Guinea Dog

Guinea Dog Rufus has been dreaming of getting a dog His best friend has one His worst friend has one But his dad has a few objections They whine They gnaw They bark They scratch They beg They drool Rufus pays no

  • Title: Guinea Dog
  • Author: Patrick Jennings
  • ISBN: 9781606840535
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Rufus has been dreaming of getting a dog His best friend has one His worst friend has one But his dad has a few objections They whine They gnaw They bark They scratch They beg They drool Rufus pays no attention when his mom offers her think outside the box suggestion, because she can t be serious She can t be She can be And she actually comes home with a guineRufus has been dreaming of getting a dog His best friend has one His worst friend has one But his dad has a few objections They whine They gnaw They bark They scratch They beg They drool Rufus pays no attention when his mom offers her think outside the box suggestion, because she can t be serious She can t be She can be And she actually comes home with a guinea pig And if Rufus s dad thinks dogs are a problem, he won t know what hit him when he meets the Guinea Pig that Thinks She s a Dog She barks She bites She ll eat your homework.

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    1 thought on “Guinea Dog”

    1. I enjoyed this title. It will make a good read read aloud. I was excited to see that this is the same author that wrote We Can't All Be Rattlesnakes which was a hilarious title! Guinea Dog is about the theme of a child wanting a dog as a pet and the parent saying NO. I personally have been there and understand the intense desire to get a dog to love and play with. Like Rufus, my dad said absolutely not! This was a wonderful fantasy about what happens if the boy gets a guinea pig that does exactl [...]

    2. Right over here! Look this way! Over here! TWEET! You looking? Yeah, so right over we've got ourselves a Patrick Jennings fan. Yup. Patrick Jennings. The guy who wrote that fantastic We Can't All Be Rattlesnakes, along with approximately a hundred other books. You've read him, right? No? Well that's fine with me. It's like when you discover this cool underground band, and you get to be their biggest fan all by yourself. It's great. You walk around with this knowledge in your head of, "I am into [...]

    3. Fifth-grader Rufus desperately wants a dog, but his dad has a mile long lists of reasons why his family will never get one. That doesn't stop Rufus from asking and hoping, though. Then one day, his mom brings a pet home for him--a guinea pig! Rufus is disappointed and embarrassed, and hopes that it will annoy his dad enough for him to take Fido back to the pet store. What will happen when the pet store seems to have disappeared and Fido starts acting like a dog? This book is fun and funny. Many [...]

    4. I read this because it is up for the Colorado Children's Book Award, CCBA, and I wanted to be able to recommend it or not to my library students. I think children will enjoy it, although it isn't my favorite children's book. I would recommend many others before this. However, it does tell a humorous tale of a boy and his pet guinea pig. Jennings does a nice job of making a guinea pig acting like a dog somewhat believable, and creates fun instances between the boy and his pet. It gets a little "p [...]

    5. Delightful book about a boy named Rufus who wants a dog desperately. When his mom buys him a guinea pig instead, he is deeply disappointed and wants to return the animal. Fido, the guinea pig, starts acting so much like a dog, though, Rufus gives him a chance. Envy of a friend--from his dog to his normal house & normal family--is a theme that many kids will relate to.

    6. Yay! I have a new series I can recommend to my guinea pig crazed students. Seems like a teacher always has one as a pet in the classroom and those "Humphrey" readers will like this Patrick Jennings book. While it is not from the point of view of the guinea pig, it has a hilarious narrator named, Rufus, who is in 5th grade. With a name like Rufus it is only reasonable that this protagonist desperately wants a dog. The problem is his dad's obsession for order and quiet along with his new job of wo [...]

    7. I really enjoyed Patrick Jenning's Guinea Dog more than I thought I would. I normally wouldn't have read this since it looked like a fluff read about a flurry fur ball. But it's more than that. It's perfect for kids 7 and up because the character goes through things lots of kids that age (range) go through. Jennings perfectly captured the thoughts running through a kid's head. It's funny and somehow deep at the same time as the main character tries to figure out who he is in terms of his family, [...]

    8. i expected a story about a boy and his "dog". it was less about that and more about differences? i guess so. there was that lesson of you have to look on the inside instead of judging things by the outside, so that was good. i think there wasn't enough story about the title and main topic of the book. it is possible that there wouldn't be much of a story if they stuck to that though. what i did not like was the lack of respect often through the book. i understand kids being hard on their parent [...]

    9. Rufus, a boy in 5th grade wants to get a dog because he loves dogs. His dad does not like dogs at all so Rufus's mom gets him a guinea pig at Petopia. No one knows that the guinea pig named Fido acts like a dog except Rufus. Will Rufus keep Fido or keep begging to his dad that he wants a dog. My favorite part is when Rufus taught Fido to take out and put in CDs to the CD player and bring them back. I recommend this book to people who like action and people who like dogs.

