Sammy Keyes and the Hollywood Mummy

Sammy Keyes and the Hollywood Mummy The sixth Sammy Keyes book is one of the most exciting yet as Sammy and her friend Marissa decide to blow town and take a bus to the seedy insane town of Hollywood to surprise and shake some sense i

  • Title: Sammy Keyes and the Hollywood Mummy
  • Author: Wendelin Van Draanen
  • ISBN: 9780439973540
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback
  • The sixth Sammy Keyes book is one of the most exciting yet, as Sammy and her friend Marissa decide to blow town and take a bus to the seedy, insane town of Hollywood to surprise and shake some sense into Sammy s mother, the elusive Lady Lana When they arrive, they discover that she s transformed herself into the glamorous, platinum blonde, 25 year old actress DominiquThe sixth Sammy Keyes book is one of the most exciting yet, as Sammy and her friend Marissa decide to blow town and take a bus to the seedy, insane town of Hollywood to surprise and shake some sense into Sammy s mother, the elusive Lady Lana When they arrive, they discover that she s transformed herself into the glamorous, platinum blonde, 25 year old actress Dominique Windsor, who certainly could never have spawned a 12 year old let alone a scruffy, no nonsense girl like Sammy The plot thickens, however, as Lady Lana s masquerade backfires in the most dreadful of ways and Sammy is left to save the day and solve the biggest mystery of her life Ages 10 and older

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    1. Sammy Keyes and her best friend Marissa go to Hollywood to visit Sammy's mom. When they get there, they find out that her mom has changed her name from Lana Keyes to Dominique Windsor. Her mom has also changed her birthday to take 10 years off her age and cut her hair really short. On the first night that Sammy and Marissa are at the place where her mom stays, someone is killed. Sammy tries to solve the mystery, and soon realizes that the person that was supposed to be murdered was her mom. I li [...]

    2. Sammy Keyes and the Hollywood mummy is about two girls- Sammy and Marissa who go to Hollywood to find Sammy's mother. The setting is in Hollywood, and Sammy is the main character. Her mother- Lana Keyes has changed her name to Dominique, dyed her hair, and shaved ten years off her age and Sammy knows that is time for her to find her mother and make her explain everything. So when her competition for the biggest role of her life,is found dead in Dominique's room, it is up to Sammy to find who mur [...]

    3. Sammy Keyes is about a teenage girl who goes to visit her mother who lives in Hollywood. Sammy's mother is trying to become this big time actress, she already made an appearance on a commercial. Sammy has always been skeptical about her mothers acting skills. When Sammy and her friend Marissa visit they get wrapped up in a Hollywood mystery. Another actress, who had been competing for an important role just like Sammy's mother shows up dead. This book is super fun to see Sammy's personality come [...]

    4. If you have kids you must listen to these in the car. I love the different voices they do. This is a great series. I am addicted to them. The characters do say OMG which I could do without but that's it.

    5. As always, Sammy Keyes was amazing. I am always impressed by the stories Wendelin is able to write. The protagonist, Sammy Keyes, goes to Hollywood to visit her movie star mother, who fails at being a parent and leaves Sammy with her grandmother. Sammy definitely did not expect to encounter more crimes and mysteries during her trip to visit her mother. One night while Sammy was sleeping, she heard a thumping noise on the other side of the wall. She did not think much of it at the moment, but the [...]

    6. Wendelin Van Draanen has really done it this time in Sammy Keyes and the Hollywood Mummy. This realistic fiction book is about two girls, Sammy and Marissa, who travel to Hollywood to find and meet Sammy's mother. When they arrive, and finally meet her, they don't get what they expect. Originally Lana Keyes, Sammy's mother is now Dominique. She dyed her hair, and has even made people believe that she is ten years younger than she really is! Dominique isn't what I would call "excited" to see Samm [...]

    7. This is a very nice mystery book that keeps you reading and always predicting. The hero, Sammy Keyes, has a mother that abandoned Sammy, to work in Hollywood. And Lady Lana, Sammy's mom, barely visits Sammy. Now sammy has found out that her mom has changed her name and her entire life and excluded Sammy from her Hollywood life. Disloyalty between mother and daughter is evident throughout the whole book, because Sammy's mother basically changes her entire life for hollywood. So Sammy now cannot t [...]

    8. I am doing opionioni think that samantha should really slow down and that she should take her time in finding out who killed Lebrandi. i also think that she should tell the truth about her mother and that she should tell them everything instead of her constantly putting pressure all on her . she is only 12 and she also os smart but i think that she she let the police know so that way they can work together and solve the mystery. instead of her constantly having nerves break downs about her think [...]

    9. This book was about a girl named sammy keyes. She solves mysterys and she is also brave. She found another mystery to solve when she found out that a mummy was stolen from a Egyptian museum. Sammys main external conflict was to find out were the mummy was and who stole it. Most of her mysterys are frustrating and scary to find out. And this mystery was one of them.A connection i can make between Sammy and Alex Rider from Stormbreaker is that they both had a mystery to solve. Sammy needed to find [...]

    10. This book was very interesting. It was still funny, but it's story line was getting more serious. For example, the girls (Samantha and her sister) finally reached their mothers(Lady Lana or Dominique) house and wanted her to be surprised. So when their mom saw them she was more upset at the fact that the girls didn't tell her that she was coming. So she slapped Sam on the face and told her off. Her sister didn't know what to do! They made up but it took a lot of explaining to do. The book was ok [...]

    11. I really enjoyed this one, but it definitely skewed to some more mature issues. Sammy and Marissa surprise Sammy's flaky mom who has moved to Hollywood and assumed a fake identity to try to become an actress. There is a murder, drug overdose, illegitimate children, really weird obsessions, and tacit discussion of the desperation and prostitution around Hollywood. I would be happy for my 5th grader to read the first five books and discuss some of the sad family stuff with her, but I don't think I [...]

