Culinary Artistry

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  • Title: Culinary Artistry
  • Author: Andrew Dornenburg Karen Page
  • ISBN: 9780471287858
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Paperback
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    • Free Read [History Book] ↠ Culinary Artistry - by Andrew Dornenburg Karen Page ✓
      125 Andrew Dornenburg Karen Page
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    1 thought on “Culinary Artistry”

    1. On page 7 of this book is a description of three kinds of chefs. First, there is the Burger Flipper, who cooks to fill the hungry stomach. "I'm full" is the desired response. Then there is Accomplished Chef, who wants to please the hungry stomach. "That was delicious" is the desired response. And then there is the Culinary Artist"Life is wonderful".You don't have to be a Culinary Artist to make the most of this book. nor even a professional chef. You do have to enjoy cooking and want to take you [...]

    2. this is the book you go to when you find something really good at a market and want to make up a dish that features it. Its also the book you go to when you are a cook and you want to convince yourself you're an artist. Best book about food ever written, in a three way tie with McGee On Food and Cooking and Escoffier.

    3. This book speaks to the heart of my culinary journey. It's all about growth and development and finding my way to the expression of my soul through cooking. I identify with so many of the great chefs in this book and I feel I'm standing alongside them in their kitchens. The thoughtfulness and preparation one must have for each dish drives me to explore various flavors and technique.Culinary Artistry is all about understanding that which confronts the thoughtful and caring chef, though not becaus [...]

    4. if you love to cook adventurously (without recipes) this is the BEST COOK BOOK EVER. get your hands on it immediately. simply contains long lists of alphabetized ingredients - and what other ingredients compliment them. and some loosely suggested combinations and dishes. so very incredibly helpful and fun!

    5. This book is one of the reasons I went to culinary school. My copy is dog-eared, written in and generally falling apart. Nearly eight years out of the CIA and I still consult this book constantly for inspiration.

    6. Was expecting pictures and plating ideas - they weren't there. Pretty much the same as The Food Bible, which I think is better.

    7. First things first, let me say that Chez Panisse and French Laundry are on my bucket list to experience. After reading this book, I believe I’ll have an even greater appreciation of the experience. This book starts off by walking the reader through the universal agreement of what flavor combinations work together and the importance of seasonality. It then takes the reader through several contributing chefs’ artistic journey in their careers, menus and personal approach to their culinary arti [...]

    8. I really like and enjoyed the book. It's a book that anyone can read, anyone interested in cooking, in knowing more about a kitchen, in knowing the history behind a dish, in learning more about a passion which should be cooking or anything related with it. The book is really complete, is one of the few books I know that the title DO goes into the information inside the book. Shows everything that is necessary in order to learn how and what to cook; I know that if a beginner reads this book befor [...]

    9. This is like a wizards spell book for ideas and pairing and such. Liked this along with Becoming a Chef, and Dining Out. Great writers pairing with Dornenberg and Page.

    10. Interesting, I guess. Explores the idea of cooking and/or food as art. Includes many quotes, rather than formal interviews, with chefs you probably have heard of a few of, a handful of recipes, and a large section - which is what I bought it for - of lists of flavor pairings, identifying what goes with what, including both familiar and strange combinations.The pairings are interesting, and the whole book a fine idea, really; other than the fact that I was not familiar with about 1/3 of the chefs [...]

    11. Not sure what to do with that huge Costco flat of pears, or the freshly-caught halibut you just brought home?This cooking book isn’t as visually appealing as some on our shelves - no beautiful, full-color photos of tasty dishes - but it is packed full of information for enthusiastic (and creative) cooks. It includes sample restaurant menus and information about building your own menus, plus recipes from some well-known chefs, but the best part, in my opinion, is the alphabetical index of ingre [...]

    12. Getting a copy of this book in my 3rd year of culinary school nearly caused me to drop out.This is because reading the book caused me to totally rethink everything I'd been doing in the kitchen, realize that I wanted to completely rebuild my cuisine from the quarry tile up, and stop cooking boring food.Dornenburg and Page are great writers, and the book should be required reading for all 2nd year culinary students -- it'll shake up their ideas, help loosen some dogmatic crap, and help them broad [...]

    13. A very good book, but only for those who already have a lot of basic cooking knowledge. This is not a beginner book by any means. That being said, the information in here is top-notch. There are many famous chefs throughout giving their ideas on many different cooking styles. I found it very inspiring.

    14. "What's hard about it is that degree of sacrifice. It's not so hard. Anybody could do it for one or two nights, for a week. It's mustering that energy and dealing with the other areas of your life that you have put on hold that you wish you could develop--like seeing a movie this year, maybe? it's the constancy--it's almost hysterical."

    15. One of the first I've been able to find that actually has a comprehensive starter list of food pairings. Very helpful for when you have a hundred ideas, and not too sure where to go with a meal. Also, as with their other books, there are features on leading chefs, and these are great reading, small gems from their experience.

    16. Wow. an amazing book. A MUST read for anyone seriously interested in cooking - either at home or professionally. The book covers food pairings, menu planning, how a chef thinks etc. Outstanding! The listings of what ingredients go best with others, is alone worth the price of the book.

    17. A must for every culinary enthusiast, as this book unassumingly teaches and guides the reader on both well-known and obscure techniques, foods, tools, etc. To help graduate yourself to the next level, I recommend this book for anyone who can do far more than boil water. GREAT BOOK!

    18. Read over the course of many months- but found the last few days I kept going back to certain spots that just spoke to me. I have phone calls often giving me a list of ingredients and the people ask- what should I make? The matching and pairing sections of the book have become a go to guide!

    19. Perfect reference manual, inspiration/idea generator, etc. worth owning just for the flavor/ingredient combination charts.

    20. Extremely helpful combinations of complimentary foods. Very useful for cooking with ingredients you have on hand rather than from recipes.

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