The Extraordinary Cases of Sherlock Holmes

The Extraordinary Cases of Sherlock Holmes Through the foggy streets of Victoria London to the deepest countryside Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson embark on eight thrilling investigations In some of his best known cases including The Speckled B

  • Title: The Extraordinary Cases of Sherlock Holmes
  • Author: Arthur Conan Doyle Jonathan Stroud
  • ISBN: 9780141330044
  • Page: 417
  • Format: Paperback
  • Through the foggy streets of Victoria London to the deepest countryside, Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson embark on eight thrilling investigations In some of his best known cases including The Speckled Band and The Reigate Puzzle , Holmes brings his unique powers of deduction to bear on the most challenging mysteries.

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      417 Arthur Conan Doyle Jonathan Stroud
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    1 thought on “The Extraordinary Cases of Sherlock Holmes”

    1. This was a really good read. I enjoyed all the stories and the details. Curious and intriguing. I liked the characters and don't know why I waited so long to read these. I wish they had considered this author in the classics they read in school, but alas they don't. Great for any time reading and passing time. Definitely keeps you interested and turning pages. Have Fun!

    2. These are eight stories of Sherlock Holmes. They aren't any of the well-known ones, but they are still good mysteries and I enjoyed them. I've watched the Sherlock Holmes series on BBC and also seen Elementary and I'm confused as to how they decided to make Sherlock such a jerk. In the stories, he's more then willing to teach others and is delighted at what they discover for themselves.My one complaint is that Doyle makes Watson out to be such an idiot. I mean, the man is a doctor and served in [...]

    3. I may be good, but Sherlock Holmes is better. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle weaves unusual and fantastical tales about the globally beloved detective in this collection of stories. Each is short and can be devoured in less than an hour. They are some of his more famous short works and highly enjoyable. Doyle paints a narrative through the eyes of Holmes' companion, Dr. Watson and makes the tale more accessible to the average reader. Holmes' sharp mannerisms and lofty thoughts would not be as intriguing [...]

    4. I enjoyed this collection of stories! My favorites were "The Adventure of the Blue Carbuncle" and "The Adventure of the Dancing Men".

    5. The novel “The Extraordinary Cases of Sherlock Holmes” by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle is a mystery novel adapted for the everyday man. This novel consists of eight separate cases, all of which follow the works of a detective in England named Sherlock Holmes. A classical, unmistakable depiction of Victorian London, this well written piece of literature pulls you in from the instant you begin reading it, whether you are young or old. Each case is presented in such a way that it is easy to understan [...]

    6. The stories in this collection are a kind of solid Victorian fun. Mysteries with a fairly minimal amount of danger, where it isn't a question of if Holmes will solve the mystery, but how long it will take him--generally the minimal amount of time possible. What I find most interesting in the stories is not Holmes himself, but Watson. Watson is supposedly the chronicler of all of these adventures, writing them down after the fact. However, Watson the character (as opposed to Watson the narrator) [...]

    7. Carlos CruzPeriod 4Book reviewTHE EXTRAODINARY CASES OF SHERLOCK HOLMES REVIEW Sherlock Holmes is this the book for you? While reading this novel I realized that this book was not for everyone. The book required a certain amount of reading skills and an opened mind to understand this mystery book. Usually when reading it, it is hard to tell what the book is trying to communicate or get across to their reader, but it is still amusing trying to figure out what they are trying to say or point out. [...]

    8. Sherlock Holmes collection has always been my favourite time passing book. Sir Conan Doyle did a really great job creating Sherlock Holmes within those pages in the book. By stories told by his clients, he is able to piece facts together to develop a theory. As he once said 'It is a capital mistake to theorize before one has data. Insensibly one begins to twist facts to suit theories, instead of theories to suit facts.' His theories are all based on factual informations that presents in front of [...]

    9. A favourite of most people when it comes to detective stories, actually the writer immortalised his medical teacher in his methods of detecting decease from symptoms and observations. Hound of Baskerville is the most favourite generally, and most people swear by The Hound of Baskerville, to which I prefer The Speckled Band, and the last one for its descriptions of Swiss landscape. Wednesday, August 27, 2008. Of course Return of Sherlock Homes is even better, with the episode that is capture of t [...]

    10. The reason I chose this book is that Sherlock Holmes has a big influence on me, as she goes through challenges in solving complex mysteries. In this book, she had to investigate many issues in London. While reading, I noticed that she was very conscientious in her studies, and there were many scenes where she carefully examines clues that could lead to solutions of major conflicts. She demonstrates these during the climax of the story, and it ends by mentioning the success of Holmes in completin [...]

