Ignited Minds: Unleashing the Power Within India

Ignited Minds Unleashing the Power Within India The book examines why given all our skills resources and talents we so obviously capable of being the best settle so often for the worst What is it that we as a nation are missing At the heart of

  • Title: Ignited Minds: Unleashing the Power Within India
  • Author: A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
  • ISBN: 9780143029823
  • Page: 351
  • Format: Paperback
  • The book examines why, given all our skills, resources and talents, we, so obviously capable of being the best, settle so often for the worst What is it that we as a nation are missing At the heart of the book is the belief that the people of a nation have the power, by dint od hard work, to realize their dream of a truly good life Lalam takes up different issues and thThe book examines why, given all our skills, resources and talents, we, so obviously capable of being the best, settle so often for the worst What is it that we as a nation are missing At the heart of the book is the belief that the people of a nation have the power, by dint od hard work, to realize their dream of a truly good life Lalam takes up different issues and themes that struck him on his pilgrimage around the country as he met thousands of schoolchildren, teachers, scientists saints and seers in the course of two years The result is a book that motivates usto get back on the winning track and unleash the energy within a nation that has not allowed itself full rein Ignited minds will fire the minds of the young to whom it is promarly addressed Khuswant Singh in Outlook.

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      351 A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
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    1 thought on “Ignited Minds: Unleashing the Power Within India”

    1. From this book, APJ Abdul Kalam gives an optimistic view on how children can achieve their dreams, have rolemodels etc. He has made laurels on different themes of life, how we can overcome them, and I feel that his type of recognition of each opportunity, will show our way to success.A must read for all the 'ignited' minds.

    2. Once upon a time long ago, when I was young, idealistic and believed in achievement through hard work, dedication and all that jazz- I read this inspirational, well-crafted gem from a great man. Dr. Kalam recalls various incidents from his formative years, his career, his family life and the lessons he took from them. From this book, we get a picture of a self-made man, honest, hard-working, humble, a genius and finally- a great human being. Ignited Minds is a must read for all young children, w [...]

    3. Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam sets down the future of India on the young generation. The book is all about liberating our qualities. He explains how important it is for a child to have a role model and how they must have a dream. It is through dreams that actions happen. The main focus of the book is his interaction with children of our nation. He states that the young children are the first scientists. Science exists from questions. Children ask inquisitive questions. It is from their spanking new m [...]

    4. Ignited Minds: Unleashing the Power Within India goes the logical next step and examines why, given all our skills, resources and talents, we, so obviously capable of being the best, settle so often for the worst. What is it that we as a nation are missing? For at the heart of Ignited Minds is an irresistible premise: the people of a nation have the power, by dint of hard work, to realize their dream of a truly good life. Kalam offers no formulaic prescription in Ignited Minds . Instead, he take [...]

    5. Song of YouthAs a young citizen of india,armed wit technology,knowledge and love for my nation,I realize, small aim is a crim.I wil work and sweat for a great vision,the vision of transforming India to a developed nationpowered by economic strength wit value systemI am one of the citizens of a billion,only the vision will ignite the billion souls.It has entered into me,the ignite soul compared to any resource,is the most powerful resource on the earth, above the earth and under the earth.I will [...]

    6. Maybe I expected too much from the book, but I do not find it very motivational or inspirational. The book does not really give a detailed solution to how to ignite the minds of young people, instead I see the book as a semi-autobiographical account of Kalam's professional life. But I do see his general principles on life and society, the way he lives his life, and his genuine want of a better India as admirable.

    7. 'Ignited Minds' was a terrific book. Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam has inspired us so much. He may not be with us today, but his book surely does with all its ideas and marvellous thought provoking questions to rekindle the spark in the youth of India. Also, every page in itself is a quote. I had a very hard time picking quotes as each and every line is a gem.

    8. Some of the lines from the book have touched my heart. I have notd it down. They inspire me very much which i am sharing it here:- Our civilization is rich, which leads to forward thinking, harmony and better understanding.- With such a great nation and people, why are there communal clashes? I think that when a nation doesn't have a vision, small minds take over its affairs.- Quoting Sureh Kafirun from Holy Quran.- Visionaries don't age!- The question is not who would allow us but rather, who c [...]

    9. Nation consist of people. And with their effort a nation can accomplish all it could ever want. Motivating India's people, and its youth especially, is the central theme of IGNITED MINDS. To read more follow the link muraliryan/2016/10

    10. Ignited mindswhen there were no friends , no family,solitude and when strangers laugh at you for who you are and world is pulling you in the darkest deep, you should read ignited minds. World is full of evil people always trying to pull each others legs and Social life constitutes of staring travellers, society should understand that sex is just a part of life , Life is not a part of sex. live your educated life as if you are going to die tomorrow and learn as if you are going to live forever.Th [...]

    11. The book had lot of things taken from the previous one wings of fire. There is hardly any new stuff written. And found it pretty vague as well. The very start and the end was worth reading!

