The Perilous Gard

The Perilous Gard Kate Sutton lady in waiting to Princess Elizabeth is exiled to an old castle where she becomes embroiled in the strange and otherworldly life of the fairy folk Mystical and exciting enough for all f

  • Title: The Perilous Gard
  • Author: Elizabeth Marie Pope
  • ISBN: 9780441659562
  • Page: 396
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kate Sutton, lady in waiting to Princess Elizabeth, is exiled to an old castle where she becomes embroiled in the strange and otherworldly life of the fairy folk Mystical and exciting enough for all fantasy lovers School Library Journal ALA Notable Book Horn Book Fanfare SelectionThis edition was published as 2 in the MagicQuest series by Ace Books, a reissuing ofKate Sutton, lady in waiting to Princess Elizabeth, is exiled to an old castle where she becomes embroiled in the strange and otherworldly life of the fairy folk Mystical and exciting enough for all fantasy lovers School Library Journal ALA Notable Book Horn Book Fanfare SelectionThis edition was published as 2 in the MagicQuest series by Ace Books, a reissuing of classic young adult fantasy novels.

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    1. Of the several Tam Lin retellings I've read, the classic YA novel The Perilous Gard is a standout. I frequently sing the praises of Pamela Dean's version of Tam Lin, while knowing full well that that novel will only appeal to a limited subset of the fraction of readers who like fairy tale novelizations. Well, this one is for readers who prefer a more traditional retelling of Tam Lin. It also, by the way, leaves out the racier aspects of the Tam Lin story (the woman who saves her lover from the f [...]

    2. Books like The Perilous Gard remind me of why I love to read.Our story begins in England, summer of 1558, in an unpleasant castle where Princess Elizabeth Tudor keeps a small retinue, ever watched and harassed by her angry half-sister, Queen Mary. I knew right away that I was in good hands because Elizabeth Marie Pope conveys deftly that Mary bullied Elizabeth without making the older royal out to be a one-dimensional monster. One of Elizabeth’s ladies-in-waiting, a stupid beauty named Alicia [...]

    3. Gosh, I had forgotten so much since I first read this. I read it a couple of years back and every time I thought of the book I had fond memories, but why exactly it had that effect was slipping from my memory. Honestly I read this book because it was labeled fantasy and at the time that was all I would read and it was one of the only books in the library I hadn't read (it was averysmall library). The cover wasn't glittery or a standout in anyway, but I dived in regardless of the cover. This book [...]

    4. Delightful read. This was also rather unique. It fit the Tudor (1558)Hatfield and Norfolk placements to a superb degree. The combination of genre was also, IMHO, highly unusual. Not completely historical fiction, not truly a novel of manners and guile, not cored in romance, crossing cultural boundaries with the "other" economic class. And skirting the magical and characters of myth? Or clan, as in a much older society form? Regardless, the writing and thought patterns of our lady protagonist wer [...]

    5. Elizabeth Marie Pope's The Perilous Gard taught me a lesson that what can get under one person's skin, sink into their minds and out and out *haunt* them is nothing but a casual read to someone else (alrighty, I've learned this lesson before. But you know what they say, if it didn't stick then you didn't really learn it). When I read and fell in love with 'Gard', I excitedly presented it to my twin (whom I at least attempt to share with anything that matters to me). "Oh, I read that years ago." [...]

    6. I know I've read this before—some images and scenes stand out in memory. Fortunately for me, I couldn't remember much more than a set piece here or there. Which means it was like reading it for the first time, only with a pleasant tang of anticipation for spice.Not that the book needed any kind of boost. It's a near perfect fantasy novel of the mostly-realistic sort. It's historically based (1558, to be specific), but the Fair Folk are real enough to be a threat. I could go on about the intric [...]

    7. The Perilous Gard was a reread for me — somewhat at random, in fact. It’s just by my elbow in my new desk/shelf set-up, and I was procrastinating on my assignment, and I found myself reading it… And I have no idea why I rated it so poorly before. The writing is great; you can envision every scene, whether it be the sumptuous bedroom Kate awakes in or a grassy hollow in the wood, the overhanging threat of stone and stone and more stone or the brightness of a Faerie gathering. It makes every [...]

