Antigone was originally produced in Paris in when France was occupied and part of Hitler s Europe The play depicts an authoritarian regime which mirrors the predicament of the French people of t

  • Title: آنتیگون
  • Author: Jean Anouilh Ahmad Parhizi
  • ISBN: 9789641850540
  • Page: 163
  • Format: Paperback
  • Antigone was originally produced in Paris in 1942, when France was occupied and part of Hitler s Europe The play depicts an authoritarian regime which mirrors the predicament of the French people of the time Based on Sophocles ancient Greek tragedy, Antigone which was first performed in Athens in the 5th century BC, its theme was nevertheless topical For in Antigone sAntigone was originally produced in Paris in 1942, when France was occupied and part of Hitler s Europe The play depicts an authoritarian regime which mirrors the predicament of the French people of the time Based on Sophocles ancient Greek tragedy, Antigone which was first performed in Athens in the 5th century BC, its theme was nevertheless topical For in Antigone s faithfulness to her dead brother and his proper burial and her reiterated No to the dictator Creon, the French audience saw its own resistance to the German occupation The Germans allowed the play to be performed presumably because they found Creon s arguments for dictatorship so convincing The play is regularly performed and studied around the world Anouilh is a poet, but not a poet of words he is a poet of words acted, of scenes set, of players performing Peter Brook

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    1. This is the most French retelling ever, y'all. Think secular and pessimist. Because oh, boy, how depressing Jean Anouilh was! Through the years his works showed more and more clearly how absurd human condition was for him, and how bitter he became. Yet I love that guy - there's just something so liberating oozing from this play. "Et puis, surtout, c'est reposant, la tragédie, parce qu'on sait qu'il n'y a plus d'espoir, le sale espoir ; qu'on est pris, qu'on est enfin pris comme un rat, avec tou [...]

    2. Antigone, Jean Anouilh عنوانها: آنتیگون؛ آنتیگونه؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش: نهم ژوئن سال 1975 میلادیعنوان: آنتیگون؛ روایت: ژان آنوی؛ مترجم: اقدس یغمایی؛ تهران، در 105 ص؛ عنوان: آنتیگون؛ روایت: ژان آنوی؛ مترجم: احمد پرهیزی؛ تهران، نشر نی، 1388، در 122 ص؛ شابک: 9789641850540؛ چاپ دوم 1390؛ چاپ سوم 1392؛ موضوع: نم [...]

    3. Anouilh has created a fascinating version of Antigone, but not one that I prefer to Sophocles'.Instead of fighting to bury her brother because it is the right and just thing to do according to the eternal and unwritten rules of the gods, she is merely making a point, overwhelmed by youthful emotion, and one which in the final moments, she regrets. This is not the powerful Antigone of Greek Tragedy. Creon is not the hubristic, tyrannical King of old, he is a man forced to perform a difficult task [...]

    4. آنوی به ما نشان می‌دهد اگر اسطوره را از روایتی بگیریم چه می‌شود. اگر شخصیت‌ها دیگر به خدایان شبیه نباشند و اعمال‌شان را در حیطه‌ی کنش‌های انسانی انجام دهند چه اتفاقی می‌افتد؟‌ حالا آنتیگون از جایگاهش پایین می‌آید و در حالی که باورهایش شکل‌گیری هیچ اسطوره‌ای را رقم نمی [...]

    5. Read this play any time you feel you're being talked into something which sounds plausible, but which you know in your heart just stinks. It was written to encourage French people not to collaborate with the Nazis during the occupation. A miracle that it was ever performed. Were the Nazi censors simply stupid, or did some bureaucratic hero take a huge risk to get it cleared? Perhaps a bit of both it's hard to see how just one would be enough. The story is kind of heartbreaking. If you haven't fa [...]

    6. Very intense and affecting dialogues. The play pits idealism against realism in the form of heated arguments between Antigone and her uncle King Creon. By presenting Antigone as being almost naive and pigheadedly irrational and Creon as tenuously considerate and reasonable, Anouilh exposes the real pith of both characters. In truth, Antigone is the epitome of the perfectionist idealist, whereas King Creon represents the hypocritical and callous tyrant whose only concern is power and politics.In [...]

    7. In the "note by the adapter" of the translation I read, he (Lewis Galantiere, who is, incidentally, a wonderful translator) related how Anouilh had to have the approval of the German censor in order for his play to open (in Paris in 1943). The fact that Anouilh was able to convey to the Germans a sense that Creon "wins" because he is lawfully "right," and to the French that in a sense Antigone's argument is the stronger in view of a higher power and moral "right" (and therefore comes as a call f [...]

