Chasing Brooklyn

Chasing Brooklyn Restless souls and empty hearts Brooklyn can t sleep Her boyfriend Lucca died only a year ago and now her friend Gabe has just died of an overdose Every time she closes her eyes Gabe s ghost is th

  • Title: Chasing Brooklyn
  • Author: Lisa Schroeder
  • ISBN: 9781416991748
  • Page: 483
  • Format: Paperback
  • Restless souls and empty hearts Brooklyn can t sleep Her boyfriend, Lucca, died only a year ago, and now her friend Gabe has just died of an overdose Every time she closes her eyes, Gabe s ghost is there waiting for her She has no idea what he wants or why it isn t Lucca visiting her dreams Nico can t stop He s always running, trying to escape the pain of losing his bRestless souls and empty hearts Brooklyn can t sleep Her boyfriend, Lucca, died only a year ago, and now her friend Gabe has just died of an overdose Every time she closes her eyes, Gabe s ghost is there waiting for her She has no idea what he wants or why it isn t Lucca visiting her dreams Nico can t stop He s always running, trying to escape the pain of losing his brother, Lucca But when Lucca s ghost begins leaving messages, telling Nico to help Brooklyn, emotions come crashing to the surface As the nightmares escalate and the messages become relentless, Nico reaches out to Brooklyn But neither of them can admit that they re being haunted Until they learn to let each other in, not one soul will be able to rest.

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    1. "Motion is always preferableto stagnation.When you move,things happen."Initial Final Page Thoughts.I would say that this book wanted to make me want to sign up for a triathalon.But that would be a horrible lie.It did make me want to go back to the beginning and read it again though. High Points.It seemed Ms Schroeder had a checklist of everything I dislike in books and she wrote this book just to spite me and show how wrong I am and to make me look silly.People who shouldn’t be in love, fallin [...]

    2. This is my third YA novel, another ghost story, told from the point of view of two characters - Brooklyn and Nico. Fans of I HEART YOU, YOU HAUNT ME will hopefully like this one!

    3. The “well-intentioned ghost” storyline has never really worked for me. In fact, they tend to make my face resemble this :-| (or the physical equivalent thereof as I am not, after all, an emoticon) , which I call the “No face”. As in, “No, leave that business to Patrick Swayze and the 1990s where it belongs.”However, when the lovely Jo throws down a book recommendation, I have no power to resist. She is that good. I had not too long ago been lamenting the fact that I had yet to discov [...]

    4. 4.5 StarsThis story is a haunting tale (literally) about dealing with, and moving on after tragic loss, and finding love when you least expect it. Brooklyn lost her boyfriend Lucca in a tragic accident one year ago, and now his best friend, Gabe, has died of an overdose. Brooklyn was very much in love with Lucca, and hasn't been dealing with the loss well. Who would? She's abandoned her art and writes letters to Lucca every day. All of a sudden Brooklyn starts having nightmares about Gabe. Truly [...]

    5. I discovered this book when I dropped by on our local bookstore and browsing some books probably 3 years ago. There is something about this that makes me want to read it. I got side tracked by other books and this slipped out of my mind. I'm so glad I finally got into it. Chasing Brooklyn is written in verse. The premise is beautiful and easy to read. I didn't expect to be hooked with its story. It's sad, touching, and refreshing with a touch of paranormal. There are some parts/lines just hit me [...]

    6. “How many days was I like that?Pretending to listen, but not hearing a word?Pretending to care when I hated it all?Pretending to live when I was dying inside?”Lisa Schroeder’s Chasing Brooklyn introduces readers to two hauntingly sad characters filled with pain, grief, and longing. Two characters that will stay with me each and every day. In a world that keeps go, go, going, how does one learn to survive, keep feeling, smiling, getting up and moving on after the loss of a loved one, child, [...]

    7. Is it possible to love every chapter, every line, and every words of a book?Because it did happened to mewith this one.I love everything about this book! This is my first time to read a novel written in verse. I bought this just a few days ago because of the good reviews and recommendations. Also, I was intrigued by how it was written in verse. Then, I opened it and began reading the first chapter. And I just realized that I couldn't stop reading. Wow, it actually took me only the first page. An [...]

