Half Moon Street

Half Moon Street Superintendent Thomas Pitt searches for the identity of a man found dead in the Thames leading him deep into Victorian London s bohemia to the theater where Cecily Antrim outrages society with her po

  • Title: Half Moon Street
  • Author: Anne Perry
  • ISBN: 9780449006559
  • Page: 455
  • Format: Paperback
  • Superintendent Thomas Pitt searches for the identity of a man found dead in the Thames, leading him deep into Victorian London s bohemia to the theater where Cecily Antrim outrages society with her portrayal of a modern woman and into studios where masters of light and shadow are experimenting with the fascinating new art of photography.

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    1 thought on “Half Moon Street”

    1. Done. Done. Complete. Finished. Fini. Fin. Adios. Au Revoir. Auf Wiedersehen Adios. Ba-Bye. Toodles. Going. Going. Gone!!Omg I couldn't wait to finish this thing! Let me be completely frank here this is a prime example of extreme wordiness getting in the way of what could have possibly been a good story. But alas, it was not. It niggled me to no end. I waded through this. I couldn't wait to finish. I ended up skimming and skipping through to the finished line but had actually given up the race a [...]

    2. I wa sreally suprised by this book because what seemed to be an ordinary criminal history set in the 19th century turned out to be an overwhelmingly written story about Victorian moral ideas and how they change and influence people. The underlying story about pornography, murder and photography accompanied it very well, but really this book is not worth reading for the mystery but for its really fine descriptions of the tension that moral ideas and their real "counterparts" create in all of us.

    3. I have always enjoyed Perry's Victorian period mysteries and they usually get a 3 or 4 rating. This one gets an extra rating for all the subplots going on as the mystery unfolds. Early photography as an artistic endeavor then as a way to sell pornography, theatre to show the new ideas developing about women and their position in society and in their own families, censorship versus the sharing of forbiddentopics to the harm that can come from unrestricted expression. A wonderful way to get into t [...]

    4. Using Hamlet as a framework, Perry builds a complex story of family conflict, betrayal, and avenge. She has constructed a set of characters that allow her to present opinions and actions of persons across social class. Unlike most persons of that time and much to the horror of family members, her characters marry across class lines. In this book, the socially rigid grandmother lives with her disfavored daughter-in-law who after the death of her first husband has married a Jewish actor. Grandmama [...]

    5. I am a pretty hard book critic. I give very few 5 star ratings and only a few 4's. Most of mine are in the 3 star category and this is one included in that rating. Most people who have read it gave it a 4. I won't go into detail because there are twists and turns in this story that would be spoilers if I told them. Anne Perry is a good writer. This is the first of her books that I have read. I must admit that I am a prude and in some ways this book shocked me. It wasn't crude for crude's sake, b [...]

    6. :( After Bedford Square I was hoping that the Pitt series was back on track. The mystery part of the book would have made a wonderful novella. Unfortunately more than half of the book was about Charlotte's mother and grandmother and Perry was not able to weave the development of those characters into the mystery as she did with Dominic Corde's character in Brunswick Gardens. I felt it was any unnecessary plot line and if I hear the phrase "the old lady" one more time I am going to scream!!!!

    7. This author was highlighted at the library, and I picked this one up, thinking to find a light fun mystery set in Victorian England, maybe reminiscent of Sherlock Holmes. And it was a good mystery, but it contained a large part of the book that was deeper, looking into censorship, pushing boundaries, and in the harm that can be done when rebelling against traditional views is done without thought of consequences or repercussions. A pleasant surprise. I might read more from this author.

    8. I listened to this as an audio book and I liked the narrator but I probably would not have finished if I would have read it. The story didn't fully unfold and the Caroline subplot never went anywhere. What happened with her at the end? We will never know. The constant analyzing of each character's reading of eye movements, glimmers and widening or narrowing, seemed a stretch. Just a boring story.

    9. I love Anne Perry's novels, all of them, for the vitality and complexity of her characters and her keen depiction of 19th century England. If only there were more than the great stack I've read.

    10. The murder mystery was incidental in this, I think the author just wanted to be able to express her thoughts on pornography. This was the most preachy yet of the series.

    11. Bit of a different format. Not sure if i like it. Wasn't too much mystery. Getting kind of preachy.Superintendent Thomas Pitt searches for the identity of a man found dead in the Thames, leading him deep into Victorian London's bohemia to the theater where Cecily Antrim outrages society with her portrayal of a modern woman -- and into studios where masters of light and shadow are experimenting with the fascinating new art of photography.

    12. Piercing and deepThis novel touches the heart of how human choices and emotions can yield destructive behaviors. Especially, there is focus on those that are barricaded within for years that yield anger and hatred which can poison one's life as well as generations touching that life.

    13. This is a departure from Ms Perry's usual style in that there was very little of Thomas Pitt or Charlotte. With the emphasis being on women's rights and societal issues, it belaboured the point. Book was well written and certainly drew one in to the social norms of the time in London.

