Marx: A Very Short Introduction

Marx A Very Short Introduction In Marx A Very Short Introdution Peter Singer identifies the central vision that unifies Marx s thought enabling us to grasp Marx s views as a whole He sees him as a philosopher primarily concerned

  • Title: Marx: A Very Short Introduction
  • Author: Peter Singer
  • ISBN: 9780192854056
  • Page: 179
  • Format: Paperback
  • In Marx A Very Short Introdution, Peter Singer identifies the central vision that unifies Marx s thought, enabling us to grasp Marx s views as a whole He sees him as a philosopher primarily concerned with human freedom, rather than as an economist or a social scientist In plain English, he explains alienation, historical materialism, the economic theory of Capital, andIn Marx A Very Short Introdution, Peter Singer identifies the central vision that unifies Marx s thought, enabling us to grasp Marx s views as a whole He sees him as a philosopher primarily concerned with human freedom, rather than as an economist or a social scientist In plain English, he explains alienation, historical materialism, the economic theory of Capital, and Marx s ideas of communism, and concludes with an assessment of Marx s legacy.About the Series Combining authority with wit, accessibility, and style, Very Short Introductions offer an introduction to some of life s most interesting topics Written by experts for the newcomer, they demonstrate the finest contemporary thinking about the central problems and issues in hundreds of key topics, from philosophy to Freud, quantum theory to Islam.

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      179 Peter Singer
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    1. بعد از گذشت بیش از یک قرن، اغلب پیش بینی های مارکس به قدری آشکارا نادرست از آب در آمده اند که آدم از دیدن کسانی که با مارکس همدلند و سعی می کنند نشان دهند که بزرگی مارکس در جنبه های "علمی" کارش نهفته است به تعجب می افتد. حوادث ایام بسیاری از پیش بینی های مارکس را باطل کرده است: این [...]

    2. Marx: A Very Short Introduction (Very Short Introductions #28), Peter Singerعنوانها: مارکس؛ اندیشه مارکس؛ مارکس - درآمدی بسیار کوتاه؛ نویسنده: پیتر سینگر؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش: سال 2001 میلادیعنوان: مارکس؛ نویسنده: پیتر سینگر؛ مترجم: محمد اسکندری؛ تهران، طرح نو، 1379؛ در 148 ص؛ شابک: 9645625882؛ موضوع: نقد و تفسیر کارل مار [...]

    3. Singer looks at Marx, the Philosopher, and relegates Marx, the Economist to the background. This allows Singer to put aside all the 'refuted' aspects of Marx and focus on the key and relevant ideas. Singer discusses alienation and historical materialism in some detail and tracks their evolution in Marx's thought, but the most interesting segment is when he tries to pin down marx's own conceptions of what a communist utopia should be like. Turns out Marx was extremely pragmatic about it and let s [...]

    4. نسبت به حجم 140 صفحه ای آن، کتاب بسیار خوبی است: کتابی از سری «مقدمه بسیار کوتاه» آکسفورد که نشر ماهی کمر به ترجمه آنها بسته استلب کلام نویسنده این است که مارکس را باید به عنوان یک فیلسوف منتقد مهم دانست، اما به عنوان یک دانشمند علم اقتصاد که با علمی دانستن نظریه خود پیشگویی هم ک [...]

    5. A book about Marx and Marxism, more about Marx than Marxism. OK, OK, you got that from the title, I just wanted to underscore the point that the book is a cross between a short biography and an introduction to Marxism, which I think is the winning-point for this book; it doesn’t bore you with awful lot personal life details or overwhelm you with too much political and economic stuff. Rather it starts with a brief account of Marx’s life and impact of his ideas, and goes on to trace genesis of [...]

    6. This is rather a misleading guide to Marx. The author's opinion is not only heavily loaded against Marxist school of Economics but also misguide the reader on the truthfulness of several important assertion of Marx on the basic contradiction of Capitalism .The Author claims that the rate of profit has not fallen , as was predicted by Marx, and wage rate in Advanced Capitalist countries has rather gone northwards. Only after the great recession has struck us do we find that the this assertion is [...]

