Roald Dahl's Completely Revolting Recipes: A Collection of Delumptious Favourites

Roald Dahl s Completely Revolting Recipes A Collection of Delumptious Favourites NOSE BAGS ON GRUB S UP A gloriumptious collection of favourite Roald Dahl recipes is here recipes in a delicious new format from glumptious Green Pea Soup and wondercrump Wormy Spaghetti to scrumd

  • Title: Roald Dahl's Completely Revolting Recipes: A Collection of Delumptious Favourites
  • Author: Roald Dahl Felicity Dahl Josie Fison Jan Baldwin Quentin Blake
  • ISBN: 9780224083423
  • Page: 265
  • Format: Hardcover
  • NOSE BAGS ON GRUB S UP A gloriumptious collection of favourite Roald Dahl recipes is here 50 recipes in a delicious new format from glumptious Green Pea Soup and wondercrump Wormy Spaghetti, to scrumdiddlyumptious Scrambled Dregs and bellypopping Butterscotch.No Roald Dahl fan will want to be without this delumptious book.

    • Best Read [Roald Dahl Felicity Dahl Josie Fison Jan Baldwin Quentin Blake] ☆ Roald Dahl's Completely Revolting Recipes: A Collection of Delumptious Favourites || [Contemporary Book] PDF ✓
      265 Roald Dahl Felicity Dahl Josie Fison Jan Baldwin Quentin Blake
    • thumbnail Title: Best Read [Roald Dahl Felicity Dahl Josie Fison Jan Baldwin Quentin Blake] ☆ Roald Dahl's Completely Revolting Recipes: A Collection of Delumptious Favourites || [Contemporary Book] PDF ✓
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    1. Review for: Roald Dahl's Revolting RecipesRecipes compiled by: Josie Fison and Felicity DahlIllustrator: Quentin BlakePhotographer: Jan BaldwinFirst Published: 1994Introduction from Felicity Dahl, 1994. Roald and Felicity Dahl came up with the idea of "a book for children, based on the many wonderful and varied foods that appear in his books.", shortly before Dahl died. Roald Dahl encouraged (challenged) his second wife to find a way to produce this cookbook. And she did.Baldwin's photos and Bla [...]

    2. I received this book as a present when I was about 9 or 10 and probably drove my parents crazy asking them to help me make all the recipes in it (and buy the ingredients of course!) The book consists of recipes from many of Roald Dahl's most famous children's novels. Including "snozzcumbers" from The BFG, "Lickable Wallpaper" from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, "Mr Twit's bird pie" from The Twits and many, many more! The book is beautifully illustrated with Quentin Blake's signature illustra [...]

    3. This is actually what it says it isa recipe book. The fact that it includes the drawings typically found in Roald Dahl's other tales is icing on the cake (pun intended). Some of the recipe titles are gross enough that I'm not sure I'd make these dishes, but they'd be just the ticket to interest a picky child who likes the "gross" factor. Dahl's wife worked out actual recipes with titles of some of the food mentioned in his stories. Here are a couple of samples: "Mosquitoes' Toes and Wampfish Roe [...]

    4. I found the majority of these recipes to be overly complicated and unappetizing! There are 31 in the book and I would consider trying three or four of them at best. It was fun to look at though and certainly doesnt take long to read.

    5. Bruce Bogtrotter cake was always my favorite from this book. My mom helped me make it when I was in 3rd grade and we were reading Matilda. Delicious!

    6. Roald Dahl had a habit of having pink milk for breakfast." p123Recipes compiled by: Josie Fison and Felicity Dahl, and Lori-Ann NewmanIllustrator: Quentin BlakePhotographer: Jan BaldwinRecipes were first published in Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes, 1994, and Roald Dahl's Even More Revolting Recipes, 2001. (Not every recipe is included).First Published in this combined edition: 2009Introduction from Felicity Dahl.Baldwin's photos and Blake's images merge to humorously illustrate the recipes, with [...]

    7. As a child this was one of my favourite recipe books--not that I was a fan of Ronald Dahl by any means--although I always enjoyed reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory--but just for the crazy and fascinating recipe ideas themselves! Also, a lot of the foods and sweets mentioned in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory were included in this book, everything from the sugar-coated pencils for licking in class to the hot ice cream for cold days, and I loved trying them out!

    8. In school I made Frobscottle and Snozcumbers. In The BFG, Fobscottle was delicious and Snozcumbers were disgusting. When you make them out of real food, it's the other way around. True story.

    9. These are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!I mean who would think of such a revolting twist to the normal Cinderella story.And i mean these rhymes are also brilliant for plays. Just incredibly funny! I loved them!

