Tommysaurus Rex

Tommysaurus Rex A tale about a boy and his T Rex Ely is an everyboy trying to cope with the death of his dog Tommy When he finds a live foot Tyrannosaurus Rex trapped in a cave behind his grandfather s house Ely

  • Title: Tommysaurus Rex
  • Author: Doug TenNapel
  • ISBN: 9781582403953
  • Page: 247
  • Format: Paperback
  • A tale about a boy and his T Rex Ely is an everyboy trying to cope with the death of his dog Tommy When he finds a live, 40 foot Tyrannosaurus Rex trapped in a cave behind his grandfather s house, Ely embarks on an adventure to tame this seemingly friendly giant, convince the town his new pet isn t a threat, and keep his dinosaur safe from the jealous town bully With ToA tale about a boy and his T Rex Ely is an everyboy trying to cope with the death of his dog Tommy When he finds a live, 40 foot Tyrannosaurus Rex trapped in a cave behind his grandfather s house, Ely embarks on an adventure to tame this seemingly friendly giant, convince the town his new pet isn t a threat, and keep his dinosaur safe from the jealous town bully With Tommysaurus Rex at his side, Ely discovers what it takes to be a man and what it costs.

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    1 thought on “Tommysaurus Rex”

    1. OMG why can't I read a Doug TenNapel graphic novel without getting choked up and teary eyed. 5 stars for always giving me the feels.Ely is a boy with no friends. He has his trusty female dog named Tommy as his one and only companion. One day while taking his dog for a walk, Tommy gets hit by a car and dies. (mega sad)To encourage his son to move on, Ely's dad sends him to his grandpa's farm for the summer. Ely is surprised with a toy T-Rex from his grandpa and after his first long day of work he [...]

    2. A wonderful heartwarming story that at the core of it all is the story of a boy and his dog well, a boy and his pet, even if the "dog" is represented by a Tyranasaurus Rex. A smaller but equally potent side-theme is the redemption of a bully. Not dark, like TenNapel's other work I've read to date, but sad and bittersweet. Tender-hearted children will not be able to handle the Old Yeller type ending (and beginning). I simply adored this story and found it perfectly suited to the middle-grade age [...]

    3. While I *really* like Doug TenNapel's other works (Cardboard, Ghostopolis, Bad Island), I really felt "Tommysaurus Rex" fell short.Boy's dog dies. Dog's spirit reincarnates as a T-Rex. T-Rex becomes faithful canine-like pet. T-Rex demolishes town. T-Rex saves bully. Bully & Boy make up as friends, as T-Rex dies, but only after T-Rex has self-procreated, leaving behind two new T-Rex eggs. Cycle begins again.OK. Nice story, which could have maybe worked well in TenNapel's hyper-creative world, [...]

    4. In brief, a competantly-drawn tale of a boy stumbling across a T-Rex in a cave, and the bodily wastes that it leaves behind. Characters are stereotypical (duplicitous politician, quirky grandpa, chunky bully, etc.), with no real focus on motivation. The concept of a "found" T-Rex could hold such potential - but the material has already been covered countless times.Probably a good read for a small child who has never read any dinosaur fiction before, and with a heart and soul for piles of prehist [...]

    5. When a boy loses his best friend, Tommy, his dog, he is inconsolable. His parents send him to his grandfather's farm for the summer. He finds an unusual friend, a T-Rex, and an enemy, Randy. The adventure begins. TenNapel weaves a story of family, friendship and life lessons that you don't even see coming.

    6. Not a huge fan of this one. It did surprise me as (view spoiler)[ the kid's dog got hit by a car almost right away in the book. Plus that bullying is HARSH.(hide spoiler)]. I was like, WOAH, but yeah, TenNapel's work is a little darker, even if it is meant for kids. The biggest issue I had with this one is (view spoiler)[how heavy-handed the bully's daddy issues were. Like Cardboard, the bully has parent issues and is a good kid except his home life sucks. Ok, that happens, and I like how TenNap [...]

    7. After Ely’s beloved dog Tommy is hit by a car, he goes to live with his grandfather for the summer. Soon after the local bully starts bothering him, he comes across a very friendly dinosaur. They become the best of friends and get into all sorts of trouble together. Ely and his grandpa try to convince the town that a dinosaur is worth having around. I like Tennapel’s illustrations. They seem to have a certain bit of darkness to them. He also has a common theme of bullying, and he always seem [...]

    8. This book is called tommysauras Rexes by Doug Tenable and is based on the genre fantasy. Where and when does this book take place? This book takes place in a farm rural side of a country and its in the present day. I think this is fantasy because it includes a dinosaur in the present day which is not normal, but is FANTASTIC. Who are the main characters? The main characters are Ely, a bully and Ely’s grandpa. What was the problem and solution. The problem was that Ely lost his dog Tommy. Fortu [...]

