Prime Baby

Prime Baby From the pages of the New York Times and the pen of Printz Award winner Gene Luen Yang comes a tale of math aliens and new siblings Thaddeus doesn t like his new sister she s not that smart and she

  • Title: Prime Baby
  • Author: Gene Luen Yang
  • ISBN: 9781596436503
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Hardcover
  • From the pages of the New York Times and the pen of Printz Award winner Gene Luen Yang comes a tale of math, aliens, and new siblings Thaddeus doesn t like his new sister she s not that smart and she gets all the attention He likes her even less when he discovers that she s an inter dimensional conduit for peace loving aliens who are totally lame all they want to doFrom the pages of the New York Times and the pen of Printz Award winner Gene Luen Yang comes a tale of math, aliens, and new siblings Thaddeus doesn t like his new sister she s not that smart and she gets all the attention He likes her even less when he discovers that she s an inter dimensional conduit for peace loving aliens who are totally lame all they want to do is knit socks for the homeless and have sing a longs But what s even worse is that no one will believe him about any of this How is he ever going manage to grow up to become the President of Earth First serialized in the New York Times Magazine, Prime Baby is a laugh out loud look at sibling rivalry.

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    1 thought on “Prime Baby”

    1. Cute baby, cute aliensd big brother! It's a light story done with compassion and skill. Best aspect of the book, besides the lovable aliens: Yang is not afraid to show an unsympathetic main character, and he manages to redeem him without getting syrupy about it. The mustache is a nice example of Thaddeus acting self-important with his signature new look, and yet by the end it's become so much more than that, being shared, but without becoming saccharine or emotionally fake. That was well done. M [...]

    2. Thaddeus was unlikable; his development as a character was a bit rushed. I understand that the book is for kids, but I also thought the ending was unsatisfactory.

    3. Somewhat cute book about a boy struggling with having a new sister, who turns out to be an alien gateway. It's a little hard to relate to the main kid unless you're still 10, as he's kind of a brat throughout the entire book. He somewhat redeems himself, but then we're left with no conclusion for everything else. Abrupt end.

    4. I giggled my way through this amusing tongue in cheek comic about a Thaddeus, who is convinced that his little sister is an alien. While not quite true, he does discover that she is a portal for aliens! Of course, no one believes him and believes he simply resents his sister. What I love about Gene is that in fact Thaddeus DOES resent his sister and it is demonstrated in a funny, somewhat subtle way, along with the ridiculous story line of his baby sister being an alien portal.What is revealed a [...]

    5. It was so odd yet so charming. Thaddeus' new sister is getting lots of attention, but he suspects she may be an alien. She only says "ga" in prime numbers. This was so surreal, but Yang is hilarious. I can tell this book is a bit dated because Thaddeus referenced Miley Cyrus as his future wife. If you're a fan of Gene Luen Yang, you will still enjoy it despite the absurdity.

    6. Some adult-like humor may push this very charming little tale into teen territory, which is where Gene Yang usually lives, so that's fine, of course. But the subject matter - an 8 year old boy dealing with his new baby sister and the intergalactic love slugs who hitch a ride to earth through her - makes me want to give it to younger readers. Anyway, love the art as always, love the colors, giggled through the story.

    7. A short, simple, and very sweet book about an 8-year old who longs to be a dictator, and perhaps discovers a way to save/take over the world when he realizes his baby sister has ties to an alien world. I wish this book was a little bit longer, as I enjoyed the characters very much.

    8. This book is adorable and funny. I feel bad for Thaddeus's parents, one of their kids is an alien gateway and the other is a psychopath.

    9. Very cute! Short, sweet, with a heartwarming ending.This is a "classic" older child convinced his baby sister is an alien story, with an original twist, and a sweet message. Great for kids!

    10. This graphic novel, deceptively simple, is brilliant. I'll talk about it more when it is officially released.

    11. Cute, weird, and short book by Gene Luen Yang. I don't know how much of Yang's writing style is specific to him, his family or his Chinese heritage but there does seem to be something a little moredark about the humor in his works than what I come to expect from comics, even though his books are mostly about kids and teenagers. Maybe that's morealistic? But it's different and that's respectable.

    12. Thaddeus is convinced his new sister is an alien as she "speaks" in prime numbers. The story tells about the excitement involved when aliens actually arrive.

    13. This was unexpectedly cute! The "Ga ga ga" revelation and slug pods were hilarious - the ending was sweet too :)

    14. Through a series of contrivances that include prime numbers, a new facial hair-configuration, sock-knitting aliens and a small island republic, graphic novelist Gene Yang takes the well-worn premise of a jealous older brother to its illogical, yet hilarious, conclusion. "Prime Baby" tells the story of Thaddeus K. Fong, self-described "martyr for truth," and his over-envious relationship with baby sister Maddie. "Prime Baby" is an excellent gateway book to start off young readers into the world o [...]

    15. When Thaddeus’ parents have a new baby, he’s sure there’s something wrong with her brain – she only ever says “ga,” and he was speaking by the time he was her age. His parents think he’s just having trouble adjusting to being a brother. Then, Thaddeus learns about prime numbers in school and realizes that his little sister Maddie only “ga”s in primes – she must be an alien! He’s only slightly off-base. Maddie is actually a gateway, used by a slug-like race of aliens who are [...]

