A Darker Domain

A Darker Domain Past and present intertwine in this rare stand alone novel of taut psychological drama a brilliant exploration of loyalty and greed from the bestselling mistress of suspense Fife Scotland Heire

  • Title: A Darker Domain
  • Author: Val McDermid
  • ISBN: 9780007243303
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
  • Past and present intertwine in this rare stand alone novel of taut psychological drama a brilliant exploration of loyalty and greed from the bestselling mistress of suspense.Fife, Scotland, 1985 Heiress Catriona Maclennan Grant and her baby son are kidnapped The ransom payoff goes horribly wrong and Grant is killed Her son disappears without a trace until 2008, when aPast and present intertwine in this rare stand alone novel of taut psychological drama a brilliant exploration of loyalty and greed from the bestselling mistress of suspense.Fife, Scotland, 1985 Heiress Catriona Maclennan Grant and her baby son are kidnapped The ransom payoff goes horribly wrong and Grant is killed Her son disappears without a trace until 2008, when a tourist in Tuscany stumbles upon dramatic new evidence that reopens the investigation.Fife, 1984 At the height of the politically charged national miners strike, Mick Prentice abandons his family to join the strikebreakers down south Labelled a blackleg scab, he s as good as dead as far as his friends and relatives care Twenty three years later, a young woman walks into a police station to report Mick Prentice missing Detective Karen Pirie, head of the Cold Case Review Team, wants to know why it s taken so long for anyone to notice.For Pirie, already immersed in the Prentice investigation, a second foray into a 1980s investigation gone cold this time, the Grant kidnapping offers an opportunity to make her mark But it s sure to come at an extremely high price As she works to unravel these mysteries, two decades of secrets will lead Karen Pirie into a dark domain of violence and betrayal darker than any she has yet encountered.

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    1. McDermid returns with a novel that gives Karen Pirie the central role she lacked in the series' opening novel. Now a Detective Inspector with Cold Cases, Pirie is approached by a woman who wishes to report her father missing after twenty-two years. Pirie learns that Mick Prentice was presumed to have left for Nottingham during the miner's strike of 1984, where he worked as a scab. However, the more Pirie learns, the less likely Prentice appears to be prone to cross the union, no matter his finan [...]

    2. This is the second of the Karen Pirrie novels. It is a complicated story of a kidnapping gone wrong, and a separate case of a missing miner. Both cases date back to 1984. I didn't realize that Scotland had extensive coal mining, and were part of the Miners' Strikes 1984-85, when Thatcher and the union leader Arthur Scargil, shared the blame for destroying the livelihood of so many. A UK journalist on holiday breaks into an abandoned villa in Italy. She discovers a large blood stain, and a silksc [...]

    3. Karen leaned back in her chair, not liking the answer she came up with, but knowing there would be nothing better coming from the man opposite her. ‘You were a right bunch of fucking cowboys in the old days, weren’t you?’ There was no admiration in her tone.I don't know what I expected but I did not expect to like this book as much as I did. I gather from a lot of comments and other reviews that this is one of McDermid's weaker offerings but I actually really enjoyed the mix of interlinkin [...]

    4. 3.5 starsThe 1984 coal miners' strike in Great Britain hit the Scottish town of Newton of Wemyss very hard. Miners' families had no heat, no food, and no hope. In desperation, a few blacklegs (scabs) went south to work in the mines of Nottingham, England. The scabs were scorned and despised by Newton townspeople, and the families they left behind were vilified. Sowhen miner Mick Prentice disappeared from Newton in 1984 his wife Jennie and daughter Misha assumed he'd gone scabbing and wrote him o [...]

    5. A Darker Domain started strong with a cold case involving miners who went missing during the brutal strike of 1984-1985. Having recently read How Green Was My Valley I appreciated being brought up to date on UK mining and the strike's impact. There were some interesting settings including the Wemyss Caves in Fife that actually exist and have famous Pictish wall drawings. DI Karen Pirie is likable character who describes herself as a wee fat person. But there were far too many characters (quite l [...]

    6. It may have been a mistake to read "A Dark Domain" as close to the new Laura Lippman novel as I did. Lippman's stories always set my expectations bar high for mystery stories. I really did think Val McDermid had it in her to compete with Lippman. I consumed "A Place of Execution" a few years ago, but I have to be honest that McDermid's novels since then have been rather hit or miss for me. Chalk "A Dark Domain" up as a miss.And it's got such an intriguing premise. A woman walks into the cold cas [...]