    8. Read this French text while listening to an English-language audiobook. (translated by Christopher Nixon).Luckily for me I got the audiobook as when I turned to the print edition I had checked out from the library, it turned out to be in French!! My French isn't good enough to have read this alone but was good enough to attempt reading it with the help of an English translation in audio :) It was an interesting experience! The L.A. TheatreWorks audiobook doesn't include stage directions so I wou [...]

    9. قرأتها قبل ثلاث سنوات تقريباً، كان واحدة ضمن ثلاث روايات مقررة للامتحان الفرنسية في السنة الثانية للثانوية، و رغم أن لدي موقفاً شخصياً من لغة موليير، لأنها لغة فُرضت علينا، و أجبرنا و سنجبر على الدراسة بها و العمل بها و تقديمها على لغتنا الأم دائماًو رغم أن لدي موقفاً أيضاً [...]

    10. بیش تر از همه شخصیت های چندبعدی ش بودند که نظر منو جلب کردند: کریونی که یک لحظه عمیق و فلسفی می شد - و خداییش جالب ترین دیالوگ های تمام نمایشنامه مربوط به کریونه - و یک لحظه بعد یک دیکتاتور تمام عیار که فقط می خواد آنتیگون رو "ساکت کنه"، یه هیتلر واقعی. از اون طرف هم آنتیگون ه که حرف [...]

    11. I think I'm becoming a little bit obsessed with this play, which is kind of fun. It's at the point now where I am actually very keen to learn Ancient Greek so I can read the original Sophocles. In the meantime, though, I would like to read an English translation of Anouilh, and then read the French again, or perhaps read them concurrently. This was very interesting, not least because all the data points fitted. I think just about everything from Sophocles' original Antigone was included: every c [...]

    12. "اگه قرار باشه هر وقت من رنگم می پره رنگ اون نپره، اگه قرار باشه هر وقت من 5 دقیقه دیر می کنم، اون فکر نکنه که من مرده ام، اگه قرار باشه هر وقت من دارم می خندم بدون اینکه اون دلیلش رو بفهمه، احساس نکنه که تنهاست و از من متنفر نشه، اگه قرار باشه اون پیش من آقای هِمون باشه، اگه قرار ب [...]

    13. خیلی دلم میخواد یه بار این کار رو به صورت اجرا توی سالن ببینم . به نظرم خیلی خوب اومد . اما در زمینه ی نوشته ها و نمایشنامه باید بگم که آنوی منو با یه مرز خیلی خاص آشنا کرد ، یه مرز بین جدیت و طنز که اصلا زننده نبود و هیچ کدوم به اون یکی نمی چربید . از کلماتی استفاده کرده که انگار دقی [...]

    14. I don't really know how to write about this play. It's Antigone through the lens of World War II. It's roughly the same story as Sophocles' original, but it's told so differently and with such a different heart. Anouilh was in pain, and he was trying to sort out the world that he once knew and the world he was now forced to live in. Like his Antigone, he could no longer see life the way he used to, but he couldn't accept it as it is now. It's the tragedy that he talks about and the drama. What h [...]

    15. آدمیزاد تنها به خودش وفادار است و بس.نمایشنامه آنتیگون روایتگر انتخابی میان مرگ و زندگی برای به کرسی نشاندن حقیقتِ جوهرِ آدمی ست. داستان بازگو کننده تصمیم است که آنتیگون – دختر اودیپ – برای تدفین برادرِ خائن اش میگیرد، با علم بر این موضوع که این تدفین میتواند زندگی او را در م [...]

    16. I don't understand how someone could not love thisTIGONEComprendre Vous n'avez que ce mot-là dans la bouche, tous, depuis que je suis toute petite. Il fallait comprendre qu'on ne peut pas toucher à l'eau, à la belle eau fuyante et froide parce que cela mouille les dalles, à la tente parce que cela tache les robes. Il fallait comprendre qu'on ne doit pas manger tout à la fois, donner tout ce qu'on a dans ses poches au mendiant qu'on rencontre, courir, courir dans le vent jusqu'à ce qu'on to [...]

