Criminal Minds: Sociopaths, Serial Killers, and Other Deviants

Criminal Minds Sociopaths Serial Killers and Other Deviants An authorized tie in to the popular TV show Criminal MindsMost episodes of Criminal Minds feature a briefing where the show s team of FBI profilers defines the type of criminal they re looking for and

  • Title: Criminal Minds: Sociopaths, Serial Killers, and Other Deviants
  • Author: Jeffrey J. Mariotte Jeff Mariotte
  • ISBN: 9780470636251
  • Page: 209
  • Format: Paperback
  • An authorized tie in to the popular TV show Criminal MindsMost episodes of Criminal Minds feature a briefing where the show s team of FBI profilers defines the type of criminal they re looking for and provides some real life examples This book tells the story of those examples.Published to coincide with the release of season five of Criminal Minds on DVDOrganized by typeAn authorized tie in to the popular TV show Criminal MindsMost episodes of Criminal Minds feature a briefing where the show s team of FBI profilers defines the type of criminal they re looking for and provides some real life examples This book tells the story of those examples.Published to coincide with the release of season five of Criminal Minds on DVDOrganized by type of criminal, including solo serial killers, sexual predators, and killers with famous victims and tells the stories of many famous murderers, including David Berkowitz, Jeffrey Dahmer, Mark David Chapman, and the Zodiac killerFeatures photographs from the showCriminal Minds Sociopaths, Serial Killers, and Other Deviants is a fascinating, terrifying book about the criminal minds who live among us.

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      209 Jeffrey J. Mariotte Jeff Mariotte
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    1 thought on “Criminal Minds: Sociopaths, Serial Killers, and Other Deviants”

    1. Me: Whoa. All these horrible people. Sure shakes your faith in humanity. Must be near the end soon. *checks Kindle progress* Me: THIS IS STILL CHAPTER ONE??------So, in short, this book is chock full of information about criminals who have been mentioned on Criminal Minds. It also has some photographs from different Criminal Minds episodes. That's the extent of the tie-in between the book and the television show. Informative read, but very, very dark.

    2. As someone who's fascinated by true crime I found this really interesting. It actually even brought a few cases to my attention that I hadn't heard of. I've been on a huge Criminal Minds binge recently so it was interesting to see certain episodes linked to real life cases. Obviously this is depicting true crimes that are pretty brutal in nature so just keep in mind that it does get quite graphic at times!

    3. the first two reviews were so nice i'm-. so now, alas, i decreased this rating by two stars. maybe i'm not into more fbi bureaucratic information anymore. maybe i just grew tired of this format. whatever the reason, i barely got to the end. (view spoiler)[FIRST REVIEW i really like how this book connected those mentioned in the series to real life killers. the only things i disliked is how the book was structured. the chapters were really hard to see the difference. the organizations was a littl [...]

    4. I was disappointed with this book. It contained some general information regarding some of the serial killers that were used as inspirations or mentioned within the Criminal Minds episodes. However there were some inaccurate references to Criminal Minds episodes and the author came across as very opionated. I also expected to read more about the serial criminals crimes, but the book concentrates more on their background.

    5. 5 starsI've been saving this book for when I was in a reading slump and as I've just tried to work my way through 3 books I just did not like and couldn't get into, I knew it was the right time to break this little beauty out!I love Criminal Minds and really enjoy reading about serial killers and the people who search for and catch them.

    6. I could not put this down. Mariotte provides clear facts in a logical but intriguing manner. Definitely would recommend to anyone interested in criminal psychology, either professionally or recreationally.

    7. Love the TV Show. Book was not quite what I was expecting. I needed to read something less dark. Might try to read again at some point.

    8. Some of the facts of the book were not well researched and were incorrect. The author also had a tendency to jump back and forth, get names incorrect (from one paragraph to another) and ramble a bit. Overall though, the book was very good and it was nice to see how the show related to real-world experiences.

    9. Not the best written book, but not too bad either. I think following the series and the bar set out by the screenwriters, this kinda didn't live up to any of the hype.

    10. I was-- actually, am-- on a true crime bender and I ended up picking this book up because, well, true crime, and it had my favorite team from Criminal Minds on the cover. This book is a sort of overview of the various killers and criminals that inspired the Criminal Minds show through the fifth season.Overall, it's very good. The book is well-written, with well-told stories and nice throughlines that tie its chapters together. It's not super tied in to Criminal Minds, so you can read it if you'v [...]

    11. It took me a while but I finally finished! I read this book while watching Criminal Minds itself and it was such a heartbreaking yet truly interesting read.

    12. Actual rating: 3.5 stars.I'm not typically large on non-fiction books - however, I do enjoy reading about serial killers and, well, Criminal Minds.Jeff Mariotte writes well. His authoring is in depth, very well detailed. However, I do feel that the layout of the book was a bit overwhelming. Sure, the content and topics covered can be confronting but this wasn't an issue for me. Thehugeslabs of text were just so eww.The chapters felt like they were excruciatingly long, the slabs were tedious and [...]