    11. These are the first Holmes stories I’ve ever read. I don’t know how these stories rate among Doyle’s best. They seem to be drawn from the magazine series – all the stories are about the same length. And the character of Holmes seems firmly established, so these appear to be middle or late stories. The stories themselves are breezy, entertaining reads. I imagine they were revolutionary in their time. But I expected more. Other than Holmes, the characters are rather lightly drawn and unint [...]

    12. This is a selection of cases from other Sherlock Holmes books. I enjoy reading this because it is mysterious and makes me think. It is great to see how Sherlock Holmes thinks. I learn from him that every little detail matters and so we should be more aware of the environment around us. My favorite case is the Adventures of the Dancing Men because it shows how Sherlock Holmes is able to unlock a code of children drawing dancing men and translate it into English. Everyone, including the murderer w [...]

    13. Overall, I was impressed by Conan Doyle’s use of minuscule details that only his character Sherlock Holmes seems to notice and later brings to the attention of the readers.I was also surprised that many of the stories begin focused on small, seemingly unimportant details such as a lost hat or picture of dancing men and eventually lead to the discovery of lost diamonds or murderers.However, these little details are what characterize Holmes and create the recurring theme of the dangers of only f [...]

    14. I enjoyed this selection of Sherlock Holmes stories. Holmes is not my favourite detective: I prefer mysteries that depend more on relationships and less on unlikely deductions from the state of a suspect's clothes etc but the Holmes and Watson stories are real classics of the genre. This selection includes 'The Speckled Band', which I'm sure gave me nightmares when I first read it, and 'Silver Blaze', which contains the famous lines:Police Inspector: "Is there any point to which you would wish t [...]

    15. Sherlock Holmes is a very weird but an enjoyable character. In all his stories that I have read, he always has his "ways" of finding out the solution. Instead of fighting, he usually uses what he sees to use around the situation. He is sometimes proud, because it is like he knows everything. This story is fascinating but very confusing because sometimes I am at the part of a killing and then suddenly they change the setting and so my brain thinks that, "There is a new scene" but then suddenly it [...]

    16. The first book I read this summer was The Extraordinary Cases of Sherlock Holmes. This is a collection of the famous short stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Each story is a different case and the same great deduction skills of Sherlock Holmes, carefully documented by Dr. John Watson. My favorite story is the Case of the Speckled Band. After Holmes gets a case to search into the death of a woman’s sister he goes on a stakeout and, even though he was drunk, solves the case. I would recommend t [...]

    17. Sherlock Holmes and Dr Watson embark on eight brilliant adventures while Holmes uses his extraordinary skills to solve mind-boggling mysteries. My favourite mystery was the first - The Speckled Band. In it, a young lady's sister dies and Holmes and Watson have to figure out what killed her. I came up with plenty of theories (not necessarily correct ones!).I thought it was clever how the author used Watson in his books - never quite catching up, always a bit behind Sherlock (and the reader). This [...]

    18. Detective stories are always pretty good. However, I found Agatha Christie's short stories much more interesting to read. I feel that Sir Conan Doyle didn't do too good a job in character distinction; for example, I couldn't tell one character apart from another through their speech. Agatha Christie is really good at that though. Still, this book is really worth reading, especially since Sherlock Holmes is the first modern detective :).

    19. Just finished the book an hour, or so, ago. Had issued it continuously, five or more times from my law college library. The reading was a mixed bag of experiences. Many highs and lows. Occasionally, the pages seemed a total boredom, making me feel, I won't be able to ever end this book. At few instances, it felt contrary, as though the tale should never end. Its over at last. I will remember it is/was the first book I issued in my college life.

    20. Arthur Conan Doyle's iconic master of logic and detective calculation comes through time and again in the well-known and beloved mysteries of Sherlock Holmes. With Doyle's unmatched atmospheric evocation of Victorian London, unforgettable leads, and imaginative mysteries, Sherlock Holmes is delightful.

    21. Just like the book the great adventures of Sherlock Holmes this book explains the genius of Sherlock Holmes. He uses small evidence to uncover the secrets of the crime. This book gives you more extraordinary crimes for Sherlock Holmes to solve and solve it he does with help from his assistant Doctor Watson.

    22. An excellent collection of stories. I only gave it four stars, however, because I found some of the tales to be a bit slow and tedious, particularly "Silver Blaze". But, all in all, I can't complain about this read!

    23. Classic Doyle in a nice kid friendly package. The text is the same, but the font and size of the book makes it appealing to read.

    24. Good collection of the shorter Holmes stories, but if you're looking for the more famous ones, this is not the assortment for you.

    25. I now have a new love and new appreciation for Sherlock Holmes. Edit, August 9: of all the classics on my list, the Sherlock Holmes stories have by far been my favorite.

    26. sebenernya kapan tepatnya baca ne buku lupa bener2 suka semua seri sherlock.rik menggambarkan seorang sherlock yang bener2 genius dalam bidangnya

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