The King of the Golden River

The King of the Golden River A fairy tale of what happened to two men who tried to get rich in evil ways and of how the fortune they sought came to their younger brother whose kind and loving heart prompted him to right action W

  • Title: The King of the Golden River
  • Author: John Ruskin Maria Louise Kirk
  • ISBN: 9781599151250
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Paperback
  • A fairy tale of what happened to two men who tried to get rich in evil ways and of how the fortune they sought came to their younger brother, whose kind and loving heart prompted him to right action Widely regarded as a masterpiece of 19th century stories for children Includes four black and white illustrations by Maria L Kirk Suitable for ages 8 and up.

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    • [PDF] Download ↠ The King of the Golden River | by Í John Ruskin Maria Louise Kirk
      282 John Ruskin Maria Louise Kirk
    • thumbnail Title: [PDF] Download ↠ The King of the Golden River | by Í John Ruskin Maria Louise Kirk
      Posted by:John Ruskin Maria Louise Kirk
      Published :2018-010-22T05:30:23+00:00

    1 thought on “The King of the Golden River”

    1. There are many starting points within the fantasy genre. J. R. R. Tolkien is often, with good reason, regarded as the father of fantasy, despite the fact that there was a vast expanse of stories before his time. Going further back, one can find the early 20th century classics that inspired the master, and even further back, George MacDonald’s legendary The Princess and the Goblin. Before all of them, all the way back to the year 1841, John Ruskin wrote The King of the Golden River.I’m choosi [...]

    2. Kindle and Gutenberg freebie, a novelette for those who love old-fashioned fairy tales.I grew up with this delightful fable, written in 1841 by John Ruskin, and set in the lovely mountainous Styria, part of Austria. In the traditional way, there are three brothers, the oldest two wicked and selfish and the youngest one (Gluck, meaning "luck") goodhearted.One day Gluck, against his brothers' orders, lets a soaking wet little man into their home to warm himself. When the two older brothers Hans an [...]

    3. Gluck's Ten Life Enriching Lessons for Grownups:I normally read children's books during Christmastime. Not only to catch up with my Reading Challenge (I am behind by 9 books as of this writing), but also, most of children's books have life lessons that can be good reminders for the coming year. New Year always means new beginning, new hope As to why I am listing the ten lessons instead of my usual reviews, let me give you the reason. Do you remember when you were still in school and after readin [...]

    4. *JOHN RUSKIN, 'The King of the Golden River'This is the only work of fiction that the prolific and multi-talented Ruskin wrote. However, it manages to encapsulate a great many of the ideals that we think of today, when we think of Ruskin. It has the emphasis on 'Christian' mercy and charity, generosity over greed, and, to an almost distracting degree, the love of the beauties of nature. Indeed, the main 'message' of the tale is that natural bounty is what should be valued more than gold.The piec [...]

    5. Três Irmãos vivem e são donos de um Vale fértil com muitas riquezas onde nunca a fome ou a miséria conseguiu entrar, mesmo que as localidades circunvizinhas estivessem passando por apuros, ali sempre abundava a prosperidade. Mas 2 irmãos são maus e um bom , quem prosperará ?

    6. Words by John Ruskin + art by Iassen Ghiuselev = treasure. This book is one reason why I collect the printed word and why my shelves strain with the weight of beautiful children's volumes. Ruskin wrote this fairytale/fable for his future wife (she was 12 when he put words to paper) as an example of how nature reacts to the actions taken by humans.Gluck lives with his greedy older brothers in the Treasure Valley, which is sheltered from storms and drought so the harvests are bountiful, making the [...]

    7. Ruskin is much better known for his art criticism and theories of aesthetics, so it is interesting to see him trying to be lighter. However, this Victorian children's book will probably be too wordy and didactic for most contemporary kids.