    7. من باب آشنایی اجمالی با متفکری که به قول روژه گارودی هرکس خواه نا خواه باید تکلیف خودش را با او روشن کند، بسیار کتاب خوبی است، سینگر نشان میدهد که چرا مارکسِ دانشمند پیشگوی تاریخ و اقتصاد در مقام تجویز، چندان اعتباری برای امروز ندارد و در عین حال متفکری که بصیرت هایش در باب فهم [...]

    8. This is a highly readable introduction to Marx written by a philosopher who generally writes highly readable philosophical tracts. As others have noted Singer too easily dismisses Marx contribution to economic theory. Classical economists appalling lack of success as "scientists" have once again been aired out in our most recent "crisis of capitalism." On the other hand, critics of classical economics such as Steve Keen, whose economic models accurately predicted the financial crisis, acknowledg [...]

    9. مقدمات قصيرة جدا سلسلة كتب متوسطة الحجم (مئة إلى مئتين صفحة) من اوكسفورد من تأليف متخصصين ولكنها موجهة نحو الجمهور العام - الكتب مبسطة والمفروض أي شخص يقدر يقراها بسهولة.تتناول السلسلة موضوعات كثيرة جدا مثل التاريخ والفلسفة والاديان والشخصيات والمصطلحات السياسية وموضوعات أ [...]

    10. A great book. A lucid introduction to Marx. Easy to read and well structured.Here are my reading notes.# To Remember- A lot of Marx's rhetoric comes from Hegel (a dialectic leading to historical progress)- Marx was mostly wrong on his economic predictions- He is to be treated as a philosopher more than an economist if we are to get value out of his thought- For him, the really real was the economic powers that shape our societies# Concepts## Surplus ValueIn classical economics, the capitalist hi [...]

    11. Marx is a name that gets bandied around too much. People are vilified for being a marxist while others proudly proclaim their Marxism. For a long time I've had the feeling that the majority of people on either side of the political fence just toss the name around and know nothing of what Marxism is. I know that I read the Communist Manifesto in College - Far enough back that I remember little of it. When I saw this volume in the B&N bargain section I thought it would be a good opportunity to [...]

    12. This was pretty good, except that Singer's treatment of Hegel seemed to me superficial and wrong-headed. Anyway, of the Very Short Introduction series that I've read so far, this is the one most like a satisfying work in its own right.

    13. Não se pode desprezar os diagnósticos e ainda menos os sentimentos incrustados no marxismo, essa porrada visionária que, embora cheia de mofo e naftalina, tem um que de fundamentalmente inescapável e inspirador; gostemos ou não, não importa. O pau está na mesa. Veja, desprezar o negócio seria uma bobeira porque primeiro, Marx está correto em algumas das suas críticas à sociedade capitalista e segundo, porque a sua indignação, o seu ódio e o seu apelo à justiça proletária a todo [...]

    14. Delivers on its promise and gives an accessible overview of Marxism and the man behind it. Singer respects Marxism when viewed as a philosophical critique of capitalism, but criticizes Marxism in its attempts to scientifically explain economics and historical trends. As he says of Marx the philosopher: “As a philosopher, Marx’s work endures. It has altered our understanding of our own nature, and deepened our grasp of what it is to be free.”And as he says of Marx the scientist:“More than [...]

    15. แนวคิดของมาร์กซออกจะซับซ้อน และไม่ค่อยเป็นรูปธรรมเข้าใจยากอยู่แล้ว รวมกับสำนวนการแปลที่ค่อนข้างทื่อ และใช้ศัพท์ยาก เช่น สมาทาน, ทัศน์วิภาษวิธี, ความจริงอันติมะ, ฯลฯ แต่เข้าใจ [...]

