Caldé of the Long Sun

Cald of the Long Sun Gene Wolfe s Nightside the Long Sun launched the magisterial four volume The Book of the Long Sun Now the great tale continues in Cald of the Long Sun The young god inspired Silk caught in a bloody

  • Title: Caldé of the Long Sun
  • Author: Gene Wolfe
  • ISBN: 9780812534207
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gene Wolfe s Nightside the Long Sun launched the magisterial four volume The Book of the Long Sun Now the great tale continues in Cald of the Long Sun The young, god inspired Silk, caught in a bloody web of politics and revolution, must fight against the machinations of the shadowy group that rules the city of Viron The forces of other cities of the great spaceship, ThGene Wolfe s Nightside the Long Sun launched the magisterial four volume The Book of the Long Sun Now the great tale continues in Cald of the Long Sun The young, god inspired Silk, caught in a bloody web of politics and revolution, must fight against the machinations of the shadowy group that rules the city of Viron The forces of other cities of the great spaceship, The Whorl, become involved And the mysterious gods start to manifest themselves on all sides, a dysfunctional family of superpowerful beings each of whom can take possession of anyone at any time.

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      239 Gene Wolfe
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    1 thought on “Caldé of the Long Sun”

    1. I think this is where the books of the Long Sun really start to fall apart for me. Up to this point I can take the amount of Patera Silk that Wolfe is dishing out, but Calde presents me with a brick wall. Wolfe has an annoying habit in most (all?) of his books of presenting mundane aspects of his characters lives in nauseating detail and then completely skipping over the "fun stuff" (basically any battles, action bits, or really important and revealing conversations) and then referring to them s [...]

    2. Giving the book two stars seems to be a bit unfair considering how I actually feel about it, but going by Goodread's words for two stars "It was OK" I'd have to stick by it. I gave the second volume of this series three stars and liked this one slightly less. I still am enjoying Wolfe's created world and his style, and will see this one through to the end. I found this volume to be a lot more disconnected and confusing, and many of the character situations and motivations more questionable. Ther [...]

    3. wellp there's another one of these, and many prequels, and many parallells- i had no idea. nor did i have any idea that gene wolfe was such a big deal. redwall, but like dark and spacey, humans? aliens? and then i learned about the larger universe this all exists within and it makes a lot more sense. this is gene wolfe wearing a redwall mask? interested to read the prequels and understand the cosmology better. sci-fi d'aulaire's?? well i guess i hope so. this quatrad? quadrilogy? starts out in r [...]

    4. Well that was unnecessary! Nothing really happened in those, almost, 300 pages. While the previous two books of the series were great this one was, in some parts, unbearable (those damn tunnels). The good news is that the fourth book seems to be more into the direction of the first and second book. Hooray !

    5. As full scale rebellion finally breaks out in Viron, incited by another dramatic theophany from Echidna, mother of the gods. Patera Silk reluctantly accepts the position of Calde and immediately becomes both the rallying point for the beleaguered citizens and the target of various foes, both from within and outside of the city. Wanting only peace as always, Silk learns that, incredibly, the father of the gods and maker of the Whorl, Pas, is in fact dead, killed by his own family a generation ago [...]

    6. Complicated, and puts a lot of onus on the reader to unravel what is happening, but well worth sticking with. Book 3 of 4, looking forward to the last one!

    7. I have slowly been reworking my way through the four volumes of The Book of the Long Sun, just finished the third volume this week, Calde of the Long Sun. Despite having read this twice now (and spent some time looking on the internet) I still don't know where the word Calde comes from (the closest I could find on the internet was a reference to Calde Verde, which means "Green Soup"). As is often the case with Wolfe, I don't know if he is inventing words or just re-invigorating really obscure ol [...]

