The Walking Dead, Book Three

The Walking Dead Book Three This hardcover features another issues of the hit series along with the cover art all in one oversized hardcover volume Perfect for long time fans new readers and anyone interested in reading a zo

  • Title: The Walking Dead, Book Three
  • Author: Robert Kirkman Charlie Adlard Cliff Rathburn Rus Wooton
  • ISBN: 9781582408255
  • Page: 452
  • Format: Hardcover
  • This hardcover features another 12 issues of the hit series along with the cover art all in one oversized hardcover volume Perfect for long time fans, new readers and anyone interested in reading a zombie movie on paper that never ends.Book Details Format Hardcover Publication Date 12 19 2007 Pages 304

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      452 Robert Kirkman Charlie Adlard Cliff Rathburn Rus Wooton
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    1. Michonne is my motherfucking hero!I've honestly developed a girl crush on one (or more) of her personalities.Warning: Spoilers! Lots of 'em!Ok, there's a lot of stuff that happens in this one, but (to me) it all pales in comparison to the fantastically gory justice that Michonne lays down on The Governor.She nailed his rapey dick to the floor! Oh my God! I loved it! Seriously, I think I fell in love with her for reals when she pulled out the torch. I mean, that whole scene just had a beauty to i [...]

    2. Disclaimer: It should be noted that my ratings are a bit biased due to my obsession love of anything Walking Dead.The shit really hits the fan in this one. Things get way darker than the series. I love not knowing what's going to happen even after knowing the T.V. series so well. Fascinating how different they are. One thing that is the same: Michonne is one bad ass bitch!!Off too get Book 4n't stop!

    3. ***Spoiler alert!***I can't believe I'm saying this but, so far, the graphic novels are darker than the TV show and for those of you who've seen TWD show, you know how much blood, guts, gore and death there is in each episode. The most disturbing part (apart from what happened to Michonne) is what happened to RickI didn't expect that at all! All i could think was, 'noooooooo! Not Rick's hand you bastards!' As soon as Rick and his companions met the Governor, things went to hell in a handbasket. [...]

    4. This is, in my view, probably the best format to read the Walking Dead.The hardcover is of very high quality, each hardcover contains the equivalent of 2 trade paperbacks and costs the same as two of those.The art is slightly enlarged, making it even easier to read.One warning though, the depiction of the last meeting between Michonne and the Governor is not for the faint of heart and will give nightmares to most people, do not put this in the hands of young childrenThat being said the story get [...]

    5. Once again I am bothered by all of the obsession that is placed on sex. Why do all of the women in these books have to be whores? Why are men calmly chatting about relationships while they are surrounded by zombies? Why do I have to read the same conversation over and over again?Once again the dialogue is less than griping and I found the rape scene that consists of Glen listening to the Governor to be over the top and overdone. One sentence followed by Glen's various facial expression would hav [...]

    6. WOW, I really burned my way through this one. Especially towards the end, not wanting to put it down and staying up later to read it. This book really was great, I liked it better than book two. Not that book two was bad, it was just that one was more about "Rick & Co." (LOLat is how people often refer to Rick Grimes and his group of survivors/extended family when writing articles about the TV show) settling into the prison and the drama that ensues among them in the process. This one, howev [...]

    7. How I Came To Read This Book: Strangely the library has a HUGE wait list on for Book Two, but barely anything for Book Three. The best I can figure is people are lining up to read the first two books which is causing a library bottleneck. The Plot: We start off still at the prison, where our heroes have begun to settle in and feel safe. Then one day, they notice a helicopter crash in the distance. Rick, Michonne, and Glenn decide to head out and see where the helicopter came from (is it the mili [...]

    8. While I still have a slight interest in how the comic differs from the TV series, the misogyny and violence in this book were just too much. I didn't even want it in my house any longer than absolutely necessary. I didn't want it anywhere that my teen and tween boys could peek at it. There comes a point where it feels like violence for the sake of violence, without purpose or message. We understand - people are even worse than the walkers. We get it - what we do to each other is worse than anyth [...]