    12. The book is meant for self help and to ignite a sense of ownership to achieve the unknown. While the book provides you with a delectable experience, it does not in true sense tells you what exactly to do. However, if you put in some thinking to the writing, you will realize that what Dr. Kalam wants to do is give you a direction. He has given you a blank canvas and it is an individual, who should take the onus of painting the bets picture of his life. Some of the thoughts are very provoking and [...]

    13. Disgusting, dis grease, non-sense, irrelevant, waste of time or worst than you think.This is the book written by a person who has a knowledge of English that is it. Any one who knows good English, can be a good writer here in India. This is what the book says. The author certainly has knowledge of science and technology but he is not a philosopher or visionary kind. This book along with his Revolution 2020 shows that he has very very little knowledge of other sectors of the society. And he certa [...]

    14. Although my first APJ Abdul Kalam book was ‘wings of fire’ but I could not finish it simply because his writing tends to be a bit overly descriptive even for an autobiography. This is my first APJ Abdul Kalam book that I could finish though I must say that some of the description about the missile launches could have been done away with.In this book he talks about the issues that are still haunting India and are holding it back.He talks about how a defeatist attitude is prevalent among most [...]

    15. "Ignited mind are the most powerful resource on earth"" Wisdom is a weapon to ward of destruction, it is an inner fortress which enemies cannot destroy""visionaries don't age"Breath in thought of success and u will be a success""Mission are always bigger than organisations,just as organisations are always bigger than the individuals who run them""o almighty create thoughts and actions in the minds of people of my nation so that they live united""Nation is bigger than the individual""Thinking is [...]

    16. Ignited Minds সবার পড়া উচিত। আমরা ধর্ম ধর্ম করে যে মুখ দিয়ে ফেনা তুলে ফেলছি, ধর্ম কি তা কালাম সাহেব খুব সুন্দর করেই বলেছেন এই বইতে। তিনি বলেছেন ধর্ম হবে ঐক্যের হাতিয়ার, বিভাজনের হাতিয়ার নয়। তিনি বলেছে [...]

    17. The book was written in 2002 so some of the things Kalam Sir said in the book might not be relevant in the current scenario. The book speaks at length about his work in DRDO and ISRO. He wants to ignite young minds of the 21st century and make India a developed country by the year 2020. A lot of references have been made to his previous books and his famous autobiograhy "Wings of Fire". It's a good and light read if you wish to know what thoughts and expectations Kalam Sir had for the country wh [...]

    18. what the hell just happened. this was like career counselling in our icse schools. mind boggling, it was like my mom lecturing me on the great goal of my life and giving the occasional examples of great personalities .exhausting read, i was like banging my head after the first few pages you get it i DNFOCOLATE, HERE I COME

    19. This book comes from a true patriot who dedicated his life to his nation in all sense. He being a great visionary knows his country's potential and highlights his countrymen's strength and their weakness. Through his writing he has attempted to inspire the Indian youth not just to work together to increase our nation's productivity but also gave us the direction in which to work.

    20. This is a book for every Indian of all ages. I recommend this book should be included in the school curriculum. The message which Dr Kalam conveys here is the power and importance of having dreams.His visit across the Nation made him acquainted with the potential which India possess which is untapped.

    21. This book "ignited minds" really taps some new innovative thoughts which was not being done for yrs.Book carries lot of new ideas and insights which ignites our mind.Kalam had done a big research for writing this book even fieldwork which helped me to learn new virtual experiencesrticularly recommanded for young minds.Good read.

    22. An inspiring read by Dr Kalam, the village boy who went on to lead India's space research organization and later become her president. Some of the anecdotes are duplicated from his autobiography, Wings of Fire (which older readers may prefer to read first), the stories in general made me humbled and optimistic.

    23. Started this book a while back but had stopped it in between due to some other work. Finally back to reading after a month of not reading. This book is great to inspire young minds, to aim and achieve new things for our country. Much respect for Dr. Kalam came from his inspirational talk to youngsters and he passed away doing what he did best - To inspire yound minds. Must read for all.

    24. All I can say is that, if you are living with a spark within you to do something great for your countrymen then this book will definitely ignite it. Great inspiration to draw from Dr APJ Abdul Kalam's experiences.

    25. This book could ignite my mind! It suggested me how to make my life meaningful. A heart without hopes is like a body without soul


    27. I was a pretty novice when i went through this book so my recollection of it is few thats my two rating justifies since i am not recollect much about the book

    28. <3 My decision of picking this book today is so right Kalam is ( was ? . he still lives in my heart) a positive person so is the book . Scared to buy this book looking at reviews but anyways i have high belief in him . He is continuous inspiration to me from my 5th class in deciding to love maths and clearing JEE and aspiring to become public servant. In this books he asks children( and everyone) to aspire , to take risk , learn from past and dream future. He gives solutions and points the [...]

    29. Sir Abdul Kalam has not only shared experiences with schoolchildren, teachers, scientists and saints that are extremely warming in nature but has also thrown light on some of his significant experiences in his journey of life which gives us the power to dream and manifestation to act.His approch towards science, facts and figures makes it an informative read too!! Spare just 1.5- 2 hours break to read this book which will kindle your imagination and learning.

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