    8. This book has 3175 ratings on GR with a 4.14 average rating. And since I’ve been reading (and enjoying!) some real drivel lately, I figured this was a big step up from my current fare and I’d like it as much as everyone else does. From the reviews, I think I was expecting something more like Hold Still, which deals beautifully with someone learning to live again after suffering a loss, or as evocative as an Ellen Hopkins novel. (I really need to get it through my thick skull already that jus [...]

    9. Chasing Brooklyn is told in verse. Sometimes verse works, sometimes it doesn't. Lisa Schroeder knows how to do it!This is now my favorite novel by Lisa.Chasing Brooklyn is such a sad yet BEAUTIFUL story! It's about loss, and letting go, but most importantly it's about hope and love.You'd think you couldn't have strong characterization in a novel told with such few words, but wow. I found such a connection with these characters it was unbelievable. Schroeder is amazingly talented. I can't begin t [...]

    10. This is my first time to read a book that is not in paragraph, but in verses. I thought I may not like it but instead I loved it. I love the fast-pace of Chasing Brooklyn which is not so cheesy but is very real and emotionally well written. This is basically the first book I've read from Ms. Schroeder and I can say that she writes exceptionally a very good and emotional story about lost, friendship, relationships, and love.So the story is about Brooklyn losing her boyfriend Lucca, which is Nico' [...]

    11. This is the second time I've read a work from this author and it still didn't fail to leave me at awe especially since this is a verse novel. When I started this I realized that this is much more intense and emotional that the last book I've read of this author so I was a little doubtful if it would be able to connect and affect me deeply since it was written in a verse form. But lo and behold because it did! I was surprised to find myself tearing up on some parts and some making my skin filled [...]

    12. I never go for a paranormal stories , yet I don't know how I came across this one, I had it since quite a while , yet I decided it to read tonight. And something was different , the air was different ,maybe if i had read it on some other day It wudn't have the same effect its having tonight.There were answers in this book , that I was trying to find today about my life . this is weird , I should stop thinking that way , but I just can't brush off that feeling .Anyway coming to the story & ch [...]

    13. Brooklyn experiences unsettling nightmares after her boyfriend, Lucca, passes away. She is not sure why it is Gabe, a friend of hers, that keeps appearing even though she wishes it was Lucca in his place. Nico, Lucca's brother, takes on running to escape the harsh reality his brother's death instills. Brooklyn and Nico need to reach out to one another to get past their shared despair - but will it be too difficult?I really liked this story in poetry format. Although I think it would suffer if it [...]

    14. Loved how it was written in verse, which made for a quick read, and told from two viewpoints. A sweet and heartwarming story about dealing with grief and finding those to help you get through it.

    15. Brooklyn can't sleep. Her boyfriend, Lucca, died a year ago and since then it's as if she's just stopped living, too. Things worsen when her friend Gabe kills himself and seems to be haunting Brooklyn in her dreams - why is he in her dreams instead of Lucca? Lucca's brother Nico can't stop running. The only time he even feels vaguely normal is when he goes running. Nico is struggling, too, as it appears that Lucca's ghost is visiting him, demanding that he help Brooklyn. As Gabe's visits into Br [...]

    16. Schroeder is one of the top names when it comes to verse novels and I can now see why. Although I often stay away from these poetry-bound novels, Schroeder assuaged most of my fears and managed to suck me into her beautiful tale. I wasn't expected it, but Chasing Brooklyn managed to contain deep and well-rounded characters I truly felt for. Brooklyn, the protagonist who lost her boyfriend and is now haunted by her friend who overdosed is a heroine we can get behind, struggling to maintain a faca [...]

    17. Kann man behaupten, ein Buch gelesen zu haben, wenn man nur das Hörbuch dazu gehört hat? Vermutlich nicht so ganz. Aber die Sprache und den Inhalt habe ich dadurch ja mitbekommen. Es ist also fast wie lesen.Nach dem Inhalt habe ich mir das (Hör-)Buch weniger ausgesucht, eher nach den Sprechern Andreas Fröhlich und Anna Carlsson, die ihren Job beide ganz hervorragend machen (Frau Carlsson sogar fast ein bisschen besser als Herr Fröhlich - und das kommt von einem eingefleischten Andreas-Fröh [...]

    18. This book manages to be moving and heartfelt with very little effort.Told entirely in verse, the story alternates narratives between Brooklyn and Nico. Both are suffering from the aching loss of Lucca, Brooklyn’s boyfriend and Nico’s brother. It’s been a year since the fatal car crash and another friend, Gabe, has just died. Now Nico is being haunted by Lucca, urging him to help Brooklyn who is in turn being haunted by Gabe. Honestly, I see ‘verse’ and I’m a little leery. Positive re [...]