    9. The series is still sticking with zombie fiction cliches. Of course by the third book there has to be another group to oppose our protagonists. The governor is a very heavy handed attempt to show what Rick might become if he continues down his path. Although I have trouble seeing Rick using strangers to play sick games with zombies. I can, however, see him being ruthless with his own people. We're told the Governor started out as a good man but since we never see him as a good man he comes off a [...]

    10. This series just keeps getting better and better! This one was especially amazing, because we got a more in-depth look at our characters, we're starting to really know them, to sympathize with them, to FEEL for them. And to have that from mere graphics is just incredible because in most cases, we don't get really attached to characters from graphic novels and comics because we can't really TELL what they're thinking or feeling. Also, the plot guys. The plot is incredible. Super action-packed, we [...]

    11. I am really loving reading the written material that the hit show is based on, and seeing just how drastically different a lot of the plot points are. There are a LOT of characters that have not died that have died in the series, and others are severely hurt in ways not covered in the show; just so ya know!!! This is a hardcover bind up that feature twelve issues of the graphic novel gore and horror series "The Walking Dead", as well as the cover art from those issues, and lots of commentary too [...]

    12. Olipas kolmas Walking Dead albumi paljon raaempi kuin aikaisemmat kaksi osaa. Paikoin jopa verisempi kuin tv-sarja. Hauskaa huomata, kuinka paljon eroja sarjakuvan ja tv-sarjan välillä on. Monet asiat tapahtuvat ihan eri henkilöille. Puhumattakaan siitä, että suosikkihahmoani Daryl Dixonia ei ole sarjakuvassa ollenkaan

    13. This story continues to keep my on my toes! I never know what's going to happen when I turn the page but I know that anything is possible!

    14. Kolmas kirja vie tarinaa entistä rujompaan ja väkivaltaisempaan suuntaan. Vankilassa leiriä pitävä joukkio näkee kuinka helikopteri tekee hätälaskun lähelle. Kolmikko lähtee tutkimaan hylkyä. Eloonjääneitä etsiessä he törmäävät toiseen leiriin, jonka on muodostanut 20-30 eloon jääneen joukkio. Hieno homma! Paitsi, että leiriä johtaa "kuvernööri" kovin rautaisella ja sadistisella otteellaKolmas kirja etenee yhtä sulavasti kuin aiemmatkin, mutta siinä missä edelliset tu [...]

    15. I think I'm obsessed. Also, my family seriously needs to have a zombie apocalypse plan. . . LOL. Pages: 304

    16. Totalmente fascinante, sin duda cada página de este cómic te deja con ganas de más y más. Sus personajes son fantásticos y los escenarios y situaciones que se plantean son realistas cuando hablamos de apocalipsis zombi.En este tomo que recoge desde los números 49 - 78 nos muestra la evolución psicológica de Rick y los demás, así como las decisiones que deberán tomar para sobrevivir y que tendrán su repercusión en los acontecimientos.Se verá en gran medida el avance psicológico de [...]

    17. Picks up where the second hard-cover left off. Rick and the group are still at the prison. Rick sees a helicopter crash into the forest and goes off with Glenn and Michonne to find it. Unlike the TV show where Michonne and Andrea find it. Woodbury's group has found it and any survivors were taken to Woodbury. Rick and the two go to Woodbury and find out there's a group of survivors there. Introduce the Governor/Phillip, Martinez, and Doctor Steven's who happens to be the replacement of Milton fo [...]

    18. This volume has our friends meet their neighbors. Something about that spectacularly horrible first gathering brings to mind this poem by Robert Frost:MENDING WALLSomething there is that doesn't love a wall,That sends the frozen-ground-swell under it,And spills the upper boulders in the sun,And makes gaps even two can pass abreast.The work of hunters is another thing:I have come after them and made repairWhere they have left not one stone on a stone,But they would have the rabbit out of hiding,T [...]

