Black Wade: The Wild Side of Love

Black Wade The Wild Side of Love Black Wade shows the entertaining love story between a rough square edged pirate and a young fine officer finely detailed and brilliantly colored

  • Title: Black Wade: The Wild Side of Love
  • Author: Franze Andärle
  • ISBN: 9783867870368
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Black Wade shows the entertaining love story between a rough, square edged pirate and a young fine officer finely detailed and brilliantly colored.

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      129 Franze Andärle
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    1. Written February 17, 20144 Stars - Filthy but really fun M/M cartoon about a hot pirate and his "tempting treasure"The Black Wade: The Wild Side of Love - an erotic gay cartoon, is absolutely matchless wacky and fun. Maybe I should blush deeply and be quite terrified, these drawings show just about everything. It's these big thick hard in quantities. This is a short colorful story about a horny pirate and his valuable male prisoner. A prisoner who cannot help but be attracted to, and very please [...]

    2. Yawr!!!!!!!!! 'Tis be another tale o' Gentlemen o' fortune lovin' one another!! 'Tis be exciting and illustrated! Yo-ho-ho!!!Aye, I be a pirate lubber! A warning for ye lily-livered sort: thar be dub-con and non-con (even a gang rape, aye!) 'Twas grand!There be a solider in the Queen's Navy, ya savvy? He be engaged to a lass but dreams of sucking cloud cocks. 'Tis his deepest fantasy, me hearty. This land-lubber be named Jack. Jack's ship be under attack by the mighty and meaty cocked pirate cap [...]

    3. Well that was interesting. This was my first manga read, so no clue how this rates in comparison to everything, but it was fun. I love pirates and sailing, so that alone made me like it more. Really simple story. Not sure how to rate the art, but it conveyed the story well and moved the eye along--except where it didn't :)Read online FREE here: myreadingmangafo/2013/03/blThanks, Ingela for the heads up on this one.

    4. See Full Review w/ Pics HereSmokinhotbooks Confesses……. to Buying PornI did it. I bought pirate gay porn… HARDBACK. I told hubs it was ‘graphic art’ and that he should never, ever, go near it. Of course he plucked it out of my hands and flipped through it – the expression on his face was *priceless*Black Wade The Wild Side of Love is a breathtaking showcase of graphic art *says with straight face*. I enjoyed the story of Lieutenant Wilkins and the sexy Pirate Wade (one might even say [...]

    5. A love story, shared between a Pirate and his Englishmanwith lots of smexy and detailed drawings, to colour your imagination. Thank you Ingela, for this awesome and graphic rec xx

    6. That’s one hell of a freaking erotic comics. Loved it!!! 😍A Stockholm’s syndrome story. Lieutenant Jack was captured when his ship was plundered by Captain Wade, the notorious captain of the seven seas. Captain Wade fancies boys and he didn’t kill Jack just for the sake of being able to bugger anytime at his pleasure. Wade has started to have feelings for Jack but he doesn’t do love and romance so he put Jack on a raft and left alone in the sea. Will these two men have another chance [...]

    7. I can understand exactly what Franze and Andärle mean when they say that their style is; nifty and thoroughly in the details. This precision makes the world of Black Wade incredibly rich and one that you will want to revisit often.The opening is well scripted with a backstory that deftly gives you an understanding of Jack. A young man, engaged to the luscious Annabeth, but filled with forbidden desires for more masculine curves. Jack has great strength of character and integrity, but he is no m [...]

    8. This was originally posted at my blog.Genre & Keywords: M/M, graphic novel, erotica, pirates, rapeRating: 4 out of 5 starsHeat level: 3 out of 3 flamesWhy I read this book:When one wicked woman blogged about it, another wicked woman bought the book and offered to send it to me after she read it. Thank you KC and Leontine! *click at their names for their posts on Black Wade*Ohmyohmyohmy! Reading Black Wade is a completely unique and hot experience! But I’m a bit at a loss here how to review [...]

    9. The graphics were amazing and I enjoyed the story too. Where were these when I was a kid? All we had were boring comic books about straight people. :)

    10. IT DIDN'T WORK FOR ME.I expected to like this. But unfortunately, for me this was just like a porn.The artwork were very good to be honest. But the rest of it is meh. I can't almost differentiate the characters (view spoiler)[because they have similar looking cocks. XD (hide spoiler)] In fairness Jack was hot. But Wade, here in the Philippines we call it shrimp (hipon in Filipino). Someone who has a hot body but fugly face. XD I didn't feel the story or their emotions. And the exposure of the bo [...]

