Morgenrood Je hoeft niet bang te zijn mompelde ik Wij horen bij elkaar Ik werd helemaal overweldigd door de waarheid van mijn eigen woorden Dit moment was zo perfect zo volmaakt dat er simpelweg niet aan getw

  • Title: Morgenrood
  • Author: Stephenie Meyer
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 382
  • Format: None
  • Je hoeft niet bang te zijn, mompelde ik Wij horen bij elkaar Ik werd helemaal overweldigd door de waarheid van mijn eigen woorden Dit moment was zo perfect, zo volmaakt, dat er simpelweg niet aan getwijfeld kon worden Hij sloeg zijn armen om me heen en drukte me tegen zich aan, als zomer en winter Ik had het gevoel dat elk zenuweinde in mijn lichaam onder stroom s Je hoeft niet bang te zijn, mompelde ik Wij horen bij elkaar Ik werd helemaal overweldigd door de waarheid van mijn eigen woorden Dit moment was zo perfect, zo volmaakt, dat er simpelweg niet aan getwijfeld kon worden Hij sloeg zijn armen om me heen en drukte me tegen zich aan, als zomer en winter Ik had het gevoel dat elk zenuweinde in mijn lichaam onder stroom stond Voor altijd, beaamde hij.Bella Swan heeft een roerig jaar vol verleidingen, verlied en strijd achter de rug en staat nu voor het ultieme keerpunt Ze wordt verscheurd door haar intense passie voor Edward enerzijds en haar grote vriendschap voor Jacob anderzijds Kiest ze voor de duistere maar verleidelijke wereld van de onsterfelijken, of besluit ze toch een volledig menselijk en dus sterfelijk leven te leiden Bella is de schakel geworden in het eeuwigdurende conflict tussen de weerwolven en de vampiers Haar keuze bepaalt het lot van beide stammen.

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    1. If you loved Breaking Dawn and don’t want to see it criticized, I’ll warn you now not to read my review. That being said, let me begin by saying that when I first read Twilight, I was hooked. I read New Moon in one sitting. I awaited the release of Eclipse with great anticipation. Sadly, Eclipse was the beginning of the end. It left me disappointed enough not to have high expectations for Breaking Dawn. Even at that, Breaking Dawn shattered my lowest expectations. I am stunned at the depths [...]

    2. oh yes, so VERY many spoilers! and unladylike language, sorry.p.1: god help me. Here we go.p.8: yep, Edward is already "going overboard" protecting Bella.p.20: Her parents think it's a good idea for her to marry this weirdo at 18? They never think ANYTHING is a good idea.p.33: Vampire babies! creepy! in a good way.p.58: Jacob!p.72: I swear Bella never just goes anywhere, you always have to DRAG her like a toddler.p.85: I think they just had sex!! OMG!!p.86: now of course we have to suffer throug [...]

    3. I was so disenchanted with Eclipse I wasn't excited for this read, but I had to know how it ends. I held off judgment in hopes that the conclusion would redeem the series. The verdict? Hard-to-swallow soap opera. A car crash you can't stop staring at in hopes that something salvageable comes out of the wreckage. But nothing does. So bad I started taking notes on all the plot holes because I couldn't keep track. What happened to the story that captured the hearts of girls everywhere?You can't fal [...]

    4. [pardon any grammatical/spelling errors, I'm not reading this over again--I didn't get much sleep obviously:]If I could give this book a lower score, I absolutely would. When you create a book series, there tends to be an issue with the next book that comes out in the series having to be better than the last. Of course that is always a possibility for stories such as Harry Potter, where the plot is laced through all of the books and leads to an ultimate climax and resolution in the final book. S [...]

    5. Robert Pattinson hates Twilight so much, it's hysterical.Interviewer: “Millions of Twilight fans, they cannot wait to see this, it’s almost heartbreaking because they don’t want it to be over. It’s a little bittersweet, isn’t it?”That look on his face is pure, unadulterated joy.And let's not forget this:From the mouth of the guy who plays him.Or these:And of course, the rest of the cast:

    6. Where do I begin? I LOVED this book. It was even better than I even imagined. So many surprises! I picked mine up at midnight when it was released and could hardly put it down. So first offe wedding was beautiful. The honeymoon was even better. Stephenie Meyer did an amazing job of writing a "tasteful" honeymoon scene. It wasn't dirty at all. It was beautiful. You knew they were able to have sex and that there was a definate strong "intensity" during these moments but she didn't go into too many [...]

    7. Reviewer update Aug 2009: I have demoted the book from 5 to 4 stars. My confession/explanation is at the end of the original, unedited review.___Yes, I gave it 5-stars. This is partly because I was so pleased by it compared to the last two books in the series that I overreacted. But I also approve of her approach to the book and have rated it so highly in order to counteract those reviewers out there who hated it because they felt Bella was a bad example to young girls.***THESE TWO PARAGRAPHS SP [...]