    12. The Sammy Keyes series provides a glimpse into the novel genre of mystery. In this book Sammy finds herself frustrated with her Hollywood-struck mother, pushing her to run away from home with her best friend to Hollywood. The small town she calls home is not enough for her as she wishes to be with her mother in Los Angeles. During her unexpected visit, her best friend goes back home, Sammy finds a mummy in the reality TV home her mother lives in, and a few dead bodies are found. One after the ot [...]

    13. This book was possibly the first Sammy Keyes book I read all the way back in fifth grade, but it's the only one I still remembered clearly 11 years later, and with good reason. The ending to Hollywood Mummy is completely, wildly over-the-top and unbelievable, but man is it entertaining and creepy. The plot is pretty messed up for a middle-grade read, and it blew my ten year old mind. I didn't love the book as much as I did the first time around (the beginning and early middle drags a little), bu [...]

    14. This is not Sammy Keyes, I tell myself. The Sammy Keyes-stories are basically realistic. They're about a girl who's just like other girls really (apart from her being so darn special of course), with problems and joys like any kid you know. She has a knack for stumbling into theft and arson and kidnapped dogs and such, that's all. And now she turns up in Hollywood of all the glitzy places, and gets involved in a real murder, and without revealing too many details Boy, the explanation With mummie [...]

    15. This book was awsome I think it was the best out of all the Sammy Keyes books so far. But its also kind of scary because getting poked in the ribs by a mummy with a gigantic really sharp pithfork.Yeah you heard me a pithfork. And Sammy started bleeding but she was okay I think.This book was so good I love the way Wendalin Van Draanen kept leaving clues for me and Sammy to follow. One of the clues is when Sammy and Marissa snuck outside Sammy was really smart to notice that Max's office looked bi [...]

    16. So many aspects of this one made it good. She reconnected with her mother, which I appreciated, there was diversity, and the mystery itself was fantastic. Heck, she ended up saving her nums life! How much better can you get? There were so many murder suspects that you honestly had no idea which way to turn. I love that about this series. I also liked marissa more in this one. It showed her true devotion to her friendship with sammy, which i felt i hadnt really seen the full extent of before now. [...]

    17. Sammy Keyes heads for Hollywood to find her mom and confront her about the new identity she has adapted. It bothers her to think about her mother's intentions for changing her identity. When she arrives in Hollywood, she gets sucked into a world of twisted murder plots and odd people. When someone gets murder, she must get to the bottom of the mystery, as her mother might be involved somehow.I read this book about 1 time every 1-3 years since it feels good to reread this book. It doesn't get old [...]

    18. This book takes place in hollywood. Sammy visits her mother without warning. Her mother is very upset with her and tries to return her home. Soon though things get complicated when one of her moms acting friends. Sammy takes up the case to find the murderer.This book remind me of a detective film. Sammy is pretending to be a detective trying to solve cases. This is like in the movies.I tghink this book was a bit confusing. A lot of the book was just boring. I thought it was not on point all the [...]

    19. This has been, out of the few books I've read out of this series, my favorite yet. This book is a witty and creative story that has never ceased to make me laugh, cry and yell at the top of my voice in sheer surprise all at the same time. The countless unexpected twists, turns and hidden plot points have made this book one of my all time favorite children's books. I'll admit, I was skeptical of this series when I first picked up "Hotel Thief", but given the sly skill and wonderful writing of the [...]

    20. This was interesting but not my favorite thus far. Sammy and Marissa travel by bus to Hollywood to find Sammy's mother who wants to be a star. It's pretty twisted and sporadic. Doesn't flow very well like the rest of the stories but I guess that would be true to the disjointed lives people lead in Hollywood eh? I wouldn't recommend this book nor the one before it for elementary school age. Middle school and above would be better.

    21. These books continue to be very good reads, even when some of the characters don't appear. This one, focusing more on Sammy's relationship with her mother, doesn't contain anyone from previous books except Sammy herself & Marissa, but is still a very enjoyable read. It is definitely shivery at parts, though - these are real mysteries & are heading into older-reader territory.

    22. I remember thinking this one was a little far-fetched, even though I was only twelve when I read it. It's still fun, and it was great to finally meet Lady Lana (is this the one with her awful, embarrassing commercial?), but the events seemed even more unlikely than usual. Oh! But I learned a GREAT way to induce vomiting! So I guess it was a good book after all.

    23. I really like this series - thank you to my supervisor/friend Sue for recommending it. However, the mention of hookers on the Sunset Strip has motivated me to move the book to the 6th-grade section. That being said, for the second Sammy Keyes Book I've read, I'm impressed with Van Drannen's plot construction.

    24. This was an okay book.In this booy Sammy goes to hollywood to visit her mom.When she sees her mom she realizes her mom has completly changed.As a result some other things changed while she was visiting her mom.One change was that Lebrani got killed and a mystery starts to unfold and Sammy tries to come to the bottom of this mystery.

    25. I usually really love the books in this seriesis one dragged on a little too long for me. It was a little confusing and slow in some spots. I wouldn't recommend this particular book in the seriesbut I still love Sammy Keyes and her adventures. Great books for kids in 5th/6th grade.

    26. Sammy went to Hollywood,and she wanted to go to a party. So when they arrived, she saw her mom. The next day when they woke up, somebody was dead. Sammy thinks it was Max or her mom. I really liked the book because it serious. I recommended this book to the 7th graders.

    27. This is a decent enough book. A good plot with suspense and mystery, but it's obvious it's geered toward a younger crowd. the writer just seemed to lack something and the book never really grabbed my attention.

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