    8. Aunque me estoy poniendo a escribir esto, no sé si mi opinión sobre este libro vale la pena. En algún punto perdí el interés y empecé a leer de forma desganada, y dejando y retomando el libro varias veces. Sé que los libros de Wolfe están llenos de secretos, pero cuando no encontrás ninguna fascinación o emoción en el página a página, es difícil dedicarle mucha reflexión a lo que estás leyendo. En este libro Wolfe parece haber llegado a ese punto en sus sagas donde pierde foco en [...]

    9. This was a re-read and I upped the rating to 5 stars. Like all other Wolfe books, there's so much to be absorbed that it's almost impossible to get it all on a first reading. This, being the third of the "Long Sun" tetralogy, further deepens the world of the massive starship that is home to the priest Silk and the other brilliant characters. Everything expands as Silk's home city threatens to rip itself apart through political coups and social unrest spurred on by the gods of their world, who ma [...]

    10. Gene Wolfe really knows how to write boring bits. There's a section of Caldé of the Long Sun in which Auk and Chenille and a few other characters are wandering about the underground caves that lie beneath the whorl, and nothing happens. Well, except for a plethora of aimless dialogue. And some characters wander off and get lost, and then found again. (The mechanisms and motivations here are often murky.) That, said, most of this third novel of the Book of the Long Sun is great, perhaps the best [...]

    11. Calde was a hard slog, and I’m not really sure why. Sometime in the last weeks of December I just stopped reading. I found myself doing other things on the bus — listening to my ever-growing backlog of This American Life, or playing iPod games, or nothing. I rarely ate out alone, so that time for reading was gone as well. Today I finished the book off, and I have little enthusiasm for proceeding to the next, so I’m going to take a break from the series and read the book of Harry Dresden sh [...]

    12. started reading the fourth volume in the Long Sun Series. It's even better than I remember. Definitely his most accessible four volume epic novel. (lder part of the review:) Gene Wolfe's Nightside the Long Sun launched the magisterial four-volume The Book of the Long Sun. Now the great tale continues in Caldé of the Long Sun. The young, god-inspired Silk, caught in a bloody web of politics and revolution, must fight against the machinations of the shadowy group that rules the city of Viron. The [...]

    13. The third in The Book of The Long Sun, this is definitely not a stand-alone book – it picks up right in the middle of the story. That story continues to be excellent, however, I have to say, that although I am generally not a fan of talking animals at all, Patera Silk's pet bird, Oreb, really makes these books. I just love him.In this book, the humble priest, Patera Silk, reluctantly accepts the people's acclaim and becomes the focus of a general rebellion aimed at making him Caldé, or ruler [...]

    14. Another step closer to the end of Silk's journey, or so it seems. Too many paths to consider all of them as essential to the story of Silk, or Calde as he is becoming. Theophanies abound throughout Viron. Silk meets or becomes his maker, too hard to know for sure, but certainly an introduction by way of incedental burial. In other words, Wolfe being Wolfe. I can hardly wait to begin the final chapter of this Long Sun series.

    15. I inhaled this book. At this point, I don't know what else to say about Wolfe's prose, his masterful pacing (neither too introspective nor too action-heavy, but coming out with a superb balance), or his deft handling of human encounters with doubt, the sublime, or the incomprehensible. Wow. Next book, please.

    16. Dissapointed, but only because this one focusses on 'The Battle' and nothing really important happens. Military sci-fi is not my cup of tea so you'll be a better judge than me on this one. The way I see it this one is a transition book in the series.I'd have given it the fourth star only for the last chapter, which is very good, but I'd be lying to myself. 6 out of 10 is enough.

    17. For me this series gets a bit dark and some of the story threads are not so enjoyable as in the first 2 books. Characters with annoying speech patterns, endless roaming about in tunnels, just not as fun. I still love it though, and am happy to be rereading it.

    18. Reread January 2018. So complex, so insane. No matter how many times I read this, I always learn something new. Reread September 2011.

    19. Same political struggle continued as in previous book. Some new technological details and history were revealed, but the story progression did not catch my interest.

    20. The multiple points of view seem more natural by the time you get to this book, so you can more fully enjoy Wolfe's excellent use of language and careful storytelling here.

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