    8. Page 318 - Had her body changed because she was a werewolf? Or had she become a werewolf because her body was wrong? The only female werewolf in the history of forever. Was that because she wasn't as female as she should be?Okay, it's always been obvious that the only things Smeyer finds important in life are marriage and babies, the younger the better, but what the fuck, y'all. I am beyond disgusted at this. (edit - this is kind of unclear, mostly because at the time of typing I was too angry t [...]

    9. This is a direct quote from Seth, Stephenie Meyer's brother and the person who runs her website."In an attempt to keep the books clean and not make young girls think about things that they don't need to think about, no other book mentioned anything about reproductive systems."Hear that, girls?You're not supposed to think about things.Especially not sex.Don't think about sex. Ever.Or you will be thinking about things you shouldn't be thinking about.Don't think about boys. Thinking about boys lead [...]

    10. Breaking Dawn just might be one of the worst books I have ever read. Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse can stand together as a fairly pleasing, lovable trio. Breaking Dawn seems almost unrelated to the series, like some crazed, over-the-top fan fiction. In the first three books, Stephenie Meyer creates this world of seemingly realistic magic – realistic because it is bound by explainable rules, and the characters within the world have retainable qualities from book to book. Though New Moon shows [...]

    11. ****For you dumbasses people that look up to Bella Swan and think she's an inspiration (if such people exist in the world), read this:12 Things That The Twilight Series Taught Me1. It's okay to abandon your parents after graduation (literally)2. When a vampire wants to kill you, hide out on a mountain and run for your life while your boyfriend's family fight to protect you. 3. It is the most romantic and beautiful thing in the world when a guy you barely know oils your bedroom window to watch yo [...]

    12. Dear lord. "Didn't like it" is a terrible, terrible understatement. I cannot believe I wasted my time with this book. The deeper and deeper I got into the absurdness of it all, I realized what it reminded me of: a bad fan fiction.Let's start with the *shudder*egnancy. GAH! GAH GAH GAH! What was Meyer THINKING, making it possible for Bella to be pregnant? What the hell was she thinking?Now that I read Meyer's statements more carefully, I realize that she never actually said it was impossible for [...]

    13. I'll preface by saying that I did enjoy this book - I love the story overall, and the characters, and the premise and all of that. I don't have a problem with Bella, and it was funny seeing her through Jacob's biased eyes - on the contrary, I like Bella. I wouldn't be able to read these books if I didn't. What really bothers me most about this series are the obsessive fans.This is one of those series where the obsessive fans take the story away from the author, writing their own versions, coming [...]

    14. I gave Breaking Dawn several days' worth of chances and it did nothing but stun, anger, and disappoint me. I enjoyed the first three books, despite how badly written and full of grammar mistakes and typos they were, because they were fun and exciting and took me away from a sucky year at college. Breaking Dawn, however, was so shockingly awful that I actually burst into hysterical laughter every time something drastic happened. I actually was unable to read it in one sitting like I wanted to bec [...]

    15. The last book of the series. You would think this would all get better, eh? It hasn't for the most part. But yeah, there is a happy ending (no doubt about it). Yeah, they DO IT (Bitchface and Edtard). Yeah, Bella turns into a vampire. How come I'm not surprised? The novel ended all too neat and too predictable. But in the middle of the book, there was a whole load of unfortunate and turning events going on. And no, I didn't see THAT one comingIn the beginning of the book, Bella is bitching (of c [...]

    16. WHAT. No, seriously, what just happened. Like the entire book (and series) built up to this huge final battle. They're all lined up ready for some epic fight and then (view spoiler)[Oh sorry it's all a misunderstanding. You can all go home now. The end. At least the movie changed the ending to actually do something. (hide spoiler)]It just kept fading to black any time something remotely interesting could've happened. This might be the most anti-climactic ending I've ever found.Plus, most of the [...]

    17. I cannot describe the depth of my disappointment and disgust. A baby?A(nother) pedophil-esque imprint?THIS IS WHAT WE WAITED FOR??ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? THIS WASN'T AN EPIC NOVEL, IT WAS A CONTAGIOUS RASH.Everything we came to know (and presumably love) about the characters and the way their stories were told in the first three books completely sh*t the bed in this one. It was impossible to bond with any of the characters in the book, especially Edward, who became no more than a peripheral sperm [...]

    18. Twilight was bad. Not offensively bad, but where Twilight, New Moon, and Eclipse failed, Breaking Dawn succeeded. It managed to piss me off, make me laugh, and offend me.What's wrong with Breaking Dawn? Oh, where do I start? Let's see, inconsistent, dense characters, nauseatingly corny passages, enough plot holes to march a large army through, and a climactic ending that is anything but climactic. The ending did surprise me, but only because I never thought it was possible to write such a terrib [...]