    9. pretty cute for gradeschoolers - features that dream-logic/bluntness of a children's story. i enjoyed reading it, but of course, it doesn't reach the heights of GHOSTOPOLIS or CREATURE TECH. i've become a fast fan of doug tennapel - his influences are obvious, and he celebrates them well. there's a jeff smith / bill watterson style easy humor, and while the jokes occasionally feel forced, their written with a warmth that i can easily forgive. so while it's definitely boy-centric, i say, get it f [...]

    10. I grabbed this at the library for my son based 100% on the cover and the fact that it's a graphic novel. He read it, my daughter read it, then I read it. I was shocked when his dog gets killed on like the second page, and the bullying is also pretty intense, so it's definitely MG rather than children's. Grandpa is hilarious, as are most of the townsfolk. I love how everyone just blithely accepts that there's this dinosaur around who just might be a reincarnated golden retriever, because of cours [...]

    11. Tommysaurus Rex is a heart-warming and touching tale about a boy and his dinosaur. Yup, that's correct, his dinosaur!Full of humor, tension, and tragedy. Tears will be shed. Hearts are broken, hearts are healed, important lessons are learned, and the ending is both heartbreaking and bittersweet yet ultimately an optimistic one.Highly recommended for middle-grade readers, especially those who love dogs and dinosaurs.

    12. The story is difficult to read, like it is missing pages. "Wait, what just happened? How?" It lacks the neat characters, art, and humor of his other stories. And it's completely unbelievable. Sure, I jumped into Ghostopolis, and even the one about monsters from space, and monsters in a zoo, but not even I can get behind that the T-Rex didn't just eat the kid.

    13. This was a really sweet and creative book. Ely lost his dog who was then somehow reincarnated into a T-Rex (go with it). It was a quick and easy read and the characters were amusing. The ending, although a tad predictable, was sweet.

    14. READ THIS!! It's a tearjerker and a heart-warming story about forgiveness. Don't skip it in the bookstore.

    15. For a middle-grade audience, but serious issues of loss and love. Mean people suck but are human, too.

    16. After the death of his beloved dog and best friend, Tommy, Ely's parents send him to live on Grandpa Joe’s farm for the summer. There, he stumbles upon a Tyrannosaurus Rex in a nearby cave and the two become fast friends. Ely even names him Tommy after his deceased pet. As the news of the dinosaur grows around town, so does the friendship between Ely and Tommysaurus. When the dino damages a home, the townspeople call for Tommysaurus Rex to be removed. Ely and his grandpa make a deal with the m [...]

    17. Tommysaurus Rex is a Touching andWonderful ReadBy: Wil SherrinBooks change people’s perspective of life.Most books are meant to beenjoyed for people of all ages. The book Tommysaurus Rex by DougTenNapel is as touching as enjoyable for teens and young children. Manyof the characters are like common day kids like Ely who have troublemaking friends, but have a good connection with their dog like Ely andTommy. Sadly Tommy gets hit by a car and Ely gets really sad. This allowsEly to hang out at his [...]

    18. I LOVE graphic novels, especially when they have a different take on a common trope. But this "boy and his 'dog'" story was not a favorite. I read it as part of a children's literature class, and this is clearly meant for middle grade readers; but while the general thrust of the story offers some good lessons (particularly about bullying), I had some problems with a few elements. From a storytelling point of view, there are a few moments that don't work for me narratively; there are some jumps t [...]

    19. I loved this book it was an amazing story about a boy name Ely and a t-rex. Ely has to has to convince his town that Tommy the t-rex is not bad. The town's bully, Randy wants to prove him wrong with some fire. Tommy ends up saving Randy but Tommy was burned to death. While reading this book my eye began to water because the author gets you attach to Tommy. It still hurts me every time I read the book. I recommend this book to my brother because he liked Old Yeller and this book is like it.

    20. My favorite third grader has been asking me to read this for a few weeks-glad I did! It is a beautifully told graphic novel, perfect for readers in grades 3-5. For those with sensitive kiddos, the protagonist's dog gets hit by a car and dies, and there is an estranged father storyline.

    21. I LOVE THISSSS BOOK!!!! Once again, it has an amazingly written plot, full of meaningful moments, and epic plot twists. It has a really happy ending, and where part of the ending is a bit predictable, there is also a really unexpected twist in the end! :) I also can totally see this being a movie!

    22. An odd little tale about a boy's grief over losing his best friend, his dog Tommy, only to find a real-live T-Rex - that's the reincarnation of his dog? A nice tale most of the time, but also a tad confusing at others. Not my favourite of TenNapel's graphic novels.

    23. GreatThis book was so emotional yet fun. I loved it a lot. I also almost cried even though I've read it before

    24. I think this one might have been too sad for my six year old. He needed lots of hugs after he read it. He still wants to re-read it.

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