    10. This is an odd and entertaining recipe book that reflects some of the unusual cuisine in Roald Dahl's books. The recipes actually look quite good, despite titles like Stink Bugs' Eggs, Fresh Mudburgers, Lickable Wallpaper, Frobscottle, and Hair Toffee to Make Hair Grow on Bald Men. All of the different courses are covered, from Starters to Main Courses to Confectionery. I didn't get to make any of the recipes, but I thought it was a fun cookbook. December 2013 update: Our girls read Charlie and [...]

    11. I found this book in the most unexpected of places: a book stand (not even a store!) at the Natsu Matsuri 2011. It just goes to show, how there are gems everywhere.Having grown up on Roald Dahl, I quite naturally love all his books. They're humourous, yet when I re-read them after a few years, I noticed the dark humour. It's marvelous how he writes for all ages, and how you can find layers of meaning in his works. This recipe book is a treasure. It contains excerpts from the various books, and h [...]

    12. This companion book is illustrated by Quentin Blake, with photographs by Jan Baldwin; Josie Fison and Felicity Dahl compiled the recipes. Gather up ten greedy children, a couple chickens, and a blackbird (the pastry funnel, not the winged vertebrate), and get ready to experiment in the kitchen! Recipes include Snozzcumbers (The BFG), Mosquitoes' Toes and Wampfish Roes Mostly Delicately Fried (James and the Giant Peach), and Stickjaw for Talkative Parents (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory). Most [...]

    13. A book of disgusting recipes for children and adults using things you can actually eat afterwards. I used this book in year one, it was a great book for literacy - we did instruction writing, creating recipes, cooking, shopping lists. The children were also able to make something from the book as well. It was also good for helping children to use bossy words. A great book to create lesson ideas from.

    14. A really fun recipe book written by Roald Dahl that has recipes in it from the foods characters in his books have eaten. There's: Snozzcumbers from the BFGFresh mudburgers from James & the giant peachMosquitoes' Toes & Wampfish Roes most Delicately fried from James &Lickable Wallpaper from charlie and the chocolate factoryand much mores a really fun book for cooking with kids.

    15. I don't usually buy recipe books, but when I saw this book at the flea market, I just have to have it.The book consists of recipes from Roald Dahl's children books. And it also has pictures of the food and funny illustrations.I read it to my girls last night, while they said, "Ewwww", I said, "oohhI got to try to make that.":))

    16. when in doubt for breakfast, lunch and dinner and have some time to bust always refer to Roald Dahl's Revolting Recipes without hesitation. A simple book with all the right lines in the story, this paper back does not contain any novels or short stories alike, but recipes. And more recipes. And more things you could ignore but simply can't. 5 stars.

    17. This is a sort of cute accompaniment to Dahl's books. And it looks like most of the recipes would make up pretty decently. It might be fun to try a few things from a particular book someone had just read. But it failed my would-I-buy-it-for-my-grandkids test, at least for now. Not many things really caught my fancy enough to seem worth the bother.

    18. I used this book in combination with Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to do a unit study. The kids loved it. We made Butter Rum from the book after reading how the Oompa-Loompas became drunk then set up the video camera. I have got my children on film acting drunk just like the Oompa-Loompas. It was cute.

    19. This is a must for any kid (family) who loves Roald Dahl's books. Really, who doesn't want to whip up some Snozz-cumbers (the BFG) or Chocolate-covered-strawberry-fudge (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)? We will add this to our shelf, and as my son is old enough to read Roald Dahl with me and his dad, we will bust this book out, cook something up, and eat it (reading between bites, of course),

    20. I highly recommend the recipes for Bruce Bogtrotter Cake and for the Green Pea Soup from the Witches. They are neither of them all that easy to make, but are both extremely delicious and worth the effort

    21. Fantastic book for kids! So imaginative and creative. Easy read that children will find delightful!Roald Dahl is always brilliant! His stories and rhymes are fun and entertaining! Some of my all time favorites!! Such a great way to entertain children and get them interested in reading!

    22. I seriously read this, it's so funny! My mom had checked it out from the library so my bro could read it for BOOKO (shiver, shiver). But, anyway, the pictures are hilarious!You kind of have to have read the books to understand, though. I only gave it four stars, because it is a cookbook.

    23. Roald Dahl was my favorite author as a child. This recipe book would have been such fun. It teaches you how to make snozcumbers, frobscottle, lickable wallpaper, and many other fun foods mentioned in his books.

    24. This man was magical and if you remember some of his books and those incredible foods like Hot frogs, Lickable Wallpaper, Snozzcumbers, Stink Bugs Eggs, Toffee Apple trees and more. Grab this fun book full of recipes. Fun for all ages.

    25. FUN! Kids will love these recipes, as they relate to their favorite books! But the recipes also just look delicious! So glad this exists!

    26. Frankly, I can't remember a) reading this book or b) hating it or c) adding a negative rating on . I don't know why it's got one star. But I'll leave it up. Just in case.

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