    14. Interesting the author chose to write a book without Charlotte and Emily. That said it was good to see Caroline play a larger roll and I was glad tha great aunt Vespesia got a cameo appearance.

    15. In profondità - Blasfemo, dite! Ma cos'è l'empietà? - Credo che sia la beffa e l'irriverenza per tutto ciò in cui gli altri credono. Riuscire a farli dubitare sull'esistenza del bene e far apparire ridicola la devozione. Verso quale Dio non importa. Non è una questione di dottrina religiosa ma piuttosto il tentativo di distruggere l'idea innata che abbiamo della divinità. di qualcosa di migliore e di più sacro di ciò che noi siamo.La Perry stavolta tocca temi difficili e delicati: la pru [...]

    16. 3.5Cette 20ème enquête de Thomas et Charlotte Pitt change grandement des précédentes avec l'absence notable de Charlotte, partie en voyage à Paris avec Emily. Thomas est mon personnage préféré, j'espérai donc le voir plus mit en avant, mais hélas Charlotte est remplacée par sa mère et sa grand-mère.L'histoire se découpe en deux intrigues. Tout d'abord le meurtre sur lequel enquêtent le commissaire Pitt et Tellman, un jeune retrouvé mort dans une mise en scène obscène, déguisé [...]

    17. I liked this book, and particularly enjoyed the hints Anne Perry gave us by means of the play. This novel deserves five stars in terms of the subject it broaches -- the question of what should and what should not constitute the subject of a play or of mass-media programs. It's quite marvellous how the plot develops, too, showing us a glimpse into the world of photography in its older days. The reason I am not giving it five stars is the rather unannounced plot twist at the end. Which of course m [...]

    18. Twentieth installment in the series--and this one raises interesting philosophical questions. Charlotte is off enjoying Paris, while Gracie has the children on a holiday at the seaside, so Thomas is left at home (with the two cats) to deal with this onewith the help of his assistant Tellman and Charlotte's mother, Caroline.We get some fascinating background story and character development for crotchety old Mrs. Elison, Caroline's mother-in-law from hell. There is also a mysterious relative arriv [...]

    19. You experience a real sense of the Victorian period when you read Anne Perry; through the nuanced details, the conversations and even the pacing of her novels. The cares and concerns of the characters reflect a Victorian sensitivity that stands in stark contrast to today's world; but makes you reflect on how our relaxed moral structures have created a new set of challenges. This book touches on the laws and social norms that curtailed women's freedom, autonomy and choices, to provide safety and [...]

    20. I often enjoy the Thomas and Charlotte Pitt mysteries, but this one fell short. Charlotte is in Paris for the whole book, so we don't have her voice at all except for the occasional letter, one of which provides some vital information at the end. Thomas mopes around a lot as he tries to solve a mystery involving a dead body which washes ashore and is tied up in an unusual way and also costumed. This discovery leads to the world of the theater and to the new technology of photography. Much of the [...]

    21. This was the first book I ever read by Anne Perry. Eh. Well, it was a lot better written than a lot of mysteries I've read. But it oscillated weirdly between fairly typical murder-mystery with police investigations and clues and all that - and a barely-connected story with lots of musings on the role of women in society, the theatre, and the issues involved in censorship. Then, about halfway through, it basically went off on an extended rant against pornography and how bondage/fetish is sick &am [...]

    22. I found the mystery interesting enough, if a bit slow moving. The world Anne Perry paints fascinates the Victorian fetishist (no pun intended) in me, particularly the parts where the art of photography and transgressive theatre are explored. However, the moralizing tone the author uses when discussing issues like censorship was difficult to ignore. Had there been less pontificating, the final reveal wouldn’t have felt forced and uncomfortably pointed. The red herring is also kind of pointless [...]

    23. Another interesting Anne Perry mystery. I liked the dilemma that Perry poses in this book. How much freedom should be allowed with regard to free speech? What is pornography? What should be censored? Juxtaposed to this is the story behind Mariah, Charlotte's grandmother. We finally begin to understand why she is so cruel. This story is not for the faint of heart and deals with the most base of human behavior. I wouldn't recommend it to readers who are sensitive to this type of mystery. There are [...]

    24. This is absolutely the last Perry book I'm going to read. I've read about 15-20 in the Monk and Pitt series, and I'm just sick of being lectured about the social and societal problems of the late Victorian era. Perry is totally obsessed with the issues of over 100 years ago, and that obsession obscures and ruins any mystery part of the book. If she wants to write non-fiction treatises on Victorian society, fine. But complaining about long-past issues in the guise of fiction is just unforgivable. [...]

    25. Superintendent Thomas Pitt finds one of his largest cases with the washing in of the tide from the River Thames. The man is tied to a boat, severely beaten, and wearing a green dress, with flowers strewn all over the place. As Pitt tries to discover who the man was and who killed him, he finds himself delving into the bohemian London theater and film studios. Pitt meets Cecily Antrim, whose controversial portrayals in theater and photography arouses the suspicion of those around her. Will Pitt d [...]

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