By Myself

By Myself In a word LAUREN BACALL BY MYSELF is terrific of the real life heroines of our timed she wrote this book as she lived it BOSTON GLOBE She s a real Joe You ll fall in love with her like everybody else

  • Title: By Myself
  • Author: Lauren Bacall
  • ISBN: 9780345333216
  • Page: 275
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • In a word, LAUREN BACALL BY MYSELF is terrific of the real life heroines of our timed she wrote this book as she lived it BOSTON GLOBE She s a real Joe You ll fall in love with her like everybody else Humphrey Bogart

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    1 thought on “By Myself”

    1. One of my friends made fun of me for a little while yesterday because he saw me walking down the street laughing to myself. Fittingly, I was laughing to myself about the smartass comments I was planning to make to him about how rude it was that he didn’t offer to give me a ride. This book makes me think of that because of how easily I can entertain myself by thinking about a better comeback, a funnier joke, or a snappier ending to a story I already told. Reading this was sort of like reading e [...]

    2. Kad sam došla do dela "And Then Some" audio knjiga je otkazala poslušnost te sam naposletku odslušala samo izvornu "By Myself" za koju dajem ocenu 4.5.Priča počinje s Betinim (Loren) upoznavanjem Bet Dejvis u detinjstvu završavajući se njenom ulogom Margo Čening na daskama koje život znače nakon Bogartove smrti dok je njenu interpretaciju iz publike pratila izvorna Margo tj. Bet.Kroz roman upoznajemo i famozni "Rat Pack", Kejt Hepburn i Spensera Trejsija, Gregori Peka, pisca Luisa Brom [...]

    3. As of late I’ve been enjoying Lauren Bacall’s cheery, bubbly autobiography “By Myself” and I don’t want the book to end, but I’m crawling slowly to the finish line. The end is near, but I decided to voice my thoughts as they come to me. It’s different than my critical approach to a work and I don’t believe that there is something to get out of a biography thinking critically about it, not the way you would do a novel.Obviously, “By Myself” is geared towards a different genera [...]

    4. This is Bacall’s memoir, first published in 1978 and later updated with an additional seventy-five pages. I read the first but not the second edition.She begins her story in Brooklyn and Manhattan in the thirties and forties, where she was raised by her mother in a close knit Jewish family. As a teenager she was obsessed with Bette Davis and the idea of becoming a movie star. She started modeling and it was as a cover model for Harper’s Bazaar that she was noticed by Slim Hawks, who brought [...]

    5. Lauren Ball is most known for her acting (The Big Sleep, To Have and Have Not), but she is also a natural, gifted writer.I really got a sense for what it was like growing up in New York in the '30s. She was raised by a single mom and her mom's supportive Jewish family and she really is a great example of how "It takes a village" to raise a child. Of course she also tells of meeting Bogie, falling in love with him, marrying him and of their life together and theirs was definitely the real deal.On [...]

    6. What constitutes a feminist icon? Simone de Beauvoir? Germaine Greer? Madonna? Soon after this Instagram message appeared,madonna: Thank you Margaret Thatcher!#unapologetic# - rebelheartthe sender deleted it. Reports say she had received a barrage of complaints from many of her gay fans – or at least, people whose reaction the entertainer may not have thought of when she 'liked' the photograph of Britain's first (and so far only) woman prime minister. The image of Margaret Thatcher was headed [...]

    7. I found Lauren Bacall to be a pretty good writer and she was able to hold my attention throughout the book. An interesting look back to a different time and place, especially one for Hollywood stars. She had an affair with Bogie (though she doesn't call it that really) and eventually marries him and has children with him. It was interesting to me exactly just how much everyone seemed to drink alcohol back then and all the get-togethers and parties they were able to have.I read this book because [...]

    8. Her straight-forward, candid writing was engaging. She openly discussed her experiences on stage and in film, her insecurities, and her marriage to Humphrey Bogart and later, Jason Robard.I enjoyed this memoir.

