The Fixer and Other Stories

The Fixer and Other Stories THE COMPLETE SOFTCOVER COLLECTION OF BOSNIAN WAR SHORT STORIES FROM THE AUTHOR OF PALESTINE AND SAFE AREA GORA DEUsing old fashioned pen and paper the award winning cartoonist Joe Sacco reports from

  • Title: The Fixer and Other Stories
  • Author: Joe Sacco
  • ISBN: 9781897299906
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Paperback
  • THE COMPLETE SOFTCOVER COLLECTION OF BOSNIAN WAR SHORT STORIES FROM THE AUTHOR OF PALESTINE AND SAFE AREA GORA DEUsing old fashioned pen and paper, the award winning cartoonist Joe Sacco reports from the sidelines of wars around the world The Fixer and Other Stories is a new softcover that collects Sacco s landmark short stories on the Bosnian War that previously compriTHE COMPLETE SOFTCOVER COLLECTION OF BOSNIAN WAR SHORT STORIES FROM THE AUTHOR OF PALESTINE AND SAFE AREA GORA DEUsing old fashioned pen and paper, the award winning cartoonist Joe Sacco reports from the sidelines of wars around the world The Fixer and Other Stories is a new softcover that collects Sacco s landmark short stories on the Bosnian War that previously comprised the hardcover editions of The Fixer and War s End.

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    1. 3 stories from Sacco that are from the end of the Bosnian conflict/war/genocide. The most complete story, with good background on the history and politics, is Safe Area Gorazde, so if you are interested in Sacco's comics journalism on this war, start there. These are stories that are sort of a coda that also help us get some insight into the complicated nature of journalism i such situations. The three stories are "The Fixer," about Neven, who is fascinating and almost completely unreliable. He' [...]

    2. While the stories aren't nearly as gripping or cohesive as those in Palestine, Safe Area Gorazde, or Footnotes, the Fixer still provides some great insights into the Serbian Aggression in Bosnia. I also thought the comics themselves were more experimental than his earlier works. I'm sad there aren't any other Sacco books left for me to read

    3. Superbe! J'ai adoré les profils de ces personnages hors du commun en temps de guerre à Sarajevo.

    4. This volume collects three more stories from Joe Sacco about the Bosnian war. Each piece (originally published separately) focuses on one person, but captures many other individual stories and group experiences along the way. Sacco includes himself in the story showing what it takes to collect these personal stories. We see the freedom of a journalist in areas that are locked down. We see a little bit of the weird economics of developing sources and finding the stories that will be told to peopl [...]

    5. Really cool way to learn about the Sarajevo conflict which I only read about in Weekly Reader magazines in fourth grade. I still don't really know everything. It could have really helped to know everything in the context of every day living, but this was a great window into the past.I borrowed the book from Alex and need to return it now. I became comfortable owning it for a while and wanted to bend the pages back ("I feel like I know her, but sometimes my arms bend back." --Laura Palmer), but i [...]

    6. I really hate to give this book only two stars, because I think it's an area of the world (Bosnia) about which I don't know much and I hate to admit that the complexity of the conflict makes it hard to stay interested. But that's the truth, unfortunately. I think Sacco knows this on some level, which is why he uses Neven, a fixer who is an unreliable narrator, Soba, a poet/soldier, and Radovan Karadzic, a war criminal that Sacco and his friends track down. And despite these real-life, larger-tha [...]

    7. Sacco is a Portland native who started out (as most cartoonists do?) as a dorky outsider, went to journalism school at U of O in the late 70's, and then traveled around Europe and points distant selling cartoons and doing poster art. His book Safe Area Gorazde about a U.N. designated Muslim "safe area" isolated and surrounded by Serbian forces in the mid-90's is cinematic and powerful. In the Fixer he uses money from some kind of Genius Grant to go back to Sarajevo and get more personal stories [...]

    8. "Sacco is one of the most astute war-zone correspondents working today" --Rolling Stone"A searing and amusing look at the motley collection of reporters, war profiteers, criminals, soldiers and hapless civilians trapped in war zone." --New York Times"Sacco doesn't try to lay claim to the truth. He's simply telling one man's story, and it makes for an excellent book." --Washington Post"Sacco demonstrates that the narrative arts, including comics, can gather up complicated social truths with a gra [...]