    11. Okay, so let’s get this out of the way right up front I liken reading Black Wade to guys who say “I read Playboy for the articles.” While those articles may be thought-provoking and interesting, we all know it wasn’t the driving reason for buying the magazine.The key to reading a graphic novel is that you need to read both the written words as well as the detailed pictures that go with each panel/scene. Because there are so few words, reading them alone will not give you the entire story [...]

    12. This was my first graphic novel. I must say: I don't think it's really my thing. I'm not saying it was bad because it absolutely wasn't. I guess this one was very good for graphic novel standards. You can't really expect an elaborate plot with these kind of books, so it all kind of jumped from hate to rape to love. Another reviewer commented on the characters looking Disney-ish and I must agree. Although I've never seen Disney characters in porn poses. The drawings were hot though and there was [...]

    13. I read this one thanks to Ingela's review, and I said to myself, why not? It was a comic, it was short, I had a little while It was fun! I'm glad I read this, although normally I would avoid the topic like it was Voldemort! Because Stockholm Syndrome is a short way to describe it. The long way would be: it's a comic, it's a pirate story, just forget that thing and enjoy! I'm glad I blinded myself because the pictures are damned erotic, and beautiful. It's a very simple plot and for an hour or so [...]

    14. I loved this graphic novel. :) Who doesn't like pirates? I liked the drawing style and the plot was fun and sexy. Kinda like a gay Pirates of the Caribbean, but hotter.

    15. My Tasting:Why I bought it:Sarah of Rain on the Roof is a PIMP, that's why!! See: sharrow.wordpress/2009/10/Dislike/like (ending on a high note):Dislike~ At 80 pages it's not a particularly long read, but this is actually pretty average for a graphic novel or comic. I admit that I don't buy this medium very often and am always a little taken aback by the cost of it; however, when you consider the format (hard cover, A4 size) and the quality of the artwork, I think it's worth it.Like~ Graphic nov [...]

    16. Everyone (aka Kris) bullied me until I bought this. Freaking expensive but Book Depository is amazing. About $10 cheaper than and actually had it in stock. Jack is in the British navy when he is taken captive by pirate Black Wade (BW). BW has his way with him and eventually Jack gets with the program. When BW feels himself getting attached he sets him free. Jack is about to marry his fiance he finds out BW has been captured and is being abused (aka raped). He can’t stand it, frees BW and they [...]

    17. Note that the "historical" tag is used very loosely here. :)This is a fun graphic novel, with skimpy writing -- it glosses over a lot of things, very minimalist -- but gorgeous art. It's a wild celebration of Stockholm Syndrome, but what the heck, it's a fantasy. If you're into m/m, you'll have fun with this.

    18. Graphic NovelDreaded pirate Black Wade has a cruel mind and an explosive sexuality. His mercilessness is legendary, but it wavers when he encounters the young and warm-hearted English officer Jack Wilkins. these two absolutely different men are prisoners to their fate. overwhelmed by their passion they unite in a fight for freedom and love.Age of sail pedants, abandon ship. But everyone else, climb aboard for a fruity and surprisingly touching naughty-cal romp. (Yes, I know. I’m shameless.)The [...]

    19. Full review with picture goodies here: kassa-rvwsvejournal/794You’d have to be living under a pebble not to have heard of the latest craze moving around the m/m blogsphere. I believe Sarah started it with a raving review and the artwork she depicted speaks for itself. Kris continued the craze and from there others have definitely agreed. The story is brief, just 70 pages or so, but really you’re not buying this for the story. You’re buying this (yes yes go now) for the stunning and fabulou [...]

    20. *3.5*I've come across this cover many times, so the Disney-esque illustration style didn't phase me as much as it did some readers. I was prepared.Also, I've seen my fair share of beloved toons depicted in alarming ways. Oh, interwebs. You're incorrigible.The comparisons stop once you get past the first page of Black Wade. The artwork was incredibly detailed, with an excellent use of light and a lush saturation of colors. It was also hot. However, this is one of those "rape turns to love" storie [...]

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