    13. i think this book is awesome if you like thriller suspense. its david rossi,aaron hotchner,emily prentis,dereck morgan,dr spencer reid Penelope Garcia and JJ Jareauey fight crime trying to find people that have kidnapped tortur killed and raped they mostly find the criminals and some cases are unsolved this is really a crazy book how people can do this to other peopleey all work together as a group they never let each other downs sad how in part of the book hotchner formal wife die it killed him [...]

    14. Interesting but ultimately somewhat disappointing book about the most notorious criminals. The disappointments came mostly from the tie in to the tv show being superficial at best and references to some of the episodes being downright wrong. I will admit to being a gigantic nerd for this show and know that I may be nit-picking but reading captions to pictures (which note to the publishers, were not "stunning") that referenced the wrong episode or having the point of a chapter being summed up wit [...]

    15. Overview: Pretty much what we have here is a tie-in to the series “Criminal Minds.” As such we have quotes and still shots from the show, as well as profiles--pardon the pun--for the serial killers and others mentioned on the show.Likes: The still shots and quotes were fun.Dislikes: One: adoption doesn’t lead to killing. Mr. Mariotte’s fascination with all of the adopted serial killers was a bit aggravating for me. Two: some of the quotes and jobs referenced from the show were mis-repres [...]

    16. I love Criminal Minds, and I love reading and reseaching about serial killers and the like. (Yes I'm kind of creepy). Therefore, I was really excited for this book. However the book had some major issues. It was a good book as an introduction and told me about a few killers I was not fully aware of. That is about where the benefits stopped. The tie in to Criminal Minds was pointless. I'm sure it was done as a marketing thing, but the tie ins were often just pointless and stupid. The entries on t [...]

    17. I believe Criminal Minds is an outstanding mystery, thriller. Criminal Minds is about a great group of FBI agents who define and profile sexual predators seeking to gruesomely harm their victims. This TV show is strongly written with an outstanding group of case members. Watching the TV show Criminal Minds have you wanting to watch more, the cast members individually standout, play action scenes, and preform tense interrogations. Criminal Minds main focus is solving crimes, it have you believing [...]

    18. I had high hopes for this book. I anticipated a story using the characters from the show, but in reality this was the opposite. This book goes into detail about dozens of known serial killers and the like, then tying them into episodes of the show Criminal Minds simply because they're referenced at some point during the episodes. It was cool to see screenshots from the show in the beginnings of the chapters, but I wish there was more of the show in this book. Granted, I did like learning about t [...]

    19. This is the perfect companion to the television series. Some episodes feature likenesses to actual events or serial killers themselves. Lesser known phobias and phelias are introduced as well. Who knew there were people out there who get excited(ok, the wrong kind of excitement.) out of natural disasters? There are. And it gets weirder. The truly scary part is that the terms are real and someone out there actually has theseabnormalities. This book, as well as the show, does an incredible job of [...]

    20. I picked this book up because Criminal Minds is my favorite show and the idea of learning a little bit more about the serial killers that inspired the episodes from seasons 1-5 was cool to me. This book, while definitely full of information, was a very simplistic look at said killers. All in all, I thought it was a good basic overview of these horrible crimes and I liked how they tied in the particular killers with the episodes.

    21. I have been an avid reader of true-crime books since before it was probably appropriate for a kid my age to be reading them. I love the show, Criminal Minds. This book intertwined the show with the various deviants they mention on the show in reference to the case they are working. I am very familiar with serial killers so I was familiar with all the ones discussed in the book. It is a good book for people who love Criminal Minds but are not so familiar when they mention a true life case.

    22. I was really curious about this book because not only because it is related to a show I'm a fan of, but also because it is a factual one and well, it's a topic that I wasn't very keen to read. However, it is a well-written book, not too gorey, not too gross, although there were times when I'll admit I couldn't read on and had to stop. I thought, because of the title, that the book was more related to the TV show and I wish I'd seen more about that.

    23. Excellent book! It was a great mix of the true crimes and the episodes. Nice job of tying killers with the episodes they were mentioned. Now I just really want to watch the first four or five seasons of Criminal Minds again since the tidbits about the episodes were only just enough to get me interested!

    24. I started reading this book a few months ago and I couldn't get into it, so I stopped reading at page 50. I picked it up again last week and flew through it. There's a few boring chapters, and I had read a lot of books about the people they talk about, but It was still interesting. Not fantastic, but worth a read.

    25. I was really intrigued by the book. It toed the line between being a companion to the show and a history of serial killers. As it was a mixture of both, I was left wanting more from both sides. I would say it is a good starter book for someone who is interested in reading on crime but doesn't want to commit to a full book about 1 or 2 people.

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