The Fate of Mice

The Fate of Mice Gathering together the most outstanding short stories of Susan Palwick s twenty year literary career The Fate of Mice is a powerful collection from an extraordinary fantasist These unflinching tales

  • Title: The Fate of Mice
  • Author: Susan Palwick
  • ISBN: 9781892391421
  • Page: 166
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gathering together the most outstanding short stories of Susan Palwick s twenty year literary career, The Fate of Mice is a powerful collection from an extraordinary fantasist These unflinching tales, including three original pieces, consider a woman born with her heart exposed and the heartless killer who protects her a wolf who is willingly ensnared by a devious academGathering together the most outstanding short stories of Susan Palwick s twenty year literary career, The Fate of Mice is a powerful collection from an extraordinary fantasist These unflinching tales, including three original pieces, consider a woman born with her heart exposed and the heartless killer who protects her a wolf who is willingly ensnared by a devious academic a businessman resurrected to play at politics and an ingenious mouse dreaming beyond the laboratory With the perceptiveness of Joyce Carol Oates, the inventiveness of Ray Bradbury, and the emotional resonance of Alice Sebold, The Fate of Mice is a meditation on the very art of storytelling mythic, beautiful, and often brutal, filled with authentic compassion.

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    1. The thing about The Fate of Mice is, every story cuts deep. These stories cut to the bone. They hurt, and they hurt because they are true. These are the thing of stories you read when you want to be brutally honest, when you want to understand human nature, when you want to face up to nature of things. They are gorgeous and sharp and scary and true.“The Fate of Mice” shocked me. I wasn’t expecting it to move me so quickly, to make me care so fast. “Gestella” was heartbreaking; I read i [...]

    2. One of the best short story collections I've read in years. The title story is very powerful, while the concluding novella, "GI Jesus," made me laugh and cry in quick succession. The quality of the writing is remarkably consistent for a collection. Highly recommended.

    3. Such strong writing! If these stories don't touch your soul, you don't have one. This is one of the most compelling books I have EVER read. These stories make you think, make you appreciate what you have, see everything with new eyes, to See through the Dross to Find the Important. Recommended for everyone still looking for "more" AND those who think they're doing just fine where they are, thank you.I will read everything this lady writes, gladly.There are 11 stories. I've listed them separately [...]

    4. /review to comeIntroduction (The Fate of Mice) • (2007) • essay by Paul Di Filippo Did I bother to read this?The Fate of Mice • (2005) Fabulous. Perfect.Gestella • (2001) Oh god, oh my god. First read this in YBFH; first Palwick ever and didn't realize it until after I read her best novel and another short.The Old World • (2007)Interesting take on dystopia but a bit sad. Jo's Hair • (1995) Eh. I might have cared about this story if I cared for Little Women, but I in fact loathe and d [...]

    5. Awesome. How come I never heard of Susan Palwick before? How come she hasn't been on the Tiptree Award lists? How come how come?I really liked all of the stories in this collection. My favorite might be the first one, "The Fate of Mice", about a smart, talking mouse and the girl who tells him stories. Then again, "Ever After" is pretty cool too. And I didn't even get what was going on with the godmother until most of the way through.And it was "Jo's Hair" that I read in an anthology that made me [...]

    6. I've got to write more of a review later.(And, actually, not totally finished.) (So keep your eyes peeled!--as if someone reading this)But it's okay if I'm not finished. It's a book of short stories. So I can comment on the parts I have read.I guess she's a little science fictiony / fantastic.The first, title, short story is pretty great. Just the concept is great.WellKind of like "Flowers for Algernon"--teaching a rat. But a nice twist: the rat learns about fairy tales.Then, the point is: mice [...]

    7. A short story collection with weight, where magical realism used to explore the human condition. The tales are thought-provoking and resonant, touching on myth and magic. Some of the offerings: A self-aware, existential mouse ponders his own mortality in a lab. A werewolf married to a human realizes how troublesome a relationship can be when you age in dog years. A politician learns never to trust a reanimated corpse to stay on message. The dark reality of Cinderella’s godmother’s true ident [...]

    8. This collection of short stories was phenomenal. I found so many of them touching or incredibly intriguing. Each one meditates on what it means to be human in some way, even if a character may not be fully human. Plenty of these will stick with you. They deal with growing old, life’s changes and death, things that are described in a way that makes them much more relatable despite fantasy or sci-fi elements.I would list my favorite stories, the ones that resonated most with me, but I can’t ju [...]

    9. An interesting collection of short stories. For the most part, I really enjoyed reading this. They weren't happy stories (far from it!) but they managed to keep my interest. The only story that I obstinately didn't like (and disliked enough to lower the entire score of the book!) was "GI Jesus", the novella at the end. (view spoiler)[I understand the message that Palwick was trying to convey, but I thought that she handled it all wrong. The point is that sometimes we forget to love the sinner, b [...]

    10. 5/17 So, this year my true goal was to read 120 books, and although reading goals are stupid, arbitrary things, I'm snowed in and I thought, shit, let's do this. I've been reading these stories off and on for a couple months, and I thought they were really enjoyable, in fact Sorrell's Heart was great, but there were a few too many missteps for me to exuberantly sing this books praises. But definitely good, and I've bought one other book by the author, so kudos.