    8. My favorite part is when Gluck finds a dog at the top of the mountain and gives him water. It's a good book.

    9. A very short, charming story I read to Grace. The language is very rich and I did have to explain a few words but we both liked the story. (Ambleside year 1 free read)

    10. Book #79 for 2017GenreLand: December - FantasyBook Riot's Read Harder: A book set more than 5,000 miles from Fort CollinsPopSugar (max. 3):- A book with pictures- A book with a family member term in the title- A book with an eccentric characterThe Legendary Book Club of Habitica's Ultimate Reading Challenge: A book with a family-member term in the titleBetter World Books:- A book that's more than 100 years old- A book with a color in the title- A book set in a place you want to visit (Stiria)- A [...]

    11. “The King of the Golden River was written in 1841, at the request of a very young lady, and solely for her amusement, without any idea of publication…” The very young lady was the twelve-year-old Effie Gray and the writer was John Ruskin, ten years her senior. Ruskin was eventually to marry Effie in 1848 but the marriage foundered and was annulled, Effie then marrying the artist John Everett Millais. All that turbulence was in the future, however, and Effie must have been delighted with he [...]

    12. Of the dozen or more editions on , I chose this very old one to review, thinking it is most likely to have the illustrations I remember from the version my father read me in the 1950s. That book had belonged to him when he was a child. They are black and white line drawings, I don't think by Rackham. They gave a feeling more like Dore. The text of all editions will be the same; there is no need to search high and low for a certain illustrator. A moralistic yet engaging fairy tale about charity, [...]

    13. Combining fairy tale and etiological myth, this story of the Victorian art critic Ruskin has familiar motifs found in fairy tales (the number three, bad siblings vs. good siblings, a quest, goodness is rewarded and selfishness is punished), and it apparently worked for contemporary audience, because the story sold out three editions and became an instant classic.I didn't find the story particularly interesting. Under all the flowery prose the plot is quite simple, and reminds me of fairy tales o [...]

    14. A classic Victorian fairy tale from one the eras most respected artists and educators.Set in Styria (south-east Austria) and subtitled 'The Black Brothers', the story features three brothers, the elder two being cruel and uncharitable, the youngest being kind and giving. The elder brothers, Hans and Schwartz, lose the family farm in the Treasure Valley through their meanness, only for the young Gluck to win it back, with the help of a dwarf king trapped in a golden mug. I have no idea if this is [...]

    15. This book was a delightful treat, being a children's fable that I had never heard before. While longer than the typical fairy tale standard, it is an easy story to follow and enjoy. It is a wonderful adventure, with strong characterizations, a clear hero, a foreshadowed outcome and a strong morality play. I found it a delightful reflection of great children's writing.

    16. Pity poor John Ruskin. For a Victorian giant, he was a bit of an unintentional train wreck, and he also created a lot of mayhem for others. Dedicated to art, idealistic and naive, his marriage failed because he was unwilling to consummate it. He championed the works of J. M. W. Turner and the Pre-Raphaelites. The former has remained popular, while the latter, not quite so much -- except among devotees. He vigorously criticized the painting of J. M. Whistler, accusing him of "flinging a pot of pa [...]

    17. A rather quaint yet rich in vocabulary collection of fairy tales edited by the great John Ruskin. The main story itself, which takes up almost half the book is Ruskin's own 'The King of the Golden River' which I felt did not do the best job of donning the mantle of seeming like a traditional tale but I couldn't argue with how well he rights. The language may be too rich for some but nevertheless it opens the reader and listener to a wonderful vocabulary. The rest of the book consists of retellin [...]

    18. Classic story of personal tragedy and the magic solution. My children found the characters very colorful. Just predictable enough not to cause them anxiety from our break after each chapter. A short read for small attention spans, but filled with rich language in a simple context.

    19. kort verhaal, soort van sprookje, zou ik niet interessant hebben gevonden als het niet van John Ruskin kwam (kritiek op political economy).

    20. This is a classic children's story with a great moral. It's a quick read and enjoyable for adults as well.

    21. the King of the golden river I love this book because it is a enchanting story about stones and black brothers Thank you, Paige Marie caddy

    22. This book reads like a fairy tale. It is definitely for children but the language is gorgeous. Think purple prose--but for kids. The first chapter made my boys laugh out loud. The morality play of the last three chapters was lovely. If you have a kid that enjoys beautiful unique words, this book is for them.

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