    19. I loved Chasing Brooklyn so, so much it's now one of my favorite books. I'm a big fan of verse writing, and this book is now one of the reasons why. I tend to rate books because of how much emotion they are able to convey. How much of what happens, feels like it's happening to me. Having read it one one sitting, this was an emotional roller coaster.It is a beautiful story about grief, dealing, hope, healing, dreams, and obviously love. The healing power of love. The characters, the plot, the wri [...]

    20. 4.5/5When I pick up a verse book written by Lisa Schroeder I know that I'm going to read an emotionally turbulent and transcending book about grief, love and loss. 'Chasing Brooklyn' is beautiful and heart-achey and lovely, the carefully selected words tumbling down the pages. My heart is full after reading about Brooklyn and Nico's journey to recovery, acceptance and courage in the wake of their boyfriend/brother Lucca's, and now Gabe's deaths. I really like how Schroeder plays with the space t [...]

    21. I love this cover. And I love the title. And I just really love this book. I'm so glad some thoughtful reader nominated it for a Cybils award this year, because I honestly don't think I would have picked it up otherwise. And I have no good reason for that except I think I somehow got the mistaken impression it was just another problem novel and I wasn't in the mood. Shame on me for making my ignorant assumptions and not giving this lovely novel a try before now. CHASING BROOKLYN is Lisa Schroede [...]

    22. Another long run,Hoping to put distancebetween meand everything else.The farther,The better.Only problem is,the distance is just temporary,Because no matter far I go,I always have to come back.I first came across Lisa Schroeder when I had randomly ordered The Day Before written by her. I had not known her and I also didn't know that the whole novel was written in verses. The whole experience altogether was pretty surprising.AndI Love Surprises! :DThe beauty of novels written by Ms.Schroeder?They [...]

    23. it's okayto want to dateyour dead boyfriend's brotherisn't it?according to this novelthe best way to deal with griefis to fall in lovewith the deceased's kind, if you make a promise,and can't keep it in lifekeep it in death.i will haunt youaaahhhhhh.look, i went back and forth on this one. at the beginning, the poems were grating and amateurish but then the story picked up and i was like oh i see i can do this then. thenoh, then, gabe happened.when gabe was a scary undead mo-fo i was pretty exci [...]

    24. Won a copy of the ARC in a book tour, so, sadly I didn't get to keep it :o( However, I'm happy that I was able to pass such a great book on for others to read. So, here's my review:Chasing Brooklyn was one of those stories that allowed me to feel the various emotions that the characters -Brooklyn and Nico were going through a year after a death that affected them both in very different ways. A supernatural twist to the story had ghosts to help pave the way for both Brooklyn and Nico, in what wou [...]

    25. The teaser was kinda creepy. I’m not a fan of anything ghostly. This must be the reason why I didn’t give much of an attention when Ate Eu urged me to make a time to read this novel. My only regret after reading was I should have read it earlier. The very moment she recommended it. I like it. No. I think I love it. This, too, is my first time to read a novel in a form of a poem. A taste of Shakespear. But words won’t make your nose bleed and wonder why the sun ate the moon? In fact it was [...]

    26. Brooklyn’s boyfriend, Lucca, died a year ago in an accident. She’s still grieving and unable to move on. Then their friend Gabe dies from an overdose. Gabe starts haunting Brooklyn in her dreams. She doesn’t understand why he is and why it’s not Lucca visiting her in her dreams.Nico is Lucca’s brother. Nico has turned to running to try to escape his grief and sorrow from his brother’s death. After Gabe’s death, Nico starts receiving messages from Lucca, telling him to help Brooklyn [...]

    27. A solid 4 stars. Chasing Brooklyn is the second book I've read by Lisa Schroeder, the first being The Day Before. I can honestly now saw I love books in verse. I never read many before because I preferred sentences and paragraphs. And even though I still do, I've grown to enjoy reading these or many I just love Lisa Schroeder. ♥Both Brooklyn and Nico are alive, but not living. It’s been a year since Lucca, Brooklyn’s boyfriend and Nico’s brother passed. Now their friend—Lucca’s best [...]

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