Top Cat

Top Cat Top Cat rules the house until an unexpected box arrives with someone new and cute inside At first Top Cat doesn t want to share his house and favorite things but soon he learns that two cats can be

  • Title: Top Cat
  • Author: Lois Ehlert
  • ISBN: 9780152024253
  • Page: 178
  • Format: Paperback
  • Top Cat rules the house until an unexpected box arrives with someone new and cute inside At first, Top Cat doesn t want to share his house and favorite things, but soon he learns that two cats can be lots fun than one.

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      178 Lois Ehlert
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    1 thought on “Top Cat”

    1. Who is a sucker for cats? I am a sucker for cats and when I came across this book at a library site I was intrigued by the cover for it looked like the type of illustrations that were used for some of the books that I grew up on. As for the title - unless you read the summary - it truly doesn't give you any sense of where the plot is going. Unfortunately for someone who likes watching the "Dear Kitten" videos that were brought in by Friskies and the Haiku cat series this is a true shameful book. [...]

    2. Top Cat or teaching how to cat 101. This is an example of how illustrations with collage can work (although I don’t like the style presented in this book, for instance). This is a book about two cats who have to learn to get along with each other. The beginning is not captivating, soon it changes to a funnier note and it becomes palatable and relatable. I would have said this is an okay book, which it is. I just did not like it nor have I the slightest intention to read it again or to a child. [...]

    3. Top Cat has a good rhyming scheme that is fun while reading. The pictures are creative, colorful and bold. The book is bout a house cat who feels "In charge." When a new pet cat friend arrives, the house cat claims there is only room for one cat, but if the other cat stays he must do his job as a cat and not lack. ( #3 illustrator books)

    4. Top Cat stands as one of my favorite Lois Ehlert books. If you have more than one cat than Top Cat will hit home, it is a very true and silly story of what happens when solo cat is no longer solo.

    5. This book has a very simple story line. There is a cat living in a house, who considers himself the guard for that house. He says his job is boring, and doesn’t seem to like it too much, but then a new kitten comes into the house and he doesn’t like it at first. He doesn’t want to share his stuff! He even says that he’ll fight the cat because he doesn’t like him at all. Once he realizes the cat is here to stay, he begins to change his mind about him and seems to enjoy spending time wit [...]

    6. I am not a big fan of the types of illustrations used in this book. There is no real detail and some of the illustrations, such as when the new cat steps outside for the first time, merely look like a big blob of color. Also, and this is no fault of the author I suppose, the book is very narrow but the illustrations cover both pages, so if you want to see the whole picture, you have to literally stretch the binding way out so that you can see the middle part of the pictures. Even if you think th [...]

    7. I normally like cat stories and I'm an Ehlert fan, but this book disappointed me. Until I read the publisher summary, I could not figure out that the new cat had arrived in a box. Maybe I missed something on that page with the letters at the bottom I couldn't decode. The first word, partially in the book gutter, turned out to be "human," but the one under it is still a mystery to me. The cat's tail is covering too much of it. The book does capture cat personality pretty well, and it would be fun [...]

    8. The story line of this book I found pretty interesting. Top Cat introduces himself and procedes to express his feelings about a new cat being introduced to his house. The text is large which would be good for beginning readers. There are also onomatopoeias on each page. The story also rhymes and includes questions on some pages. I thought this book may be good for a child that is having a new sibling coming into the family. In the end the Top Cat takes car of the new younger cat and they get alo [...]

    9. I bought this book years before I had my son. The wonderful dimensional illustrations look almost exactly like my cats -- just add a mustache to the black and white one and some speckles to the striped one -- and the story was almost exactly theirs. My cats, like the ones in the book, can go from hissing to kissing and back again in two seconds flat. My son loves our cats, so maybe it isn't too surprising that he would also love this book.

    10. 3.5 stars -- This story will be instantly familiar to those living with multiple cats: A new kitten comes home from the shelter, and the resident cat goes through stages of anger, jealousy, and acceptance.

    11. This book was read for Wesley’s summer reading club. Wesley is my (soon to be five year old) son. This review is what we used for his reading club. ***This was sort of an odd book. Realistic, but not very child-like. However, Wesley enjoyed the story a lot.

    12. A self described "Top Cat" is reluctant to accept another cat into the household, but relents and gives it some advice.I had 3 younger children at storytime and chose Ehlert as a simpler, shorter story.

    13. Cat owners will recognize the behavior described here, when a new cat is introducted into a household that already has a cat. Rivalry, jealousy, teaching the new one all the bad habits Ah yes, just like at my house!Cute book. Recommended.

    14. I like this book for talking to kids about friendship, acceptance, and looking beyond what one sees on the outside. Lois Ehlert has a way of using extremely simple language to deliver extremely important messages.

    15. My son likes this book. The print is nice and large and the story is simple. The Lois Ehlert's illustrations are always fun and I think he appreciates these. The cats dancing with the silverware always makes him smile.

    16. I really didn't like this book. The illustrations were weird. The cat was rude. Once he finally accepted the newcomer, he taught him all the naughty things that a cat can do. That's it!

    17. The words are very simple which makes it better for toddler storytimes, but would work with preschoolers as well. It goes through the day of a typical cat.

    18. I loved this book, but a few of my younger preschoolers were very concerned about Top Cat's behavior toward his rival. :)

    19. Great for early readers. Easy to use in a read aloud. Also helps students understand the ideas of of making friends.

    20. A cat meets a new kitten and begrudgingly shows it the ropes. Lois Ehlert's gorgeous artwork and adorable text perfectly capture cat behaviors. Fun rhyming read-aloud possibility.

    21. These two cutie pie kitties look and act just like Vivialdi and Boo. Love this book and Lois Ehlert's illustrations!

    22. Collage illustrations make this children's book different from others. Animals and sharing are major themes throughout this book, and promise to have children laughing at the cat's antics.

    23. A cat learns to share his space with another and they become friends. This would be good for teaching about getting along with others.

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