Love Bites

Love Bites Love Bites Vampire Kisses Book

  • Title: Love Bites
  • Author: Ellen Schreiber
  • ISBN: 9780061689420
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Love Bites Vampire Kisses, Book 7

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    1 thought on “Love Bites”

    1. Alexander's parents went back to Romania so Raven and Alexander have the whole creepy mansion to their selves except for the butler. Any hoo this particular book Sebastian comes to visit Alexander. Sebastian is Alexander's best friend and Raven had no clue that Alexander even had a best friend. At first, Raven doesn't like that he arrived, thinking it would cut into "couple time" but actually Raven grows to really like Sebastian (as a friend) and loves having him around - the only problem is tha [...]

    2. So far, this is my favorite book in the series. Granted I’ve not read everyone’s favorite number five, The Coffin Club. Raven and Alexander are finally able to relax. The twins and Valentine have gone back to Romania and it’s just the two of them. All is quite until an unexpected visitor arrives, Sebastian. Alexander’s best friend. I’ll just say love is in the air. I really enjoyed reading this book. There are several reason why: 1) it was a very quick read, about two hours from cover [...]

    3. UGHHHHHHHHHH, just when I think it can't get any worse it does.This installment seems to do a lot with Becky, whom I thought was incredibly annoying to begin with. She and Matt are doing great, but he's never actually told her he loves her. In walks Sebastian. Seriously, how many vampire friends can just randomly show up like this!? & of course, he "falls in love" with Becky. That sure was fast.This entire book is basically Raven trying to protect Becky from Sebastian and then things get rea [...]

    4. It's about a girl Raven and her vampire Boyfriend alexander. Alexander's parents have just recently returned to Romania, and now Alexander's best friend Sebastian has arrived. Raven at first worries that this will take away from her time with alexander. But when she finds out that he may be her insite on Alexander's mysterious past, she begins to enjoy this new visitor. It all goes sour though, when Sebastian gets smitten with Raven's best friend Becky. Soon raven begins to worry that becky may [...]

    5. I have to say that I'm not impressed with this series at all. Raven acts like she's 12 years old, not 16. She's spoiled, manipulative, and impulsive. She never shuts up, and her actions cause more trouble than ever. I guess that's kind of the point. But, has anyone noticed that the girl's a theif? She found Ruby's compact back in book one, she knew who it belonged to, but 6 books and almost a year later, she still hasn't returned it. I only read this series because I'm the type who has to know h [...]

    6. It's the 7th book in the Vampire Kisses series by Ellen Schreiber that follows the romance between Raven and Alexander; cliche'd Goth teenager in love with anything Vampire since she was a little girl finds and falls head over heels in love with Alexander, a Romanian born vampire who moved to Dullsville suburbia into his great aunt's dilapidated mansion. In this series, Alexander's best friend Sebastian comes to visit and falls for Raven's best friend Becky who is already dating the nice and ath [...]

    7. Imagine sitting with your hot vampire boyfriend making out in his Mansion, when all of a sudden there are three loud knocks on the door. Well, that is exactly what happened to Raven- the local goth girl, while in Alexander's Mansion. It's Sebastian, Alexander's best friend from Romania, and he has come for a visit. Well Raven thought what a great way to get more insight on her boyfriend's past than to talk to his best friend and learn everything that she can. Well, Sebastian ends up falling for [...]

    8. I used to love reading this series, but I didn't really like this book. I felt like nothing happen, nothing change. It was a useless plot and it I felt that Ellen was trying to stretch the series as far as she can.In this book, it is about Alexander's best friend, Sebastian visiting Alex and like Alex, he is too a vampire. Raven was really excited to meet Sebastian because she wants to know more about Alexander through Sebastian. But when Sebastian starts falling for Raven's best friend, Becky, [...]

