The Devil's Alternative

The Devil s Alternative Russia faces famine The Soviets are forced to pin their hopes for survival on the U S But as the KGB and the CIA watch in horror the rescue of a Ukrainian freedom fighter from the Black Sea unleashes

  • Title: The Devil's Alternative
  • Author: Frederick Forsyth
  • ISBN: 9780553264906
  • Page: 159
  • Format: Paperback
  • Russia faces famine The Soviets are forced to pin their hopes for survival on the U.S But as the KGB and the CIA watch in horror, the rescue of a Ukrainian freedom fighter from the Black Sea unleashes savagery that endangers peace and plunges leaders from Washington to Moscow into a web of overwhelming intrigue, terror, and suspense Only two lovers can save the world fRussia faces famine The Soviets are forced to pin their hopes for survival on the U.S But as the KGB and the CIA watch in horror, the rescue of a Ukrainian freedom fighter from the Black Sea unleashes savagery that endangers peace and plunges leaders from Washington to Moscow into a web of overwhelming intrigue, terror, and suspense Only two lovers can save the world from nuclear destruction Yet every way out means certain death, and the countdown has already begun.

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    1 thought on “The Devil's Alternative”

    1. This is an awesome page-turner crafted by Frederick Forsyth. Like in many of his novels, he combines fact with fiction (and blurs the line between the two), and this makes most parts of this novel exciting. Moreover, there are so many things happening in the novel that involve several nations with multiple possible outcomes, that the author keeps you guessing till the end -- the fun is not in predicting what's going to happen and getting it correct, but rather getting it wrong! (the Oh My God! m [...]

    2. You know you have a master piece in your hand when you read this book. Although the plot does not unravel until the last two paragraphs of the last page, Mr. Forsyth exhibits his skill and mastery in weaving you into a deception that when the truth dawns on you it is like having ice cold water thrown at your face when you were deep asleep. This is so good, I cannot begin to explain and point out the favorite sub-plots; the whole book is full of it. I loved this book. An example of what an action [...]

    3. Although a dated novel (first published in 1979), this is still an enjoyable read for Forsyth fans. About the aversion of global war via deft manipulation by players - leaders, bureaucrats, spies - of the then world's political powerhouses of USA, Russia and Britain. Engaging diplomatic and political suspense. Classic Forsyth.

    4. Probably the best of Forsythe's novels, although The Fourth Protocol is perhaps its equal. It incorporates all of the author's best qualities: a compelling plot with some unexpected twists, seemingly unrealated characters with intersecting story lines and thoroughly researched real-world context.

    5. Set in the Cold War era, this is a thriller with a plot rivalling Ludlum in its scope but vastly superior in terms of realism & believability. Faced with a looming famine crisis, the USSR is in tough negotiations with the US over import of food grains & arms-reduction concessions. As the different protagonists and conspirators on both sides indulge in power struggles threatening the outcome of the negotiations, a group of Ukrainian nationalists end up almost sabotaging them through their [...]

    6. One of the best books I've read. It's been about 12 years since I read it but I would go back and do it again.

    7. Oh what do I think about this book?? Well, I was lucky enough to squeeze out two stars in my rating of it when in all honesty it deserves much less. Several times I really just wanted to give up on this and move on to something else but the completest in me forced myself to finish this book nearly a month later.Forsyth makes one huge mistake right off the bat in this one by introducing the reader to an endless stream of characters. That alone had my head spinning. People were dying, who they wer [...]

    8. This was one of the most exciting books I've ever read! It's a Cold War story about the US versus the Soviet Union, mixed in with some Ukrainian nationalists bent on raising hell in Russia and upsetting world events as a result. We've got the CIA. We have the Politburo. We have the world's wheat production, which -- when I first started reading this -- I thought was going to be boring, but actually turns out to be essential to the plot. We have weapons reductions. We have war plans. We have supe [...]

    9. What can I say about the author Fredrick Forsyth. He is a master storyteller who combines fact with fiction in his writing. He is one of my favorite authors and consistantly writes books that will hold your attention with many twists and turns.The story takes place in the late 70's early 80's. The story is a prelude to the cold war era. A political intrigue novel that threatens disastrous results worldwide, with a surprise ending. The book is a very interesting read and you will not be disappoin [...]