    17. J'ai lu cette pièce il y a une douzaine d'année au collège ou au lycée. Je me souvenais vaguement de l'avoir appréciée mais il ne m'en restait pas grand chose de plus.Je suis ravie d'avoir pris le temps de la relire car cette pièce est absolument magnifique et l'Antigone d'Anouilh est une héroïne fantastique, loin des clichés. Elle n'est pas forte, sa confiance en elle est parfois au plus bas, elle n'est pas parfaite mais tout au long de l'histoire elle poursuit son but sans flancher : [...]

    18. If you like your literature to feature strong, articulate women you don’t have to go much farther than Antigone. Jean Anouilh’s version was written in 1941-1942 at the height of the Nazi occupation of Paris. Creon is the evil tyrant and Antigone is the voice of resistance. But is it that simple? Jean Anouilh has cleverly written his play in such a way that we can almost sympathise with both sides. The war is over and Creon is triumphant. Antigone’s brothers, part of the revolt, are both de [...]

    19. I am all of a sudden fascinated with theater during the occupation of France (thanks Cathy!).Last night I read Antigone and there are a lot of things to explore in this play, but one thing that's really interesting to me is that it was written during the occupation and there is all this mythology surrounding it. There are accepted fables, that this is an anti-occupation play -- a play that was written slyly enough that it got past the German censors even though it had an anti-occupation message. [...]

    20. Description rapide :Antigone de Jean Anouilh est une réecriture du mythe d'Antigone de Sophocle.Cette réecriture se présente sous la forme d'une pièce de théâtre, courte, sans actes ni scènes et facile à lire.Ma vision :Je pense que cette pièce de théâtre est idéale pour introduire les enfants (et les adultes) au mythe d'Antigone. Le vocabulaire est simple, les tournures de phrase ne sont absolument pas complexes, tout le contraire de ce qui rend barbant les mythes grecs en règle g [...]

    21. This used to be my favorite play in the entire world. I think that was because I had identified with Anouillh's Antigone much more when I was very young and very self-righteous. Maybe I'm still both of those things, but that's got nothing to do with this play so I will just say, upon re-reading this, that it is a really good adaptation of Sophocles. An excellent one, in fact. The real star of this adaptation, I now realize, is Creon. He is still 'un tyrant' but a very complex one who sees himsel [...]

    22. I'm not usually a fan of adaptions of classical texts, but this was fantastic. It keeps all the spirit of Sophocles' original, while being highly relevant to the period it was produced in (Nazi occupied France). Antigone clearly represents the French Resistance and the unthinking Guards Hitlers' Nazi followers. What's interesting is the representation of the harsh and unyielding ruler Creon (Hitler). The performance was allowed by the Nazi regime because the portrayal of the king was complex and [...]

    23. این صفت هولناک رو برای خیلی کتابا استفاده کردم! برای همین احساس می کنم داره کم کم ارزش واقعی اش رو از دست می ده برام. (مثل صفت "خوب"، "بد"، "زیبا" یا حتا "دوست داشتنی" ) اما خب چه کنم؟ این کتاب واقعن هولناکه!باید مفصل تر بنویسم اما دیالوگ های عجیبی داره این کتاب. خود ماجرای اودیپ به ان [...]

    24. " همه‌ی آن‌ها که می‌بایستی می‌مردند، مرده‌اند. همه‌ی آن‌ها که به چیزی اعتقاد داشتند و همه‌ی آن‌ها که به خلاف آن چیز اعتقاد داشتند- حتی آن‌هایی که به هیچ چیز اعتقاد نداشتند . و کسانی که هنوز زنده‌اند، به تدریج آن‌ها را فراموش می‌کنند و نام‌های‌شان را به اشتباه می‌گویند. [...]

    25. One of my favourite books. I don't read a lot of theatre plays, but this one is special for me. I almost know it by heart.

    26. Interesting version of the classic play by Sophocles, still I prefer the original. 2.5 stars

    27. Antigone: Understand! The first word I ever heard out of any of you was that word "understand". Why didn't I "understand" that I must not play with water - cold, black, beautiful flowing water - because I'd spill it on the palace tiles. Or with earth, because earth dirties a little girl's frock. Why didn't I "understand" that nice children don't eat out of every dish at once; or give everything in their pockets to beggars; or run in the wind so fast that they fall down; or ask for a drink when t [...]

    28. Holy moly, that was so good, honestly one of my favourite plays and I would love to see this live. The play was easy to follow and I loved the long monologues by chorus, Antigone and Creon, such powerful proclamations.Highly recommended to everyone

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