    8. (Review originally published at Vintage Novels).Elizabeth Marie Pope is an author (of vintage YA historical fantasy) whose books I've been waiting to try out for quite a long time. My opportunity came a few short months back when I finally tracked her books down on Open Library (which is an amazing source for vintage and otherwise hard-to-find books!). I read The Sherwood Ring just before Christmas, and found it every bit as adorable as I'd ever heard it was, though I had a couple of philosophic [...]

    9. Wonderful! A sort of retelling of Tam Lin, without the pregnant lover part. As you very well know, TWUE WUV is a powerful weapon when dealing with fairy folk. They may not be able to speak lies, but there's almost always a trick to be played.Clever Kate has been exiled to The Perilous Gard, a remote fortress, merely for not being as charming as her sister. She meets her guardian's brother, Christopher, and forms an immediate dislike. Wary of one another, they begin a reluctant friendship - which [...]

    10. This is one of the most often re-read books in our house - definitely the one I read to the daughters the greatest number of times. And with good reason, as it's fantastic. First there's the Tam Lin element, which is used beautifully here. Then there's some of the best dialogue ever ('You don't look like any god to me, Christopher Heron. You look like a piece of gilded gingerbread.') And Kate's a wonderful heroine - intelligent, stubborn when it's about doing what she feels she should (or not ta [...]

    11. An excellent story reworking the legend of Tam Lin, that is my first read of a retelling for this story that's a Beauty and the Beast type of tale from the British Isles. I'd already read Pope's only other book and loved it, so I expected this to be good despite my doubts over the period setting (Tudor England). It didn't disappoint, but it does have less of the couple chemistry, the humour and the charm of "The Sherwood Ring" to me. I did like the impressive balance of historical realism and ma [...]

    12. This taut, emotionally compelling but unsentimental look at fae I think has influenced a great many writers working in fantasy today.

    13. I actually read this twice this year because:1) It is one of the best historical fantasies ever written;2) I didn't review it the first time, lost the immediacy, and had to read it again to do it justice;3) Because Feelings;4) It takes me like two hours to read it. Seriously. Why wouldn't I spend two hours this way?The Perilous Gard was written in a time before people really knew what Young Adult fiction should look like. This is why it's shelved in the middle grade section even though the main [...]

    14. Every so often I start hankering for a favorite book. It's almost like craving a particular food. Only that flavor will do. Recently, that hankering turned towards The Perilous Gard, one of my favorite books for, oh, years. As a bonus, it's also historical fantasy and a Tam Lin retelling, two awesome subgenres.Kate Sutton is a lady in waiting to Princess Elizabeth, along with her younger sister Alicia. Alicia is beautiful and fluffy-minded and, when she becomes outraged over the living condition [...]

    15. Originally posted here.I've had my copy of The Perilous Gard by Elizabeth Marie Pope since 2007 and I only got to read it recently. I don't know why I kept putting it off but I'm glad I finally picked it up. I've heard such good things about it and I believe I got the original recommendation for this from Sounis. I've been meaning to put up a Retro Friday post for a while and since this is an oldie but goodie, it seemed perfect for the meme.Kate is a lady's maid to Lady Elizabeth, sister to the [...]

    16. The Perilous Gard is set in late Tudor times; the heroine, Kate Sutton, is one of the lady Elizabeth's handmaidens, exiled by Queen Mary for a letter Kate's sister wrote to her. Kate is sent to Elvenwood, also called "the Perilous Gard", where she's immediately intrigued by Christopher, the enigmatic brother of the master of the castle, Sir Geoffrey Heron. Soon, she discovers the secrets kept by the people of the castle, and to her peril, discovers also the mysterious residents of the land aroun [...]

    17. What could not be said about this fabulous book?!?!?! I love it!!! One of the few books (along with Jane Austen's and the Bronte's) that I read over and over. It perfectly entwines historical fiction with the lore of the fairy folk in a completely believable manner. I really like how the fairy folk were kept true to the old legends and poems of them being sinister and evil. I also loved the herione, she's great; I hate when the main character is an idiot. And the love story is fabulous. Why don' [...]