    10. This book, although a cute concept, was just ok in my opinion. I felt it was missing some humor and a lot of conflict. Where was the rising action, the conflict resolution and the falling action? It lacked any excitement. On the positive side, I liked the way Jennings wrote his young boy characters. They thought and acted much like my own fifth grade students.

    11. Extremely funny kids chapter book - enjoyable for both kids and adults. "'Copy that' was my new favorite way of saying 'okay,' replacing, 'Gotcha, chief,' which Dad recently made me stop saying."'How'd your hamster die?' I asked.'Natural causes.''Like lightning or something?'"

    12. Boy who really wants a dog receives a guinea pig that acts like a dog instead. Sounds amusing, but I didn't love it. None of the characters felt authentic to me, particularly Dimitri and Lurena. Also, the author writes the way kids talk, so there's some incorrect grammar. An ok book, but I'm going to pass on it for my library book club at this time.

    13. I really like how, at the beginning, when Fido acts like a dog, the main character hates it, showing that he really was just playing up a dog in his mind. BOTB

    14. Have you ever judged a book by its cover? In the story “Guinea Dog” by Patrick Jennings is about when a boy named Rufus wants a doggie. The father of Rufus stays at home but also works from home,declined getting a dog. He says “they are filthy and smelly Rufus” and he has a huge list of reasons why Rufus can't have a dog. The mother of Rufus feels bad for Rufus since he has always wanted a dog and surprises him one day with a guinea pig instead though. The guinea pig, who Rufus names Fid [...]

    15. Reading level: 3rd to 5th gradeEverybody Rufus knows has a dog and he really wants one. His dad has as long list why they should not get one. When his mom finds a "solution", it turns out to be a guinea pig. The "solution" really turns out to be one. The guinea pig, Fido, acts like a dog and does what all dogs do, only Rufus tries to pretend he does not own the guinea pig, but as soon as everybody knows, everybody wants one.

    16. This book is about how a boy named Rufus really wanted a dog but his dad doesn’t like dogs because the pee, they poop, they eat poop, they eat dead things, their breath smells like dead things and poop. So his mom gets him a guinea pig. Now he feels too embarrassed to tell anyone because everyone has a dog from his worst friend to his best friends. So embarrassed, he’s not going to tell his best friend, Murphy. Even though Rufus wants to return the guinea pig, Fido, he can’t because the pe [...]

    17. I thought the book was ok. My type of books i like is action, this book did not have that much action. The book was about a kid that wanted a dog but got a guinea pig. He did not like the pet because it kep him up at night and he had to clean his cage. The family ended up ruturning the pet. Later Rufus (the boy) has second thoughts on the pet. The pet ended up behaving like a dog. Rufus likes the pet. The pet listens to every command that Rufus says. I will let you read it for yourself .

    18. - Personal reactionI love this story very much because of the animal, guinea pig! My friend used to have a guinea pig. Her situation was exactly same with Rufus. She wanted to have a new dog! But, as she already had three dogs, her parents did not allow her to get another one. Instead, they bought the guinea pig for her. At that time, many people did not know about a guinea pig. Though my hometown was very countryside, we did not hear about the animal. Thus, when my friend had the guinea pig, I [...]

    19. Personal Response: This book was engaging and humorous. The themes in the story were relevant to children. For example, I love how it teaches the reader to not judge a book by its cover. Rufus was upset he got a guinea pig instead of a dog, but learned he should not have been so quick to underestimate his new pet. The importance of friend relationships also stands out.Purposes-read independently: The narrator, Rufus, feels unsatisfied with his looks and feels unliked by classmates. With the help [...]

    20. Personal Response: I really enjoyed this story, I wasn't really sure what to expect with the title Guinea Dog. But I knew it would be a cute story. I really like the variety of characters that were introduced throughout the story, there were many different personalities and types of characters. The book was very easy to follow between chapters and the author did a great job of giving enough description to let you really get in the story and visualize it. The only thing I wish was different was t [...]

    21. My first impression of this book would be that it was an easy read and cute for a younger child to read due to the bigger print and easy words. This book is about a child named Rufus who gets a guinea pig from his mother. After naming it, Fido, he isn't too sure he likes the pet and his dad does not like the pet due to the amount of distraction it gives out while he is working at home. Children who read this book might find it humorous to know that the guinea pig starts acting like a real dog by [...]

    22. Personal Reaction: I see this book being very well-liked by children who like animals. I thought the pet guinea dog was a very cute character. I did not like how Rufus was so harsh towards his parents, but this could be used to teach children to respect their parents (see Independent Reading section below).Purposes: - ages 8-12 Independent Reading: - I would suggest this book for children who are interested in/like animals. They would really like the character of the guinea dog and could probabl [...]

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