    16. Singer's lucid writing allows him to pack quite a bit into this rather short book, in which he presents key points from Marx's works with precision and clarity. I think this would be an excellent choice for anyone looking for an introduction to Marx's thought. For me, it was a good and quick refresher on some central concepts and vocabulary in Marx that had slipped since my Soc class first year of undergrad.An interesting point to note: at the book's end, in addition to commenting on the unfortu [...]

    17. A nice followup to Singer's VSI to Hegel, and it is very much a philosophical and Hegel-oriented treatment. It is also more than a "Marx Made Easy" approach -- Singer is not averse to sharing his opinions about Marx whilst he presents salient points of interest. He doesn't think much of Marx as a "scientist" and presents a compelling argument to that effect. Nor does he see communism as a realistic economic option. This is not a difficult argument to make, but I wouldn't call it disinterested re [...]

    18. The author of this introduction focuses mainly on the philosophical side of karl marx and his important contribution to the idea of freedom and his enduring criticism of the capitalist society.what Marx gave us is a much richer idea of freedom than the superficial liberal view of it.This introduction will show the readers the beauty of many of Marx's writings.But the author is wrong in dismissing Marx's contribution to economics too easily.In fact many of Marx's predictions have actually turned [...]

    19. I guess I was expecting an introduction to Marxism, this is definitely no such book. The author spends almost as much time on his own opinions of Marxism as he does on Marx's philosophy. The book is a short crappy biography of Karl Marx that touches on his ideas only long enough to dismiss them as out of date and irrelevant. I expect better from this series. This book will give neither the curious reader, the anti-Marxist or pro-Marxist anything to chew on. Don't waste your time.

    20. This does what a good introduction should do -- provides a general framework, answers the important questions on the subject, and leaves the reader wanting more. I love the section on the connection between Marx and Hegel -- how Marx is using Hegel's ideas to develop his concept of the dialectical. Singer also spends enough time to establish who Marx was as a man, not just what he accomplished in terms of philosophical/historical insights.

    21. After reading the umpteenth thing referencing Marx I thought enough is enough, I need to get some grounding in his writings. A search turned this up and I can say it does what it says on the tin. Singer offers a brief biography of Marx, offers an overview of his writings, then clearly summarizes each of his key ideas and wraps up with critical appraisal of Marx's worth today. I feel much better equipped to read stuff referencing Marx now. A great little book.

    22. پیتر سینگر در این کتاب به زبانی بسیار ساده سیر زندگی کارل مارکس فقید، و مسیر پختگی افکارش را به خوبی نشان می دهد. او چگونه پس از مرگ پدرش به تکاپو افتاد ، چگونه با تاثیر از هگل افکار خود را شکل داد، زندگی انسان را در جامعه ای سرمایه داری شدیدا نقد کرد ، و کمونیسم خود را ارائه داد [...]

    23. concise book that points out Marx's many mistakes but points out his main endevour: the freedom of man from ideology, the greatest of which in his day was and is capitalism.he wished for us to control our culture rather than our culture control us.

    24. This was an interesting and easy to understand introduction into Karl Marx’s life, ideas and influence. Singer particularly highlighted Karl Marx’s biography (his surprisingly unproletariat life), his evolution of thought, key concepts and his influences.

    25. A very short, critical and wide survey of Marx's works and life. I enjoyed it, specially the assessment at the end of it. Though I guess many concepts deserve more explanation, but I think that might require a much more comprehensive medium.

    26. Exactly what it says on the tin. A concise, well-written and approachable introduction to his philosophies. You get the general gist without having to understand global political history inside out, and does well to avoid the often tedious discussions of economics.

    27. Dễ đọc và gọn gàng, có lẽ là bổ ích hơn nhiều so với mấy cuốn giáo trình triết và kinh tế chính trị Marx-Lenin dài dòng trong các trường ĐH ở VN.

    28. Thuộc Tủ sách Tri thức phổ thông của NXB Tri thức, cuốn sách cung cấp một cái nhìn khách quan, ngắn gọn, sáng rõ về tư tưởng của Marx, những ưu điểm và nhược điểm trong tư tưởng của ông.

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