [...]

    2. Steve Earle is a fantastic musician and songwriter. His run of excellent albums stretches back 30 years and has no sign of slowing. Steve Earle writes amazing songs, songs that will take your breath away. He can also be funny, fiercely political, and just plain Country-Rock kickass. He can talk, man, he's a talker. Half the fun of seeing him in concert are the between song rambles. So, the man has a grip on words, he's good with them. Us fans have known for decades that he can write a hell of a [...]

    3. I first read Doghouse Roses back in 2003. I loved it then. Steve Earle,like James McMurtry has a literary bent to his music,and in Doghouse Roses there is a musical sense to Earle's literary work.The short stories are full of the type of characters he would sing aboutloners,drifters,out of sort folk.I picked up the book again recently,partially out of curiosity as to whether it would hold me a second time.The second time was perhaps more power packed than the first.Here's a collection of stories [...]

    4. I really liked these stories a lot--there was a nice variety and I thought they were very well written. I look forward to reading his novel.

    5. Steve Earle plays a mean guitar, he's a great songwriter, he's an admirable man, and his political views are outstanding. I've watched him on cable. I've seen him play live. I mumbled a hello once in person. Still I wondered - does this make him a writer I'd want to read? And the answer was yes. Doghouse Roses is a collection of short stories. Most of them are good, or at least okay. Earle can write. He's got a style that works. I didn't find that the collection on a whole sustained my interest [...]

    6. Consider this a lesson learned. I was certain, given his considerable talents as a songwriter, that Steve Earle would be, at the very least, a competent writer. Instead, Doghouse Roses turns out to be the worst book I've read since Water for Elephants, a book I reference here not so much because it's an easy target (but let's face it, it is), but because Earle's failures as a writer remind me of Gruen's. The characters are one-dimensional, the stories are predictable, the language is clichéd, a [...]

    7. I suspect that the blame goes mostly on Bob Dylan and Tarantula, but there is a standard line in rock music that says songwriters can't cross over and become authors. Take away guitar, drums, and bass, and even though it shouldn't, things change. It goes for John Lennon and Jim Morrison's poetry (which undoubtedly find thousands of new fans every year), but lives on in recent years with Nick Cave, and even dogs those who have made a decent career of it (just nothing resembling their musical outp [...]

    8. I have to say that I was a bit hesitant on reading a short story collection from a singer/songerwriter and a great one at that. It's not that I don't believe that solid storytelling comes just from strictly authors, but that it's not necessarily an innate trait among all writers; song, non-fiction, essayists. And I'm glad that Steve Earle impressed and even suprised me. The first story and title of the book 'Doghouse Roses' should come as no suprise to anyone familiar with Earle's lifestory. It [...]

    9. This is the first book I have read by Steve Earle and I really like his subject matter and writing style. He is well rounded in his observations, plot, and dialogue. His ideas, stories, and metaphors are truly creative and original. I can feel his life experience in his stories they seem to have an anecdote about them even though they are all novel. As all short story books there were ones I liked more than others but unlike most that I have read I really thought they were all interesting. None [...]

    10. Not something I would usually pick to read and I must admit that the cover sold it to me. But I'm glad I read it as it really is a cool book. I've only ever been to America once and that was to the hyper-touristy Florida but even so I completely get this book. The gritty and harsh realities of American life has never felt so understandable and real, almost as if I was comfortable within it's knowledge. The darkness and tragedy of some of the stories are so human and deeply ingrained in all of us [...]

    11. Really enjoyed this collection of stories. Adding to my enjoyment were my surroundingsI read about leaving LA for the desert just after a day of driving the 10 into the Mojave for my botany work. We were actually sleeping among the Joshua trees, listening to the kit foxes and coyotes go about their nightly tasks. I didn't need any help visualizing the environment and what was happening in the stories, it is always neat to have that extra connection. Lastly, Earle's stories were written beautiful [...]

    12. In hindsight, I may have been a trifle generous with my rating, but Steve Earle is a wonderful singer / songwriter and, judging by this collection a very good writer as well. The themes are familiar from his songs and from knowledge of his back-story; music, drugs, Vietnam vets and the death penalty, almost all the stories (excepting the last very short one) drew me into the narrator's worldI enjoyed this a lot and will look for some more of Earle's writings as well as continuing to buy all his [...]