    18. I have half a mind just to reread all my favorite books. It's way more satisfying than I thought it would be. I first read this book about 4 years ago and forgot why I loved it so much. I actually forgot a lot more than I thought I did, but it's definitely a book worth rereading.From the start we see that Kate is in trouble for something her prettier, younger sister did and so is sent off to the Perilous Gard. Once there she finds little comfort from anyone. Just the maid's occasional complaints [...]

    19. The Perilous Gard is a captivating young adult retelling of the ballad of Tam Lin, which blurs the line between history and mythology. Love the story, the writing, the characters, the ending, the audiobook narration… A very enjoyable reading/listening experience :)

    20. The Perilous Gard is a reworking of the Scottish ballad of Tam Lin. Or it might be more accurate to say the ballad of Tam Lin is worked into this story which stands on its own merits beautifully.During 16th century England Kate Sutton is exiled to a mysterious fortress called Elvenwood Manor but historically referred to as the Perilous Gard. As soon as she arrives she is drawn into the life of another of the castle's inhabitants, Christopher Heron the younger brother of the owner. He is haunted [...]

    21. Another Tam Lin retelling, this time involving young Kate, whose beautiful and very stupid sister insults Queen Mary Tudor and gets Kate exiled to a castle where strange doings are afoot.Very fine. Kate is just the sort of character I love -- proud, highly intelligent, a bit socially awkward. She's just distant enough from her feelings that a story in her POV is emotionally subtle, without being so distant from them that they don't come across at all. Christopher is appropriately troubled for a [...]

    22. I love the ballad of TAM LIN, and Elizabeth Marie Pope's retelling of that famous poem is clever, dark, surprising, funny, elegant, mysterious, and ultimately wonderful. This was the last book to keep me up until 3:00 in the morning turning pages. I was not expecting to be so delighted, and I look forward to reading her other novel, THE SHERWOOD RING.

    23. What can I say? Awesomeness-- pure and simple awesomeness. I know no other book that has such a genuine feel for the Tudor period and the ancient Druid culture. Kate and Christopher are attractive leading characters and Alicia very entertaining as well. If you guys haven't read this one, you really should--it's not too long, and it's really worth your time.

    24. Kate Sutton finds herself accidentally in the bad graces of Queen Mary and sent to live in a remote castle with a secret and possibly dangerous past. She meets up with superstitious villagers, a gruff but lovable Lord of the castle, his mysterious and vexed (oh, and handsome, of course) younger brother, a disturbed but friendly troubadour, and a charm of wicked fairies. Kate is smart and stubborn and a bit clumsy, but strong, too, in all sorts of ways. In short, reader, I love her. And her story [...]

    25. 4.5 starsWhat a charming story. Written in 1974, it might be a little lumbering and meandering for the modern hectic pace, but the excellent protagonist and the complexity of concept more than make up for the author’s somewhat extra-rich embroidery of descriptions. In the beginning of the story, seventeen-year old Kate is a maid of honor to the Princess Elizabeth Tudor, before Elizabeth became Queen. For a minor transgression that wasn’t even Kate’s, Queen Mary exiles her to a remote castl [...]

    26. I'm sure someone said to me that they found it hard to read The Perilous Gard, but I didn't find it so -- I really enjoyed it, and found it quite easy to get into. I half-expected to be following Alicia from the start, but that wouldn't have been half so interesting: Katherine felt much more real, right from the start, and I'm glad the story followed her. It was also pretty interesting that it was set in a historical context, instead of being relatively lightly rooted in time: Queen Mary is on t [...]

    27. I'm not even going to bother trying to give a synopsis of this book. Very sloppy of me, I know, but its almost to complicated to give an acurate description. Kate Sutton is a handmaiden to Princess Elizabeth during the reign of Queen Mary, an indescretion on the part of her sister gets her banned to a remote castle called Perilous Gard in the middle of nowhere. I LOVE The Perilous Gard. Maybe its the setting, Tudor England. I've read and written so much about it that reading a historically acura [...]

    28. Wow. Just wow. The Perilous Gard is an amazing story. Dark creepy mysterious fairies, a well, human sacrifice, a great heroine, a wonderful awesome dark hero, and England. If that isn't creepy and awesome I don't know what is. This book is great. It's kind of creepy but I love it. It made me think a lot of Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke.

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