    9. I'm still loving Schreiber's series, even at seven. Here's why: they're short and easy to get through, usually within an hour or two, they're minimalistic, each with one driving issue to be resolved by the end yet enough excitement to lead to the next book, Alexander and Raven's romance is too cute, especially since she is so smitten and punk vampire. The cheese does not go over my head, I know it is, but it's just so darn cute. In Love Bites, Alexander's best friend, Sebastian arrives. Never ha [...]

    10. This was a cute story. Raven and Alexander are in love even more than before. Sebastian, Alexander's best friend, comes for a visit. He falls in love with Raven's best friend, Becky. Raven and Alexander try to keep them separated especially since Becky has matt as her boyfriend. They decide to through a party inviting Scarlet and Onyx from the Coffin Club. The party grows from the whole town showing up, as well as Jaggar and Luna. Alexander is so happy to have people around him, but this soon en [...]

    11. ok this wasn't a good book at all, it was dull and boring, for a short read it took me forever to read it. I do like sebastian, and I love Alexander. Raven quite annoyed me throughout this book, she needed to relax a little bit.

    12. Final Verdict First:If I had to pick one YA paranormal romance series as my all-time favorite, it would probably be Vampire Kisses. Each book is gut-busting-ly funny, narrated by a heroine that is MADE OF AWESOME, with a vampire love interest that is the epitome of sexy WITHOUT BEING A CHEESY EMO STALKER. I am telling you, if you are a fan of paranormal romance and want an alternative to the typical PNR story line, then YOU MUST READ Vampire Kisses.Love Bites is just as funny, adorable, and page [...]

    13. This seventh installment of Ellen Schreiber's Vampire Kisses was great. Some series' have a tendency to go off on weird tangents or lose their steam but Schreiber continues to craft a great story. Alexander's best friend Sebastian arrives to stay a few days with Alexander. Raven didn't even know he had a best friend since Alexander talks so little about himself. She sees this as an opportunity to learn more about her boyfriend but things go array when Sebastian falls in love with Raven's best fr [...]

    14. One of my all-time and original Vampire/Mortal love stories and series happens to be the Vampire Kisses series by Ellen Schrieber. Before Twilight, the re-ignition of Vampire Diaries , True Blood became a TV Show and Vampire Academy, there once lived a series called Vampire Kisses , it was all about this Vampire named Alexander Stirling who had moved into a mansion in Dullsville and fell in love with a Gothic like mortal girl named Raven. Raven has had to keep the secret of Vampire's existence f [...]

    15. A quirky little story that ends with a bangThis is the seventh book in the Vampire Kisses series. In this one we have Raven our gothic beauty and Alexander, her handsome and charming vampire boyfriend, madly in love. Now that Alexander’s parents have gone back to Romania they have the mansion all to themselves, for now.Out of the blue Alexander’s best friend Sebastian shows up and stays with Alexander. Raven is weary of why Sebastian is staying, I mean she just got Alexander all to herself. [...]

    16. LOVE BITES is just like all of the other books in the VAMPIRE KISSES series. If you read the first one, you pretty much read them all. The plot is the same; mortal teenager Raven is in love with vampire Alexander and nobody can know his secret. Same old, same old. In this book, Alexander's parents returned to Romania leaving him and the housekeeper, Jameson, alone in their mansion. Alexander's best friend from Romania, Sebastian, comes for a visit unexpectedly. Raven, Alexander, and Sebastian ha [...]

    17. Impulsive Raven may have to be the mediating force when her vampire boyfriend's immortal best friend visits--and falls for her mortal best friend. Can she keep her best friend Becky from being bitten when it is the one thing Raven longs for the most? Love Bites is the seventh book in the Vampire Kisses series but reads easily as a stand alone book though the ending leaves you wanting the next installment. Goth girl Raven and her handsome vampire boyfriend Alexander play to many teen vampire roma [...]

    18. Love Bite was a blast. This time Raven and her boyfriend, Alexander attempt to entertain his best friend, Sebastian in the sleepy town of "Dullsville." Everything is going great until Sebastian meets Raven's best friend, Becky and immediately declares he is in love. That would be okay if Becky didn't already have a boyfriend, Matt. Sebatian stalks Becky with unannounced visits and flowers in her locker. In an attempt to find him a replacement girl (one who is of his species, Vampire) Raven and A [...]

