Hamster Magic

Hamster Magic Lynne Jonell the popular author of Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat makes her Stepping Stones debut with a high spirited tale of mixed up magic and wishes gone wrong Celia Willow is the baby of

  • Title: Hamster Magic
  • Author: Lynne Jonell Brandon Dorman
  • ISBN: 9780375966606
  • Page: 260
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lynne Jonell, the popular author of Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat, makes her Stepping Stones debut with a high spirited tale of mixed up magic and wishes gone wrong.Celia Willow is the baby of the family, and she s sick of it She s sick of being younger and smaller She s sick of never being taken seriously So when Celia s hamster surprises the Willows with his wLynne Jonell, the popular author of Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat, makes her Stepping Stones debut with a high spirited tale of mixed up magic and wishes gone wrong.Celia Willow is the baby of the family, and she s sick of it She s sick of being younger and smaller She s sick of never being taken seriously So when Celia s hamster surprises the Willows with his wish granting powers, she blurts out her deepest desire The problem Celia didn t exactly wish to be furry.Her big brothers and sister can t let their parents see her like this, but they only have one night to fix things How can Abner, Tate, and Derek reverse something as powerful as hamster magic before breakfast Hamster Magic is on the Texas Bluebonnet Masterlist for 2012 2013 and was a finalist for the Minnesota Book Award.From the Hardcover edition.

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    1 thought on “Hamster Magic”

    1. 12-14-12 So far I think Hamster Magic by Lynne Jonell is a pretty good book because the characters are described well and you can feel what they are thinking. It is about a family called the Willow family who moves and the kids don't want to move. They have a hamster that was magic but they didn't know it was magic until it talks and turns Celia, the youngest, into a giant hamster. The kids have to find the great hamster so he can turn Celia back before the parents find out. I would rate this bo [...]

    2. This is a cute tale of a young girl, named Celia, who is tired of being the smallest sibling out of four in the family. The children notice the family pet "Hammy," which happens to be the family pet is missing they immediately blame the youngest, Celia. Celia goes searching for Hammy and comes across more than she ever imagined. Hammy is not your ordinary Hamster, he can talk and has the power to grant a wish. When the children discover Celia is telling the truth, they all can't wait to have a w [...]

    3. The Willow family has moved and the children aren't too thrilled about it. They now live in a house out in the country where there is no other children to play with.And the only pet they have is a hamster. It's actually the third one they've had and if they don't take care of this hamster there will be no chance for a dog.The youngest child, Celia, notices there is something very different about this hamster from the previous ones. And when the hamster escapes they find out just how different he [...]

    4. At first this book did not interest me but I read it because it is a Bluebonnet book. It was a very sweet story about a family that always picks on the little sister. She ends up as an over sized hamster! Her siblings freak out and search to find out how to turn her back into a little girl before their parents find out. Great read aloud for 3rd!

    5. This was a great read-aloud book for my 7 year old daughter. We read about a chapter a night. We loved Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat by the same author and we're excited to read the other books in both these series.

    6. (3.5 stars)Celia is tired of being the youngest person in the family. So she makes a wish to be bigger. Her hamster surprises her by granting her wish. But now she is larger not as a person, but as a hamster!

    7. Any reader of fantasy and fairy tales knows that if one is granted a magic wish, one must be very careful what one wishes for! Try to quell the greed (or you might end up with sausages stuck to your nose) and the desperate desire to thwart death (in fact, just don't make wishes with monkeys' paws) - and always, always think before you wish.The four Willow siblings have just moved to a house in the country for a year and are feeling just a little miffed about it. It might be better if they had a [...]

    8. Things aren't going so well for the Willow children--Abner, Derek, Tate, and Celia. They've recently moved from their crowded neighborhood bustling with friends and activity to a secluded, old house in the country. And, they've just lost their third hamster which means that they will never get a dog which is what they really want. At least, Abner, the oldest child, does. A search finds Hammy the Third in an old suitcase under the stairs. Suddenly, the little hamster starts talking about being in [...]

    9. I just finish Hamster Magic by Lynne Jonell. It's about this family that has a pet hamster and the hamster accidentally turns a girl into a hamster,so they have to find the great hamster to fix this. I really like the part when she becomes a hamster because the author describes a lot about that part. I like how the author describe Hammy the hamster and the others. I wish the author describe more about the setting because all she says is that they are at the river. In my life it reminds me of two [...]

