Lights and Sirens

Lights and Sirens The past couple years have been a real bitch for trauma nurse Lucas Harris He d given up everything to be in a relationship with a man he loved only to find out the feelings weren t mutual Hurt and

  • Title: Lights and Sirens
  • Author: Stephani Hecht
  • ISBN: 9781554875733
  • Page: 180
  • Format: ebook
  • The past couple years have been a real bitch for trauma nurse, Lucas Harris He d given up everything to be in a relationship with a man he loved, only to find out the feelings weren t mutual Hurt and betrayed, Lucas leaves everything behind and moves to Flint, Michigan to start over again After a night of too many drinks, Lucas gets up close and personal with paramedicThe past couple years have been a real bitch for trauma nurse, Lucas Harris He d given up everything to be in a relationship with a man he loved, only to find out the feelings weren t mutual Hurt and betrayed, Lucas leaves everything behind and moves to Flint, Michigan to start over again After a night of too many drinks, Lucas gets up close and personal with paramedic Matt Shaw The only problem is while Matt may be the sexiest medic in Flint, he s also as straight as they come The last thing Lucas wants is to be someone s dirty little secret again, but at the same time he can t deny his growing attraction to Matt When a near fatal incident forces the men to face their feelings for one another, Lucas knows things will never be the same again Will his heart be able to survive the outcome

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      180 Stephani Hecht
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    1. 3 stars!Lights and Sirens was another great opportunity to revisit the medical stuff of the Saint Michael hospital. NR nurse Lucas and EMT Matt - both secondary characters, we already met in the previous books - are finally getting their own story. Short and fast as always and thus not all that credible, but still entertaining enough to make a good read. Considering the number of stories that are still to come, I would advise to simply ignore the fact of the statisticly impossible high amount of [...]

    2. I really enjoyed Matt and Lucas' story. Both are secondary characters in this series and are now getting their own HEA. Matt, who was so far shown as a big womanizer turns out to be bi-sexual, but deeply closeted, and slowly falls for Lucas. But Lucas has been hurt in the past, thinks Matt is straight and has no intention of being anyone's dirty little secret. Can Matt own up to his sexuality before he loses Lucas?Nicely written, great characters and an interesting plot combine together to form [...]

    3. This story is rich. Amusement, laughter all colliding into a tidy read you won't want to put down. Men in uniform do it for me every shot.

    4. This is only my second experience with Stephani Hecht's and I am falling head over heels with her main characters. Lucas is so adorable and my God, the scene when he was drunk was probably one of the most hilarious yet endearing scenes ever :). I am not a big fan of GFY theme, but I can take Matt -- who is first introduced as straight as an arrow guy. Totally LOVE the couple and now, I'm going to track back to read Jessie and Randal's story in "Man Down".

    5. Another great installment from this series. I loved Lucas and Matt. And the GFY was really sweet. Although I don't think it really was. To be honest in my opinion Matt was probably bi. Especially considering his past. Great story :)

    6. Again very nice story. I liked how Matt's GFY has been handled and it looked believable enough even though in the first two books I couldn't even imagine him batting for the other team.Poor hospital female staff, though€. It seems not only pretty/nice ones are gay there, but almost everyone from the male personnel is, lol. But I'm far from complaining - nice series :)

    7. The biggest issue that I had with this particular book was its length. It felt like an extremely time-compressed romance. To have a practically straight paramedic gushing his love for the trauma nurse within that few number of pages was a bit ridiculous.Still, it was a cute little story. And it had some humor. :)

    8. I love Gay For You love stories and Matt and Lucas are perfect for each other. The dramatic occurrences at the end were compelling. Done very convincingly.

    9. The EMS Heat Series by Stephanie HechtI’m reviewing this entire series in one go because they all have similar themes. Each book is short and sweet – little bite-sized stories when you want to pick up something quick to read (I read each one in one sitting).This is one of those series (previously called St Michael’s) that centres on a group of men who work in emergency services. It is a glorious combination of EMTs, firemen, nurses, doctors…Each book is relatively short (<100 pages) a [...]

    10. The gay-out for you aspect only lasted about a line or two; I was very disappointed by that and anyway, it was too short to have any depth IMO.

    11. ER Nurse Lucas is not thrilled to be celebrating his birthday. He's tired of one night stands and two years ago his birthday sucked hardcore. He also made a pass at straight man-slut Matt and now feels doubly awkward that he's alienated his friend who's been madly crushing on. That night at the bar he gets hammered and Matt drags him home and admits he's attracted to Lucas but won't do anything when he's drunk. Lucas is still sure Matt's just being nice but eventually the get together then just [...]

    12. A nice quick story to add to the series based on paramedics and doctors falling in love. It is part of a series but can be read as a stand alone. I enjoyed watching these two find their way to each other despite all the obstacles and misunderstandings. They are both likable characters that have overcome hardship and are dealing with their own emotional pain in the best way they know how. Matt, previously seen in past books as quite the womanizer, apparently has a gay scandal in his past that he [...]