    7. Val McDermid has tackled some social history that is obviously very dear to her own heart in A DARKER DOMAIN, and it has to be said, she's done it with considerable style. Not only does this book give you a fascinating glimpse into the social chaos and personal pain caused by the Miner's Strikes in early 1980's Britain, it carries the story of three unfathomable disappearances.Cold Case squad detectives DI Karen Pirie and DS Phil Parhatka are initially looking into the disappearance of Mick Pren [...]

    8. Meh.This started out promising. DCI Karen Pirie has been promoted from The Distant Echo, as a cold case detective and as a character, after having put her former boss in prison for murder. Two cases from December 1984 (during the Scottish mining strike) come to the surface at the same time. One is the disappearance of a miner who was presumed to have departed with a group of Scabs, but his daughter has discovered that he didn't go with those men after all. (As she now has a young son dying of le [...]

    9. Detective Inspector Karen Pirie is in charge of cold cases in the Kingdom of Fife (I love that). A young mother contacts the police to report her father missing. The trail is a little cold, he's been gone for 25 years. The back story is that Mick Prentice disappeared during the 1984 miner's strike, presumed to have gone off scabbing with a group of fellow coal miners. The case is interesting enough to catch Karen's attention, but her boss has other plans. A clue to an unsolved kidnapping surface [...]

    10. This is another standalone from the talented Val McDermid, who as usual is able to weave together many threads to produce one compelling narrative. By the time I got to the end of the book I couldn't stop reading it. The main character is Detective Karen Pirie, a cold case detective in Fife, Scotland. She gets two cases that are real heartbreakers: one is the case of a young woman looking for her long missing father - she hopes his bone marrow can help save her gravely ill son. The other is the [...]

    11. Not having previously been keen to read a Val McDermid book after my first experience, I was persuaded to pick up another; A Darker Domain being the recommended novel to start with. After getting through the first through chapters and getting used to the prose, I was finding myself being drawn in to a very well written mystery. I found I was soon truly drawn in and didn't want to put it down. There were a number of plot lines going on that got the imagination running away with itself and the bui [...]

    12. Part of my disappointment in this was that I was reading it for a purpose--making a list of Celtic Noir mysteries. Lots of it takes place in Italy, which didn't fit what I was looking for. Still an interesting series. I had listened to the first, Distant Echo, when it came out in 2009, without knowing it was the first in the series--wasn't marketed that way. Interesting series character, prickly detective Karen Pirie, who works cold cases in Scotland. Two cases are intertwined here, and the firs [...]

    13. Bought to read on an 11 hour plane journey and did the job, i.e. was well-enough written to enable me to read it and sufficiently intriguingly plotted to keep me interested, but overall impression was it was all a bit too stretched, a little far-fetched (not really a criticism in a fictional tale!) and jumpy in its delivery.

    14. A Scotland detective head of cold cases investigated two from twenty years back, one a kidnapping gone wrong, the other the case of a missing miner. Val McDermid is a master at thrillers with a dark twist and this one does not disappoint. This was a rare out-of-order read for me as I didn’t notice this was a series. Luckily it is only #2 and I have #1 on the TBR. I liked this so much I may even read it next, even though I know the outcome of that case because it played a small part in the unra [...]

    15. 2008. A cold missing persons case in a Scottish mining town reopens an unsolved twenty-two year old kidnapping and murder and leads Detective Inspector Karen Pirie to a pair of "unrelated" disappearances which altogether unravel the complex relationship between the miners and the most powerful man in Scotland. If that sounds like a huge story, it is. We've got: Class warfare. Gender warfare. Abuse of power. Press connivance. Provincialism. Nationalism. Union busters and scabs. Art versus commerc [...]

    16. Val McDermid, i like to imagine, is good with dogs. she always seems to make some reference to dogs in her books, be it in analogy ("she shook the rain out of her hair like a wet dog") or as direct appellation (depicting the expressive eyes of an actual dog). most importantly, The Dog That Did Not Bark--that the absence of an expected happenstance is a red flag-- is a practiced axiom in her oeuvre, where the most genuine of communications often takes place in What She Did Not Say, and What He Di [...]

    17. Oh this is good, very very good. The second in the series featuring the great, DI Karen Pirie. I actually couldn't put it down or stop thinking about it when I wasn't reading it. I just love the way it's written.Briefly, it starts with the report to the Cold Case Review Team (which Karen is head of) of missing Mick Prentice (by his daughter) who disappeared without trace some 22 years previously. Karen is also then summoned to the home of mega wealthy businessman, Sir Broderick Maclennan Grant, [...]