    10. IT was a super duper awesome book. My favorite part was when the little sister turned into a big hamster and back into a human. The dog treats "woofies" were hilarious! Ms WatersI think Hamster Magic was an amazing book and my favorite part was when the brothers and sisters were trying to find the great magic hamster and go near the beach I can't wait untill the next book like this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FROM ALIYAH

    11. Grades 1-3I really enjoyed this short and fast paced tale of four siblings and their pet hamster. Things all get started when the youngest, Celia, finds out their hamster can talk, and grant wishes, as long as it is something a hamster would wish for. Her wish to be "bigger" does not turn out as she expected, and it is up to her siblings to help her reverse the magic. A good step up into early chapter books.

    12. Four siblings are forced to move to the country with their parents. They find a magical hamster who promises them a wish for letting him out of a cage. The youngest of the siblings wishes to be bigger and is turned into A GIANT HAMSTER. Trouble ensues.There isn't really a clear ending and there don't seem to be any lessons learned based on the crazy wish. It's a fun read but pretty loose on plot or direction.

    13. This easy-to-read chapter book is perfect for beginning chapter book readers, 1st-2nd grade. It can also be read aloud to younger readers. The story itself is ok, young children will enjoy it; older children will be more easily bored. Youngsters who enjoy hamsters will especially like the story as one of the main characters is turned into a hamster! Quick, easy read, just not much to the story.

    14. Rating: generous 3Audience: grades 2-3Story: "When the Willows move into a new house, Celia, the youngest of four children, traps an enchanted hamster, who reluctantly agrees to grant the children one wish in exchange for his freedom."Writing: Very simple story line that would appeal to girls and hamster lovers.

    15. This Bluebonnet nominee didn't strike my fancy as much as some of the others have in the past. This one was a great selection for the younger readers which is probably why it is in the running. I thought be book skipped around and wasn't complete enough. It was very elementary in its composition. I think second grade girls will like it because of the little girl and they like fuzzy animals.

    16. Read this to Cody when he got his Dwarf Robo Hamster & he loved it. Very light book with some good diversity of the siblings--it is a quick one night read, but I got it for 5 bucks on kindle so it was not a waste--we can likely reread it sometime next month

    17. This short and simple tale is exactly what you'd expect. Unfortunately, the target audience seems to be 1st graders reading above grade level. It's great for them, not so great for 3rd and 4th graders struggling to catch up with their peers.

    18. Cute little quick book where the problems are all concrete and wrapped up neatly by the end of the book. My 10 and 9 year old kids didn't enjoy it as much, as it was a simpler story than their normal fare.

    19. "There is something both appealing and remarkably nostalgic in this furry tale of cooperation among siblings and magical animals interacting with the human world."--The Bulletin of the Center for Children's books

    20. I read this because I so loved Emmy and the Incredible Shrinking Rat. I was disappointed. The fantasy didn't seem plausible, and I couldn't connect with the characters. It all just felt forced. Although this is written for a younger audience, it's just missing something.

    21. This was cute, but not particularly complex. The siblings were believable and the concept of underground magic that burrowing creatures absorb was neat. It would be great for a 1st-3rd grader who is getting into small chapters and interested in animals or fantasy.

    22. Hamsters Magic is a good book but kind of hard to relate. I can't relate to Hamsters Magic because I have never had a hamster before and I deffenitly have never Ben turned into one. The only way I can relate is I am the littlest and I am a girl

    23. Cute story about a family who moves to the country and lives on top of a hill that is infused with magic. It is a good introduction to fantasy without going over board. Mostly realistic fiction with a little magic mixed in.

    24. Cute book. A fun adventure four siblings who've just moved to a new place. The youngest, Celia, has made a wish and it was grantedbut not exactly how she wanted. I love how the 4 work together and help each other to solve the problem.

    25. I have to admit that I didn't love this one. It was humorous in places and had an ok concept, but overall this wasn't great. The fantastical elements were rushed and overdone. I will not read any more of this series.

    26. My children enjoyed this more than I did. It was not a complex book. The characters and storyline were simple. Unless you are trying to read all of the Bluebonnet books for this year, I'd recommend spending your reading time on something else.

    27. Good beginning chapter book from the sci/fi genre. Four siblings in a new house on magical land. In this one, the youngest gets her wish to become a hamster granted.

    28. The third graders seemed to enjoy this tale, but I doubt if it would have had as strong an appeal for the older elementary students.

    29. Bluebonnet Book for 2012. I wasn't too sure about this book, but I read it to my 2nd graders and they really enjoyed it! Would recommend to students in grades 2 - 4.

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