    13. This was good. I don't tend to buy "gay-only-for-you" as a concept, so I am glad the author at least gave Matt another gay experience in his past, though I felt like he should've had more. The end was obviously setting up the next book in the series, which I expect to be about Lucas' brother. I actually didn't like that bit. We hear nothing about the brother until the last pages. It was too obviously a setup and as soon as I read the mention of him, I rolled my eyes.Also, I'm beginning to see wh [...]

    14. Read on 11-25-132.5 StarsARGH! In the previous books, I LOVED Matt and Lucas. Seriously, adored them. In this.t so much. I wanted more. (view spoiler)[ It was kind of "oh my god, he's so hot" "I'm not gay, except for one time" "take me home and fuck me" "not today, but tomorrow" "I love you" oh and by the way, Matt moved in while Lucas was in the hospital and his long lost brother did too. Even though they haven't talked to each other in 2 years. STOP PLEASE. Slow down and explain. I want to kno [...]

    15. This was the third book in Stephani's St. Micheal's series and definitely my favorite thus far.Matt is a sexy, womanizing medic with a wickedly smart mouth and Lucas is a nurse at St. Micheal's hospital who is very tired of his one night stands and thank you man quickies he's been living on for the past two years. The two men have known each other for awhile and although Lucas has a crush on Matt, he believes he's completely, one hundred percent straight, therefore, hands off. What he doesn't kn [...]

    16. Matt is straight, but not exactly closed off to the idea that he might be attracted to a guy. Lucas is wary of becoming another “secret” so he holds Matt at bay.Eventually, with some help from a dangerous situation, the two realize that they have to be brave and give love a chance, no matter how it looks to the outside world.**Though this is only book two in the series, I want to put in a plug for the entire series. I’ve really enjoyed these “bite sized” romances. Each is short but wit [...]

    17. My first thoughts greatly included: 'in a hurry.'Granted, this is a short story, but it goes from two barely-know-each-other guys to great-friends to practically-dating to -OMG-LOVE-YOU-SO-MUCH in the span of two days and a handful of pages. o.O;;If it had been fleshed out a little more, it would have been much better. Matt is charming and Lucas is just ridiculously adorable [despite how much he tries NOT to be:]. I DID roll my eyes a bit when it came to light that the adamently NOT-GAY Matt act [...]

    18. Matt is totally adorable. He is my favorite and love the fact that he appears in every single EMS heat book I have read. He is gorgeous, snarky, a womanizer who treats women who does not lead women on and he fell deep for vulnerable Lucas. Lucas has been taken advantage of by men due to his loneliness and low self esteem because his father threw him out. He could not have ended up with a better guy.Love the dance floor scene when Lucas massacres the dance moves through the ages (Running Man, Cab [...]

    19. I liked this book. It's linked to Man Down and tells the story of nurse Lucas and medic Matt (both secondary characters from the first book).Both characters have been hurt in the past, and I liked seeing how they slowly find out they really like each other. It takes Matt a little longer to admit, but once he does, nothing can stop him.

    20. Lucas and Matt were likeable characters, even if definitely briefly described :) The story itself is rather predictable and cliche, but it has some kind of charm. Especially the scene where Lucas is drunk ;) Could be longer, but it's a good choice if you're looking for a quick, light and unrealistic read ^-^

    21. 5 starsLights and Sirens is the 3 book from the EMS Heat series of Stephanie Hecht and i loved it.Emotional, heart breaking, HOT and sweet and funny. I am just SPEECHLESS about this series and how much i enjoy it. Never saw this coming to enjoy short stories.This story is amazing. Shame they so short.

    22. When first reading the description of the book, I figured this would be an interesting read. I'm a sucker for gay for you plots. However, instead of the book having some sexual tension or angst in it, the characters, Lucas and Matt, are pulled together through insta-love. So if you're looking for a quick read that doesn't have much depth than this book is perfect.

    23. Rolling on the floor laughing. Soooo funny in some parts, i cried at just one scene though. some parts are sad, but some are guaranteed to make you go: WHAT?! a good read if you like straight guys turned gay.

    24. I myself really enjoyed this one, especially because of Matt. I agree with many readers, Matt is a wonderful character, endearing, lovable and most of all, totally hilarious. The coming together of Lucas and Matt was enjoyable. It was one of my favorite EMS Heat novel!

    25. I really liked this one. I have read all 3 of the EMT/hospital books and hope they keep on coming! I have not read too much elase of Stephani Hechts work but I know these are good so I will check them out soon.

    26. I liked both Matt and Lucas but for me because it´s a sort of gay for you this book should have been a lot longer. You can´t tell this kind of story in such a short read. It all felt a bit rushed. Shame, i would have loved it if we got to know Matt and Lucas better.

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