    18. While McDermid doesn't play all of her cards too early, A Darker Domain almost completely runs out of steam once everything is revealed. She attempts to inject some thrills into the last thirty pages but they are damp squibs in what was, up to them, a fairly compelling crime novel powered by two interesting protagonists acting both together and at cross purposes.Using several of the same characters of The Distant Echo, A Darker Domain dredges up the ghosts of both the 1984 miner's strike and a b [...]

    19. This was spoilt, for me, by the unbelievable sink into murderous behaviour by Adam and the unrealistic death of Mike's friend by Cat. The continual back and forth of the story got annoying too. However, said that up to then cleverly plotted and good characterisation.

    20. Wow! So much in this one book. I liked it. The story jumps from the present to past events to describe events in real time as opposed to having someone relate them. Took a while for me to get used to especially as I was listening to the audiobook. It made me pay attention to the dates. I enjoyed the story. How seemingly unrelated incidents set DI Perie against her boss and on a complicated journey involving kidnapping, murder (of course), puppets, Tuscany, the miners' strike, and a potential lov [...]

    21. Having read two each of McDermid’s Kate Brannigan and Tony Hill & Carol Jordan series, we thought we’d try one from her newest set featuring the Scot (police) Inspector Karen Pirie. We happened upon this second entry, “Darker Domain”, but in retrospect wish we had started with the first novel, “Distant Echo”, as some of that back story would have been good to know, plus the ending of that prior book is mostly totally spoiled in this one.At any rate, Pirie is working in a cold cas [...]

    22. Det Inspector Karen Pirie and Det Sgt Phil Parketak of the cold case squad are asked to find a person who had been missing for over 20 years.Michelle "Misha" Gibson is searching for her father, Mick Prentice, who apparently became a strikebreaker in the 1984 minor's strike, and then disappeared. The reason Misha waited so long to report his absence is that both she and her mother felt that becoming a strikebreaker was equivalent to treason to the other minors and they wanted nothing more to do w [...]

    23. I am a Val McDermid fan. She writes a couple of series featuring characters Tony Hill, Kate Brannigan and Lindsay Gordon. A Darker Domain is a stand alone title featuring Detective Inspector Karen Pirie of the Fife, Scotland Cold Case Squad. Karen is working simultaneously on the long delayed (over twenty years!) report of a missing father and a kidnapping gone tragic. Mick Prentice disappeared during a 1984 miners’ strike and was thought to have gone ‘scabbing’, but his daughter is now in [...]

    24. Val McDermid definitely knows how to construct a mystery plot, and how to make seemingly parallel lines meet by the end of the story. Although The Darker Domain was entertaining and had interesting characters and situations, it was a little too easy to see where it was going. Read The Distant Echo before this one if you want to avoid some major spoilers.

    25. This was my introduction to Val McDermid. I'll read more of her, but I don't think this will prove to be her best work. I liked the setting (Scotland, the miners' strike), and clearly she's a good writer, but the mystery was made apparent with more than a hundred pages to go, and my interest wasn't sustained. It felt as though McDermid really struggled with the last third of the book. I don't think it was well handled.A minor complaint is that the story is told in chunks, with headers indicating [...]

    26. Hadn't read McDermid in a while--sorry I wasted time on this one. Two cold case crimes are being investigated. So there are two plot lines and two different time periods for each of them. Two key females investigating--police officer and investigative journalist. It wasn't just confusing jumping back and forth from crime to crime and from current day to the 1980s, it was annoying. I'd just get involved in one storyline and suddenly I'd be ripped away and thrown into the other storyline. And, whi [...]

    27. My only complaint about Val McDermid is that the Scottish slang is sometimes difficult to process. I've read entire paragraphs where I've had to Google every sentence. This is another fantastic book in the Karen Pirie series, although the end is mildly confusing and leaves some issues unresolved (that I am sure are dealt with in a later series book). My favorite thing about her books is that the stories are so intertwined there are several outcome possibilities and you never know which one she w [...]

    28. Val McDermid has crafted a genuine page turner here, expertly revealing bits of evidence via the technique of interspersing chapters about then amongst the chapters about now. The reader gets the evidence as soon as the tecs do, and puzzling yet intriguing bits they are. The Italian bureaucracy, the ethics of journalism, the corrupting power of money, and the refusal to cave under any of these pressures, drive this plot to a truly surprising conclusion. A Darker Domain is crime fiction at its be [...]

    29. Karen Pirie is assigned a cold case file, an interesting one involving the daughter of a very powerful and wealthy (synonymous) man who has also "hired" a reporter to get to the bottom of the death which occurred 22 years prior. A very convoluted, back-and-forth chase for the truth ensues and at times we are unsure who to suspect and, for that matter, who exactly is who. I give it four stars for the story, and five for the writing. I wish I could have read it in one sitting (and taken notes).

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