Found Never turn your back on a dragon Sneaking out of prison isn t easy unless you are a thief or a wizard Luckily Conn is both Trouble is once he s out where does he go His home is a pile of rubble s

  • Title: Found
  • Author: Sarah Prineas
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 116
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Never turn your back on a dragon Sneaking out of prison isn t easy, unless you are a thief, or a wizard Luckily, Conn is both Trouble is, once he s out, where does he go His home is a pile of rubble since he blew it up doing magic His master, the wizard Nevery, is not happy with him Worst of all, Conn s been exiled, and staying in the city will mean his death But WeNever turn your back on a dragon Sneaking out of prison isn t easy, unless you are a thief, or a wizard Luckily, Conn is both Trouble is, once he s out, where does he go His home is a pile of rubble since he blew it up doing magic His master, the wizard Nevery, is not happy with him Worst of all, Conn s been exiled, and staying in the city will mean his death But Wellmet is in danger from an evil predator coming to destroy the city, and Conn must set off on a quest to fight it Suddenly, a huge shadow looms over him and he is swept away by something awesome than his wildest imaginings Is Conn brave enough to answer magic s call, or is he really just a thief at heart Sarah Prineas s incredible world explodes with adventure a place where cities run on living magic and heroes come from the most surprising places.

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      116 Sarah Prineas
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    1 thought on “Found”

    1. If you’ve had a chance to peruse my review of the first two books in this series, you’ll know that I loved them both and that same level of enjoyment was extended to this final book in the series. It is not easy to write three books that maintain the same high level of excitement from readers, yet Sarah does it flawlessly. In fact, I was very sorry to finish and wished she was continuing it!In this final installment of the The Magic Theif series, the magic takes a firmer grip on Conn in this [...]

    2. From an LJ post:Then I went off to my bed and the rest of The Magic Thief: Found, which was just wonderful. It's younger than YA, and still has one of the most interesting magics (you can't really call it a system of magic, which is part of the interest) I've read in ages. And the development in this (the third) book is just perfect - as you might guess from the subtitle, but that of course, could be referring to anything. Conn continues to be a wonder - as well as the understated depictions of [...]

    3. This series, besides stealing heavily from other popular books (more on this in a minute) is about food. Somehow. Yes. I notice the main character Conn is always either talking about biscuits or eating them. With jam and butter, or even making a sandwich out of them. Is this the only source of food in this world?? Because it seems to be at least 90% of the diet of its inhabitants.And there is an overused term of "getting the fluff beat" out of Conn. Over and over it's used on every other page. I [...]

    4. What I really liked best about this book and all the books was the voice. Conn has a strong presence. I also liked how he just refuses to go along with what he is told and he finds his own way. My son LOVED LOVED LOVED this book. As I read it, his eyes grew bigger and bigger as he dramatically clutched the covers under his chin in suspense and awe.If Prineas does not publish the very last book I shall never forgive her, and more to the point, neither will my son.

    5. I have a massive confession. I feel if this is the end of the series utterly cheated. I have no closure, I felt it was a bit of a weak ending and I just feel like the whole series was wrapped up way to quickly. I am glad that there was more of Conn and the wizard in this book. I felt it was missing from the second one and it made me sad. But I am still a bit disappointed in the ending. That said, there were a few sections that weren't explained very well and I felt I missed out on something. But [...]

    6. 4.5 stars!The third book in the fabulous Magic Thief series builds to an incredibly exciting climax that finishes the trilogy arc perfectly. The ending was beautiful and poignant and just right.I'm really hoping to read more Conn adventures in the future!

    7. Boy howdy. I loved this book. Very much the sort of fantasy I enjoy reading. By mistake, I picked up book three, while believing it was book one (not having a memory of book one's cover, I overlooked the significance of the word FOUND on the cover in my book-selecting frenzy - silly me). Once home, I realized by looking at the first pages that I had skipped searching for The Magic Thief and The Magic Thief: Lost, and jumped to the end of the trilogy.However, happily, Ms. Prineas was kind enough [...]

    8. I am still debating on how many stars I should give this last book of the installment.(btw, I just found out that even though it might not get published for another two years, the author has written a fourth book of the series !!!)I wish I could give it a 3.5 but since doesn't support that system I would have to give it a 4.I'm afraid this series does not have a very strong satisfied ending but I guess I can't say for sure until I read the fourth book that will or will not be published.Although [...]

    9. After years and years of re-reading book one, a thought suddenly occurred to me, "there might be more!" when I first read book one all those years ago, there had been no word about a sequel, but sure enough, I google searched the series yesterday, and not only is there a book two, but a book three and a nearly finished book four! Not only that, but my online library happened to have copies of both book two and book three available to borrow. My opinion of the internet has certainly improved a bi [...]

    10. The conclusion of the series did a nice job of building suspense, and wrapping the story up. Unlike book 2, book 3 includes bits and pieces of the previous story, just in case you've forgotten, and as such, could conceivably be read stand-alone.The series in general lends itself very well to audio. It is written in first person, and Connwaer (Conn) thinks/talks very descriptively. Tastes, smells, sights are all described in ways easily accessible to the listener, placing us firmly within the sto [...]

    11. Sarah Prineas has penned a magnificent conclusion to her irresistible Magic Thief trilogy, which features the guttersnipe thief-turned-wizard Connwaer, his wizard mentor Nevery and his royal friend Rowan. Conn, in exile after the literal pyrotechnics of The Magic Thief: Lost, nonetheless conspires with Nevery to come up with a defense against the encroaching evil magic of Arionvar. To tell much more would be to spoil this novel. Let’s just say that Conn heads out to find a new locus magicalicu [...]

