Bachelor's Puzzle

Bachelor s Puzzle He never intended to stay The women of the Maintown church ladies society eagerly await the arrival of the new circuit riding preacher a bachelor they ve been told To welcome him they and their elig

  • Title: Bachelor's Puzzle
  • Author: Judith Pella
  • ISBN: 9780764201332
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
  • He never intended to stay The women of the Maintown church ladies society eagerly await the arrival of the new circuit riding preacher a bachelor, they ve been told To welcome him, they and their eligible daughters decide to make him a welcome quilt The project turns into a fierce competition as each young woman tries to outdo the other in creating a quilt block soHe never intended to stay The women of the Maintown church ladies society eagerly await the arrival of the new circuit riding preacher a bachelor, they ve been told To welcome him, they and their eligible daughters decide to make him a welcome quilt The project turns into a fierce competition as each young woman tries to outdo the other in creating a quilt block so exquisite that it and she will gain the young minister s attention Zack Hartley is unlike any preacher the church has ever seen He bumbles about in the pulpit, and when he visits the sick, instead of praying for them he hangs laundry, washes dishes, tends children does whatever needs doing His inexperience and humorous blunders, however, eventually prove endearing and only further encourage the young ladies in their obvious attempts to snare him But Zack is hiding something, and if his deception is found out, disappointing the Maintown ladies may be the least of his worries.

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      373 Judith Pella
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    1 thought on “Bachelor's Puzzle”

    1. Book Club read. A nice easy read. Especially enjoyable with the quilting references. I am looking forward to the next one in the series.

    2. An easy, wholesome read. I was delighted to know that in this book, the mother is a "matronly 40 year old". I guess I've found my title

    3. Redemption of a man who was lost and finally found his true self, and a girl who thought she knew what she wanted

    4. A review from my old blogEach new book by Judith Pella that I read disappoints me even more. Pella used to be one of my favorite authors. To this day I adore the Stonewyke books, the Russians series and a more recent series (the name of which escapes me).In the past couple years I have read three of her other books, including this one, and found myself questioning why I like the above mentioned series so much.From the beginning of the book I could predict the final outcome. Of course, a few of t [...]

    5. Bachelor's Puzzle, first of the Patchwork Circle historical romance series, is set in 1882 Columbia County Oregon. Tiny Maintown looks forward to a new young pastor who is coming from New England. The town quilters decide to welcome him with a sampler quilt, made by the quilting bee and their daughters. The welcome quilt project becomes a competition to show off needlework skill and impress the new pastor, as many of the daughters hope to become his wife. Drifter Zack Hartley is on the run from [...]

    6. The people of Maintown, Oregon, eagerly await the arrival of the new minister. And with his bachelor status, the women of Maintown waste no time putting the best foot forward of their marrying-age daughters. But Zack is no ordinary preacher. With his bumbling antics in both the pulpit and in front of his parishioners, he is sure they will quickly discover his secret. Knowing he’ll have to leave soon, before his deception is revealed, he struggles with his feelings towards a certain young woman [...]

    7. I loved this book. it turned out perfectly in the end. I grew a bit tired of Ellie at times, but I really liked her once she confessed her love for Zack and became less annoying in her ways. I wouldn't exactly call them faults on her part thoughis is actually book one in a series by Judith Pella, I'm not sure how many more there are going to be since this was just released in July of this year, but this first book was delightful, and I cannot wait to see what else will unfold. I fell in love wit [...]

    8. To borrow an adjective from someone else's review, this book was very "fluffy." I was hoping for more of an in-depth discussion of faith and forgiveness, but those subjects were barely mentioned. The plot was a bit of a let-down, especially after reading the description on the back of the book. Zack was a completely different character than the description led me to believe. He arrived in town after witnessing the newly appointed circuit preacher die. Zack assumed that preacher's name and positi [...]

    9. The ladies in town are delighted - a new minister is on his way, and he's single. All the matchmaking mamas start a project to welcome him (and to showcase their daughter's homemaking skills) by sewing him a quilt to welcome him.The newcomer is pretty overwhelmed. But he's not a minister. He's a small time crook, and he's on the run. On his way out of town, escaping an angry loan shark, he meets the real minister, injured and dying. He sits with the man until the end, then buries the unfortunate [...]

    10. It was a good story. I like how all the characters are very real, with attitudes and flaws and frustrations. They are all so well drawn! Often with inspirational types books, the characters are so annoyingly good! I have been a christian since I was a young girl, but I know I am certainly less than angelic. It can be discouraging when everyone you read about is either so good or so bad then turned good, when in reality, most of us are somewhere in the middle, though we strive for the best.

    11. Such a cute book. A rover and scalawg is running from someone who's trying to kill him. He runs across a dying minister and stays with him until he passes. He arrives in town with the ministers identity. He bumbles through sermons, gets caught up in answering questions wrong and has to smooth his answers over. Playing the part soon affects his heart. Falling in love with the people and one young girl makes him want to confess. Funny in spots, serious in parts, it was a good book.

    12. Because of the emphasis of the book, I would re-do the cover with a quilt pattern, plus the people.Then I would be expected what I got.I do like quilts. But the book's descriptions of sewing the quilt squares and the various patterns were places I skimmed and bogged me down.Judith presented an interesting plot and internal struggles on fulfilling that plot by the main characters.

    13. Christian fiction/Romance. This book is first in a new series (Patchwork Circle). Title is the name of a quilt block. At the end of the book, the author explains how to put together the quilt block.

    14. The first book in Judith Pella's new series - not my favorite compared to her other series, but the stories are still good. I just had a harder time connecting with the characters and getting in the book than in other book by this author.

    15. How refreshing to read about a less-than-perfect man who is caught between his past and wanting to do right. I really enjoyed this story. The story drew me in from the back cover copy and kept my interest through out. Another great book from Judith Pella.

    16. I really liked this book. It was refreshingly different from all the other women's Christian novels I've read. The characters are real and not always perfect. In fact, the Bachelor is hiding a dark secret. Judith Pella came up with a very clever plot for this romantic mystery.

    17. I like this book. It was clever and kind of fun. I would have given it more stars if it had ended better. It ended kind of flat. But I didn't realize it was part of a series, so maybe it was trying to leave things open for the future.

    18. Four chapters in, and it was interesting. Just not fabulous, I have too much on my TBR list to read something I'm just not crazy about. With that said, if I see it on sale, I'm definitely buying it. Christian fiction with quilts and romance? I'm in.

    19. This book was solid and kept me glued to it's pages. I thought it would end in a predictable manner because the main character, Zack, was eventually cornered, but happily it did not and made me like the book even more.

    20. Light reading -- a Christian book with a lot of quilting in it. Predictable, but a good read for the genre.

    21. It was interesting although I kinda already figured out what was going to happen in the end in the very beginningwasn't exactly surprised with the end.

    22. This was surprisingly a good book. Very cute and rather comical. I enjoyed the way the author portrayed the awkward situations, as well as the way she portrayed the faith of the book's characters.

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