    19. AWESOME, that is seven letters for you ladies and gentlemen. I really liked this book. I waited for it in all my classes just to get this book on the date it said to be released and even finished my homework early enough to read it. My dad suprised me when i got into the car and there it was on my seat! I quickly devoured this book in about 4 hours. Or less. When I got home.SpIoLeR: I had know idea that Becky was going to be Sebastion's crushie and the part that JAGGER AND LUNA are back!!!! Alex [...]

    20. Another great addition to the series. The book focuses on the arrival of Alexander's best friend, Sebastian. The trouble is he falls for Raven's best friend, Becky, who is already taken and mortal. So it is up to Raven and Alexander to distract him and for him to leave Becky alone. Alexander is also recognized for his artistic talent in the newspaper with a feature article on him, where he claims to sleep in a coffin. In order to distract Sebastian, Raven thinks up a marvelous plan for a party t [...]

    21. So here goes the 7th book in the series! Wee! Introducing a new sexy vampire, Sebastian! Sebastian is Alexander's bestfriend Oh how I envy Raven for being with two sexy vamps I pity Sebastian since I can feel that his feelings were real; and that tiny blood incident with Becky? I guess he just can't control himself yet, and that he really doesn't want it to happen. I'm hoping for another love triangle in the story including Sebastian, Becky and Matt! But I know it might spoil the series because [...]

    22. Book 7 in the Vampire Kisses series. In this book I felt a bit disconnected, from the characters, the settings and situations. Though a few interesting things happened with Alexander's best friend coming to town and all of the consequences that brought with it. I wasn't thrilled.It all felt rushed, immature, annoying, disjointed and same ole, same ole.At this point all of the books are starting to feel like, Ive been here, Ive done this. We are starting to see the same thing in each book.Ill sti [...]

    23. at first i didn't ;ike or trust sebastian but he started to grow on me. i was really worried about the whole sebastian/becky/matt thing but it all got sorted out so yay. i thought it was trevor sending raventhe texts so i was really exited when i found out it was alexander. i just assumed sebastian would end up with onyx or scarlet so i was majorly surprised when he basically ended up with luna. if theres only one more book in the series i hope it'll be about raven and alexander and the whole va [...]

    24. ok i loved this book it was sort of the same as all the rest he Alexander doest not make her into a vampire his best friend Sebastian comes and falls in love with Becky Alexander and raven introduce him to onyx and scarlet at a party were Luna and Jagger come to Jagger wants to use Sebastian to make a coffin club in dullsville and Sebastian bites Luna in the neck and supposedly he falls in love with her.

    25. I love this book Raven & Alexander are a great couple! In this book Alexander's parents come to town & Raven's not sure if they will like her. You know normal girl meets guys parents for first time stuff. And there parent meet eachother too. Raven still wants Alexander to bite her of she thinks she does. He still isn't sure if his live is the best life for her even if he want her forever. If you have been reading this series then you will love this book too. Can't wait for book 8.

    26. This has been a clean vampire series. I am not for sure where the author is planning on taking the story. This was book 7 and I feel like the story hasn't progressed much other then meeting more characters. It an enjoyable read I am just curious of how many books will be in the series and where the author plans on taking the story.

    27. it was really great and in the end i didnt want to stop reading it i complained when i turned the page and it was blank and then on the opposite page was the aknowledgements I was really disappointed it stopped there I wanted more. But now I have to wait for the next book.

    28. I LOVE this series. It is like Twilight, but it's not. It has Vampires like in Twilight, but they are portrayed very differently. In this series they can not go out in sunlight, and they die from garlic. There are things that are the same in both like that they both have to survive on blood.

    29. I totally can;t wait until i read it. Alexander needs to turn Raven thoughi am impatient and want her to see whats it is likeI LOVE VAMPIRES

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