    12. It is predictable that in this age of Harry Potter afterglow, with its attendant post novel rollouts, that Prineas' trilogy would have similar elements of the orphan boy, the caring mentor, dependable friends, wizardry, magic, evil to fight, and a sacrifice to be made. ButI had to hone in to find those because Prineas does an admirable job of crafting "original" characters. Certainly the characters are well-drawn, well-developed, and unique to themselves. And the twist in story plot at the end w [...]

    13. Seri ini makin seru dan penuh kejutan. Walaupun Conn dianggap banyak membuat masalah tapi dia juga anak yang paling berdedikasi menyelamatkan kotanya. Walaupun di buku pertama di sebutkan bahwa naga telah punah, di buku ketiga ini mereka kembali muncul dan membuka takbir misteri tentang sihir. Konflik buku ini masih berlanjut dari buku pertama dan kedua. Di ceritakan masih dari POV Conn, diary Nevery dan Rowan kita di bawa ke perjalanan panjang penuh lika liku Conn untuk mencari batu sihirnya ya [...]

    14. Um, I wanted to like this book, but there were just so many problems. The author borrows so much so completely, none of it feels very fresh or clever. First, Nevery was a bit of a Merlin from Sword in the Stone, then he transformed into a grumpy Dumbledore, then the series suddenly became How to Train Your Dragon (the books, not the movies), so Nevery was superfluous. I'm focusing on Nevery because I had big hope for him, but they were never realized. The writing itself stalls out quite often, t [...]

    15. Akhir cerita yang epik!Aku selalu berharap hidupku adalah seputar mempelajari sihir, memiliki hewan peliharaan naga, bercengkerama dengannya sembari membaca kitab-kitab sihir, bertemu dengan musuh yang tidak sepaham dan menggunakan objek tongkat atau batu dalam melakukan hal-hal sihir untuk melawan si musuh. Aku sangat ingin hidup seperti itu.Inilah yang lagi-lagi membuatku menomor-satukan buku-buku bergenre ini. Ketika kehidupan sehari-hari hanyalah kenyataan yang membosankan, kau harus punya a [...]

    16. This is adorable. And good in all its details (apart from the river geography on the peninsula map. Yikes. Go see it). But it makes me feel decades too old for it - in a good way, not in a dated cultural reference way, but still, I just feel too old to appreciate it as it should be appreciated. There is still plenty there for an adult to enjoy though. I really wish this will get translated, it´s a perfect series to buy for pre-teen boys (girls are a little bit easier to buy books for).

    17. Once more, gutterboy/wizard Connwaer comes to the aid of his beloved city of Wellmet, striving against odds to save the city, its people and its Magic. And once again, author Sarah Prineas creates a delightful tale with her beautiful, skillful storytelling. I don't know whether this is the last of The Magic Thief books. If so, the series goes out with a flourish.

    18. Very good. I really liked this one a lot. 8+. Now where is book 4? Fall 2014!!! Ha ha very funny. You're not kidding, are you? Frell.

    19. The subsequent books, while pleasant enough, have not lived up to my enjoyment of the first one. And I think I've figured out why. Book #1 featured a plucky protagonist who, against all odds, succeeded. And when I reach for a kid's fantasy book, that's sort of what I'm in the mood for. If I want Crime and Punishment or something by Nadine Gordimer, I'm old enough to opt for those but I didn't, I'm hoping for cosy/charming/pleasant/easy/gripping/delightful etc.Books 2 and 3 have the protagonist [...]

    20. I think it's safe to say when you finish the second book of a series, look at your clock and realize there is exactly 20 minutes before the library closes and you can go get the 3rd book and then you don't set it down until you finish reading it 3 hours later that you really enjoyed the book. All the different details thigh out the first two books are wielded together very very well. I was about to punch the book twice because of the idiocy of the people around Conn and what happens in the chapt [...]

    21. I enjoyed this, as I did the other books, but a lot of the explanations of the magic and stuff didn't really make sense to me, so I was sort of trying to follow Conn confusedly as he figured things out. Which, I admit, was probably because I read this too fastke gobbling down food so quickly that you almost choke on it or something.I'm sure if I read it slower, I would have understood all of the connections with the worldbuilding and the magic system and everything, but I didn't.It was still coo [...]

    22. Another fun book in the Magic Thief series. I really like how they're getting more serious as things go along, although I'll be quite interested in seeing what the forth book is about, since this one kind of felt like the end of the series.This story focuses mostly on Conn, as he's alone for most of the book. He continues to grow in maturity, which is nice to see. I still love Nevery and Bennet and the new addition of Pip, the dragon. It's adorable.The plot was fairly simple this time. Find Conn [...]

    23. Conn is into trouble again, mostly because he's blowing things up to access magic. There are evil things turning people into stone, and those fuddy-dud wizards still don't believe him. He goes further afield, since he gets exiled, and even worse! This time, his wizard is actually trying to help him out. There's lots of fun and adventure and friendship in this last book of a very enjoyable middle grade series.

    24. Continuing Conn's story in the style of the first two books. That was the problem for me: too much in the same style, so it didn't develop the characters more and allow us to know them better. Fantasy for young readers, mostly. I would not recommend it for adults.

    25. And I'm still not tired of this series. This installment was just as good as the first two as Conn discovers the source of magic. Creative and fun storytelling as we see why the magic chose Conn and then how he used that information to solve the current threat against Wellmet.

    26. Another wonderful installment to this series. There’s not much more that I can say that I haven’t said in the other reviews for books one and two—the writing style is right up my alley and the story kept me engaged and plowing on to the end. Now to dive into book four!

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