    9. A great, albeit sparse glimpse of the humanistic effects of the Bosnian conflict. Both the title story and Shoba portray characters drastically changed by the relentless calls of war. To many, the effects of the conflict that rose between Serbs and Muslim nationalists come off as shallowly idealistic, but Sacco does well to display people that were completely effected, their lives rerouted from a call to arms, and as a cease fire slowly bubbled forth years later,left these people to continue liv [...]

    10. The fact that I love Sacco's works doesn't mean I'm giving him 5 stars for each and every book of his. This book is a post-war stories from Saravejo on Bosnia War 1992-1995. The characters are no doubt real people and their struggle with everyday life was challenging. I like Sacco's comic style of drawing, together with his writings expressing the characters. It is rough, original and real. Since the characters are of real people, you would never can guess the end for them all.

    11. This was a pretty good read. I sort of wish the author had left himself out of it - turning everything into memoir seems to be the obsession of graphic novelists - why? There are wonderful stories from inside the siege of sarajevo here. The Illustrations are great and the characters very fresh. But the author does this great job of making himself look like a real sucker, as if he plans to undo that in the end, but he never does. Who wants to read about a sucker?

    12. It's pretty hard to say anything about Joe Sacco that hasn't already been said. This volume of his work hits like a black market boxer, and while occasionally I find his drawing style to be too cartoony given his subject matter, in general I think it serves to illuminate how awful and improbable and ridiculous his characters are. Hard to recommend well; but a strong example of using sequential art to tell history or biography.

    13. "It's sad when you realize we'll never be together again. I used to travel everywhere in Yugoslavia. I traveled to Zagreb, to Belgrade I used to go every year to the coast. Now I dream every night of skiing, (there) at the sea but with soldiers and there are always explosions."Not as cohesive as Sacco's phenomenal Palestine, and not to be used as an entry point in comprehending the Bosnian War - The Fixer is an intimate study of the lives of people at the end of a brutal conflict.

    14. War journalist/comic book author Joe Sacco spent a part of the 90’s covering the Bosnian war in three graphic stories. Here, the collected works- previously published as “The Fixer” and War’s End”- paint a harsh story of violence from behind the news shots my generation grew up with. As all of Sacco’s work, these reports make a genuine impact.

    15. A good (and low-priced) introduction to Sacco's work. The cartoonist/artist as journalist, or journalist as cartoonist/artist isn't really a new thing if you know your history, or art history. There are a good handful of people who create art, and want to/need to communicate to others what they see and experience. This book is a good warm-up to Sacco's other acclaimed works.

    16. Journalism in graphic novel format with an interesting looking at the Serbian-Bosnian conflict in Sarajevo in a behind the scenes kind of way. An interesting combination of hopeful and hopeless, at the absurdity of war and its impact on a city struggling to maintain some semblance of normality.

    17. I really like Joe Sacco's art style and his unusual approach to comics (that of graphic journalism). It's a cool way to learn about wars and politics that I would otherwise know little about, but somehow something that would make it more engaging to me is missing from the narrative.

    18. Joe Sacco has changed the way I view graphic novels. I never thought it would be a viable medium for solid journalism. I love this book and will make my way to Safe Area Gorazde next week!

    19. The first few pages triggered so many fond memories of Sarajevo, and the rest of the book exposed the complexities and horrors of the 1992-95 siege.

    20. The book really doesn't offer much up in terms of background info, but once I read some stuff on about Bosnia, it all started to make sense. Real interesting read.

    21. Read this for a college course in creative writing, centered on comics. An okay book, not one of the greatest comics I've ever read. Intriguing, but I doubt I would pick it up a second time.

    22. I found this book to be very derivative of Brian Michael Bendis' early work like Fire and Torso but not really very interesting like BMB's books are.

    23. "The Fixer" is the only story I hadn't read in this collection. The other two stories included are the stories that make up Sacco'sWar's End: Profiles From Bosnia 1995-1996 .

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