    16. Eight-year-old Thaddeus K. Fong isn't such a big fan of his pesky little baby sister. Maddie gets all the attention, and Thaddeus is convinced there's something weird about her. One day in math class, he has an idea. After some observation, he's confirmed his theory: Maddie only makes ga-ga noises in patterns of prime numbers. Obviously, she's an alien.It turns out Thaddeus is wrong, but not that wrong. Maddie is actually a conduit for aliens from another dimension. These aliens, much to Thaddeu [...]

    17. I was cracking up as I read this brief but brilliant volume. The scenario of an older sibling being jealous of a new sibling is familiar enough, as is the precocious child character. But the novel takes unexpected and hilarious turns as the baby ends up being a gateway between dimensions which aliens slip through. Thaddeus hopes that this will mean an exciting apocalyptic confrontation but they turn out to be "Missionaries of smiles and happy feelings" and even when he kills one of them, they ju [...]

    18. I have had a bit of a love hate relationship with Gene Yang. He's a great guy. I heard him speak, and he is awesome. Awesome! I mean, he kept his job as a teacher after becoming a pretty popular graphic artist? That is stand-up. I like both his books that are available to a large degree. I like the art in American Born Chinese and I appreciate what they were trying to do in The Eternal Smile, even though I really only like one of the stories. His writing has always been his weak point for me. It [...]

    19. What an odd, odd book. It was pretty hilarious. I really liked it a lot. I say it that way because it was rather strange. The story's progressing and going on, and as I read it I kept thinking, "did that really just happen?"This is by Gene Luen Yang the same author of the celebrated book American Born Chinese.Prime Baby, however is all about a baby that only ga's (says ga ga) in prime numbers. Not as powerful a message, if you know what I mean but plenty funny.I was actually this *holds index fi [...]

    20. Thaddeus K. Fong can't understand why everybody is so crazy over his new baby sister, Maddie. His annoyance at her inability to say anything other than "ga" turns into amazement at the discovery that these "ga's" come in sets of prime numbers. The only logical explanation for this: she must be an alien.Thaddeus' discovery is met with mockery, but he finds his proof when Maddie starts spitting up space pods holding small slug-like creatures, bent on world domination! Actually, they're missionarie [...]

    21. Thaddeus hates his new baby sister. He comes up with a conspiracy theory that she is an alien because she says "ga" in prime numbers (she'll say it once, twice, three times, five times, etc). He starts monitoring her closely, interpreting everything she does as evidence that she is an alien. His sister loves the time they spend together and babbles to him even more. Then one day, she starts puking up these rather large capsules, which are actually space ships for an alien race hellbent on bringi [...]

    22. Thaddeus' sister Maddie is not talking yet; all she says is "ga" over and over again. When Thaddeus starts counting the ga's, he realizes that it only adds up to prime numbers. He's convinced that Maddie is an alien, though no one else believes him. Then, she starts spitting up spaceships and Thaddeus is finally able to prove to everyone that his sister is possessed by creatures from outer space. When Maddie is taken away for observation, Thaddeus starts to wonder if he really did the right thin [...]

    23. Let's be honest here. With all the endless crying and screaming, white liquids with bits oozing from its mouths and noises and all kinds of unmentionable smells wafting from its diaper, how many of us honestly thought our baby sister/brother was actually an alien? In Thaddeus' case, he is absolutely convinced that his baby sister is simply that--an extraterrestrial life form. Unfortunately, no one believes him, including his parents who try to pacify him by giving him access to their credit card [...]

    24. Yang, G. L. (2010). Prime Baby. New York: Roaring Brook Press. Jealous little boy named Thaddeus doesn’t like his new baby sister and is constantly saying rude and absurd things about her. He puts in his mind that she is an alien by the ga ga’s that she says and the toys she spits out. This young man with his crazy selfish imagination causes quite a problem for his family. Thaddeus realizes how his sister might feel all alone in that place, especially when it’s his fault she’s there in t [...]

    25. Prime Baby by Gene Yang is a quick and fun graphic novel that deals with issues of sibling rivalry and feelings of loneliness. A young teenager Thaddeus Fong expresses his frustration upon the new arrival of his baby sister. He shares with readers how his family begins to forget about him as they became overconsumed in the "newness" of his sister. The main character learns that his sister is alien and attempts to save the world. The text concludes with Thaddeus and his sister finding out they ha [...]

    26. From the author of American Born Chinese, Prime Baby is a cute little graphic novel about the shock of gaining a younger sibling.At the age of six, Thaddeus K. Fong becomes an older brother. Eighteen months later, he is questioning the normality of his little sister, Maddie. All she ever says is, “Ga.” And “Ga ga ga.” And so on.His sister’s gaga-ing leads to all sorts of kooky suppositions by Thaddeus, including the idea that Maddie is an alien.Of course, she’s like an alien to a you [...]

    27. A cute tale about a mean big brother who thinks his annoying little sister is an alien. Well turns out he's sort of right! She's actually a gateway between dimensions, allowing aliens to enter our realm by, basically, being blarfed out of her mouth, tiny little space-ships and all. Big brother's dreams of saving the planet or gaining world dominion are dashed, however, when the aliens in question turn out to be missionaries, wanting only to spread the word to the world about smiles and happy fee [...]

    28. There are some authors where I love everything they write. This is not one of those authors. I find that I'm either wildly entertained or disappointed. This time around I was disappointed. It was not a bad book, but it certainly didn't wow me, either. And I was not a fan of the ending. (view spoiler)[ Thaddeus learns to accept and love his little sister (yay!) but now both of them are stuck in an experimental government facility. Wow, what a way to end a story. It just left me feeling lackluster [...]

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