    9. I found this book to be really heartbreaking, for more than one reason. It begins with the details of her early life, then how she broke into the Hollywood scene (playing into that whole "being discovered" thing that just doesn't seem to happen anymore), and meeting Humphrey Bogart. The description of Bogie's illness and death was truly heart wrenching. As Bacall only passed away recently, it must have been really difficult to live through all the changes in cancer treatment. I think, though, th [...]

    10. Just like her character in To Have and Have Not Bacall draws you in right from the beginning. She had quite the life, starting poor but determined in New York, struggling to become a stage actress, then being "discovered" and flown to Hollywood where her first movie made her an instant star. Marrying Humphrey Bogart, her costar, only added to the glamour.Of course, that magical part of her life lasted only until Bogie's death 13 years after she first met him. There were many ups and downs after, [...]

    11. I'm adding a few books I read long ago, just for the sake of completeness. I remember really enjoying this one. Guessing on the "date read." Sometime in the 80s.

    12. Ms Bacall is an earnest writer and I was pleased with her well written memoirs which begins with a brief background of her family and ends with life as a single middle aged woman with two marriages behind her. She has a very dry, witty way of describing her memoirs at times superficially going over some aspects while going in-depth on others. Her relationship with Bogie was really the biggest part of this book and I was pleased to get to know the man through her eyes. Quite a character he was an [...]

    13. I had read this before - twice! - since it was first published, and wanted to read it again, after Lauren Bacall passed away, to get new perspective. This is the type of book that I have difficulty putting down, as Bacall's storytelling style kept me turning the pages. My favorite part of the book concerned Lauren's - Betty's - romance and life with Humphrey Bogart, including the ups and downs of that once-in-a-lifetime love. With all of the extra chapters on her political activities during the [...]

    14. Impossible to rate this book now. I read it when I was very young and it had first come out. I was completely obsessed with film noir, and Bacall's tough femininity and "cheekbones like geometry" were an important part of the appeal. I was amazed to read of Bacall's sense of vulnerability and insecurity as a stunningly beautiful young woman, not to mention the contingent happiness of marriage to the much older Bogart. There was so much to think about in this book, for this 19 year old reader.

    15. Very surprised I liked it. She shows a definitive lack of moral fiber that probably is and was prevalent in Hollywood and Broadway. I love her descriptions of others (especially Spence and Kate). I wonder what was going on with Adlai Stevenson (seemed a little weird to me). I wonder if Frank Sinatra and Jason Robarb's were actually as big a jerks as depicted?

    16. I really did enjoy this book, I do love Lauren Bacall. she explained her whole life in this from her start to Warner Brothers, her relationship with bogie, the studio and Howard hawks. it showed the story of success. towards the end I did get bored and started skipping the pages. it's still a very good book that I can say I could read over and over and never get tired of it.

    17. I recall glancing at reviews before i started reading this one. Admittedly i was surprised by the people who mention that she's "name dropping" and not talking about her children in a lot of detail. My first comment: I think its great that she is sharing the names of everyone she met and everyone she knew. Why not? These people helped shape her to who she was. The wonderful woman we know and love. Supported her when she needed it most. Name dropping, in an autobiography of a legend, should not b [...]

    18. I found this book at a library in the mid 90s. You'll still find a lot of great books at your public library, and specifically memoirs & biographies, so I encourage you to look for it there if you don't want to buy it. This is a good book for persons who want to read about old hollywood, and Ms. Bacall's interactions with those persons she came to know, as well as information about her own life as an actor. It's not a good book for persons who want to know about the author's life as a wife a [...]

    19. I enjoyed reading this book by Lauren Bacall about the first half of her life. The book felt as though she had written it herself, which is rare in many such books. She spent a great deal of time separating the human from the image as it related to both herself and those she loved who were also in show business. Some would find the book a bit too chatty, but I thought that was part of it's charm. Her years with Humphrey Bogart were a pleasure to read, but she let the reader know that she was far [...]

    20. The red cover of this book caught my eye as I perused a table of used books at a local library sale. When I picked it up for closer inspection and discovered it was an autobiography by Lauren Bacall, I had to have it. I watched many movies of the 30's, 40's and 50's with my mother during my adolescence in the 70's and 80's. Most of them on television when we were lucky enough to catch them on a channel (one of 7) that featured them on Sunday afternoons. In this manner of watching, I was not priv [...]