    19. There's a nice progression here, anyway. I lent Twilight to Cate-across-the-road; we gave her New Moon as a present, and she lent it back to me; most recently, she bought Eclipse, and I borrowed it after she finished. I suggested to her father that the logical next step would be for me to sneak in through her bedroom window and steal Breaking Dawn. I'm not entirely sure he found this funny.____________________________________________I am shocked, dismayed, not surprised at all to discover from U [...]

    20. You read the first 200 pages & tell yourself: Cronenberg could be proud. Am I witnessing the biggest twist in literature history? This was the equivalent of Frodo Baggins losing the ring or Hannibal Lecter coming out of the closet! The book begins in foreign, even (gasp!) exciting territory something so outlandish in the right hands it just might have worked. Or at least redeemed the three prior mediocre novels. Meyer does neither.This belonging in the long, half-assed written series soon fi [...]

    21. I'd like to start out this review with three simple words that pretty much give away my feelings for this particular story (for those of you who have no desire to read my rant).I hated it.My friend --who stayed up reading the night it came out -- called me very early the morning of the 2nd and told me quite a bit of the plot. I was horrified. I wasn't even going to read it until she threatened to gouge out my eyes with a plastic spork. Quite honestly, I'm starting to wish I'd agreed to the spork [...]

    22. I'm going to say right off the bat that this review contains spoilers.Spoilers ahoy.I'm not even sure where to start. Should I start with the contrived pregnancy? Should I start with the ridiculous name "Renesmee"? Should I start with Jacob imprinting on the vampire hybrid infant/toddler/whatever of the woman he loves? Or should I go right to the only really good part of the book, which was meeting all the different vampire clans, covens, and nomads, in preparation for a confrontation with the V [...]

    23. The first book from this series comes with a great and unique story line that will leave you hanging until the last pages, but believe me, the torture will be worth it.I am a big fan of the series and of the movies, but the books always had a special place in my heart because it is impossible to capture all the details of the plot in just 2 hours of shooting.So, because of this, the book rock and give you a complete image of the Twilight universe.In Breaking Dawn, we have the great moment we all [...]

    24. “I want you, and I want you forever. One lifetime is simply not enough for me.” I want to start this review with reminiscing my good old days when I was a teenager and had been waiting the movies to come out. Twilight was more than just my childhood imagination, it was likely my second world to escape the truth and live my life in the small town where supernatural creatures are real. Everyone wants to be someone important for those you love. This book also answered each question that I've ke [...]

    25. I saw the movie for this the day after it came out, because for some reason my mother's ideal 50th birthday experience was to go watch Bella drink blood from a Slurpee cup. D'you know what? It was the best movie so far. A true cinematic masterpiece, deep with emotional nuance, dark and gritty themes of power and family ties, and this scene where a bunch of talking wolves argue with each other and I just can't even keep typing, because just thinking about that scene where this bunch of fucking do [...]

    26. Half a star--because I at least managed to finish it.Things I learned from reading the Twilight series:1. Stalker boyfriends are supposed to be sexy. Particularly if they are suffocatingly obsessive as well.2. True perfection is becoming EXACTLY like your boyfriend and his family.3. The consequences of sex include having a baby. The consequences of having a baby might include having your spine broken and your womb shredded by vampire teeth.4. If you choose to sacrifice everything to become like [...]

    27. ***DEFINITELY contains SPOILERS***Sorry so long, but I had a lot to say about the end of one of my favorite series.This is a hard one. Overall, I got what I wanted – The wedding, Bella’s change, Jacob imprinting, and minimal loss of life. It was the perfect fairy tale ending with a ‘happily ever after’. So I should be happy, right? To begin with, I think the book was too crowded and rushed. It could have easily been 2 books, giving us so much more in every aspect. Everything was too neat [...]

    28. Mislim da je ovaj serijal trebalo da se završi samo s jednim tomom i to Sumrakom Onaj vampirski porođaj u Praskozorju mi je mnogo teško pao (mentalno), a naporađala sam se silnih žena po knjigama Danijele Stil (ponekad sam imala i po 2 porođaja po jednoj knjizi) te se mogu smatrati za prevodioca-akušera s ogromnim iskustvom :)

    29. Honestly, if I could give this garbage a rating of negative seven trillion stars, I would. Because that's how awful it is.I'm sorry if you love this book and this series, but friend? You need to read this book CRITICALLY, because it is a fucking trainwreck. Let's break this down because I have a lot of thoughtsIS BOOK NEEDS EDITING LIKE WHOA- Seriously, the writing is so bad. So clunky. So drawn out. - This thing is 756 pages long. It could have been half that length and still covered everything [...]

    30. (The fourth book in the Twilight series can not be any more eagerly anticipated. I have been slaking my thrist for more of this incredible story by rereading the first three novels over and over. Getting to read number four will be amazing! I can not wait to see what happens to these characters that I feel as if I know personally.Only three hours until I get my hands on this baby!)I have just finished reading this last novel of the Twilight series and I am breathless, emotionally drained and spe [...]

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