    19. Hello again TWD fans!Finished reading Book 3 and it ridiculously amazingg. After the survivors were been secure in the prison, there comes a helicopter not far from their place. They thought it was a rescue team but suddenly the helicopter was crashing! Of course they're curious to find out what happened so Rick, Glenn and Michonne offers to go to the crashed helicopter. There's no one in the helicopter had doubled their curiosity! Then they follow path of few footprints over there and lead them [...]

    20. My new favorite quote, something a friend of mine said which made a ton of sense to me: "Human beings are only three missed meals away from savagery." I totally agree with this, and I think Robert Kirkman might agree as well. This quote is particularly relevant when reading Kirkman's The Walking Dead. Book 3 is quite possibly the best one yet; in a story of extremes, this story arc pushes the outer boundaries of extreme. As I've mentioned before, Kirkman's comic book series stands out, not becau [...]

    21. Once again, I approach the comic from the perspective of a primary show viewer and although I feel like a heretic and an apostate for saying so, this volume is where the differences between the show and the comics really start to go askew for me.There's just no comparison between the show's version of the Governor and the comic version. Show!Governor is established as a charismatic leader very well, but even more importantly, the existence of Merle Dixon demonstrates that Show!Governor is absolu [...]

    22. This was an absolutely brilliant entry into The Walking Dead series, and the zombie genre as a whole. Issues 25-36 take the group of human survivors beyond the threat of undead flesh eaters, and confronts them with a much more daunting opponent: humans themselves. Rick, Micchone, and Glen are held hostage by The Governor (who might just be one of the most brilliant villains in comic book history), a Hitler-like tyrant who rules a small society of survivors, giving them everything they need provi [...]

    23. I started reading The Walking Dead back before zombies was the cool thing to be into and way before the TV show. What I like most about the Walking dead is that it really isn't about zombies. Shocker! Yes, it is set in a post apocalyptic time where zombies roam the earth, but so much of this series is about human relationships. It is about what different people do in survival-type situations, how they react and how they treat other people. Who steps up to be the leader, who takes what role in a [...]

    24. First things firstn't know how reliable my review is since I'm a fan of the show first and a newcomer to the graphic novel genre.So for a hard core fan of graphic novels and The Walking Dead graphic novels only review may not mean squat to you. Because I'm not going to be able to refrain from making comparisons to the TV show.This BOOK THREE starts with chapter 5: the best defense. The gang is in the process of clearing out the prison and getting settled. The make-up of the gang is different fro [...]

    25. 9/10En estos 12 issues nos encontramos con el primer villano humano de The Walking Dead: El Gobernador.Yo pensé que el de la serie era malo, pero el de las novelas gráficas es muchísimo peor. Es más sádico, más psicópata y más perverso.Aquí nos encontraremos con mutilaciones, violaciones, perversiones y un tomo mucho más violento que los dos anteriores.Carol está cada vez más desquiciada da temor ver sus ojos saltones y esa sonrisa con esperanza Aunque prefiero la Carol de la serie t [...]

    26. Holy crap. Wow. Just wow. There is just so much here, great storyline, constantly improving art (looks a hell of a lot better than the first book), and deep characters. This isn't a comic, it's an exploration into the human soul.I'm an avid horror fan. Reading it, watching it, whatever. And some of the stuff done in this book made me wince and squirm. Because, it's totally possible. Stuff like that happens every day, minus the zombies. What you see here is the true nature of a person when the ru [...]

    27. I liked book 3 a lot more than book 2 (thankfully, because I was worried it was gonna go downhill from there). It's action-packed and exciting and I didn't want to put it down, whereas with book 2 I could take it or leave it. Most of this book is spent away from the prison (whereas book 2 was contained almost entirely in the prison, which became monotonous and boring and started to feel like a zombie-age soap opera since it revolved around drama between different people in the group). Since they [...]

    28. Events take a turn for the darker in the third hardcover installment of Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead. If the plots of the first two books hearken back to stories like The Stand, where relatable characters are forced to endure apocalyptic events, then Book Three reminded me more of Cormac McCarthy's The Road, an apocalyptic tale in which good people are the exception and groups of people invariably find ways to rationalize evil behaviour.As a standalone effort I'm not sure that Book Three qu [...]

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