Big Egg

Big Egg One morning Hen wakes up and finds a gigantic egg in her nest Whose ege can it be Here s a hint Hen it doesn t belong to that wily Fox

  • Title: Big Egg
  • Author: Molly Coxe
  • ISBN: 9780679881261
  • Page: 241
  • Format: Paperback
  • One morning Hen wakes up and finds a gigantic egg in her nest Whose ege can it be Here s a hint, Hen it doesn t belong to that wily Fox

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      241 Molly Coxe
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    1 thought on “Big Egg”

    1. In this Neo-led story, we learn about Hen and her eggs of two sizes; one large and many small ones. She cannot understand where the large egg has come from and asks around, but no one will take ownership, until Fox pipes up. As the chicks begin to hatch, Fox thinks he has a meal ready for him, but Hen has other ideas. With some quick thinking, Hen is able to save her entire family. Neo did so well with this story, getting most of the words on the first try. I am so proud to see him progressing s [...]

    2. Comments on the Story:This is a story that although it is designed to have simple language for new readers is actually a very good story. It may, however, be kind of scary to some children because the fox takes the eggs away and there is bit of suspense at this part. This might be a good book for boys; they might like the adventure with the fox taking the eggs and running away from the fox. There is a lot of repetition of words and usage of words that children are familiar with such as cat, dog, [...]

    3. ** spoiler alert **Induk ayam heran, dari semua telur-telurnya yang normal ada satu telur yang besar. Bukan telurku, pikirnya. Dia nanya ke kucing, ke sapi, ke binatang-binatang yang lain. Apakah ini telurmu? Semua bilang tidak. Hanya satu yang berkata ya. Rubah. Rubah siap menyantap telur itu. Tapi menetas. Keluarlah anak ayam raksasa wkwk. Induk ayam ngamuk. Induk dan anak raksasa berhasil lolos.

    4. Cute story for early readers about a hen with small eggs and one big egg. Hen asks all the animals if the egg belongs to them and they all respond negatively. This is a great little book for early readers using high frequency words and a real storyline. Text could also be used to discuss how people may look differently, but have different strengths.

    5. Teaches kids to read by memorization.Perfect for learning to read. My kids remember the book by the pictures. They are starting to recognize words in other books from looking at these ones.

    6. This is brilliant for beginners! It has great illustrations I truly think younger kids will like it the font size is larger and it has a real story line. I enjoyed it and I think others will as well!

    7. A hen ends up with a larger than normal egg and asks fellow farm animals if it belongs to them. A bit of humor, early readers will make the connection that cats DO NOT lay eggs. I love how the hen ends up showing love for all her chicks, no matter the size or difference in appearance.

    8. This story is a short easy read for beginning readers. I personally received this book for my 7th birthday present.

    9. A chicken has several eggs and one is extra large. A fox takes the eggs and is prepared to eat them. However, a big bird hatches from the large egg and all the birds escape.

    10. Had to read this to my pre-schooler twice today. Would have been more but we had to head out. A hen tries to figure out what's in the big egg in her nest.

    11. This is a good beginning reading book. The story is short, with simple, repeating words. And the illustrations are colorful and fun.

    12. We have chickens so this book is very relatable. Plus it helped my kids learn to read. A win-win situation.

    13. Step 1 Ready to readVery silly and simple first reader that could be included in a Mother's Day display.

    14. I liked this book. It is a book that is good for beginning readers. It is silly and ends happy. This is a book that I think beginning readers will enjoy learning to read.

    15. GH read this to me last night. He said, "This is easy." It is a version of the Ugly Duckling only the mother is a great deal nicer.

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