    13. This is a great book of short stories from one of America's best songwriters. I've been a fan of Steve Earle for years and have no idea why I didn't read this ten years ago when it came out. It's a gripping collection of stories and characters that make you stop after every chapter and contemplate life, love, mortality and justice. The stories are centered in LA, Tennessee, Texas, Mexico and Norway and many of the characters are composites of Earle's own life and experiences I'm sure. I couldn't [...]

    14. Alt. Country legend writes short stories. They're really good. The end.Actually I suppose it shouldn't be too much of a surprise that Steve Earle tells a good story - good songwriting is all about telling good stories. A good read. (no registered trademark).Autobiographical bit (it's all about me): must have been going through an Americana phase last year. Italy at the moment, Russia earlier this year. Am colonising the world through books. And soon I shall take over the worlda ha ha etc

    15. I am probably the only person who prefers Steve Earle's writing to his music.This set of short stories is superb. The title and opening story refers to a husband being in the 'doghouse' ie in trouble and to get out of it he buys his wife said roses.Other stories tell of time in jail including an execution. All stories are presumably taken from Steve Earle's colourful life. They are very 'manly' stories about men and their shortcomings and their redemptions. Not an easy read but brilliant nonethe [...]

    16. I really loved this book for many reasons. Earle, really took you to the many places he wrote about. Although each story was different, I felt so absorbed by the time, place and feel of each narrative. I loved that characters crossed stories if you were paying enough attention to notice. Each one was better than the next. I can't believe that someone can be so amazing at songwriting AND prose. I am almost suspicious, but knowing his back story; this collection could only have been put together b [...]

    17. I think if you only read the first story you will get the wrong impression about this collection. Obviously, Earle draws on his own experience as a musician and a drugtaker, but he can see himself in an objective way. In this way he brings some empathy and warmth to his stories. He is like some 21st century explorer, he has been there and come back to tell the tale ( suitably chastened). Perhaps, this demystification and demythogising adds some humanity to the debate.

    18. I want to give this book more stars! I'm not a fan of Steve Earle's music, but the man can write! I absolutely loved this book. I don't usually like short stories and was a bit reluctant choosing this book. After reading I'll Never Get Out of This World Alive, I should have known better. The writing is phenomenal, the stories captivating and compelling and overall this was one of the best books I have ever read. LOVED IT! LOVED IT! LOVED IT! More stars**********

    19. Blurg. I can't quite put my finger on why these stories (or at least the first few that were all I read) did not do anything for me. Too undeveloped and superficial? Yes. Uninteresting characters? Yes. Plus it just felt like I was being shown a picture of these characters rather than being submersed in the characters themselves. Not recommended.

    20. I love Steve Earle's music. He always writes thought-provoking lyrics. This collection was reminiscent of his music. There's some language in it, so be aware of that. "Jaguar Dance" was my favorite of the stories and I also liked that three of his stories featured the same character called "The American."

    21. Gritty short stories about drug running, drug abuse, violence, war, music and heartache from an excellent songwriter and quite a good writer. Earle clearly mines his own autobigraphical experiences here and renders some truth. Quick and entertaining read.

    22. This is a great collection of short stories that highlight's Earle's 'voice' as a writer. Stories are focused on -- what I imagine is -- the world he knows best of Nashville, travelling, drugs, booze, love, and the road. Recommended reading, for certain.

    23. I knew Steve Earle could write great songs - I've been listening to him since before "Guitar Town." Who knew he could write fiction as well? I particularly liked the short story that seems to have been inspired by Townes Van Zandt.

    24. Absolutely loved this book. Not a bad story in the bunch. The thematic ties between the stories--the road, the drugs, the hopelessness--were done perfectly. I had high hopes and this book exceeded them.

    25. This is an excellent book with terrific writing. It's dark. There are reoccurring themes of hopelessness, drugs, heartache and mystery. I wAs truly impressed with his writing and voice.Surprised to see low ratings.

    26. An entertaining collection of short stories from the accomplished troubadour and bard. The best of the lot is "The Witness", a gripping depiction of a prison execution by an interested witness with a twist at the end. A good read for Steve Earle fans and fans of short fiction alike

    27. Pretty good. kept my interest. would recomend it to pals even. I mean I am kinda over junkies as protagonists in what I read, but bend the rule for steve earl whose music I adore and I applaud him expanding his artistry. He is talented across the board.

    28. I usually shy away from short stories but these were basically Steve Earle songs on paper. His story writing style doesn't deviate much from his songwriting style If you're a fan Steve you will appreciate this book.

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