Cain His Brother

Cain His Brother In his family life Angus Stonefield had been gentle and loving in business a man of probity and in his relationship with his twin brother Caleb a virtual saint Now Angus is missing and it appears

  • Title: Cain His Brother
  • Author: Anne Perry
  • ISBN: 9780804115070
  • Page: 254
  • Format: Paperback
  • In his family life, Angus Stonefield had been gentle and loving in business, a man of probity and in his relationship with his twin brother, Caleb, a virtual saint Now Angus is missing, and it appears than possible that Caleb a creature long since abandoned to depravity has murdered him Hired to find the missing man, William Monk puts himself into his shoes, seaIn his family life, Angus Stonefield had been gentle and loving in business, a man of probity and in his relationship with his twin brother, Caleb, a virtual saint Now Angus is missing, and it appears than possible that Caleb a creature long since abandoned to depravity has murdered him Hired to find the missing man, William Monk puts himself into his shoes, searching for clues to Angus s fate and his vicious brother s whereabouts Slowly, Monk inches toward the truth and also, unwittingly, toward the destruction of his good name and livelihood

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    1 thought on “Cain His Brother”

    1. Anne Perry's books tend to be multi-faceted. On one side is the main plot, the mystery, while on another is a look at a certain aspect of life at the time, another shows the lot of women, another contains introspection on the part of the main characters and still another reveals the depth of the supporting cast.Here, the main plot is a devoted and kind husband who never returned from meeting his brother. His wife fears he is dead, and worse - that she'll never be able to prove it, and, being a w [...]

    2. I've been re-reading Anne Perry's excellent historical mystery series driven by protagonist William Monk. I'm past this particular book in the series, so please note that these comments apply to the series as a whole.Because Perry started this series decades ago, I've hesitated to post reviews. I'm in the middle of the release of THE BROTHERS' KEEPERS (/book/show/2), so reading a very talented author whose genre is slightly different from my own (I write contemporary international suspense) is a [...]

    3. brilliant, as always! this was the first one where i actually guessed close to the truth, but there was no way to prove it, so i moved on to other theories. i usually don't guess (i HATE guessing) but this time it didn't ruin it for me. ALL HAIL QUEEN PERRY.

    4. I am a big Anne Perry fan, especially of her World War I series, and have liked her Monk mysteries very much. But this one just didn't have the "grab" I've come to expect in her works. Monk was like a cardboard stereotype grousing through the novel licking his ego and being unconscionably cruel to Hester, even to the point of calling her names. He seems oblivious to the goodness of her service; the hint that this may be an underlying rebellion against something awakened in him by their kiss in a [...]

    5. Monk is still trying to remember his past while pursuing a life as an enquiry agent. He is asked by Genevive Stonefield to find her husband who has left his business to see his brother in the Limehouse area of London. Hester Latterly is working there at a temporary hospital for a Typhoid outbreak, with Callandra and Lady Enid Ravenscroft. This all links the disappearance and the various actors in the scenario. A sub -plot, where Monk is accused of an assault is left rather hanging in the ether a [...]

    6. I enjoy Anne Perry's writing; great atmosphere, well-paced, always interesting, clean but lovely with the romantic tension between Monk and Hester; the story is written, not told, meaning the reader can read the action and see it rather than having it explained - it is good writing.Monk is hired to find a missing husband, it is suspected that the missing man was killed by his violent twin brother. Hester is working with typhoid victims in Limehouse. Monk is not having much success and gets sidet [...]

    7. So far I wished William was more "connected" to Hester, however, if he don't want to do it, "life" is in charge to connect them!I wonder who is the crazy lady who is endangering Monk I hope we will know by the end of the book, and perhaps, it is related with Angus somehow.()Wow! I started to think that maybe, they were changing places, however the real plot, or the reason for his behavior, was shocking. Poor fellow!Anyway, I just loved the intrusion of Drusilla! No, I didn't liked her, but I was [...]

    8. Another superb William Monk/Hester Latterly mystery. Anne Perry has quickly become one of my favorite mystery writers ever.Now, for a little constructive criticism(view spoiler)[ I really felt weary of Monk's treatment of Hester in this one. Enough already. I'm tired of that prickly dynamic with him treating her badly because he is scared of caring. I get that, but let's move on now. I felt Monk was stupidly naive regarding Drusilla Wyndham. Why the immediate, sudden interest in both him and his [...]