    10. This one started out reading more as a Tom Clancy-style thriller than the other Forsyth books I've read. All "Soviet-Union-plans-to-overthrow-the-West-using-brute-force-and-only-one-spy-can-stop-him!" sort of thing. Then at the half-way point it got rather interesting and quite tense for a couple of hundred pages. Then it got silly at the end. Shame. I really enjoyed that middle section. Still, a superior writer in the genre. Rated MA for adult themes and some violence. 3.5/5

    11. 'Whichever option I choose, men are going to die.' This is the Devil's Alternative, an appalling choice facing the president of the USA and other statesmen throughout the world. A very good premise. Moral dilemma. Something like Arjuna faced in the Kurukshetra on start of great war of Mahabharata. Krishna gave him ultimate gyan i.e. Geeta. Very enjoyable page turner.

    12. F. Forsyth mě docela baví, ale od Den pro šakala už mě nikdy nic tak nechytlo. Přesto si rád sem tam nějakou jeho knížku přečtu. Má to propracované, přesvědčivé a přesto neskutečně nepravděpodobné. Jednou za čas si nějakou takovou oddechovku dopřeju. U Forsytha mám skoro jistotu, že mě neotráví hned na začátku knížky. Raději Forsytha než Browna. Ale ještě raději mám Grahama Greena.

    13. The Devil's Alternative by Frederick ForsythWhat a masterpiece!Though slow in the beginning, I consider myself fortunate to have stumbled upon this book.What homework, what in depth research. This is called dedication(of an author).The book begins with a a castaway Miroslav Kaminsky, is a Ukrainian nationalist who escaped after he was betrayed to the KGB. He is visited in the hospital by Andrew Drake, an Anglo-Ukrainian. The plot to teach a lesson and shame the USSR on a global platform for the [...]

    14. -Thriller potente.-Género. Novela.Lo que nos cuenta. En 1982, la combinación de una muy mala cosecha en la URSS con los efectos perniciosos de un pesticida en cuya producción hubo una grave falla, deja a los soviéticos frente a una futura hambruna. La posible negociación de compra de los excedentes de grano de Norteamérica podría implicar contrapartidas geoestratégicas que los líderes de la URSS no están dispuestos a admitir, por lo que se empieza a hablar en el Politburó de una opera [...]

    15. Forsyth, the master of detail, as i would like to call him. Every single novel is not just a story, not just a plot full of interesting characters but is also a dossier of research. From nuts and bolts to international organizations everything is so well researched that for that little 'Fiction' printed at the back of the book, you would think it is all real. The devil's alternative is another international thriller set in the time of cold war that takes the reader from oval office to the rottin [...]

    16. This was an awesome, edge of your seat, page turning epic storm of a story. I got so engrossed in this story that every time I saw that the prices had gone up (again) at the local petrol station, I thought it was because of the situation surrounding the oil tanker!

    17. Even the most discriminating fans of the genre will find this political thriller a special treat. Totally captivating and superbly crafted story.

    18. Another political page turner. Shades of today with threatened terroristblow up of oil tanker. Thrilling read.

    19. Von 1979. Eine Hungersnot in der Sowjetunion steht an. Das Bedeutet, Weizen in USA und Kanada kaufen und dafür Zugeständnisse bei SALT Verhandlungen zu machen. Oder aber - Krieg gegen Europa führen.Es kommt zum Kampf innerhalb des Kremls. Gleichzeitig wird der KGB Chef von Ukrainischen Patrioten umgebracht. Die Mörder entführen ein Flugzeug, um zu entkommen, werden aber in West-Berlin gefangen. Darauf nun kapert der Komplize eine Millionen Tonnen Frachter um die freizupressen.Eine frühere [...]

    20. One of Forsyth's best. What a page turner. The concept of deciding between nuclear peace talks vs environmental disaster was a fascinating one. Loved every minute of it until the end, where I thought the buildup to the solution wasn't as big and grand thinking as the rest of the book. Forsyth is usually better than that, but this book is so good I'm willing to overlook it.

    21. An exciting read. The writer has been able to hold my breath till the last of the book. Though the buildup was a bit slow, the middle to last part has covered it up fully. All the revelations was again in his stylish exciting way. Another masterpiece.

    22. This is a really entertaining and suspenseful novel dealing with terrorists, a gigantic oil tanker, a spy, and cold war politics when the Soviet Union was still around. It is quite long, but there is definitely enough going on to keep things interesting till the end.

    23. mi è piaciuto proprio tanto, è un autore di cui ho già letto diversi altri libri in passato

    24. Trepidante novela que lo tiene todo, secuestros, política internacional, espías Se lee de un tirón

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