    21. An extraordinary life & events as Bogie's wife and friend to Hollywood legends Judy Garland, Frank Sinatra, most of them the Bogarts' neighbors. As irresistible as it sounds, every woman who reads this will ask herself, Should she have married Bogie? Directors and studios thought of her as Bogie's wife first, actress second. But an outstanding memoir/auto biography, exceptionally written, about a special group of American actors and their influence around the world. I read the 1980 version a [...]

    22. While a fan of black and white movies and the stars that appeared in them, Bacall is an actress that seems to have passed me by. Her biography explores her dream and aspirations of being a star - her struggles and hours to effort to get noticed and seen. Her engaging and witty writing style makes you feel like you're having a conversation with an old friend. I just loved her expressiveness and openness of her love affair and marriage to Bogart, nevertheless his untimely death is heartbreaking to [...]

    23. This book was a real mixed bag for me. I found Bacall's writing style jerky and abrupt and tedious to read for long periods. The book was far too long for me and could have used some heavy editing. On the other hand, the story of her discovery by Hollywood and her life with Bogie was fascinating, and, particularly in the early parts of the book, her ear for a good anecdote was spot on. I also found her insights (and sometimes lack of insights) into her own life and marriage and others around her [...]

    24. What a beautifully written story of the life of Lauren Bacall. Bacall had a lovely upbringing. She came from a close knit Jewish family. Bacall’s mother was an extraordinary loving and supportive woman. As a little girl Bacall falls in love with the big screen. When she grows up she becomes a model and later branches out into acting. She dates many Hollywood hunks, including Frank Sinatra, but ends up in a fairytale romance with Humphrey Bogart. Despite the difference in age, Bogart and Bacall [...]

    25. I really liked this book and it was refreshing to read about Lauren Bacall's life in her own words. She has always been an actress that I have admired and I love her movies. The most moving part of this book has to be when she talks about the death of her soulmate Humphrey Bogart. I was brought to tears by the way she described his passing and it's the one part of this book that I remember more than anything else. It was beautifully written and it's obvious, how deeply she loved him. There is an [...]

    26. Surprisingly well-written and engaging autobiography of Betty "Lauren" Bacall. The book contains highly interesting "behind-the-scenes" information about the theatre and film-making, and the stress of both. Bacall describes the contrasts between New York and Los Angeles in the 1940s and 50s so well, using small things as examples. You come to know and root for her family and friends, but she doesn't gloss them over: she describes their foibles as well as her own. The illness and death of the won [...]

    27. What stood out for me in reading this book was how much she was committed to her career and her husband and love life. Virtually no mention of relationship with kids. Professionalism, glamor, sex and a sense of humor were her passions. A detail that stood out: She loved when Bogey wandered away and showed up unshaven on some forgotten highway and called her to come and get him. It was a streak of wildness that appealed to her. She loved playing cards with him. She felt nervous about initially co [...]

    28. Her writing style is a bit choppy, but if you can get past that (which was easy for me to do as I was entertained by her story), this is an interesting book. It's fascinating to learn about this time in Hollywood, etc. Lauren Bacall struck me as a bit naive much of the time, but she had quite a different life than many of us did. I feel a bit bad for her kids as they were always being taken care of by nurses, sent to camp, off to boarding school, being taken care of by relatives, while she did f [...]

    29. A good book. I've always been a big Lauren Bacall fan and it was interesting reading about her life and how she always knew she wanted to act. I knew she married young to Humphrey Bogart, a man 25 years her senior, but to read about her love affair made it all the more heartbreaking to read about Bogie's death 11 years later. Ok, I sobbed when he died. I also sobbed a few chapters later when Lauren's mother and best friend died. All in all a well written book, although it could have been edited [...]

    30. A good book. I've always been a big Lauren Bacall fan and it was interesting reading about her life and how she always knew she wanted to act.I really admire this woman, and although I generally love the classic Hollywood actresses of the 40s and 50s Most of them on television when we were lucky enough to catch them on the TCM channel they were of the golden age when woman were glamorous you could lose yourself in there movies.

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