    9. Another strangely compelling read in this historical mystery series. This one is about Monk's search for a missing businessman, who was last seen en route to visit his brother in the East End slums of Victorian London. Coincidentally, Hester is hard at work in the same area, nursing Typhoid victims.In addition to the usual harangues about the marginalization of women and the poor reputation of nurses, the book lectures on the unsanitary living conditions of the poor and highlights the knife edge [...]

    10. Anne Perry is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. The Monk series is the only series I read/listen to out of order, so I sort of know what will happen to some of the characters. I did finally read the 1st one, so at least know some of the backstory. Her evocation of Victorian England is so wonderful and her characters so real! Watching Monk and Hester spar, when I already know their future is fun, though annoying on some level. The side story in this book is the typhus epidemic, and kno [...]

    11. Another entry in Perry's William Monk series. This time it's a case of a missing man, his notorious brother in the London underworld, and a typhoid epidemic. Not quite up to par with the other novels, but still fairly good. Unfortunately, I was able to figure out what was really going on about a third of the way through, which made the rest of the story feel anticlimatic, but it's still a good read. Four stars overall. For the longer review, please go here:epinions/review/Cain_H

    12. Set in London in the late 1800's this historically based mystery was somewhat interesting. I have been wanting to read something by this author ever since I heard she was involved in a murder in her youth and was LDS. That being said, why did it take me so long to finish this book? First, I think I need to admit that I am not all that keen on the mystery genre. Then there is the fact I signed up for Netflix. Hopefully this is not the end of reading for me.

    13. A good series, and I do enjoy Mr. Monk. I'm probably being picky, but when the author refers to "suburbs" of London, it doesn't fit with a book set in the middle of the 19th century. So there were a few little things like that which pulled me out of the story a bit, but I still enjoyed it a great deal.

    14. This is a decent read. I read another book by Perry - years ago, can't remember which - it was decent too. There are some glaring flaws: it's a bit too long and repetitive (though not as repetitive as the Saint Germaine novels by Yarbro, which I nonetheless read). There is a complication in the plot midway through which is unduly dramatic given the way it is disposed of in an abrupt, perfunctory way. I also thought the solution to the mystery was obvious about halfway through. With all that, it [...]

    15. I enjoy mysteries, especially those with strong character development. This was my first Anne Perry mystery with Monk as the main character. I liked it I didn't love it. I wish I had started with the first in the series, in which, I think, he has his accident and loses his memory. In this one, the plot (and sub-plots) were okay, and the historical aspect interesting. But, for some reason, I found it slow. Maybe it's just me ;) I will probably try another one later. Now, it's back to Donna Leon [...]

    16. I could see the mystery's solution from early in the book, and I kept waiting and hoping for the author to prove me wrong and offer another resolution (especially as the solution became leaky as a sieve). But no, that was the answer, full of holes and in plain sight. I think this may be the end of the William Monk series for me.

    17. I have just read all 22 of Anne Perry's William Monk series non-stop over the past 5 months and loved every minute of them. I have never in my life before read an entire series back to back and even when I've previously read a trilogy I've had to stop for a breather part-way through. They are so well written and introduce all sorts of historical events and social issues of the time (1850s & 60s).

    18. I love all of Anne Perrys books. She writes so beautifully and detailed. Mysteries are my secret indulgence so she's amazing to me. The Monk series is my favorite because the characters are flawed but still likable and have their battles to fight within themselves.

    19. A definite page turner - with some distinct surprises. I just wish the author would move through her stories more quickly. The many unnecessary details lead me to skim pages. However I found myself reading between 2-3 am because I HAD to know. Love the characters in the Monk series!

    20. I thought for sure I had this one figured out, but Anne Perry did a good job of still keeping me guessing so it was interesting to the end. The resolution of Monk's ordeal was a bit disappointing, lots of build up for a quick wrap up.

    21. A readable, yet 'meh' book in the Thomas Monk series (#6). Premise is dual personalities. Further development of the Monk and Hester characters. Hope the next one is better.

    22. This Victorian mystery series gets better as it goes along. This case involves two brothers, very different from one another, and what happens when one of them goes missing.

    23. I had figured this one out fairly early but it was fun watching Ms. Perry play it out as she writes so well.

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