    11. I've been on a short fiction kick of late, and this collection rises to the top of the anthologies I've read. Most of the stories in this book were very enjoyable to read.The title story, melding as it does with Flowers for Algernon, sets the bar pretty high for the stories that follow. It was meaty and nerdy and ended just right.Gestella was one of those stories where you can see the train wreck coming and all you can do is sit and watch, helplessly, as the main character has to deal with what [...]

    12. A complaint I often have about books is that the writer doesn't trust their readers. One of the reasons I love Susan Palwick's writing so much is that she fully trusts us. Each of the book's short stories ended at the perfect point: She leads us right up to the ending, there's no doubt how the story will turn out, but she ends it a moment too soon. Every time a story ended, I had that "Arg! Wait no! That can't be the ending! It can't stop here!" reaction. And yet every story was a complete story [...]

    13. A wonderful array of original stories, often taking a remarkably radical new take on fantasy standards such as werewolves and the Cinderella fairy tale. Deeply human stories, often with humor though usually of a dark sort. If you enjoy intense dark fantasy, suspense and horror with detailed characters, this is for you!I met Susan Palwick at a science-fiction club meeting just as her first book was coming out and sat next to her afterward at the diner, talking about her involvement with starting [...]

    14. "But mostly I was sad, listening to her, because I felt like everyone I knew had died somehow, changed into other people when I wasn't looking." Susan Palwick's collection of stories is chock full of changings, people who transform into other things, for better or for worse. An intelligence enhanced mouse, freaks born with insides on their outsides, fairy tale vampires, quick-aging werewolves, frost demon wives, truth-telling zombies, and more. There's no "normal," here. But the stories have unc [...]

    15. this is a fantastic short story collection, probably the best collection of short stories i've read in awhile. there's a lot of super glowing reviews on the book jacket and as you read the collection, you realize they're completely deserved. short stories are hard to write and writing a lot of good short stories is hard for anyone outside of the masters (hemingway, salendar) in my opinion. but susan palwick seems to be pretty comfortable giving you a whole hell of a lot to think about in ten pag [...]

    16. Outstanding! I put this on my to-read list after reading Palwick's haunting short story "Gestella," a new take on lycanthropy, in Sisters of the Revolution: A Feminist Speculative Fiction Anthology (2015, PM Press edited by Ann and Jeff Vandermeer). Every story in this collection — which includes zombies, fairy tales, vampires, werewolves as well as a new perspective on Jo from Little Women — is strong, engaging and memorable. Standouts: The Fate of Mice, Jo's Hair, Beautiful Stuff and Eve [...]

    17. If you like George Saunders, Gregory Maguire, Stephen King, or Angela Carter, you'll enjoy this collection. Palwick's stories are often set on a premise instead of being slice-of-lifers. (I don't say that to judge, just to describe.) Some of them are retold folk and fairy tales. Some are speculative. Some don't have an angle at all but to capture a voice. Thankfully Palwick is skillful and this doesn't come off as a mish-mash.

    18. Excelent book of short stories. The title story has similarities to the book Flowers for Algernon. While this book is supposed to be horror/fantasy, none of the stories were scary, maybe just eerie. A very satisfying book overall. I recommend it highly.

    19. I read four stories in here, all of them great: "Sorrell's Heart", "The Fate of Mice", "GI Jesus", and "Gestella". Sadly, I think Palwick might be one of those authors too literary for sci-fi tastes (and incapable of churning out books), yet also too willing to embrace genre for literary fiction's tastes. It's too bad, because her stuff is great.

    20. A very well written collection of short stories. They're heavy and dark and grim and remind you of your insignificance, but they're so well written. You just keep hoping something will go right in one of these stories. Hang on for the last one. It's an appropriate hope-tinged finale to this great anthology.

    21. By turns fascinating, horrifying, disturbing, heart-wrenching, bittersweet, enlightening, and hopeful, this collection of short stories present a variety of thought-provoking perspectives on mortality and life.

    22. I think the common thread running through these stories is that eventually everyone meets death. That sounds really depressing, and some of the stories do hurt (oh man, "Gestella" was rough), but mostly I'm just left feeling how important it is to take care of your life while you have it.

    23. A collection of short stories. I don't read anthologies much -- I prefer novels -- but I really enjoyed this one. Each story takes your imagination, and emotions, in a different and unexpected direction. I shall never look at Cinderella and her fairy godmother in the same way again.

    24. A fantasy/fable type short-story collection (a bit like Kelly Link), with morals and everything. I liked these and would read something else by her, though I wasn't a big fan of "GI Jesus", which was nominated for the World Fantasy Award.

    25. I only read a couple of stories from this book, so I can't really rate it. I have to say that the stories I read were pretty intense - serious subjects dealt with in an oddball way, but unflinchingly. I think the writing is first class, but more than I want to deal with right now.

    26. great short stories! You can re-read these over and over. One story about a woman who changes into a wolf, her husband loves her wolf traits until she starts aging faster than he does.

    27. The first two stories were amazing. Several more of the stories were very enjoyable reads. They weren't all five star, but I think the collection deserve five stars.

    28. short stories i picked up for cheap one day. this woman can write. one of my favorite books of fiction.

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